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Best Scheduling App For Tattoo Artist

You Do Tattoos Vcita Does Schedules

Designing tattoos using the Procreate app

If your tattoo studio is growing fast, its a sign of the times. According to a 2019 Ipsos poll, 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo, compared to 21% in 2012. Consequently, tattoo artists and shops are busier than ever.vcita tattoo scheduling software takes over the time-consuming task of client scheduling so that creativity and profitability go up while cancellations and no-shows go down.No coding experience needed: Integrating vcitas tattoo scheduling software with your website and other online platforms is extremely easy: all you need is 5 minutes!Customizable booking forms: Deliver the best customer service to your tattoo clients by ensuring that you get all the information you need about new clients .Real-time calendar displays: Whenever an artist is booked, their availability is automatically updated in the studio calendar.Youll know who is working and when, making it easier to create schedules and fill last-minute appointment requests.Clients can book online: Tattoo clients can book sessions with their preferred artist online via your website or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Upon successful booking, they receive a confirmation email and automated appointment reminders.Request deposit up front: No-shows represent money lost. Reduce their frequency by asking your tattoo clients to make a deposit when they book their session. vcita supports major payment gateways like Stripe, Square, and Paypal, so weve got you covered.

Top 5 Tattoo Drawing Apps

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw -For all kinds of tattoo designs
  • Procreate -Easy integration with workflows
  • InkHunter -Awesome tattoo ideas
  • Tattoodo -Designs from 500,000 artists
  • Amaziograph -For symmetrical designs
  • When selecting the best tattoo drawing apps, I was checking whether they allow you to work with layers, zoom in for detailing, use varied pressure-sensitive brushes and filters. I also checked whether they have a well-thought-out interface and support PSD.

    Procreate App Made For Artists

    When we talk about body artpicture apps, theres no better app than procreate. The interface used with this is elegant and has varied pressure-sensitive brushes. It comes with an advanced layering system with stunning filters. It offers PSD support with the exceptional performance of the procreating tool. Its one of the best 3d tattoo design app tools. Users can review the online consistency of the app, and its one of the most fantastic tattoo print-free apps.

    Procreate ios Apps Now!!

    Pros Cons
    Video recording, a user-friendly interface with adaptable tools and canvas sizes, and a highly responsive brush technology. The biggest learning curve for pupils who have never used a digital drawing program only iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are optimized for some functionalities.

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    Best Tattoo Drawing Apps In 2023

    By Tani Adams 22 days ago, Apps and Software

    If you want to get a tattoo but cant decide how exactly it should look, the best tattoo drawing apps will definitely help you out. It is a great solution for improving your designs as well.

    Getting a tattoo is a serious step since you will have it forever. Thus, use tattoo design apps to create an ideal picture.

    Get Everyone At Your Shop On The Same Page With Instant Google Calendar Integration

    Wix Tattoo Artist Website Template / Tattoo Studio Website

    Do you and your staff use google calendar to view, create and manage schedules!? With bi-directional 2-way calendar sync, your staff can view and add new appointments all on their existing gcal account. Appointments created in gcal show up in TattooPro and vice versa. Artists can manage their calendars from their phone, personal laptop or tablet, and that will automatically sync with your companys official TattooPro calendar. Customers also get synced automatically by email address.

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    How To Draw Tattoos

    Do you want to draw your tattoo from scratch step by step? How to Draw Tattoos app will teach you how to create your own tattoo. The app includes a collection of the most popular tattoo drawings classified by difficulty. So, you can learn step by step how to draw a butterfly, for example, or a rose.

    After learning a tattoo drawing principle, you can work on your own idea and even become a tattoo artist. The app is really easy to use and can be called educational. It doesnt require login or registration and its absolutely free program.

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    What Are Appointment Scheduling Apps

    Overall, the main goal of appointment scheduling apps is to drastically cut down on administrative work. These are apps for artists that help to automate all the annoying parts of booking appointments. Client reminders, rescheduling, cancellations, and filling in those cancelled/blank spots with new appointments. With appointment scheduling apps, the artist can book appointments on their phone/laptop or tablet. The clients can also book themselves in online. There are payment options so artists can force clients to pay their deposit to secure their appointment slot.

    Typically appointment scheduling apps can be installed on any mobile device and accessed through the web or a tablet. The app will keep track of your client list in a database of sorts where you can make notes and track history.

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    Appointment Scheduling Apps: A Guide

    Time is money. Weve only got so much time every day, so spending it wisely is a must. In the tattoo world, one of the most time-consuming things for artists is scheduling and coordination of appointments. While some artists book their own clients, and others get booked through the shops front desk, no matter who you are in the industry, appointment management is a big part of our lives.

