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A new permanent tattoo on your skin is a decision you have to think about multiple times. It is sometimes tempting to go to an interesting and visually attractive tattoo parlor in New York City and just ask an artist to wing it.

Though this can be a good idea, there are still things you have to consider if you decide to be a walk-in client. Please read on to know when youre in a good tattoo parlor in New York City.

How Do I Find The Best Tattoo Studio In New York

Getting a tattoo in New York is, of course, a pretty big deal and is a great lifetime souvenir. Nevertheless, I recommend that you do enough research beforehand whether the tattoo studio in New York City is right for you. Hopefully, this article gives you a better insight into the different tattoo shops in the city. However, at the end of the day, make sure you decide based on the style that suits you the most.


In this guide to your perfect tattoo in New York, you will only find tattoo studios that I have either tried myself or where my friends get tattoos. But inform yourself beforehand whether your desired tattoo can also be implemented in the same way. Check out the tattoo studios social media channels and find out which tattoo studio in New York is the most suitable for you.

Are Tattoo Shops In Nyc Open During Coronavirus

As of right now, the coronavirus in NYC has shut down most businesses unless they are deemed essential. Those include hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and eateries that allow take-out or to-go. Tattoo shops in NYC, just like most stores are closed until the government says its OK to open them back up. As of right now, there are talks of opening the state on 1st, but were not exactly sure what that will entail.

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The 8 Best Nyc Tattoo Shops For Your Next Tattoo

New York City is home to some of the top-rated tattoo artists & tattoo parlors. Here is your guide to the best tattoo shops in NYC.

Looking to get a new piece in the City That Never Sleeps? Heres a guide for famous tattoo shops in NYC with the best tattoo artists in NYC and its neighborhoods!

You wont be the first person to look for a tattoo in New York City. New York has a long history of tattoo parlors and tattooing some even call it the birthplace of modern tattooing. The first tattoos in NYC belonged to members of the Native American nations who lived in the area, documented as early as the 1710s.

In the 19th century, Martin Hildebrandt set up what we now think was the first formal tattooing business in the United States. Martins daughter, Nora, had more than 300 tattoos! The first electric tattoo machine was patented in 1891, with most tattoos costing around five cents thats about $1.50 in todays money.

Tattoos were always taboo, but in 1961, the city banned tattooing. Artists during this time went underground, opening parlors and studios in Coney Island, Hells Kitchen, the Village, and other traditionally bohemian neighborhoods. These studios eventually became some of the most famous tattoo shops in NYC. Tattoos werent made officially legal again until 1997!

The long history of counter-culture and tattooing go hand-in-hand in Manhattan and its surrounding neighborhoods, resulting in one of the most vibrant tattoo scenes in the world.

Why Was Tattooing Illegal In New York

Thirteen of the Best Tattoo Shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Tattooing was banned in 1961 and got legalized again in 1997. The official reason for the ban was an hepatitis B outbreak, but some historians think that it was because of the preparations for the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. Ther are also theories about a vendetta from a policeman who fell in love with a tattoo artists wife.

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Get Your Dream Tattoo

Nothing is out of reach Each artist at GomleshkoStudio works directly with clients to create body art based on their input, but also provides guidance and artistic vision for the process. We love our work and each project we do. Check the portfolio and make the tattoo of your dreams come true with us!

Best New York Tattoo Artists 2022

Posted on Last updated: 24th May 2022

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It shouldnt be a surprise to learn that many of the worlds best tattoo artists are New York tattoo artists. It is New York, after all.

But when you take a good, hard look and see the sheer quality and beauty of the artwork on show amongst all of these great artists, the mind truly boggles.

New York City is a dream travel destination for many all around the world, and when you see just how high the quality of tattoo art is in NYC, it only fuels the fires more.

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Why Choosing Nyc For Getting A Tattoo

New Yorkers usually love body art. And theres a good reason for that. When they have one, only walking down the streets makes them a moving piece of art.

As such, tattoos will usually contribute to the aesthetic part of this city. No wonder why you see so many graffitis in vibrantly cool colors.

Although tattoos are already quite popular among the American culture, well, when it comes to New York City, ink is part of the citys DNA.

Furthermore, NYC is thought to be the birthplace of modern tattoo studios, so there is no better place to get inked than this one.

The best part? You will find any type of tattoo studio, from hidden shops on Canal Street to millennial studios in downtown Brooklin. So dont worry about searching for the right option to suit your needs.

The studios I am going to mention today have the top artists in the country. They are best-equipped and have the latest tattoo skills to offer you the best inking experience.

Unfortunately, deciding what studio is best for you can be more challenging than choosing where to get a manicure or a new haircut.

