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Best Tattoo Artist In Denver Colorado

The Story Of Til Death

My Favorite Tattoo Artists in Denver, CO!

Our shop was brought to life by a group of dedicated tattooists that decided to build the most ideal creative environment for themselves and their clientsthrough the craft itself and a variety of artistic styles.

Each one of us lives and breathes tattooing. We’ve now come together to continue to grow and inspire one another in pursuit of exceeding the expectations of ourselves and our clients.

We’re a private, appointment only studio, which gives us the luxury of devoting our time completely to each client. We don’t have the distractions of a street shop, allowing us to completely immerse ourselves into the creative process.

We cater to the select group of individuals that want more than just a tattoo. For those who prefer a one of a kind piece of art, having been created with the heart and soul of a dedicated tattooist. A tattoo that isn’t just with you but part of you one that you can treasure Til Death.

Check Out Their Portfolio

When choosing a tattoo artist, it’s important to do your homework. `A good start is by talking to friends with tattoos and asking them about their experience.

Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to look at portfolios. This is where you’ll get a sense of an artist’s style and decide whether they’re the right fit for you.

Keep in mind that tattoo artists are like any other professionals – you wouldn’t hire a plumber without seeing their work, so don’t choose a tattoo artist without checking out their portfolio first!

What Is The Best Way To Know If A Tattoo Shop Is Good

There are many ways to evaluate a tattoo shop. Search for them online and read their customer reviews page. If they have so many reviews, it means people are checking them out. And if the majority of these reviews are positive, it means they know what they are doing and know how to do it well. Read articles about them online, too, if you can find any.

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Evolution Tattoo Of Denver

Evolution Tattoo of Denver is a new studio, having opened in 2021, but there are decades of experience behind the artists despite its newness. Ben, who is the owner and a tattoo artist of 15 years, wanted to create a shop that resonates with the styles and character of his art and is the perfect balance of a professional and funky environment. It is a comfortable and safe place to get inked and offers diverse styles, including American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Polynesian, Realism, Geometric, and more. Check out the portfolios of Matt, Ben, Linda, Sydlee, and Leslie online and get in touch with the shop to book an appointment. Open Thursdays to Mondays from 11 am to 7 pm.

Address: 1450 South Santa Fe Drive, Unit 102 Denver, Colorado 80223Phone: 303-330-8803

Choosing The Ideal Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Denver

Choosing the ideal tattoo shop is often easier said than done. With a wide range of options available it can be tricky to decide where to go and get inked. In the process of working on this guide, we took several factors into consideration. You can use these factors to narrow down your choice and find the best tattoo shop that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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Jonathan Love Denver Co

Tattoo Profile: Jonathan Love is considered one of the top black ink tattoo artists in Colorado despite the fact that he has only been tattooing professionally since 2012. Hes a big fan of making original pieces for anyone who wants a black tattoo. The more bizarre the better, hed say, as it gives him a chance to make his mark with something truly unique. If youre interested in getting any type of blackwork tattoo, especially a larger piece, Jonathan Love should be near or at the top of your list of artists to visit. You can find Jonathan working at the very popular Denver shop, Bound By Design.

Bj Storms And Salvador Diaz

Tattoo artist BJ Storms, famously known as OG Slow Death, works at the nefarious Certified Tattoo Studios workshop in Denver. He is known for his elaborate and detailed micro tattoos as well as pragmatic designs, which are appreciated by many. In some ways, BJ Storms is alike to Brian Henry in that he also pays consideration to aspects and fine lines, which is why hes so successful in Denver. His tangled patterns on the skin have made him a more popular favorite in the city.

Salvador Diaz, one of the most influential tattoo artists who work at Certified Tattoo Studios, is another one of the studios operating artists. He specializes in portraitures in black and grey and tattoos that are photorealistic. Salvatore Diazs unimaginable art is highly solicited after by customers from all over the country, not unlike OG Slow Death and other artists at the atelier. OG is also scheduled months in advance, and so you can communicate with him via his social media or the official website of his studio where you can e-mail him and book a slot for your next design.

  • Shop Name: Certified Tattoo Studios
  • Address: Certified Tattoo Studios, East Colfax 3216 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 West Colfax 8025 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214 The Yale 6250 E. Yale Ave Denver, CO 80222
  • Contact: 720-287-3866
  • Timings: Wed-Sun 12 pm 8 pm

Location on Google Maps:

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Alicia Cardenas Andi Ferko


When Alicia Cardenas was 16, she commenced practice at Bound By Design and became a pro piercer by 17. At 17, she inaugurated her first studio just for piercing. Since 1997, she has owned and administered Twisted Sol, Denvers premier body piercing and tattoo workroom. She began tattooing as an augmentation of her previously vast knowledge of body alteration in 2008, and in 2009, after twelve years at Twisted Sols Cap Hill location, she and the longtime administrator of Twisted Sol, Kevin Strawbridge, began Sol Tribe on Broadway.

