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Blt Numbing Cream For Tattoos

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Using BLT Topical Numbing Cream for Microneedling

Emla Cream 5g tube

Enough for around two applications, this pack size is suitable if you have an occasional need for Emla and if only a small area of skin requires numbing e.g. before vaccinations or blood tests. This pack does not come with dressings so you will need to obtain these separately.

Emla Cream 5g tube and two dressings

In addition to the 5g tube of cream, this pack contains two of the air-tight dressings needed to cover Emla, so it absorbs into the skin and does not get wiped off.

Emla Cream 30g tube

A larger-size tube, which is suitable if you need to numb a larger area of skin e.g. prior to having a tattoo or laser hair removal. This pack does not contain dressings, so make sure you purchase these separately.

Emla Cream 5x5g tubes and 12 dressings

A multiple pack containing enough Emla and dressings for over 10 applications of cream, when covering a small area of skin. This pack is suitable if you are likely to use Emla frequently prior to procedures such as blood tests, injections or cannula insertion.

How To Properly Use Numbing Cream For Microblading

Before using any numbing solution on your clients, instruct them not to drink any alcohol 24 hours before their treatment, or the numbing solutions wont be as effective.

After youve done a patch test, proceed with applying a primary numbing cream by following these steps:

  • Clean and exfoliate the eyebrow area thoroughly with soap, water, and exfoliator to remove dirt, sebum, and makeup residue, then dry the area completely before applying numbing cream.
  • Apply a thick coat of numbing cream to the area.
  • Cover the eyebrow area with plastic wrap. The heat under the cling film will help activate the cream and keep it from drying out.
  • Leave the numbing cream and wrap in place for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the strength of the numbing agent.
  • After 25-30 minutes, remove the cling film, wipe the cream away with a paper towel and your client is ready for a pain-free microblading session.

Later on, if you want to use a secondary numbing solution, apply it in a thin layer with a clean q-tip on the treated area. Leave it on for about 30 seconds and wipe it clean.

Your client may experience a slight stinging sensation for the first few seconds, but it will begin to subside as the numbing takes effect.

Otc Vs Prescription Numbing Creams

Over-the-counter skin-numbing creams may differ from prescription variations in strength and concentration. For example, a prescription-strength lidocaine patch contains 5% of the active ingredient while a nonprescription variety contains 4% of lidocaine.

Most OTC lidocaine medications are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . However, some are marketed as “compliant” when the manufacturer follows the applicable FDA regulations.

Some topical numbing creams are mixed with hydrocortisone cream . One such brand is Peranex, which is available by prescription only.

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When To Seek Medical Attention

While some side effects are mild, numbing creams can cause severe damage if used improperly. Severe toxicity includes seizures, hallucinations, and even death, cautions Gee. “Lidocaine toxicity at high doses can be fatal. If you are experiencing tingling of the mouth area and or any symptoms as listed above you need to seek immediate medical attention. In fact, many cases of tattoo removal and laser hair removal that have caused in severe disability and death do not involve the laser but rather lidocaine toxicity,” shares Gee.

Side effects that may be indicative of numbing cream being absorbed systemically leading to lidocaine toxicity include irregular heartbeat, numbness or prickling around the mouth or tongue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, agitation or muscle twitching, says Zubritsky. Rabach agrees and adds that fast, slow, irregular heartbeat, passing out, dizziness and seizures, changes in mood or awareness, and changes in breathing are all symptoms that warrant evaluation by a doctor.

How Is Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream Applied

BLT Cream

BLT cream is applied about 15 minutes before the permanent makeup procedure. Once it is allowed to sit for 15 minutes, the cream is wiped off. Only a small area should be numbed at a time. If a larger area needs to be numbed, it should be done in sections instead of all at once. This limits toxicity of the numbing ingredients and ensures that the skin stays numbed throughout the treatment. If a large area is numbed, by the time the practitioner gets to the end of the area the anesthetic may have worn off. Once the anesthetic takes effect it lasts about 20-30 minutes.

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Can Numbing Cream Affect Microblading Results

Numbing creams do not affect the outcome of the microblading procedure.

They can, however, reduce bleeding if they contain vasoconstrictors and make it easier for the artist to see where they are applying the pigment. Numbing creams can also be beneficial to faster healing.

Image source: Instagram @sublimebeautydistrict

Is There Anything Stronger Than Lidocaine

Lidocaine is a potent anesthetic that is made in a variety of forms. It is effective at numbing the skin and for use as an infiltrative local anesthetic. A topical that is stronger than lidocaine is one with more than just lidocaine. When lidocaine is combined with benzocaine and tetracaine, it provides stronger anesthesia. When discussing the strength of an anesthetic, it can really depend on the concentration, where it is applied, how much is applied, what form it is applied in, and many other factors. The highest strength lidocaine that is available over-the-counter is 5% strength.

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Why You Should Always Use Microblading Numbing Cream

Tattooing of the skin implies injecting pigments into the dermis layer with thin needles. Microblading is similar in the sense that its a process that also implies breaking open the skin by creating hair-like scratches with a thin blade.

This method can be uncomfortable and even painful for most clients since the sharp tool used during the procedure reaches nerve endings located in the dermis layer of the skin.

