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Hair Tattoo Before And After

Our Scalp Micropigmentation Results

Getting a Hair Tattoo (BEFORE & AFTER) – My Experience with Scalp Micropigmentation

Creative Scalps are proud to display their before and after SMP results in the gallery below.

Creative Scalps demonstrate a superior quality and professional standard when it comes to scalp micropigmentation.

Whether it is a general hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation for alopecia or SMP for long hair, our before and after results speak for themselves.

All of our before and after SMP results are from customers that have come directly to our clinic for scalp micropigmentation.

Our award winning and leading SMP specialist Marc is internationally recognised as one of the leading industry experts. Customers have flown in from as far as Japan to get Scalp Micropigmentaion done with Marc.

For more information about how SMP works, take a look around the site or get in touch with us.


Disadvantages Of Hair Tattoos

Despite their unique advantages, hair tattoos also have several disadvantages, ranging from the lack of actual improvements in hair growth to possible safety issues. These include:

  • No real improvements in hair growth. While hair micropigmentation can improve the perceived density of your hair, this type of procedure has no impact on your actual hair growth and isnt truly a treatment for male pattern baldness. If youre currently losing your hair, youll continue to lose it after scalp micropigmentation, although the impact of this hair loss may not be so obvious.

  • Up close, the results may not look totally natural. Performed by a skilled operator, a scalp micropigmentation procedure can produce impressive results that look natural, at least from a reasonable distance. Up close, people may be able to see that your hairs texture isnt totally natural. When a person touches your scalp, theyll also be able to feel the difference between real, short hair and the appearance of a buzz cut provided by a scalp tattoo.

  • Although rare, complications can occur. Possible complications of scalp pigmentation include skin infections caused by contaminated packaging, tattoo ink or needles, as well as reactions to ingredients used in artificial pigments.In some cases, the metals used in tattoo pigments may cause complications in magnetic resonance imaging procedures.

Why Choose Our Cardiff Hair Tattoo Treatment

Trained scalp micropigmentation technicians Hayley Ernest and Janice Hilton steer the ship at New Scalp thanks to their fantastic treatments. Hayley and Janice are trained to Gold and Platinum Elite Level in semi-permanent makeup, so rest assured that you are in safe hands. They both became experts in hair tattoo, Cardiff clients, in 2014, and since then, have helped customers regain their confidence.

If you would like to have the appearance of a full head of short and groomed hair, then turn to our experts at New Scalp. A hair tattoo, Cardiff clients, is suitable for all stages of thinning and complete hair loss, and we cater to an array of customers. We have specialist treatment for women, as well as individuals with alopecia.

Our hair tattoo, Cardiff clients, is ideal if you want to cover up scars or patching. Our high-grade scalp pigments and advanced equipment makes us the go-to clinic for scalp micropigmentation. Our aim is to give you the solution to a problem that is out of your control. We want to give you the ultimate self-esteem boost!

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How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work

The SMP process expertly restores the appearance of thousands of hair follicles by gently injecting the natural pigment onto the scalp. Suitable for all types and stages of hair loss on all skin tones, the scalp tattoo typically takes 9-12 hours to complete, usually spread over three sessions.

Our Birmingham clinic is proud to have Damon Ashcroft, an internationally renowned SMP practitioner having pioneered the treatment in Londons Harley Street and on Fifth Avenue in New York, now operating Bespoke Scalp Micro Pigmentation from our world-class clinic here in Edgbaston.

Having experienced a hair loss condition and undergone the treatment himself, Damon is a big advocate of SMP and all the benefits it brings both physical and emotional. First impressions count especially with Scalp MicroPigmentation so please contact us for a consultation with Damon, let him lead you through the process and witness the results for yourself.

Why Do You Need To Use A Tattoo Sunscreen

Hair Tattoo: What Is Scalp Micropigmentation? Cost, Before &  After Pics

Its highly recommended to use a Tattoo Sunscreen that is designed by professionals who are in the tattoo industry. Inkeeze has created the best tattoo sunscreen on the market due to our love of tattoos and understanding of the tattoo recovery process. The main difference between a tattoo sunscreen and any other sunscreen is the texture of the cream, and nutrients in the sunscreen. Tattoo Sunscreen is light weighted, smells great and has quality that not only helps the cream to protect skin from the UV rays but also makes tattoos vibrant.

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A Hair Loss Solution You Can Count On

Of course, scalp micropigmentation cant give you your real hair back. But it can ensure that the people around you dont even notice your hair loss. Many of our clients report that friends and acquaintances often cant believe the pigmented areas are not real hair.

Prepare to be blown away by scalp micropigmentation: youll love watching your new look take shape with every session. After its healed, your scalp micropigmentation wont hold you back at all: you can exercise, go swimming and even visit the sauna without affecting your robust and durable pigments.

