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Tatu Baby Face Tattoo Removed

Jamie Davies’ Pheonix Tattoo: Season 2

Every Tatu Baby Tattoo (Season 2) | Ink Master

In season two of Ink Master, tattoo artist Jamie Davies was randomly selected to create a fire-breathing phoenix shooting fire out of a woman’s unmentionables. Met with a bit of resistance but no fear, Jaime attempted to conquer this strange request for a tattoo.

Not only was this Pheonix tattoo in an unusual spot, but, unfortunately for Jaimie and his canvas, it didn’t end up looking like a phoenix at all. Though the person being tattooed requested a fire-breathing phoenix, she ended up with what appeared to be a peacock across her pelvis.

Early Life Of Tatu Baby

How Were The Early Days Of Tatu Baby

Tatu Baby aka. Katherine Kat Flores was born on October 28, 1987, in Colombia but raised in Miami, Florida. She was born to Colombian parents. Her father was a drug kingpin in Queens, New York. Her father was murdered by a rival gang when she was just four years old. After her dads death, her mother wanted to get out of the drug business. Thus, her mother, along with Tatu- moved to Miami, Florida. Tatu started her schooling in Miami. She dropped out of college while studying animation. By the age of 14, she started showing interest in tattoos and became a full-time professional tattoo artist by 19. Tatu Baby has a brother named Kenneth Roman.

Cee Jay Jones’ Corinthians Tattoo: Season 2

What could be worse than a poorly done tattoo? A tattoo with a spelling error, that’s what. Imagine getting a tattoo only to find out later that the finished product is spelled incorrectly once revealed. This would be the ultimate disappointment for many, especially people whose pet peeves are grammatical errors and misspelled words.

Cee Jay Jones really dropped the ball with his Corinthians tattoo. Rather than spelling it properly, he was completely off when he spelled it “Cortnthans” instead. Mistakes happen to everyone, but, with spelling this off base, it’s obvious that Cee Jay Jones didn’t spell check before tattooing, which should be every artist’s number one rule when working with permanent ink.

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Love Life And Boyfriend

Tatu Baby prefers to keep her personal matters to herself and hasnt shared details of her love life with the public, however, it is believed that she dated Ceaser Emanuel sometime in 2017.

Ceaser is a tattoo artist and the owner of the tattoo studio Black Ink, which can be found at three locations in Atlanta, Brooklyn and New Orleans, and hes perhaps known best for starring in the reality TV series Black Ink Crew, which follows the daily operations of several tattoo shops located all around the USA.

It was in 2017 that rumors started spreading around the internet claiming that Tatu Baby had an affair with Ceaser and that they might even be dating, however, both of them stated that they are only close friends many people out there still believe that the two have at least slept together.

Tatu Baby has a son, Deniro Roman Soto born in 2014. and the father of the boy is a man named Eddie, with whom shes apparently still dating. As of November 2020, Tatu Baby is single, hasnt married and has one son.

Shes A Tattooist And Competed On Ink Master

Tatu Baby

Those who remember Tatu Babys run on Ink Master would know shes a talented tattoo artist. She participated in season 2 of the Paramount Network series where she was voted off.

She made history as the first contestant to return to the series when Ink Master fans voted for her return through the shows Facebook poll. Tatu therefore competed in season 3 and also returned to the spin-off, Ink Master: Angels.

A young Flores was smitten by body ink at a young age, after getting inspired by her tattoo artist. She got her first tattoo when she was only 14.

A talented artist, she was studying computer animation but ditched that career to ink people. After experimenting with her artistry, she became a professional artist at the age of 19.

Tatu is the co-owner of the shop Till the End Tattoo Gallery. Her Day of the Dead work makes her a sought-after artist.

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Matt O’baugh’s Victorian Throat Tattoo: Season 6

Matt O’Baugh’s canvas hoped to get a victorian lace throat tattoo to mimic a dress her grandmother wore at her wedding, but what she got instead was what judge Oliver Peck described as “a big black mess.”

The tattoo lacked depth and used too much dark ink. The lines on this tattoo were harsh, thick, and messy. Though Matt argued that the tattoo’s dark spots would fade over time, the judges made it clear that his crooked lines would remain crooked forever. Now his canvas has to live with this terrible blob on her neck for a lifetime.

Career As A Tattoo Artist

She gained recognition in 2012 when invited to compete in the second season of the reality TV show Ink Master, which starred Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck. Each season of the series follows ten tattoo artists competing to win $100,000 and to become The Ink Master. Tatu Baby ended the season in fourth place, and was invited back by the shows fans, competing in the shows third season and reaching the finals, this time finishing third. Ink Master today counts 13 seasons and was nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs in 2013.

Today, Tatu Baby is the owner of the tattoo studio Till The End Tattoos, and has been featured on the cover page of various magazines, including Urban Ink, Miami New Times and Rebel Ink Magazine. Shes won many awards at tattoo conventions organized all around the US, and is known for being very friendly and for meeting her fans and talking to them.