This is because the numbing agent found in the cream will prevent the body from sending any inflammatory signals that may cause the sensation.

After the procedure, your clients may experience slight irritation but it should fade away once the skin has healed.

Keep in mind that the numbing effect is only temporary and wears off depending on the formulation, but in general, it should last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

This is why investing in a secondary numbing cream for microblading may be beneficial to prolonging the feeling of comfort.

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The Best Numbing Cream For Lip Filler Injections


Lip fillers are a popular trend, but the process can be painful.

Painless Tattoo numbing cream is designed to safely numb your lips so that you dont feel any pain during your lip filler injection. It works by blocking pain signals from your lips before they reach the brain.

Our numbing cream is 100% safe and has been used by more than 30,000 people with great results. We recommend applying this product 90 minutes before getting lip injections and it will take away the pain completely! Get yours today!

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Blt Numbing Cream Frequently Asked Questions

Because our creams are packaged individually, and with appropriate concentrations, we can offer our BLT creams directly to clinicians without the need for a patient prescription. This allows clinicians to keep our BLT creams in-stock, rather than needing to order on a per-patient basis or getting numbing cream from a compounding pharmacy.

B- Benzocaine L- Lidocaine T-Tetracaine

Our BLT packets are fast-acting and usually fully effective in 15 minutes. This speeds up your procedures and eases the anxiety of your patients.

BLT is the best numbing cream for microneedling and works great with our own microneedling device, the Hydra Needle. It speeds up the microneedling procedure time while reducing your patients anxiety as they wait for the treatment to begin.

BLT numbing cream is great for lip filler treatments. The 5mL single use packaging reduces risk of cross-contamination, the doses are ideal for lip injection treatments, it has a rapid onset, and has a light and clean scent and texture.

Numbing Creams For Tattoos Are Trendingbut Are They Safe

Getting a new tattoo is exciting, especially if it’s your first. Everyone warns you that getting a tattoo hurts, but what’s a little temporary pain for a lifetime piece of body art, right? Spoiler: Getting a tattoo is typically more than a little pain, especially in areas where there is less flesh between skin and bone. In recent years, numbing creams have become popular for their use during and after getting a tattoo in order to ease the pain of the process.

There is a ton of information and advice on what to do and what not do when it comes to tattoos and it can be overwhelming to determine what advice is actually approved by a professional. Numbing creams may be available over-the-counter, but that does not mean that they are safe in all situations. It’s important to understand what active ingredients are in the specific cream that you intend to use during or after your tattoo treatment, but there are some general dos and don’ts when it comes to numbing cream.

Meet the Expert

In order to understand the safety and efficacy of numbing creams for tattoo recipients, we turned to three dermatologists for their expert advice. Keep reading for the complete guide to tattoo numbing creams.

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How To Properly Remove Numbing Cream Before The Procedure

Learning how to properly remove numbing cream from your clients eyebrows is as important as following the right steps when applying it.

The best thing to do when removing primary numbing cream is to use the side of a q-tip stick, for example, stretch the skin at the tail of the eyebrow and gently wipe away the cream starting from the head of the brow.

Next, take a cotton pad and gently pat down the treated area to remove any excess. Use a spoolie to comb through the clients eyebrows to see their natural growth pattern and pick up on any residue.

Remove secondary numbing gel by wiping it off with a cotton pad or q-tips when necessary, since its texture and consistency is much thinner and easier to remove.

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Ink Scribd Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream The Fastest Acting Cream

BLT Cream

Another excellent tattoo numbing cream comes from Ink Scribd and is specifically made to relieve pain during a tattoo session. Of course, the cream can be utilized for other purposes, like hair removal, laser tattoo removal, or micro-needling. Nevertheless, it is an exceptional numbing and painkilling product that prevents inflammations and ensures you have the best, pain-free tattoo experience.

  • Ingredients the Ink Scribd numbing cream contains active ingredients like 5% Lidocaine. However, there is also vitamin E for skin repair and swelling reduction. Together, these ingredients do not only kill the pain but also prevent inflammation and promote faster healing.
  • Lasting period upon applying, it will take up to 20 minutes for the cream to take effect. After that period, the numbing effects will last up to 2 hours.
  • Ink Scribd numbing cream has NOT been evaluated by the FDA!

The Ink Scribs numbing cream is excellent, so much so that its even recommended by professional tattooists. It is designed to absorb into the skin fast and to last just enough for a tattoo session to be done. It is specifically designed for tattooing occasions, so it not only ensures a painless experience but also promotes faster tattoo healing.

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Other Than For Tattoos Why Are Numbing Creams Useful

Numbing creams can be incredibly useful for tattoos. However, there is an array of numbing cream applications that we should also know about. For example, numbing creams can:

  • Relieve Severe Sunburn, Thanks To Lidocaine

Numbing creams, that contain more than 5% of Lidocaine, can provide relief in cases of severe sunburn. The cream dulls the sunburnt skin, reduces pain and overall discomfort, and generally provides quick relief without the need for medication.

