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What Is The Best Way To Remove A Tattoo

How Does Chemical Brow Removal Fix A Bad Brow

How to Remove a Tattoo without Laser at Home

How does chemical brow removal work?

Chemical brow removal is a relatively new but effective method that uses glycolic acid and enzymes to penetrate the skin. When applied to the skin, it deeply penetrates the surrounding tissues as well and reduces the need for strong mechanical procedures. Unlike laser removal, Chemical treatment is also non-colour selective which means that it is effective on all colours.

It is important to note that the process must be performed by experienced brow artists. The brow artist will either use the microblading equipment or the PMU machine to work on the eyebrow tattoo. Using the chemical solutions, the skin will absorb it and start extracting the old ink. During the healing process, fragments of the colour will surface to the skin surface and scab off with dead skin cells.

How much does chemical brow removal cost?

The price for each session is approximately S$150-250. However, only trained and licensed professionals are eligible to purchase and use these chemical based products.

Does it hurt?

Chemical removal is a painless treatment. There is no risk of scarring since this is a non-invasive treatment. Unlike the laser treatment, there will be no cuts to your skin. Hence, the healing process will be shorter and avoid post treatment pain-experiences.

Is chemical brow removal treatment suitable for everyone?

How To Take Care Of The Skin After The Tattoo Removal Process

The first 24 hours after the process is crucial for better skin healing. The healing process may be enhanced by following the steps below

  • Apply a cold compress to help reduce the inflammation or discomfort that may likely occur.
  • Avoid physical activities and taking a hot shower during the first 36 hours.
  • Avoid using any type of makeup for 48 hours after undergoing the removal process.
  • Avoid using any non-prescribed medication or cream on the treated spot for the first 24 hours.
  • Apply ointment, such as antibacterial cream or Neosporin on the treated spot for at least three days.
  • The dressing may need to be changed every day on the treated skin.
  • For at least two weeks, limit exposure to the sun, pool water, hot tubs and saltwater.

The Presence Of Existing Scars

You may not notice it, but tattooing itself as a procedure can leave scars on your skin. Depending on the skill of the artist who gave you the tattoo, theres a possibility that some scarring has occurred even before you get laser treatment.

Keep in mind that the laser treatment itself does not cause scarring. This symptom is highly unusual. However, it will not eliminate the scars caused by your tattoo artist.

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Nswd Spot Removal Picosecond Pen

Obsessed with tattoo work but removing them seems complicated to you? The NSWD spot removal Picosecond machine is the best way to solve your problem. In other words, the picosecond pen provides outstanding performance for the fast and easy removal of signs. Thus, you dont need to worry about removing tattoos and acne marks, moles, and nerves.

Experts believe that the laser removing technique is the best way to remove a tattoo easily. The laser machine is more useful to refine the skin and for maintaining healthy skin.

Moreover, you dont need to worry about pain and bleeding. Powerful energy efficiency is perfect for breaking up the dark pigments. Also, it helps to improve skin conditions. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry machine, the picosecond pen laser is perfect to go. Whether you want it for a training center or home use, this high-power machine is good to go.

There are some precautions before using the machine. Firstly, set the frequency mode and then set the energy level for better output. Secondly, wear protective glasses while removing tattoos.

Lastly, keep the part cool and clean, dont allow particles to contact each other. Otherwise, the condition could be worse.

It Will Take Monthsif Not A Year Or More

Best Way To Remove Tattoo

Tattoos don’t just disappear after a once-over with the laser. A complete tattoo removal takes a minimum of 2 1/2 years on average, says Bethany Cirlin, tattoo removal specialist and owner of Clean Canvas More Art. Laser treatments should be scheduled three months apart from one another so you get the most out of each treatment. This allows your body to break down as much of the tattoo as it can while also giving your body the opportunity to heal completely before your next session.”

As of writing this, I’ve had six sessions, and I’d wager that I need about five more, despite the fact that my initial estimate was six to eight sessions. It takes a long time to complete because each time the tattoo is lasered, particles are broken down and digested by the body’s immune system. The regeneration period is up to eight weeks, and the next time you go, the laser breaks down new particles of pigment. And so on and so forth.

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Picoway Fastest Method For Permanent Makeup Removal

The PicoWay laser is the best method for permanent makeup removal. The superiority of the PicoWay laser has proven itself scientifically in recent years. Last year the PicoWay even won the award for best laser at the Aesthetics Industry Awards in Londen.

With 375-450 picoseconds, the PicoWay is the pico laser with an extremely short pulse duration. The PicoWay even has the shortest pulse duration of all picolasers and is therefore the most effective laser in the Netherlands.