As of 2009, Sol Tribe Tattoo & Body Piercing proposes services such as piercing, scaring, and sacred geometry in extension to services like piercing and body piercing. In addition, she prepared her trainees about protection when it comes to body modification, mural painting, and other varieties of art. Although she performs art just for the sake of making art, the method of making a spot of ink is impeccable with overall participation from the very beginning to the very end.

Below is the list of all the social media addresses of the artists or the studio. You can click and visit these social media channels to find out more about your preferred artist and see if you would like to go ahead with it. We have also mentioned the contact details so you can approach the studio quite seamlessly!

Location on Google Maps:

Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing Denver Co

Female Tattoo Artists SIMPLY the best Denver Colorado

Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing provides a professional and talented team of artists that will work to make your dream tattoo come to fruition. The tattoo artists here offer a variety of tattoo styles from realistic portraits to American traditional tattoos to even tribal and Polynesian designs. This Denver shop is also a great place to visit for tattoo cover ups as well.

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Rowell Urban Element Tattoo

The Urban Element Tattoo company was organized by Rowell and Jenny Alfelor in 2012. She has more than 10 years of expertise as a tattoo artist. The store provides a clean, trustworthy, and professional environment where people can discover, explore, and experience the realm of body art.

Located on Larimer Street, Urban Element Tattoo is a collection of talented, certified artists who render high-quality service to their clients.

Amongst the tattoo artists at Urban Element Tattoo are watercolor artists, geometric artists, and traditional artists. Exercise a look at the shops website to examine their work. The homepage comprises sections assigned to each artist. When you click an artists name, youll learn more about them and notice their tattoos or Instagram profiles.

We are an appointment-only shop at Urban Element Tattoo. Contact them by naming out the form on their website or sending an email with reference pictures, tattoo size, and location. You can, however, always call to discuss if there are any openings for walk-in appointments.

As one of Denvers most sought-after tattoo workshops, Urban Element Tattoo has acquired a reputation for quality service and craftsmanship. The tattoo shop proprietor has also answered all online reviews, which is pleasing to see.

  • Shop Name: Urban Element Tattoo
  • Address: Urban Element Tattoo, 3122 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States
  • Timings: Mon Sun 12 pm 11 pm

Location on Google Maps:

Female Tattoo Artists In Fort Collins And Boulder

If youre willing to make the trip about an hour outside of Denver, youll find some additional tattoo talent that is worth exploring. These artists each have their own unique tattoo styles and are worth the extra driving time it takes to reach them.

Check out these female tattoo artists in the Fort Collins and Boulder areas.

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Denver Leisure And Sports

Denver has a great sports scene and rabid fans to aid that. The city has team sports in all major leagues. Invesco Field at Mile high is the home of soccers Colorado Rapids and the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. It seats 76,000 fans and sits just west of downtown. This stadium is also the home of the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Coors Field seats 50,000 people and is located in Lower Downtown. It is the home of Major League Baseballs Colorado Rockies. Then if you head to the Pepsi Center just outside of Lower Downtown you can catch a Denver Nuggets game in the NBA or the National Hockey Leagues Colorado Avalanche.

Top Best Tattoo Shops In Denver Colorado

14 Best Female Tattoo Artists in Denver

Image Source:

If you are looking for that tattoo shop that isnt just concerned about giving you their best inking but also tells you how to ensure the inking stays healthy, then Kitchens Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery is a fine choice you would love. After getting their tattoo done, some people dont usually know much about the best practices that ensure tattoo health and longevity.

Kitchens Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery advises you on how to go about caring for your tattoo. The tattoo shop boasts of a team that comprises some of the best and most versatile tattoo artists in the whole of Denver. Kitchens Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery is renowned for its top-notch customer care and its serene environment. It has its studio at 757 Fe Dr, Denver, Colorado.


Image Source:

Not all tattoo shops walk their talk. That is why some have so many bad reviews that become an instant turn-off for prospective customers who happen to stumble on them. It is one thing to be told what to expect and not get it in the end. But with a tattoo shop like Fortune Cookie Tattoo, you are sure to get what has been promised.

This professionalism is why they are regarded as one of the best in Denver. Their artists are top professionals who are equally talented in the art of tattooing. They boast of a serene environment where customers find comfort.


Image Source:


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Brian Henry Melissa Black Sage Studio

Black Sage Studio consists of tattoo artists like Brian Henry who is Wiz Khalifas tattoo artist His art, besides, is extremely incredible. Brian has been inking in Black Sage Studio since 2005, which makes it almost 2 decades in the industry at Black Sage Studio. He is especially famous for his black and grey portrait and his realistic designs. Brian has also built a positive reputation for himself as being one of the few tattoo artists in the USA who can create micro realistic tattoo designs using tiny and slim needles which creates a delicate and detailed tattoo. He is the guy you must call for in Black Sage Studio. His availability is not so easy and he is usually booked a month in advance. However, he does keep his Instagram post updated where one can find his email address for booking too.