  • Relieve Joint Pain, Especially In Cases Of Arthritis And Degenerative Bone Diseases

Joint pain, especially if its related to arthritis can be incredibly painful. Numbing creams have proven to provide pain relief in degenerative bone diseases, due to Lidocaine and its pain relief effects.

  • Relieve Itching In Cases Of Scabies

Unlike scabies lotions and medication, numbing creams provide instant relief when it comes to itching. Numbing creams can also provide some relief when it comes to redness, flaking, and inflammation caused by scabies.

  • Reduce Pain And Itching In Case Of Hemorrhoids

What To Look For In A Tattoo Numbing Cream

Search for tattoo numbing cream online and youll find a selection of products that range from clinical-looking topical anesthetic cream to tubs that look like moisturizers with punky packaging.

Which should you pick? Ultimately, that depends on what you hope to get out of your cream. We recommend paying special attention to the ingredients, scent, hydration, pain relief, and longevity of each product.

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Why Does A Permanent Makeup Procedure Need Numbing Cream

A permanent makeup procedure is actually a kind of tattooing so it has a similar type of pain. A more accurate term than permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. Small needles are used to insert ink into the dermis of the skin, which is what makes the ink last so long. This can be painful and uncomfortable, making the procedure difficult for patients to sit through the entire session. A patients discomfort can also make the procedure difficult for the practitioner. A numbing cream with multiple anesthetic ingredients can both make the procedure less painful and improve outcomes.

Best Tattoo Numbing Creams: Experience Tattoos Pain

Testing The Strongest Numbing Creams And Gels | Microneedling, Mesotherapy, Waxing, And Tattoos

One of the main reasons people avoid getting tattoos is the pain. No one likes pain, but also, many say that beauty is pain, so at the end of the day were all just very confused about this concept. However, what if we told you there is a way you can go through the whole tattooing process with the minimum pain and discomfort possible.

Well, have you heard of tattoo numbing creams? These are life-saving for anyone fearing tattoo pain. And lets be frank, even the most experienced tattoo-owning individuals fear tattoo pain.

So, without further ado, lets dive into the world of tattoo numbing creams. Well see what they are, how they work, and which ones you should buy for your first or next tattoo session.

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Lidocaine 4% Topical Anesthetic Cream

  • MAX STRENGTH 5% LIDOCAINE PAIN RELIEF Effective OTC topical numbing cream for treatment and procedure.
  • LONG LASTING & FAST ACTING 20 minutes for numbing effect, lasts 1-2 hours with liposomal technology.
  • NON-OILY & NON-GREASY Water-based anesthetic for easy application and no mess removal.
  • SAFE & GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Doctor Recommended. Paraben-free, cruelty-free, pain-free.
  • FORMULATED AND BOTTLED IN THE USA cGMP Certified with Child-Resistant Cap, Tamper-Evident Seal and Stable 2-Year Shelf Life.

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Lip Blush Tattoos: Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetic tattooing has come a long way over the past few years. Rather than the harsh lines and bold colors associated with early procedures, modern cosmetic tattooers have learned how to make permanent and semi-permanent makeup look beautiful and natural. Cosmetic tattoo artists also help to correct skin discoloration and pigmentation issues.

One of the latest procedures artists and practitioners are using to enhance and correct facial features is called lip blushing, also known as a lip blush tattoo. Its a natural-looking cosmetic tattoo procedure that is offered in both tattoo studios and high-end spas.

We asked New York-based cosmetic tattoo artist Savannah Kondratyev to give us the run-down on what lip blushing actually is and what you need to know if youre interested in getting a lip blush tattoo.

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Selling Of Scheduled Medicines

Scheduled medicines may only be sold or supplied to members of the public by persons authorised or licensed under the Controlled Substances Act 1984, and administered in accordance with the Act.

Tattoo artists and laser technicians are not authorised to sell or supply Scheduled medicines to members of the public.

The illegal sale, supply or administration of a medicine to members of the public is an offence under the Controlled Substance Act 1984 which carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 or imprisonment for 2 years.

Skin Numbing Practices For Laser Tattoo Removal

Wholesale Deep Numbing Cream

Getting a tattoo is a painful process, but laser tattoo removal is another challenge. Pain from laser tattoo removal is highly subjective, from some patients feeling extreme pain to others who find it bearable and slightly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, pain associated with the laser tattoo removal process is a problem that needs to be addressed since the global tattoo removal market is projected to reach $4794 million by 2023. In the US alone, more than 50,000 laser tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2016, and the number continues to rise.

Pain Management for Laser Tattoo Removal

Dermatologists and laser technicians can undertake a handful of interventions to make the process comfortable for patients, including ice packs, numbing cream applications, and cold air machines. However, topical numbing creams remain the most common and comparatively safer option for most patients.

BLT Cream for Tattoos

Skin numbing creams, such as BLT cream, contain a combination of different local anesthetics that work together to numb your patients skin prior to the procedure. The non-prescription BLT numbing cream from Centura Pharmaceuticals is an FDA-registered, over-the-counter version of BLT cream, constituting benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine, at maximum allowable levels without a prescription. However, there are certain skin numbing practices that need to be considered to ensure that the laser tattoo removal process is safely performed:

Wrap Up

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