Luckily, I have made some suggestions for you, so make sure you check out the most fantastic spot in New York City to get the first tattoo or to continue your inked designs collection.

Best Tattoo Studios To Get Inked In Nyc

Tattoo with Alex Mcwatt | THE JOURNEY: Episode 4 | American Express

Lets start our journey through the best tattoo shops in New York. I have highlighted the top advantages of each of them, their location, and best artists.

If you are looking for a tattoo shop famous for celebrities who have crossed their threshold, consider the Bang Bang studios locations.

Thanks to the tattoo artist Keith Bang Bang McCurdy, who has tattooed Adele, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and other celebrities, lots of people are looking to get here.

The team of massive artists can be intimidating when thinking about this studio, but let me tell you that you will find the friendliest people here. Fine line tattoos are their thing, as well as the illustrative realism and ornamental designs.

Once coming here, you will also enjoy a chill atmosphere and that artistic vibe you are looking for when getting body art into the skin.

Sacred Tattoo Studio is the place where you will find some tattoo veterans of New York City. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, some featured guest artists have a revolving door, so check this out.

The tattoo designs here are varied, from neo-traditional tattoo ideas to photorealism or traditional tattoos.

You cant miss Sacred Tattoo if you want a one-of-a-kind body art piece. Sacred Tattoo is nestled in Soho, but it is somehow hidden between a storefront and the subway entrance when it comes to location.

Are you looking for a modern tattoo studio that is both POC-friendly and aesthetically pleasing?

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Best Tattoo Shops In Nyc: Enjoy The Best Body Art In The Restless City

There are so many attractions to visit while you are traveling to New York. This might include having a trip to the Empire State Building and watch the city from above, having a picnic in Central Park, or taking a shot in the middle of Times Square.

There are many other emblematic places to go to, so dont get me wrong, it is self-evident to visit them.

However, why not consider taking a permanent souvenir with you? Whats better than an NYC t-shirt or a keychain? Well, what about having a tattoo in the City that never sleeps?

Signs That You Are In The Right Tattoo Parlor In New York City

Tattoo artists can do custom work better when they can discuss the intricacies with their clients. You can also bring a new design that they can draw precisely or use as a reference. Moreover, here are some indications that you found the perfect tattoo parlor in NYC:

  • Look at the Shops Exterior and Interior Design

The tattoo parlors shop tells a lot about their style. If you like the design of their studio, you will likely love their tattoo techniques too.

  • Scout for a Clean Shop

Oh, you would not want to risk getting an infection. Upon entrance, the tattoo shop should be clean. For tattooing, the pigment trays and sealed needles must be new.

Ask about how they sanitize their counter-tops and tables too. Additionally, equipment should be sterilized, and the artist should use new gloves when tattooing.

  • Check Out Their Ink Brands

There are some tattoo inks that contain harmful metals and solvents. You should check out the manufacturer of the ink beforehand.

  • Talk to the Tattoo Artist

You should feel comfortable communicating with the new artist. This is essential because you and your tattoo artist should get to an agreement on the tattoo design, technique, and more.

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How Much Does A Tattoo Cost In New York

The prices for a tattoo in New York City are very different. Cheap tattoo studios in New York start at around $100 an hour, while big names like Bang Bang charge five times as much. Dont fall for the cheap tattoo studios. A tattoo for under $100 cannot and will not be of good quality unless you dont mind.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Tattoo Shops In Manhattan

Im an anxious person and Im not familiar with getting piercings. When I came in, I was welcomed by friendly staff and quick service. I was very comfortable and was treated perfectly throughout the whole process. The piercing went smoothly and I was constantly being asked if I was doing okay

Cigdem F.

I was greeted by having to call before entering which I love for safety reasons! Then once you go inside a gentleman greeted me so kindly with hand sanitizer and take your temp! They presented me with all of the prices so I wouldnt be surprised by anything before they treated me

Kimberly L.

Vicki at Studio 28 is the REAL DEAL, y’all. I made a spontaneous, last-minute appointment to get a daith piercing and it truly couldn’t have been a better experience. COVID procedures were followed to the letter, and Vicki is a trauma-informed piercer so she did an amazing job

K. Ramsey

Amazing shop. Super clean and modern space. Everyone is super accommodating and friendly. I honestly can’t wait to go back and get more work done with Bo. They have everything you need from the first inquiry to the aftercare supplies. Highly recommend.”

Matthew R.

It was my first piercing so they were happy to explain things multiple times and answer all of my questions. My appointment was with Kirsten who was very kind and super informative. Best of all, they were extremely thorough with their safety protocols pertaining to COVID…

Chris G.

Hollis K.

Johnny M.

Kailyn E.

Hollis K.