The Black Sage Studio is all about being hygienic and clean for their clients. They have taken utmost precautions for their customers to feel safe and sound. They took every measure after COVID-19 and only work on an appointment basis to avoid more contact. To make consultations or book an artist, you will have to do it through email. They also have a contact form on their official website which can be filled and a consultation can be booked henceforth.

Melissa is the owner of the Black Sage Studio and has been tattooing since 2003 which makes her near 2 decades of inking. She has specialized in large-scale tattoos and she has her distinctive twist to the designs.

Certified Tattoo Colorado Springs Co

Certified Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in the Centennial State. This tattoo shop offers six private booths, along with a comfortable seating area to accommodate waiting customers. Voted as one of the best tattoo and piercing parlors in Colorado Springs, Certified Tattoo offers a variety of body modification options that are performed by top notch artists and piercers.

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Best 20 Tattoo Shops In Denver

Getting a tattoo is a way of expressing a personal statement and given it is not something that is easy to remove once youre inked, one would make the necessary effort to ensure that the tattoo is designed as desired. The best way one can achieve that is by visiting a tattoo parlor where you can be sure of the kind of service you get. There are many tattoo parlors that promise to deliver great work but from the reviews you get to realize how customers have been disappointed by their work. Below are some of the top tattoo parlors in Denver.

1. Certified Customs2. Sol Tribe Tattoo $ Body Piercing3. Ritual tattoo and gallery4. Mammoth American5. Thick as Thieves Tattoo Parlor


Best Tattoo Shops In Denver 2022

Tattoo Artists From Across Colorado Raise Funds For Victims Of Deadly Shooting Spree

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is home to numerous museums, landmark 19th-century buildings, modern architectural works of art, and many other places to see. The Mile High City is also home to tons of tattoo shops.

Whether you live in Denver or you just happened to be there and feel like getting a tattoo, youre probably wondering where to do so. You will like your body art the most when you find a great tattoo shop with awesome tattoo artists. Scroll down to see the best tattoo places to check out.

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Adam Engel Serina Twiggy Malec

Adam Engel is a pretty talented tattoo artist at Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshow. He is originally from Kansas and started with art and drawing at a fairly young age. He hit a point in his life where making decisions about his career was just troublesome so he got a tattoo machine online and began his love for tattooing on friends and family members in his moms basement. He was a self-taught tattoo artist who watched and learned from youtube videos and eventually went to Boulder to become a professional tattoo artist. He emphasizes that it is important for people to learn the art from a professional only.

Now with many years of professional training and handling clients, Engel has become one of the best tattoo artists in Colorado and is working in Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshow. He does not have any particular style because he has a unique one. He is a versatile artist. He is also on social media and super active on it. He posts his latest design on his social media handles and has a whole portfolio made on the Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshows official website too.

  • Shop Name: Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshow
  • Address: Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshow, 1325 Broadway #218, Boulder, CO 80302, United States
  • Timings: Mon-Sun 12 pm 8 pm

Location on Google Maps:

Best Female Tattoo Artists In Denver

If youre looking to get a tattoo in Denver, the options might seem overwhelming. The mile-high city is home to over 100 tattoo studios in the metro area and its come a long way since Frenchie William Neely opened the citys first shop near Colfax and Speer in 1956.

The city is brimming with talented artists and a tight-knit artistic community that bands together during tough times. In October of 2019, Denver artists mourned the death of one of the citys best-known tattoo artists, Jayce Wallingford, who tattooed at All Sacred Tattoo Studio.

And while Wallingfords death represents a big blow to the city, the area continues to be rich in talent and expertise.

Whether youre looking for killer blackwork tattoos, exceptional traditional work, or some colorful neo-traditional pieces, these women represent some of the best female tattoo artists in Denverand nearby areasright now.

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Greg Fritts Aka Fritz

The Alternative Arts Tattoo Studio in Littleton, just 20 minutes from the middle of Denver, opened its doors to clients in 2003. In addition to producing their own artwork, clients may choose from the studios collection or simply explain the ink they would like. They can also have their ears penetrated.

Unlike stereotypical tattoo parlors, Alternative Arts Tattoo does not observe stereotypes. As a matter of fact, their mission is to challenge the stereotypes connected with tattoos. Its official website contributes a lot of useful messages. The website puts forward not only their artist profiles but also a FAQ segment in which you can learn everything you require to know about tattoos. As the proprietor/artist of Alternative Arts, Greg Fritts, aka Fritz, has experience in tattooing, the tattoo industry, and customer service attending back over 30 years, Alternative Arts is a conclusion of his knowledge.

The business philosophy at Alternative Arts is ingenious: be honest, offer high-quality artwork, and be courteous to people. There is nothing stereotypical about our tattoo parlor. Its design has been produced to break through stereotypes. From the corporate boardroom to the school classroom, tattooing is becoming more usual. An individuals tattoos are a representation of their concerns, hobbies, and articulation of themselves. We welcome you to attend one of our studios to learn more.

Location on Google Maps:

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