Scalp Micropigmentation For Long Grey Hair

Mr Kandola came to us because his hair was thinning throughout. He still had a great hairline and no bald patches but wanted to bring back that thicker hair look.

After 4 Sessions his skin was fully covered in tens of thousands of micro dots. As you can see this cosmetic tattoo works with long & grey hair because the tiny dots look like hair follicles. The pigment is a natural tone and it blends in with the rest of his hair perfectly. It will also last for many years to come.

Very impressed with there workmanship. I was advised on the best option for my scalp Micro Pigmention. Very relaxing atmosphere.. Each session i had was very enjoyable. The end result was amazing I was very happy with the result. It was inexpensive. I highly recommend Scalp Mates. You will not be dissappointed. They are very proffesional in there job. A very nice couple who take pride in there job. And make sure the customer is happy with the end result.

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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work If You Already Have Hair

The short answer is definitely. There is a range of options depending on the pattern of hair loss. Those with a thinning head of hair can have follicles tattooed onto areas where there is still hair growth to create the appearance of lush volume .

Practitioners can also just zero in on the hairline and improve how strands frame the face, says Jara. “Alternatively, a complete shave may be needed for the dots to look natural and blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair,” she adds.

Checklist After Getting A Tattoo

Before After Scalp Micropigmentation | Matt Visits Hairline Ink Chicago

Here is a quick checklist for you to go through after getting the tattoo:

  • Take the instruction list from your tattoo artist
  • Carry sunscreen in your bag or car until the tattoo heals
  • Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized
  • Stay hydrated and drink a good amount of water
  • Remove the bandage after 3 to 5 hours or as instructed by your tattoo artist
  • Be gentle on your first tattoo wash and use an antibacterial mild soap
  • Avoid using perfumes, scented body lotions, and body sprays on your tattoo area
  • Avoid sweat and dirt to touch your tattoo
  • Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel or paper wipe every time you wash
  • Be patient and let the tattoo heal naturally and beautifully
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    More Scalp Tattoo Questions Answered

    Can I remove a scalp tattoo?

    Yes you can have a scalp tattoo removed by a professional, who will use a laser over one to two sessions scalp pigments can be removed. Micro pigments are applied at a certain depth in the skin. The larger the area the more laser treatments you will require.

    Can I get cancer from SMP treatments?

    There has been research by dermatology specialists for many years around links between tattoos / hair tattoos and cancer. There is no current study and no evidence to suggest that SMP causes cancer.

    Does Rogaine Fade Scalp Micropigmentation?

    Rogaine may cause the ink to fade if it is used too soon after SMP treatment. Delay using Rogaine for two weeks just to make sure that the inks are completely dry.

    Advantages Of Hair Tattoos

    Hair and scalp tattoo procedures have several advantages, especially when compared to other procedures used to treat hair loss. These include:

    • The appearance of a full head of hair. For most men, the biggest advantage of scalp micropigmentation is that it creates the appearance of a full head of hair unaffected by male pattern baldness.

    • Improvements in perceived density. Although scalp tattoos are usually used to give the appearance of a buzz cut, they can also add density to add perceived density to a longer hair cut, especially in thinning areas such as the vertex scalp.

    • Long-lasting results. Unlike hairpieces, which need to be replaced and refitted every few months, scalp micropigmentation offers long-lasting results. A typical hair tattoo will maintain its appearance for several years.

    • Affordability, especially compared to other procedures. Scalp micropigmentation is typically priced depending on the extent of the procedure, the number of treatments that need to be performed for optimal results, the skill of the person doing it, location, etc. However, its certainly not the most budget-friendly procedure for treating hair loss.

    • A relatively painless procedure. Although scalp micropigmentation is performed using a tattoo machine, the procedure is generally less painful than getting a traditional tattoo, as the needles only penetrate into the uppermost layers of your skin.

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    Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cause Folliculitis

    First, its important to note that folliculitis is a skin condition, not a hair condition. Bacterial or fungal infections can cause hair follicles to become inflamed and swollen. They may look like small bumps or pimples and can itch or feel sore to the touch. If youve ever had razor bumps, youve had folliculitis. Folliculitis can appear on any part of the skin, not just the scalp.

    Like razor bumps, most cases of folliculitis are mild and clear up easily on their own. Serious infections can occur and may need medical treatment. Causes of folliculitis are:

    • Bacterial infection

    • Soaking in a poorly maintained hot tub

    • Too-frequent shaving

    Who Isnt A Good Candidate For Ombre Brows

    Scalp Micropigmentation aka Hair Tattoo: Should You Do it?

    Most people can get powder ombre brows without any contraindications.

    However, some pre-existing health conditions can make powder ombre brows impossible, like diabetes, active cancer, pregnancy, a history of keloids, or hypertrophic scarring.

    For more information on the restrictions, read our detailed guide to powder brows.