Fast and safe

A laser treatment is the most used and effective method for removing permanent makeup. The PicoWay removes permanent makeup, thanks to the latest picosecond technology, through an acoustic treatment. This means that there is no heat development in the skin so the pigment shifts, scar tissue or permanent hair loss with permanent makeup removal with the PicoWay does no occur

The possibilities

The PicoWay laser works on the basis of three different wavelengths, all working on the basis of the picosecond technique. All ink colors can be treated as a result. The PicoWay is the only picolaser in the Netherlands where all wavelengths are active on the basis of this picosecond technique, other picolasers often work only partly on the basis of this new technique . The PicoWay also has the shortest pulse duration of all picolaser and is therefore the most effective.

After treatment

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Tattoo Removal With Laser Technology

This method is one of the most effective. However, it is an expensive process that requires several sessions and must be carried out by a professional.

The laser treatment uses light pulses on the skin at a very high, concentrated temperature to break down the pigments under the skin. The tattoo becomes less visible, and the ink under the skin is broken down and expelled by the body, thanks to blood circulation.

The ink pigments absorb different wavelengths of light. Thus, for the laser to break down the ink, it must be set to the correct wavelength. Tattoos with different pigments will need to use more than one wavelength to break down each type of ink particle.

One of the main advantages of this method is that, although it is painful, it does not hurt as much as other more invasive methods that scrape the skin directly. On the other hand, if you decide to remove your tattoos with this method, you will avoid possible scars, bleeding, and infections.

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The Best Ways To Remove A Tattoo

Getting a permanent tattoo is often a choice most people rarely think through.

Could be you were sentimental about something or someone. Perhaps you wanted to be rebellious and get a face tattoo. Whichever the case was, you went ahead and got a permanent tattoo. But now, the hype is over and you no longer wish to have ink on your skin.

However, it is essential to note that the best ways to remove a tattoo depend on a few factors such as the size, color, and location of the tattoo. Additionally, how much money you are willing to spend on tattoo removal is also a relevant consideration.

As far as methods of removing a tattoo are concerned, we have provided five of the most effective. To learn more about them, keep reading.

How Can You Accelerate The Process

How to Remove Tattoo (Best and Fast way) | 3N vlogs

There are a few things that you can do to help your body respond to your sessions. First, try to treat yourself well and boost your immune system. Eat healthy, nutritious food, and get enough sleep. When your immune system is optimized, your macrophages can do their job more easily. Second, dont smoke. Smoking compromises the body and can slow down the process. Third, avoid getting a sunburn close to your appointments. Laser treatments cannot be performed on sun-damaged skin, meaning that you might need to push back the date.

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How Does Saline Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Work

Saline solution is implemented under the skin with a manual tool or a machine, to draw the pigment out. It is like a reverse microblading, done in a similar manner.

A saline solution is a mixture of salt and water and other ingredients that reach with the pigment and bring it out to the surface. Scabs are created, and they fall off taking the pigment with them.

What Is The Best Way To Remove A Tattoo

I have a small tattoo on the inside of my leg, above the ankle, which I would like to have removed. How to I go about having this done and whom do I approach?

A dermatologist, or plastic surgeon, is your best bet for tattoo removal. Look for a board-certified doctor with plenty of experience removing tattoos and who is familiar with the latest techniques and technologies.

Arrange for a consultation, at which time you can find out about the physicians credentials, the removal procedure, the time involved and the price.

Small tattoos usually cost less to remove than large ones. But you should still expect a price in the neighborhood of several hundred dollars. I doubt health insurance would cover this. You may be able to work out a payment plan, especially since the process usually involves a series of outpatient visits over a period of weeks or months.

In the past, doctors removed tattoos using techniques such as excision , dermabrasion , cryosurgery and a few others. Today, various kinds of lasers have become the treatment standard. Lasers apply light to the ink-containing cells, causing the pigment to break down.

For a small tattoo, you probably wont need anesthesia. Tattoo removal may cause about as much pain and discomfort as getting the tattoo in the first place. Quite a few variables may affect the procedure and outcome, including:

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Opt For Professional Tattoo Removal

While DIY methods and natural remedies seem like a great way of successful home tattoo removal, your best bet is always to see a professional.

When trying to remove a tattoo at home, the main concern is that you have no help or access to a trained medical professional should something go wrong.

At the Tattoo Removal Institute, we boast a team of experienced, certified laser tattoo removal technicians. With a large focus on constant education and upskilling, great care is instilled into treatment techniques.

We consider each patient as an individual and care for the specific needs of each person. Initial consultations are completely free and require no obligation, but allow our technicians to assess your situation and tailor your laser tattoo removal journey and process appropriately.

Combined with ongoing education and high ethical standards, extensive training makes us the top-rated tattoo removal practice in Australia.

