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Tattoo Places In Miami Beach

+ How Should I Prepare For My Tattoo Appointment

The Best Tattoo Shop In Miami Beach #tattoo #miami #usa

Remember to EAT well before your appointment and stay hydrated. If you feel queasy during your tattoo, TELL US, and we will get you a beverage and a snack. Do not come in for a tattoo if youve been walking around in the Miami heat all day on an empty stomach. We want to keep you safe! If you need a break during your tattoo, let your artist know, they will not be offended.We recommend not partying the night before. Alcohol can increase bleeding, which dilutes the tattoo ink and can affect the appearance of your tattoo, as well as the healing process.Everything will be ok! Dont be nervous, well take good care of you.

Are There Minimum Training Requirements To Become A Tattoo Artist

Every tattoo studio has its own requirements when it comes to training. In most cases, new artists are required to have a well-presented portfolio and spend several months working under the guidance of an experienced mentor. These teachers show how to use the tools of the trade, oversee designs, and instruct interactions with clients.

  • 16501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 400Los Angeles, CA 91436

Research Your Local Tattoo Shops & Tattoo Artists

Once youve figured out the style for your tattoo, do your research and dont be afraid to shop around. Most tattoo shops will have portfolios of their tattoo artists work available to browse on their website or Instagram. Use Fresh Chalk to ask your friends for recommendations and referrals. Find out what you can about their reputation, advises Tracy. If you’re getting a smaller design, you’re probably okay to just set an appointment with the artist you’ve chosen and get your tattoo. If, on the other hand, you’re planning a substantial piece for your first tattoo, definitely meet with the artist before making an appointment to see if your personalities are compatible. Nothing is worse than spending time and money with someone you don’t get along with!

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Best Tattoo Shops And Artists In Miami

11 Best Tattoo Shops and Artists in Miami

Posted on by Tattoo Expert

If youre one of those who isnt satisfied with simply walking into a tattoo parlour and getting tattooed from someone randomly, then youre in the right place. Here in this post, we shall discuss the best tattoo shops in ct of Miami.

Apart from being one of the best tourist destinations, Miami has the best tattoo studios. When it comes to selecting the best tattoo shops in Miami, there is no dearth of it. There are numerous great studios and artists to choose from for that one-of-a-kind piece, so here are our 11 top picks for you:

Take a look

Our Top Artists Are Ready To Work With You

Miami Ink Tattoo Studio

BlackRose is a premier tattoo shop in Deerfield Beach, located on Hillsboro Blvd in Broward County. We have been part of the tattooing community, with a reputation for maintaining the highest professional standards of conduct and skill, since 2010. Our shop offers superior customer service, personal consultations, custom designs, impressive tattoos and the highest health and safety standards. Ourtattoo artistswill help you create a unique tattoo, leaving you with a piece of art that will last a lifetime and is sure to impress.

BlackRose Tattoo is a clean, sterile, and a fully licensed tattoo studio in Deerfield Beach, Florida! Our tattooers have been handpicked, these artists truly care about their art and skill. Our tattoo artists work with their clients to create visually appealing, one of a kind, tattoos. They pride themselves on being well-rounded craftsman tattooers that all strive to make their clients feel comfortable and welcome. Our tattooers specialize in creating custom tattoos that make your ideas come to life.

Walk-ins are always welcomed, we have a variety of talented artists available on a daily basis. We are open seven days a week but closed on some holidays. If you would prefer a specific artist, we encourage you to review our tattooers portfolios and contact us to schedule an appointment.

Sean Ehrke
Ryan Coleman

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The Best 10 Tattoo Near Ocean Dr Miami Beach Fl 33139

My best friend and I got our first tattoos at Circus Tattoo while on vacation. more

Regardless, in the end, I did get a pretty nice tattoo and so did my boyfriend. more

and there were some decent tattoos going on, but we had bad luck when we ended up with the person we… more

and I flew into FL for the day and decided to head down to Miami and spontaneously get tattoos. more

at Miami Beach, I decided that before I go back home to NY, I would get a tattoo of my son’s… more

My wife and I went to get a tattoo here , but not impressed! more

My sisters and I went to this place to get a tattoo to commemorate our sisterhood by getting a… more

I got my first tattoo here about 5 years ago. They were really good with a nervous first timer. more

I wanted to get a tattoo with my husband’s name on it. He also wanted a new tattoo. more

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  • Grove Ink Tattoo Studio

    • Services Full custom tattoos, custom designs, cover-ups, touch-ups, variety of tattoo styles

    The Grove Ink tattoo studio is a place where you can get any kind of tattoo you want. The in-house tattoo artists specialize in a variety of tattoo styles, from traditional and neotraditional, to artistic watercolor or intricate geometric tattoos. Theyre also incredibly talented and skilled every tattoo is a masterpiece.

    The staff at the studio is super friendly and highly professional as well. Everyone is welcoming and informative, providing guidance throughout the whole tattooing process. You will always feel comfortable and at home at the Grove Ink studio.

    Moreover, the studio welcomes everyone regardless of your body shape or size, ethnicity, race, or gender, everyone is welcome to get a tattoo at the Grove Ink. Clients can also contact the studios tattoo artists directly to get more info regarding custom designs, session schedules, prices, etc.