Tatu Baby is quite active on various social media networks, and is followed by more than 1.5 million people on Instagram, while she has uploaded close to 3,000 pictures, many of which have been taken during her everyday life. She has been active on Twitter since June 2010 and is followed by close to 200,000 fans, although she hasnt tweeted since 4 April 2020.

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Mark Matthew’s Pin Up Tattoo: Season 2

This not-so-pretty woman was Mark’s first average-sized tattoo. Unfortunately for him and his canvas, it did not go as planned. Rather than creating something with detail, Mark ended up covering his own detail with even more detail.

Not only was this tattoo poorly drawn onto the skin, but it was so shaded in that it lost its design and appeal. The lines weren’t clean, and the tattoo itself was too dark. Though this was a ten-hour day for Mark and he broke his thumb before coming into the shop, the judges weren’t buying into his excuses.

Tatu Baby On Her Signature Tattoo

The Evolution of Kat âTatu Babyâ? ð?ð¨ Cartel Crew

The tattoo on my neck says Rawyalty. I got it in my I want to be a graffiti artist stage . It represents me since I can be spoiled like royalty sometimes and I added the raw to give it a different twist. Since the show, its my most iconic tattoo, mostly because people find it hard to read and because its in purple like a tattoo stencil. I have people randomly come up to me looking for my neck tattoo!

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James Vaughn’s Two Right Feet Tattoo: Season 2

James Vaughn is a well-respected tattoo artist with a large fandom and following, but even he makes mistakes. One of his greatest tattoo failures was when he tattooed two right feet on his human canvas.

There’s no denying that hands and feet are challenging to draw, that’s why it’s not as surprising as other errors that artists have made in the show’s past. Not to step all over this man’s reputation as an artistpun fully intendedbut it’s obvious that James wasn’t paying as much attention to his canvas as he should have when working on his failed masterpiece.

Roland’s Acid Cat Tattoo: Season 4

Definitely not inspired by a Disney Character, Roland’s Acid Cat tattoo is one to remember. Created in a six-hour challenge where artists were meant to tattoo as many canvases as possible, Acid Cat was the result.

Though Ink Master fans debate on the artistry of this tattoo and highlight both it’s strengths and shortcomings, the judges always have the final say, and their opinion is that the tattoo is “nothing other than an atrocity.” To the common eye, this tattoo is scary, patchy, and slightly disturbing, but Roland argues that his art is subjective.

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As For The Tattoo Of The Day

Fon getting it certainly raised an eyebrow given that as good as it was, it wasnt done. Wed understand not putting it in the bottom because of the quality, but there really should be a rule against rewarding someone who doesnt finish this early on in the show. This has been something that weve long disliked about this competition ever since season 3 where Tatu Baby produced multiple unfinished tattoos and still managed to be standing int he final 3 at the end. Time management is part of this competition! Like Dave said, wed be bummed if we were a client and left with an unfinished piece. Even if the start of it is amazing, you have to finish.

The real argument against rewarding Fon here is that the tattoo of the face portion may have been so good because he didnt have to spend any time working on anything else. If other artists had been able to leave parts of their designs unfinished, maybe they could make a similar argument.

Worst Tattoos Ever Done On Ink Master

Tatu Baby

These tattoos need to be covered or removed

Although we’ve seen plenty of great tattoos come out of Ink Master, the show has also created a handful of monstrosities. Whether it’s because the artist couldn’t step up to the challenge or they were sabotaged by their fellow contestantseven great artists have fallen short during this tattoo competition. We’ve found 10 of the worst tattoos from the past 11 seasons and you may have forgotten some of these horrendous designs. Take a look at the best of the worst in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Kyle Dunbar’s Portrait Tattoo: Season 4

When a canvas came in with her elderly mother, she asked for something quite reasonable: a portrait of her mother to remember her by. What she got, however, was completely different and slightly horrific.

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Kyle Dunbar’s execution of this woman’s portrait was not wrong in theory. As a tattoo artist, it is important to capture the details, but Kyle ended up capturing too many. His canvas’s mother had quite a few wrinkles on her face, but, rather than focusing on softening the woman’s face and highlighting her beautiful features, Kyle painted every… single… wrinkle. This resulted in a tattoo that was less than appealing that his canvas has to wear on her skin for a lifetime, and, even worse, remember her mother by.

See What Ink Master Star Tatu Baby Will Tattoo On The Loser Of Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley

The loser of the tattoo bet between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will get inked on fight night by one of the most talented tattoo artists from Miami.

Paul and Woodley agreed on a bet this past July that the loser of the fight will have to get the name of their opponent tattooed on them. All that was left to do was find a tattoo artist who was prepared to do it, and we now know who that is. Katherine Flores better known professionally as Tatu Baby was recently reached out to by Paul to do the tattoo and she agreed.