How To Remove A Tattoo And Why Laser Tattoo Removal Is Best

Home Tattoo Removal

Many of us are having tattoos now, in fact almost a third of people have a tattoo by the age of 18. Sadly though, one in six people in the UK will regret having it done. A third of those with tattoos worry that they will look awful as they get older. And half of those people admit that the tattoo could hold them back in their careers.

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To Laser Or Not To Laser

Laser tattoo removal is expensive, but the most surefire way of removing a tattoo. Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal can leave you with scarring, and is quite painful. You may also intend to get laser removal at a later time, but still work on fading the tattoo in the meantime. For more about laser tattoo removal, read our below.

Best Tattoo Removal Laser 2021

The Tattoo Removal Laser pigment absorbs the laser light to produce heat. In addition, it targets both colors equally, so it doesnt matter what colors you use for your tattoo. This is an added advantage because many tattoos are either black or dark blue, which can be difficult to treat with Tattoo Removal Lasers because they absorb all colors of light equally this makes them harder to remove than say pink tattoo ink, which only reflects certain wavelengths of light, making it easier to target with Tattoo Removal lasers.

Tattoos are a most difficult task to remove, but advanced technology addresses this issue in recent years. The designed laser pens encourage people to have tattoos without thinking about pain.

Besides, the ink is injecting into the second layer of skin called the epidermis. Harder to remove ink deeply from the second layer, for that an efficient machine has launched in the market to reduce the cause of skin problems and damage.

According to experts, laser tattoo removal is a multi-function that permanently removes them from your skin. Also, this process is Budget-friendly with plenty of functions. You can now have the new whenever you want.

In the past, people used lotions and medicines to remove the tattoo permanently. But it is not very effective and a very time taking process. Meanwhile, laser removal is a speedy process and doesnt require a lot of pain.

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The Age Of The Tattoo

Laser treatment can fully remove any kind of tattoo, regardless of its shape, size, and color. It is the most versatile and technologically-advanced method. But did you know that some tattoos are easier to remove than others through laser treatment?

Tattoos look faded as time goes by. The immune system is consistently attempting to flush it out of the body. Thus, it can take fewer sessions to remove an old tattoo compared to a fresh one.

What Will My Laser Treatments Be Like

Best Way To Remove Tattoo At Home

Laser treatments are a gentle, easy way to target an unwanted tattoo. In fact, you are likely to feel more comfortable during your laser treatment than you did when you initially received your tattoo. That said, if you are feeling nervous about the removal process, we can administer local anesthetic to your target area. This anesthetic will numb your skin, and help you relax during the treatment process.

After the anesthetic has taken effect, we will administer the laser energy to your treatment area. We will monitor your skin to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable throughout your appointment.

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The Location Of Your Tattoo

Surprisingly, the speed of your tattoo removal process is affected by where you chose to get the ink done. Tattoos that are closer to your heart can be cleared faster than ones that are far away. This is because areas near your heart get stronger circulation and more immune system cell activity. For this reason, tattoos on your hands and feet might require more time than designs on your chest.

Top 8 Best Tattoo Removal Creams 2021

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Type: Skin peel


This acid peel is the most effective option on our list. Trichloroacetic acid is a powerful acid that can be used to remove the upper layers of skin. Its most commonly used to remove skin tags, warts, and scars, and it works better than any other product on tattoos.

Time Frame

This powerful acid peel will have an effect fairly quickly. Several treatments should noticeably lighten the tattoo. However, you should take a break between treatments to allow the skin to heal. It may take a month or so to produce a dramatic difference. The product is sold at various concentrations: you will need to start with 15% TCA and increase from there, moving step by step up to 85% TCA.


Of all the at-home tattoo removal methods, tricloroacetic acid skin peels are the most risky. Working with acid is always a difficult task. Spills, accidentally breathing in fumes, or failure to follow instructions can lead to additional discomfort at best and serious burns and a hospital trip at worst. However, the given instructions can help keep you from doing too much damage to your skin. Keep in mind that using TCA acid will be painful, as you are, essentially, burning your skin off to get rid of the tattoo ink.



  • Useful for skin tags, warts, and scar removal
  • Fairly short time frame

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Type: Fading cream


Time Frame





Why we like it:

Editors Rating:


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All Natural Tattoo Removal Methods

Other options for removing tattoos at home include applying lemon juice, honey or a mixture of aloe vera, paederia tomentosa, and vitamin E. These are much more natural remedies, but focus on gradually lightening of the whole area of skin and take a long time to show results. These are considered much safer options, but its unlikely you will be pleased with the results.

Erase Your Ink With Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos Removal The best way

Getting rid of your unwanted tattoos has never been faster or easier. Depending on how you respond to the treatment, our lasers can deliver visible results within a few months. After one or two years, most people are clear of their unwanted ink for good. Thats all the time it takes to achieve a lifetime of freedom from your old tattoo.

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