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Best Cream For Tattoo Care

Billy Jealousy Tattoo Lotion

Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream (After Tattoo Care Instructions)

Much like many of the products in the Billy Jealousy line, this special care lotion not only smells amazing, but polishes and exfoliates skin just right without stripping your artwork of its fine detailing. Niche elements such as cucumber extract and hydrolyzed oat protein retains color and moisture to enhance a tattoos appearance. Essential oils and shea butter provide more definition too. Its a non-irritant salve that doesnt clog pores, so to remove dead skin cells with finesse. Feel free to pick up the lotion by itself or ensure the fullest skin protection possible by picking up the , which packages a tattoo wash and salve extra.

Promising Review: “Awesome product! Makes tattoos like vibrant including ones I had for decades.” Chazz

Pick #: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Main benefits:

  • Good for people who dislike lotion
  • Creates a barrier that promotes oxygen flow
  • Restores moisture to the skin
  • Preservative and fragrance-free

If youre not a fan of lotions, perhaps youd prefer an ointment. Specifically, Aquaphor Healing Ointment. We rate it as the best ointment for tattoos, but thats for you to decide. Just like lotions, it aims to hydrate your skin and assist with repair and recovery. It has a slightly thicker texture than location and creates a protective barrier to keep your skin hydrated.

It has been clinically proven to restore moisture to the skin and repair cracked or dry skin. If your tattoo is itching, flaking, cracking, or swelling, apply some Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

How To Sleep With A New Tattoo

In the first 24 hours, most tattoo artists recommend you keep the bandaging on without touching it. This will protect your tattoo from brushing against your sheets or potentially staining areas on your bed.

The next couple of nights after receiving your tattoo, you should bandage it gently. Too tight will restrict blood flow to the area, so make sure that whatever bandage you have over the tattoo allows it to breathe.

Try to choose sleeping positions that dont put direct pressure on your tattoo. For instance, if you have a hip tattoo on your right side, try to sleep on your left side to avoid aggravating the tattooed skin.

You should rotate your bed sheets as often as possible over the course of the healing process. This will reduce the chances of a buildup of dust, dirt, or residue that can come in contact with and infect your tattoo.

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Top 10 Best Lotions For Tattoos 2021

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

  • Lotion Type: Ointment
  • Active Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly

Aquaphor is one of the most recommended lotions for moisturizing a tattoo. While it is an ointment, it provides a semi-occlusive barrier, meaning the lotion forms a protective barrier over the skin, but will still allow for oxygen to reach the wound. This is great for anyone who wants extra protection over their tattoo that will still let the skin heal normally.

This product is both fragrance and coloring free, and it can be safely used anywhere on the face and body. It makes a great choice for when you have tattoos in delicate areas, or if you have sensitive skin that may react to dyes and perfumes.

Because it is an ointment, Aquaphor may not be the best choice for long-term use. It is great for the first few weeks of tattoo healing, but for prolonged use it might be too heavy. A lightweight lotion such as Aveeno Sheer Hydration could be a better option if you plan on using your lotion long-term.


  • Can be used anywhere on the face and body
  • Fragrance and coloring free

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

  • Lotion Type: Cream
  • Active Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E

It does take a little while for this product to absorb into the skin. You dont want to rub it into your skin too hard, so you may end up waiting several minutes to half an hour for it to fully absorb. If you want an equally moisturizing lotion that will sink in faster, look at After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer.

After Inked Moisturizer And Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Tattoo Aftercare Cream

Made in the USA, After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer features a light weight lotion with a big moisturizing impact. Upon applying it, youll notice it doesnt feel too heavy upon your new tattoo but seems to soak in immediately. Once done, you shouldnt have any issues with it sticking to your clothes afterwards.

Its also clinically tested and dermatologist tested and features a non-allergenic and non-irritant formula. Plus, youll be glad to know After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer is an unscented lotion free of parabens, and it isnt petroleum based either. One look at the ingredients table and youll spot a few interesting things like Jojoba, Grape Seed, and Orange oils in the mix. Theres also beeswax and shea butter.

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Why Lotion Is Important For Tattoo Healing

Your lotion creates a thin layer over the skin and helps new skin cells aid in the healing process. It is a common misconception to avoid moisturizing a fresh tattoo. Some people try dry-healing their tattoos, which leads to a series of skin problems. Dry healing is the process of letting the tattoo heal on its own. Lack of moisture causes deep scabbing on the tattoo that strongly affects its overall appearance.

Avoid Too Much Sun And Be Extra Diligent With Sun Cream

While your tattoo is healing, stay out of the sun as much as possible, or wear clothes that protect the area from the sun, especially if you have a coloured tattoo. “After it’s healed, regular sun cream should be fine to use”, says Hayley. “If you want to keep the colour vibrant, use a high SPF.”