Jake Paul: Feud with Dana White ends with me knocking him the fk out

Flores is well-known from her appearances on the American reality tattoo competition show, Ink Master. She was featured on seasons two and three, where she placed fourth and third overall in the competition respectively. Flores later opened her own tattoo shop named Till The End Tattoos in Miami and has continued to tattoo a number of celebrities, including names such as Dwyane Wade and Canelo Alvarez.

Flores spoke with TMZ Sports and said she was specifically asked by Paul to not only produce multiple designs for the tattoos but also fly in to Cleveland to tattoo the loser as soon as the fight is over.

The event is flying me to Cleveland and as soon as the fight is done, I am tattooing the loser.

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Tatu Baby Ethnicity Plastic Surgery Bio Boyfriend Husband

Tatu Babys ethnicity is often questioned. The tattoo artist is Colombian. Scroll down to see the Columbia tattoo she has on her stomach. The reality star, whose real name is Katherine Flores, may have a new boyfriend. She appeared on Black Ink Crew season 5 episode 8, Ride The Sky Train.

Tatu Baby shows Ceaser Emanuel around Miami and he likes what he sees. Ceaser loves the 305 and enjoys a night out with Tatu Baby. Its obvious shes had plastic surgery but Ceaser can care less. Speaking of plastic surgery, that exactly why the Black Ink Crew is in Miami. Sky has an appointment with Dr. Miami.

Tatu Baby Ethnicity Plastic Surgery Bio Boyfriend Husband

Chris Nunez is not Tatu Babys husband. Nunez is married to Carole-Anne Leonard. Tatu Baby has been single for years but it looks like shes finally ready to settle down.

Tatu Baby Ethnicity Plastic Surgery Bio Boyfriend Husband

Black Ink Crew

Tribal Style Cheek Tattoo Ideas


With an area like the face, simple is often the best way to go.

Use black ink for the tattoo design, and rely on application technique strong lines, use of dotwork, negative space, or simple gradient shading to bring the characteristics of your tattoo to life.

Approximately 4-5 hours after you get tattooed, you will want to remove the bandage.

Gently wash the area with antimicrobial soap and lukewarm water then gently pat the skin dry. Refrain from putting on another bandage.

Once clean, apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment to the tattoo 2-3 times per day. Keep the area clean and dry throughout the day.

Avoid shaving, touching, or picking at the tattooed area, heavy exercise and direct sunlight.

Jobstoppers refer to tattoos that are difficult, if not impossible, to hide on places like the face, hands and neck.

In the past, tattoos highly visible ones carried strong associations with criminality.

Because of these ties to criminal elements and societies lack of enthusiasm, in the past employers were unlikely to hire someone with visible tattoos: hence, jobstoppers.

Absolutely. In fact, if you arent an experienced tattoo enthusiast with little idea of the reaction a face tattoo will draw from people, Id highly recommend you try it out before making a permanent decision.

Good quality temporary tattoos can work out issues with size and placement and allow you to get more information together to make an informed tattoo decision.

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She Has Over 1 Million Followers On Instagram

Kat has a huge following on Instagram and enjoys the kind of celebrity only movie stars had in the past. Some say there only around 3,000 people out of the 1 billion people with Instagram accounts who reach the 1 million followers mark. And the rewards for having one million followers can be huge. Many such Instagram influences get $15,000 or more for a single post.

What The Cast Of Ink Master Is Doing Today

When Ink Master debuted in 2012, it did so with a modest budget, a less-developed format, and no expectations. Sure, Oliver Peck and Chris Nuñez are rock stars in the tattoo world, but tons of ink lovers didn’t know their names then. And though Dave Navarro was already a recognizable rock star, he wasn’t necessarily the king of the tattoo world. But the show exploded in popularity, and the rest is heavily-inked history.

Ink Master has changed over the years. In season two, the show brought in the audience, allowing viewers to vote for their favorite tattoos and artists. In season three, the canvases finally got to have their say. As the series went on, the flash challenges have gotten crazier, the competitions have become more cutthroat, and the formats have grown more complex. Teams, shop face-offs, grudges, return canvases they’re all in the Ink Master mix, in addition to the show’s spinoffs.

Almost every artist featured on the show has gone on to enjoy an elevated profile. Moreover, it seems like almost every Ink Master contestant who’s made it more than a few episodes owns their own shop. Some artists have been brought back for one, two, or three more seasons. Some artists have gotten hosting or judging gigs in spinoffs. Some artists have even explored fields beyond tattooing. Join us as we catch up with the talented artists of Ink Master.

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Jennifer Love’s Koi Fish Tattoo: Season 11

In Ink Master’seleventh season, Jennifer Love’s koi fish was yet another animal tattoo gone wrong. As soon as Jennifer got to work, it became apparent that she was just winging it. While in the middle of tattooing, Jennifer even admitted that she never worked on Japanese style tattoo art before.

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The result of this was a complete catastrophic. Unfortunately for Jennifer’s canvas, this koi fish wasn’t very koi-like at all and ended up being shaped like male genitalia. This phallic creature had fins and scales, which only made it look worse. Fingers crossed that the person tattooed was able to get this one fixed!

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