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    Salvation Tattoo Opens Its Newest Location

    Salvation Tattoo Lounge opens its doors to its brand new location featuring critically acclaimed and award winning tattoo artist Alien Parra. Hes been awarded Best Tattoo Artist in Miami and you can view his portfolio in our artists section of the website. Located in Miami Beach at 1132 Normandy Drive, this location is sure to suit your need for an award winning tattoo in the category of Black and Gray or Color Realism. A guarantee from the owner that claims We will have outstanding tattoo quality at affordable prices, and great customer service. We guarantee that you wont get a better tattoo for less in any tattoo shops in Miami.

    Salvation Tattoo Lounge Awarded Best Tattoo Shop in Miami since 2011, now has locations between Miami and the Fort Lauderdale area. We pride ourselves in being a professional and safe environment caring about quality and customer service first. There are many tattoo shops in Miami, however, at Salvation Tattoo Lounge we have set ourselves apart from the rest by providing a clean, hygienic, and inviting atmosphere that attracts clientele with sophisticated tastes.

    Self Expression With Skin Art


    At 90 Miles Tattoo Studio, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. As your premiere walk-in tattoo shop, we specialize in helping our clients express themselves through their choice of body art and ink.

    When it comes to tattoos, there is no such thing as a one size fits all design or approach. Your ink should be as unique as you are, and at 90 Miles Tattoo Studio, we specialize in helping our clients find and create the perfect expression of their individuality through their choice of body art.

    Tattoos are more than just ink on skin they are a form of self-expression that can tell the world who you are, what you believe in, and what youre passionate about. If youre considering getting a tattoo, or even your first tattoo, our experienced and talented artists can help you find or create the perfect design that reflects your personality and style. Whether you already have an idea in mind, or you need some inspiration to get started, were here to help you turn your vision into reality.

    Whether you’re looking for a small, discrete tattoo or something more elaborate and artistic, we have the expertise and the talent to deliver a truly personalized experience. With a team of highly skilled artists, top-of-the-line equipment, and an inviting, welcoming atmosphere, 90 Miles Tattoo Studio is the place to go when you want to look and feel your best.

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are the best tattoo shops that offer nipple piercing?

    These are the best tattoo shops that offer nipple piercing near Miami Beach, FL:

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    What are some popular services for tattoo?

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    • Virtual Consultations

    What are the best cheap tatoo shops?

    These are the best cheap tatoo shops near Miami Beach, FL:

    Do Tattoo Artists Make More Money Working In A Tattoo Shop Or Opening Their Own

    Just as with any industry, there is a large risk associated with going into business for oneself. Any tattoo artist considering opening their own shop should ensure they have business management and marketing skills to enable their shop to succeed. While becoming a tattoo shop owner can be lucrative, artists who don’t have the business skills to succeed may earn a higher salary working in an established shop.

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    Fame Tattoos & Piercings

    Fame Tattoos is a well-known name in Miami for Portraits and Traditional Tattoos. And the entire credit goes to its award-winning artists and exceptional customer service. To date, Fame Tattoos has received over 100 convention awards. Each artist understands that their clients tattoo is a reflection of their journey, story, or passion, and they work with each client to bring this story to life through art best. The shop itself is intended to be calm, relaxed, clean, and inviting. If you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo design Fame tattoos is the place to head to.

    Address: 1409 West 49th Street Hialeah, FL 33012.

    Website: For more information, click on the link

    The Best Tattoo Artist In Miami

    Miami Ink Tattoo Studio

    Fame Tattoos is the Best Tattoo Shop in Miami we take Tattoo Art to a different level spiritually and mentally. We have a high level of continuous Local Clientele, Athletes and Celebrities. We don’t consider ourselves average Tattoo Artist. Our work is based on passion and vision, where we like to picture ourselves as if were writing or drawing a story of our clients life, past, future and artistic Passion. We will Help guide you with the best option and best look for your new work of art! We are the Top Tattoo Artist in Miami with over 90 years of combining Tattoo experience this has been a passion of ours since we could remember. During our years of experience, we have been too many tattoo Conventions throughout the world where we have gained knowledge and experience from different tattoo artist. We’re the top Award Winning Tattoo Shop in Miami that has won over 100 awards throughout conventions. Our tattoo shop in Miami is a very relaxed and peaceful, giving you the best tattoo experience ever. We also provide All natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Vanish Method is far Less Painful, More Cost Effective as it requires up to 50% Fewer Treatments.

    We’d love to hear from you


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    Tattoo Academy And Apprenticeships Programs

    We specialize in custom Tattoo designs. Prior to the tattoo appointment, we schedule a Tattoo consultation appointment. This is a very important step in the design process. At the free consultation appointment your artist will draw, design, and size the tattoo with you. After the approval for the design, its time to schedule the tattoo appointment.

    Learn How to Become a Tattoo Artist. Open Enrollment For Tattoo Apprentice Program. We love our students, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Come meet the team and check out the tattoo apprenticeship education in a tattoo school environment.