    Today were exploring appointment scheduling apps and what they can offer for artists. These apps say theyll help us spend less time glued to our phones trying to coordinate appointments and more time on our art and enjoying our day. So this is definitely something we want to investigate and promote to our readers.

    Why Use A Tattoo Design App

    The BeST Drawing App that tattoo artists use | digital art for tattooing

    How to Get a body art idea drawn up? Choose a simple mehndi tattoo design app that displays the best art design for a tattoo generator on the body. Some people are always in a hurry about choosing the design and spending a lot on unwanted tattoos. Therefore, the app helps you try new mehndi designs so you dont regret them later. The application also comes with sharing feature that allows you to communicate design strategies among your friends and ask them for their feedback. If youre looking to develop a tattoo app or are confused about finding the right features for your application, we are happy to serve you best.

    Get in touch with Concetto Labs for developing unique Tattoo Design app and Compete the market!

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    Easily Manage Your Calendar

    Get Organized, Stay Focused on Building Your Business

    View multiple tattoo artistsâ schedules on one screen. Need to keep your contractors organized? Itâs easy to sort artists and different types of tattoo services. Know whether youâre setting up for a consultation vs. a specific type of tattoo session.

    Schedule, change availability, and reschedule appointments as necessary. You can schedule and reschedule your appointments anytime â months ahead or a few days before. Thatâs all you need to do â even when availability fluctuates or last minute changes to the schedule occur. Because GoReminders knows when to remind your client of the appointment, the app automatically manages the reminder.

    Remind the client and the tattoo artist about the specifics of the appointment. Everyone shows up prepared and ready to roll. GoReminders makes automating text message reminder notifications easy, so you can focus on what matters.

    Best Tattoo Design Apps For Android And Ios

    A tattoo is a kind of body modification in which adesign is created with the aid of inserting ink, dyes as well as pigments either temporary or indelible into the dermis layer of your skin forbringing about a change in the pigment. The art of designtattoos is referred to as tattooing.Tattoos can be grouped into 3 broad categories, which are purely decorative symbolic pictorial .

    Your smartphone comes handy in doingvarious activities and tasks, including surfing the Internet, stayingconnected, streaming movies and sporting events online, and a litany of otherthings. They can even help you design spectacular, stylish tattoos. Here arethe 10 best tattoo design apps for your Android and/or iOS phone this year.

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    Powerful And Easy To Use Dashboard

    • Registered Customers

    Manage your customers data in a new way

    • Check Appointments
    • Customer may add his/her personal picture via iTattoo App
    • Add Photo of customers work

    Manage all your Staff and Guests

    • Add Services based on Staff
    • Manage Working hours on each staff member
    • Manage holidays and sick leave
    • Manage your Guests
    • One click PDF and Print receipt

    Eliminate Your Appointment Scheduling Stress


    Your loyal clients come to you for your artistic talent, not your ability to manage a schedule. Whether youre a busy shop manager or an artist who books their own clients, managing appointments can be a serious time-vampire. Fortunately, keeping things organized has never been easier with Bookedins premium tattoo studio software. Our software offers a streamlined solution that will help you manage the constant stress of incoming appointment requests and give your clients a five-star experience. Whether your books are closed or youre open for new projects, Bookedin can help give you your time back.

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    Why Use A Tattoo Studio Software

    Without a doubt, your artists have spent a lot of time and effort honing this skill. It is only fair that during work, they can focus on what is more important to them.

    For tattoo studio owners like yourself, successfully managing and operating the business comes with many daily hassles. You are serving customers as well as managing your team of artists, scheduling appointments, maintaining a track of deposits from clinets, and the list is endless.

    Taking care of all of this – keeping your artists happy, the quality of work top-notch, and yourself sane, is quite a complex task. That is where a tattoo studio software can come in handy.

    Simply put, the tattoo shop software allows you to:

    Provide an exceptional customer experience

    Save time and simplify the processes

    Reduce no-shows and keep customers engaged

    Gauge the performance of your tattoo artists

    Know the status of your studio any time, from anywhere

    Allow your customers to book sessions anytime

    Best Tattoo Design Apps To Create Your Own Tattoo: Its So Much Fun

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Getting inked is surely a difficult task and I am not talking about the pain associated with it.

    No, in fact deciding which tattoo design to go for is the main issue.

    There are so many different designs and so many categories that it can be overwhelming, especially for those who are about to get a tattoo for the very first time. But that is why technology is here to ease your problems by providing different solutions anywhere and anytime.

    So, here are the best tattoo design apps for Android and iPhone that can be very helpful to both tattoo artists and tattoo lovers out there.


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    Make Online Booking For Your Tattoo Shop Easy & Convenient

    Easily book tattoo appointments anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

    GoReminders pays for itself with your first saved appointment.