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Day 1 After Getting A Tattoo:

As soon as you get tattooed, the traditional process is to come home with plastic wrap covering the wound, however modern technology such as tagaderm or Ink Guard Spray on Bandage have found advanced ways to bio hack the recovery process to avoid some of the more painful and long healing time that the traditional method entails. We have a new article coming soon that goes into detail on these new tattoo recovery methods. However, for this article we’ll focus on the traditional plastic wrap process as it’s most common. In most cases, the plastic wrap comes off easily. Similar tattoo aftercare searches resemble:

After removing the pack, you might see leaking liquids. Don’t be scared or grossed out by this, as this is normal and expected. The liquid is a mixture of plasma, blood, and the extra ink that is inadvertently in our skin. It is recommended that you wash the area of the tattooed skin first with warm water. Always use a high-quality Tattoo Aftercare Soap, and afterwards be sure to gently pat dry with a paper towel or cloth that absorbs water and moisture. After all of the moisture is absorbed, keep the area dry for 20 to 25 minutes. As soon as your skin is dry from the wash, you should apply a very small amount of professional Tattoo Aftercare Cream but be sure to let the area have have plenty of air and ventilation. This process is a well known tattoo aftercare routine, and can help your skin recover faster.

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

The 6 Best Tattoo Lotions & Creams For Aftercare

Recommended by Rose herself, Bepanthen is a great starting point for new tattoos, particularly in the very first few days after youve had your ink done. Its gentle enough for a babys bum, therefore you can trust it wont bother any type of tattoo, no matter how large it is or where youve had it done. With a soothing and breathable formula, and packed full of Vitamin B5 , this is a no-brainer buy.

£3.35 | Superdrug

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Marlowe No 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion


If you have sensitive skin, finding a tattoo lotion thats right for you could get a little tricky. But, theres really no need to overthink it, MARLOWE. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion is perfect for you. This lotion was created specifically for people with sensitive skin and works well for tattoo upkeep. This lotion will keep your tats smooth and vibrant for years to come and never irritate your skin while doing so. This USA-made product also contains a unique blend of green tea, willow bark extract, passionflower fruit and botanicals, resulting in a lotion that repairs, restores and reduces inflammation.

Tattoo Goo Original Aftercare Lotion

A little goes a long way with this 2oz. tube of Goo. Much of its appeal comes from its uniformity, spreading evenly to form a thin layer that doesnt interfere with your skins natural moisturizing factors, while still penetrating deep enough to enhance pigmentation on new and old tattoos. It employs vitamins, herbs, and other nutrients to accomplish this. The formula is gentle for everyday use and wont clog pores, so you’ll have more leverage to exfoliate when necessary. Past users have raved over its ability to heal flakiness, plus made note of how it makes colors pop and blacks even blacker. Theres no reason why you shouldnt either.

Promising Review: “I have used this product on four tattoos and highly recommend it. Two of them were large shoulder pieces and I had no itching whatsoever during the healing period. I applied it at least four times a day until all scabbing was completely gone. It quickly absorbs into the skin and clothing can be worn over it immediately after applying. Great aftercare lotion!” Working Man

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Tattoo Goo Original Mini Balm

Tattoo Goo comes in a small metal tin. You only need to apply enough to make the skin look shiny.

It contains no petrolatum, and its dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin.

It provides various benefits to tattoo collectors.

In the first place, it fights infection while moisturizing the skin. Its designed to absorb quickly without leaving a sticky residue.

Next, its rich in antioxidants from wheat germ oil and rosemary. These promote faster healing.

Lastly, when the tattoo is healed, the balm continues to keep the colors vibrant.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion

1pot Tattoo Cream Aftercare Ointment healing Skin Care ...

This lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-greasy body lotion fights dry skin at its source. This is a great choice for taking care of your new tattoo because of its glycerin content. Glycerin is a moisturizing humectant that pulls and absorbs moisture from the air, which basically means your skin will retain more water, keeping the scabs and flakes at bay!

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Brooklyn Grooming Old School Tattoo Balm

If you are tired of dealing with greasy and smelly aftercare products heavy with suffocating petroleum extracts, it may be time to go a little bit old school. This Old School Tattoo Balm from Brooklyn Grooming is the answer to all your problems.

After getting a tattoo, your skin is in a super-fragile state, so you want to avoid heavy gels that can clog your pores and seal off your skins oxygen supply, which can impede the healing process and cause irritation.

With Brooklyn Grooming Old School Tattoo Balm, you get an all-natural formula, complete with rich, regenerative oils that can help foster healing and calm irritation to put in as much comfort as possible while your tattoo heals.

Here, you get a nourishing mixture of sesame seed oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, and organic vitamin E from non-GMO sources. Plus, the formula is handmade, fully organic, unscented, and vegan-safe as it does not use animal tests.

This unique blend of natural oils creates a lightweight yet deeply nourishing formula that helps reinvigorate your skin and expedite the tattoos healing process.

A nice extra touch is that this product ships in an antique-style 2oz metal tin that completes the old school theme and creates a genuinely classy vibe.