    At the heart of Miami Beach, Professional tattoo and body piercing studios. Offers Tattoos and piercing services.

    We specialize in all tattoo styles from old schools to watercolor dot-work trash polka new school tattoo styles custom work, celebrity tattoos, Chinese tattoos, zodiac tattoos, fairy tattoos, custom tattoos, tattoo designs, religious tattoos, cover-up tattoos, lettering tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, permanent makeup and more.

    At Oriana Tattoo Studios, we strive to make your every visit a pleasant one. Our talented tattoo artists are ready to accommodate you for walk-ins and appointments. We open seven days a week. At our state-of-the-art designed tattoo studios, we provide high-quality affordable prices.

    Other Miami Tattoo Studios To Check Out

    Heres a quick rundown of our other top recommended tattoo studios in Miami you should also check out if the aforementioned studios do not fit your personal preferences

    If you want to get an intricate, complex tattoo with the most unique design out there, then you must check out the Rosa Negra Tattoo studio. Here, you can get any kind of tattoo style, a customized design, and exceptional service overall. From colored, black & grey, to geometric, hyperrealistic, and watercolor tattoos the in-house tattoo artists specialize in every tattoo style. The studio was established by two brothers, professional tattoo artists themselves, who have Rosa Negra feel and look like a homely, cozy art gallery.

    Voted #1 tattoo shop in Miami, the Salvation Tattoo Longue is surely one of the best places to get tattooed in the Miami area. The in-house tattoo artists are incredibly talented, experienced, and skilled. They specialize in all sorts of tattoo styles from watercolor and black & grey to portraiture and lettering.

    At this studio, you can also get a body piercing service, cosmetic makeup, a cover-up tattoo, or even get your tattoo removed. The Salvation tattoo lounge is a comprehensive place and a one-stop-shop for everything tattoo and piercing.

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    The 9 Best Tattoo Shops In Miami 202: Detailed Reviews

    Miami is a city of extravagance, parties, breathtaking sunsets, and, of course, tattoos. Even though it may not be the first thing to pop into your mind when you think of Miami, but here, the tattooing culture and community are ever-expanding and surely world-class. For decades, tattoos have been the main medium people in Miami used to express themselves, long before the city became overflown with galleries, exhibitions, and street art.

    The Miami tattoo scene is bustling, even nowadays when the pandemic has made it much more difficult and restrictive to get tattooed. But, the tattoo artist of the city works harder than ever before to provide the best and safest service to their clients.

    So, if youre stopping in Miami, or you live in the area, and you want to get tattooed, look no further. Weve done some research and made a list of the must-visit tattoo parlors in Miami. So, without further ado, lets check them out together!

    How We Selected The Best Tattoo Shops? Our favorite and overall best tattoo shops were selected based on the following criteria

    Inkaholik Tattoos And Piercing

    South Florida-JENNY SCORDAMAGLIA-Tattoo Shop-Season 2
    • Services Full custom tattoos, custom designs, cover-ups, touch-ups, body art, variety of tattoo styles, body piercings

    Inkaholik is easily one of the best tattoo shops in the Miami area . The tattoo artists here are incredible they have years of experience in the industry and are incredibly talented and skilled in what they do. If you want to get a masterpiece tattoo, Inkaholik is where you come to get the best service.

    Of course, Inkaholic is an award-winning tattoo studio, and it was voted the best studio for piercings in Miami. Speaking of the piercings, we do have to mention that Inkaholik uses state-certified equipment assesses by a third-party laboratory. This is done to ensure everything is clean, sterilized, high-quality, and safe for the clients.

    And sure enough, there is no room for discrimination at the Inkaholik studio. Everyone is welcome to get tattooed or pierced here. The staff is super professional and respectful towards clients, ensuring every session is comfortable and relaxed. For more information and consultations, Inkaholik welcomes text messages as the best way to contact them.

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    Oriana Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

    • Services Full custom tattoos, custom designs, body art, various tattoo styles, touch-ups, cover-ups, body piercing

    Oriana is one of the most wholesome tattoos and piercing studios in Miami. This studio offers a variety of different services but at some of the most affordable prices in the city. The clients are absolutely thrilled by this, especially because the quality of the work is outstanding.

    The in-house tattoo artists are exceptionally talented, educated, and skilled in what they do, and every one of them specializes in a different tattoo style. So, here, you can get any kind of tattoo that you want. The studio is also super focused on cleanliness and providing the most professional, comfortable, and safe services.

    At Oriana, you can also get tattooed by some of the guest tattoo artists, who come to Miami from all over the country. The studio also acts as a training facility for aspiring professional tattooists, which is also super cool. To book an appointment or schedule a consultation, make sure to call the studio directly.

    The Ten Best Tattoo Shops In Miami


    1. Ocho Placas. 6240 SW Eighth St., Miami 305-264-0888 Tattoo & Co. Midtown Miami. 3449 NE First Ave., Miami 305-485-0770 3. Iris Tattoo Studio.2700 N. Miami Ave., Suite 508, Miami 786-615-9186 4. Love Hate Tattoo. Miami Ink1360 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 305-531-4556 .5. Tattoos by Lou. 9820 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami 305-670-6694

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