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    Are Mens Hairline Tattoos Safe

    We havent uncovered any hairline tattoo horror stories just yet, but that doesnt mean there isnt one lying in wait. You should perform your own research on the facility or practitioner before going under the microneedle. Pay attention to things like reviews, but also to the type of ink or equipment used. Youll also want to make sure that your skin isnt sensitive to permanent ink, in general. Otherwise, SMP is reportedly a safe procedure.

    Follow Your Tattoo Artist

    One of the most important things you need to do after a tattoo is to follow every instruction given by your tattoo artist.

    Your artist knows the process well and is aware of the skin type he/she has dealt with. There would be some special instructions that he/she may find necessary for you to follow.

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    How Long Should I Wait To Work Out After Getting A New Tattoo

    If you recently got a new tattoo and wonder how long you need to wait after a new tattoo before going to the gym to work out, the answer is 48 hours 72 hours. Working out and lifting weights after getting a new tattoo isn’t the best idea because you can sweat, leading to infection on a new tattoo. It doesn’t matter what part of the body your tattoo is on! If you are working out after a tattoo on the bicep or working out after getting a tattoo on your forearm, or leg, anywhere wait it out to avoid potential infection!

    Speak With A Cosmetic Tattoo Removal Specialist

    Before and After Result of Scalp MicroPigmentation Grey and White Hair

    The best way to know how much Micropigmentation tattoo removal cost is or how long it will take is to book a free consultation with one of our micropigmentation removal specialists. With years of experience, well be able to understand your specific tattoo removal goals, recommend a treatment plan, and let you know what your overall eyebrow removal costs will be.

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    What Should I Know About Ombre Powder Brows Aftercare

    If you want to make the most out of this procedure, you need to know some things about the powder ombre brows aftercare process:

    • Your artist will probably give you an ointment to use on your brow area. Make sure to apply the ointment 3 times a day, or as often as your artist advises, and always use clean fingers or a cotton swab, especially in the first 3 days after the procedure.
    • Never touch the treated area with your fingers unless they are completely clean. There might be bacteria that you dont want to get on your eyebrow area.
    • Always gently cleanse the treated area with mild antibacterial soap never scrub as it will affect your final result. Rinse with water and gently pat the area until its dry.
    • Always apply a light coat of ointment on the area before a shower, and continue with this until the area is completely healed. Try to avoid getting your eyebrows wet.
    • Do not scratch, rub, pick or peel the healing skin. Allow it to flake off on its own. Once you complete the peeling phase, you may proceed with your regular activities.

    PMUHub tip: The artist should give you all the instruction needed on how to treat ombre powder eyebrows throughout the entire aftercare process. Follow them as closely as possible and dont be afraid to ask for additional information.For more information on powder brows aftercare, read our detailed aftercare guide.

    A Change In Your Personal Style: When You Decide It Is Time For Change

    Sometimes, people who have gotten scalp micropigmentation enjoy the results at first, but, over time, their sense of style changes. As people age, they may wish to have their hair more closely match the rest of their face. Or, in the case of a receding hairline, the patient may want to re-contour his or her hairline to match the changes using laser tattoo removal.

    A common situation we see is scalp micropigmentation on males done in their youth when they had substantial hair coverage over the affected area. As time passes and the hair continues to thin, they find less and less coverage, until there is not much hair remaining. In a case like this, the man may come to us and inquire about removing only a part of the scalp micropigmentation. He may simply wish to use laser tattoo removal to contour the markings on his skin to match his actual hairline.

    Of course, you may have other reasons for deciding its time for laser tattoo removal. Whatever the specific reason, some people with scalp micropigmentation eventually decide it is time for a change. Whether that means complete removal of the scalp micropigmentation, or simply adjusting the size and shape, the solution is the same: laser scalp tattoo removal.

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    Can I Wear Makeup After Ombre Brows Treatment

    The treated area is very sensitive and prone to infections right after the treatment, so it is forbidden to wear makeup on the treated area. You are allowed to apply it to the other parts of your face.

    However, since makeup can get to the treated area easily, it is risky to wear during the healing period. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid wearing makeup altogether for about two weeks.

    Hair Tattoo: What Is Scalp Micropigmentation

    Before and after of an amazing procedure we did. We are the best in the ...

    The hair tattoo, also know as scalp micropigmentation, is a new treatment for men suffering from hair loss. Instead of battling male pattern baldness with medication or an expensive hair transplant, guys are starting to turn to a more practical solution tattooed hair!

    While the idea of tattooing hair on a bald head may seem crazy, micropigmentation is an affordable process that can restore receding hairlines, fix bald spots, and generally offer the appearance of fuller, thicker hair, especially if you have a buzz cut! While there are pros and cons to getting a hairline tattoo to resemble hair follicles on a bald head, SMP treatments can be effective and worthwhile!

    In the guide below, we will discuss everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation, including what it is and how much it costs!


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