    Getting started is easy:

    • 10-second setup for our 2-week free trial
    • Zero setup and no training necessary
    • Just enter the appointment and GoReminders automatically sends your customer a reminder

    Save time and make more money tattooing by using the best appointment scheduling software. We make it easy to schedule tattoo consultations and appointments online or on your phone . Keep track of your busy schedule and automatically remind your clients. Your clients can receive automatic text reminders for appointments .

    1. Schedule appointment

    Start Scheduling Your Appointments Online Today

    How to DESIGN a TATTOO from start to finish using PROCREATE!

    Do you operate an appointment-based business, such as a beauty salon or a music lesson studio? Are you tired of having such an active role in the scheduling process? Have no fear! We have the ultimate scheduling solution for you!

    The Roverd online booking system is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It improves the scheduling experience of business owners and clients alike.

    Incorporating Roverd into your daily business operations saves you time, so you can give your clients the attention they deserve.

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    Focus More On Your Art And Less On Your Books

    Take a look at the top-rated online booking service for tattoo artists. Manage your appointment schedule and stay up-to-date with your bookings. Itâs just that simple. Say goodbye to appointment scheduling stress and bring your work and life back into balance. Here are some of the top features of our simple-to-use application.

    24/7 Online Booking

    Booking appointments and consultations have never been easier. Clients can book at any time of the day via the online interface and pay the deposit before they come into your shop.

    What Booking Apps/websites Do You Guys Use

    I use Square for all of my scheduling needs and I cannot rave about it enough. For a single person it’s free to use. What I do is I open my books every three months, when they do clients on my wait-list are emailed a link to my booking calenders. They click the link, select a time block that I have instructed them to in advance, and that will take them to the calendar where they can choose a date that works for them. Square captures all of their contact information, takes their deposit, and I have it set up so that they are sent their release form in advance to reduce paper waste in the studio. I have it preset to send them text and email reminders the week before/week of their appointments so they don’t forget. I get a text to approve the appointment, and that’s it. I was doing all of my scheduling manually before and this app now saves me a ton of time and work. The controls and settings are super easy to navigate and their customer service is bomb. They will also go to bat for you if you get that shitty no show who tries to get their deposit back.

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    Growing Your Career As A Tattoo Artist

    It is a requirement of all tattoo artists to receive industry-specific training before they can begin their careers. This will typically take the form of an apprenticeship. The legal requirements of upcoming tattoo artists may vary from state to state, so it is best to conduct research specific to your own personal needs. Networking communities and associations are a fantastic place to begin your journey for answers and are a great method in which to grow as an artist. Industry-specific communities such as these offer insight into trade secrets, as well as provide opportunities to grow ones business opportunities. These types of groups exist to allow industry-specific professionals to build one another up in a competitive world, creating a sense of community that comes together to support one another in your day to day work and share in celebrating each others successes as industry professionals within the tattoo industry.

    Requirements For A Tattoo Artist

    Featured Artists

    Research is the most important step to undertake when you are beginning any new career. One of the essential things to consider is the legal requirements for becoming a tattoo artist. This includes conducting thorough research into important aspects such as licensing and certification to ensure you are covered and providing the best service to your clients as possible. This is going to change depending on your own personal circumstances, so make sure you are specific in your inquiries. This can be an overwhelming process for someone wishing to become a tattoo artist, as this field involves changing the appearance of a person, so there are strict rules and regulations in place. It is always best to ensure that you have an adequate support system in place to help you understand the requirements of the profession moving forward such as online communities and networked resources which are increasingly available 24 hours a day world-wide.

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    Virtual Tattoo Maker Ink Art

    You might think youve seen an application with this name before and youre absolutely right. These two utilities have the same name and the same theme tattoos.

    But still, it is worth noting that these are two completely different services from different developers, despite their similarity in theme and name. Virtual Tattoo Maker will be your personal tattoo design studio, and you will add any drawings on your body without pain and traces.

    Virtual Tattoo Maker lets you try out realistic tattoos on your body so you can see exactly what it will look like. Upload a photo of your body and you can also take a photo of it right in the app.

    Drag and drop tattoos on your body directly from the catalog and you can start editing. Change the font, size of the image generally, play it the way you want. Share the result with your friends and get their opinion on your changes.

    How A Tattoo Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier For Us Studio Owners

    For US Tattoo Studio owners, a tattoo scheduling software acts as a gem by allowing them to seamlessly manage any barrage of clients that hits them. The software also allows you to add a booking widget to your website – so that your clients never have a problem reaching out to you and your studio artists!

    The cloud-based tattoo appointment software ensures that you are up to date with everything that happens in and out of your studio — that too, without any hassles. You have all the information, comprehensively and intuitively displayed, on a single dashboard. Even on your days off, you can be a part of your studio without any difficulty.

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