Johnny M.

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Tattoo Shops In Nyc: More Faq

I have selected the most frequently asked questions about tattoo shops in NYC. You should give them a look to see if you find something of interest.

Q: If I am in NYC, can I just walk into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo?

A: This depends on the shop. Some of them are extremely busy and function only with appointments, but you might be lucky and find a free spot. However, since tattoos are forever, you might consider some research before going to get one.

Q: How much does a small tattoo in NYC cost?

A: The price is given by the complexity of the design. Even so, dont expect to pay less than $100.

Q: Are tattoos illegal in New York?

A: They are legal. However, it is illegal for an artist to tattoo a minor.

Best Tattoo Shops In New York City 2022

Are you looking for the best shop to get your dream inking done in New York City? This post will take you on a tour of the top best tattoo shops to get your tattoo done in the City of New York.

What exactly do you know about New York City? One might be forgiven to think the city is all about the Empire State Building, the beautiful Central Park, and Time Square. But there is more to this city that never sleeps. And when we say more, we mean some of the best tattoo shops and artists operate here.

Thus, if you have always wanted to get a tattoo in New York City, here is a list of the best shops you should consider visiting. Tattoo shops are so numerous in New York City. It is no surprise for a city as famous and modern as it is.

Choosing the best shop to visit will demand some digging and recommendations. This is why we have made this article just for you. These shops are not only occupied by professionals versed in the art of inking tattoos they combine that with the right attitude, creativity, unique methods, and so much more to ensure you find satisfaction. Now, lets take you into the world of the best tattoo shops in New York City.

Image Source:


Image Source:

One interesting thing about this studio is that they are also into charity. They partake in non-profits events, including The Warriors Fund and the ASPCA. The studio also organizes occasional art exhibitions. Eight of Swords Tattoo is located at 115 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249.


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Best Tattoo Shops In New York City Ny

Expert recommended Top 3 Tattoo Shops in New York City, NY. All of our tattoo shops actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

Since 2019

Heres The Deal:Redink Tattoo Studio offers a premium, couture studio experience with distinctive designs by internationally renowned artists. The Tattoo studio forges a unique business plan to help clients with unwanted tattoos and scars and tell a story through their art. It was co-founded by two brothers, Red and Serge, in early 2019. They built many studios in New York and decided to partner with his brother to create this unique tattoo studio experience. Red has been tattooing and piercing for over 15 years. He takes the time to explain how it works and how to care for it. They provide personalized designs and long-lasting imprints. They work together and cultivate a partnership that allows them to produce gorgeous tattoos. Their designs are one of a kind and each artist’s creativity helps to mold and shape a unique tattoo experience for their clients. Walk-ins are welcome, and they can bring your dreams to life.

SPECIALTY:Portrait, Memorial Sleeve, Skull, Mermaid, Realistic Elephant and Custom Designed Tattoos, Laser Tattoo Removal, Body Piercing & Micorblading

Price: Starts from $35

Since 2010

Price: Tattoos: Starts from $150Piercing: Starts from $70

Since 2014

Price: Minimum Tattoo: $80

Smith Street Tattoo Parlor


Address: 411 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Source: Smith Street Tattoo Parlour. See more on .

Signs out front of this Carroll Gardens studio state Look no Further, Youve Found It! and that is definitely the case if youre looking for a high-quality NYC tattoo. The no-frills front reveals a gem once you step inside Smith Street Tattoo Parlour is one of the most renowned tattoo parlors in the city.

And Artist, Bert Krak, and Steve Boltz founded SSTP in 2008. The dedicated team has served the highest-quality traditional tattoos since. The artist roster also includes Eli Quinters and Frank William. Fans come from all over the world for their old-fashioned traditional American tattoos.

Whether youre looking for color-saturated designs or simple black and grey, the tattoos here stand out. The shop commits to tattoos that look good from the moment you get them to 20 years later, which often means simple designs with intense attention to detail.

In the same neighborhood as Smith Street, Removery has a tattoo removal studio. You can get your old tattoo faded for a cover up down the road. Book a free consultation with Removery today.

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How Do I Make An Appointment At A Tattoo Studio In New York

It makes sense to make an appointment before your trip to New York and do enough research to find out which tattoo studio in New York works for you. Make sure to do your due diligence and research. Remember, this tattoo stays with you forever. Dont let prices dictate where you go. With that being said, all studios require a deposit. This can be done over the phone with the credit card. The large studios in particular, whose customers come from all over the world, are tailored to these processes.

It is best to send an email with a picture of your desired tattoo. If you already have a special tattoo in mind, please send it through email. From there, expect a questionnaire and a contract from the tattoo studio with an appointment and payment options.

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