When To Moisturize Your Tattoo

Firstly, all skin types are different. Some people may find their tattoo dries faster than others. In general, you should moisturize your tattoo at least twice a day and after you shower. Your skin is particularly dry and itchy after a shower, so moisturizing straight after is essential.

There should be a balance in your moisturizing regime. Over moisturizing, your tattoo can clog the pores of your skin and delay the healing process. If you need further advice, ask your tattoo artist for their recommendation.

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Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion

After a week or two of using a dedicated tattoo aftercare lotion, you may want to switch to something a tad bit more moisturizing, and here, Aveeno presents one of the best options on the market with their Sheer Hydration formula.

Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a regular body moisturizer that brings a formulation rich in glycerin, Caprylyl Glycol, and Citric acid that hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours after a single application.

This formula also contains colloidal oatmeal, a principal active agent that helps to soothe the skin, increase hydration, and lock in moisture.

However, despite the hydration this formula brings, the cream is super lightweight and feels breathable, making it an excellent choice for tattoos, and inflamed or irritated skin.

Nevertheless, Aveeno Sheer Hydration is a regular body lotion, a tad bit harsher than many all-natural formulations explicitly made for tattoo aftercare. Hence, you want to allow your tattoo to heal up for at least a week or two before switching to this mixture.


Best Creams To Try For Tattoo Aftercare

Best Tattoo Care Products

Soothe the itch and keep your ink fresh. We’ve rounded up the top picks to go for to treat your newly inked skin. Out list includes balms, serums and creams

If you’ve recently acquired some fresh inkings, prepare to be involved with a fair bit of aftercare to ensure you get the best results.

Ahh the dreaded itch. Newly tattooed skin is best wrapped up immediately after the procedure is over, this keeps the skin protected friction, dirt, as well as fibres in clothing and bedding.

There’s many serums, potions and lotions available on the market, but which ones actually work? The internet is pretty conflicted in terms of hero products as everyone’s skin is different, however, when looking for a cream it’s best to stick to natural ingredients and products free from perfumes.

At a glance Aquaphor’s Healing Ointment and Hustle Butter’s Vegan Cream are top contenders.

We’ve rounded up some of the top options to try in 2020.

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How Often Should I Moisturize My Tattoo

The Process of recovering your tattoo may vary depending on the size of your tattoo, your skin type, your diet, and many other factors. Your tattoo artist will be your best advisor for your individual experience. The process of recovering your tattoo may also vary depending on the size of your tattoo. Generally, it takes a month to recover the upper layer of the tattoo and the underneath layer may take an even longer time. It is suggested that Tattoo Ointments are used 2 to 3 times a day to moisturize your tattoo. Read more about How often to moisturize my tattoo.

Q: What Are The Guidelines For What To Do After Getting A Tattoo

A: Leave your bandage on for at least an hour. After removing the bandage, wash the tattooed skin thoroughly with hot water and a mild, unscented soap. Make sure you pat it dry and let it air-dry for at least an hour after washing.

Apply a very thin layer of moisturiser or lotionjust enough to moisturize the area a bit. Remember to keep washing your tattoo every day without submerging it, and to use moisturiser once or twice a day to help it heal.

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Modao Permanent Cheap Tattoo Removal Cream

Modao tattoo removal cream is the inexpensive cream on our list. This Chinese cream is available all over the world. Also, its formula is non-acidic, which makes it more reliable and harmless. Moreover, this best tattoo fading cream contains natural active ingredients for tattoo removal.

Meanwhile, this cheap tattoo removal cream is hypoallergenic and moisturizes the skin while breaking the ink particles. You dont have to lose all the money on laser tattoo removal.

Further, this over-the-counter tattoo removal cream wont close the skin pores. Last but not least, we found the tattoo to look dull within one month and fade away in six months with regular use.

There will be no spots or marks on the skin after tattoo removal ends that is proved in tattoo removal cream reviews. Therefore, you can count on this best tattoo removal cream that works.

  • One pack of this over-the-counter tattoo removal cream works for a month.

Why Are Tattoo Aftercare Products Necessary

Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream

While the introduction barely scratched the surface, we shall now look at the reasons why it is absolutely essential to invest in the best tattoo aftercare product.

For starters, a tattoo can lead to skin inflammation precisely experienced a few days after getting inked. As it is a scar, customers need to follow a dedicated skincare regimen, at least for a few days to avoid infection and skin irritation. In case the clients end up missing the aftercare routine, they often experience a host of issues, which include the following:

  • Boils
  • Sustained inflammation
  • Grave skin rupturing and infection

However, if you are lucky enough, your customers might not end up experiencing any of the mentioned issues. Regardless, it is still important to recommend certain credible and calming aftercare products, precisely Vitamin-infused ointments, to ensure zero issues after the design is inked into the skin surface.

Lastly, a good quality tattoo aftercare product can also facilitate long-term skincare, allowing you to keep the area moisturized and bacteria-free.

Note: Tattoo aftercare products will work only if the concerned clients incorporate a lifestyle change, including allergy-free diet plans.

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