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Can I Get A Tattoo While Pregnant

If You Doit May Look Different After Pregnancy

Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant

As you can well imagine a womans body goes through all kinds of hormonal changes and fluctuations while pregnant, and some of these affect the skin. The consensus is to avoid any tattoos on the stomach or hips, even months before giving birth because of a condition that commonly occurs striate gravid arum better known as stretch marks!

However, there are a host of other skin conditions that can erupt during pregnancy that can make getting tattoo even more painful than usual and difficult for the artist to render. Some of them are:

Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy : is a chronic hives like rash that strikes some women during pregnancy. Although extremely annoying for its sufferers , it presents no long-term risk for either the mother or unborn child. PUPPP frequently begins on the abdomen and spreads to the legs, feet, arms, chest, and neck

Prurigo of pregnancy: is a benign non-specific pruritic papular rash that arises during pregnancy. This itchy rash is made up of small bumps called papules and it may last for several months after delivery.

Impetigo herpetiformis: Although rare this rare condition usually starts in the second half of pregnancy and is considered a form of psoriasis. In addition to the skin irritation it can cause nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills.

If you dohow to do it safely

  • Make sure the artist wears sterile disposable gloves for each client and use sterile disposable towels, much as youd expect from your dentist.
  • How Can I Make My Baby Happy In The Womb

    Ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy

  • Talk and sing to your baby, knowing he or she can hear you.
  • Gently touch and rub your belly, or massage it.
  • Respond to your babys kicks.
  • Play music to your baby.
  • Give yourself time to reflect, go for a walk or have a warm bath and think about the baby.
  • Have an ultrasound.
  • Is It Okay To Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding

    Bloodborne diseases are still a risk and can be harmful to your baby while breastfeeding, so the same key rule applies: make sure the tattoo artist is licensed and the shop is practicing proper sanitation and sterilization techniques.

    Overall, while there isnt enough research or data to say that tattoos are definitely harmful to you or your baby during pregnancy, when the risks involve bloodborne disease and potential fetal distress due to your bodys trauma response, its a good idea to just hold off on getting that new tattoo until after youve delivered your baby.

    Think of it this way: nine months isnt a very long time to wait, considering a tattoo lasts forever. For now, if youre really itching for body art, consider getting a safe, temporary design using henna or realistic-looking temporary tattoos like these ones from InkBox.

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    There Are Esthetic Considerations With Getting A Tattoo While Pregnant

    Bodies change in many ways during pregnancy, and it’s possible that those changes could impact the way your tattoo looks in the future.

    I was prepared for my belly to get bigger and stretch while I was pregnantI was not, however, prepared for the ways my arms changed during pregnancy and shortly thereafter. As someone who has a lot of arm ink, I am personally glad I didn’t get it while pregnant, as I wonder if the result would have been what I was hoping for.

    Skin changes may also change the way your tattoo looksstretch marks can appear in odd places and some people experience skin pigmentation changes. In my professional opinion, these marks of pregnancy are beautiful: nature’s tattoos. But they may impact the way a tattoo looks. You might consider waiting to see what your skin looks like after pregnancy, and then deciding how to incorporate a tattoo.

    The other piece to consider is: will becoming a mother or parent possibly change what you want to be tattooed on your body? You may find that after you meet your baby, you shift your tattoo plans a little. I have a nest with three little eggs in it on the back of my arm to represent my three kids.

    What Are The Risks Associated With Getting A Tattoo During Pregnancy

    Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant 1st Trimester

    It is not necessarily true that a tattoo will always have a negative impact on your pregnancy. However, you cannot rule out the risks involved. Here are a few risks of getting a tattoo while pregnant :

  • You cannot be sure about the safety of the needles used. You would not know if the needle being used is thoroughly sterilized/ a new one. A non-sterilized needle can put you at the risk of contracting infections like Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS. And the infections could be transferred from you to the fetus.
  • The pain might be stressful. While getting the tattoo done during pregnancy you might faint due to the unbearable piercing pain. Anesthesia can help ease the pain but is not advisable as it can also have potential adverse effects on your baby.
  • Susceptible to infections. The tattooing process causes tiny wounds that create an open space for microbial infection to settle. The symptoms of infection include:
    • Irritation or itchiness at the area of the tattoo
    • Fever as the body tries to ward off the infection
    • Small blisters filled with clear pus or fluids
    • Green or yellow pus discharge with a foul smell from the area of the tattoo due to the accumulation of dead leukocytes, which are produced to fight the infection
    • Skin inflammation leading to swelling, warmth, and redness
    • Red, dark lines around the tattoo area could indicate a serious medical condition called sepsis or blood poisoning. This happens when the infection enters the bloodstream.

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    What About Temporary Henna Tattoos Are They Safe

    All-natural henna tattoos are technically safe for pregnant women, but be a careful and conscious consumer. According to the American Pregnancy Association, pure, natural products that stain the skin orange, red, and brown are safe for everyone. Black henna, however, contains a very dangerous chemical called para-phenylendiamine . PPD is not safe for pregnant women or really anyone at all. No matter what, you should always consult your healthcare provider first before you decide to get a henna tattoo, just to be certain, since you are not just taking care of yourself, but two beautiful people now!

    Is It Safe To Get A New Tattoo While Still Breastfeeding

    Its logical to think that once youve given birth its safe to get a tattoo since the pregnancy is over. This could be true except in the case where you are breastfeeding your baby. The act of breastfeeding a baby is still a physical connection between a mother and child, one that is still susceptible to the same risks from getting a tattoo that we have stated above. If you were to contract a viral infection, that disease could be transmitted to the baby through your breastmilk. If you experience a bacterial infection or a severe skin reaction, the medication you would possibly take to remedy that could affect the baby via breastmilk. An infection resulting from toxic minerals that exist in certain inks could possibly be introduced into your babys system through breastmilk, as well.

    So while it may seem like you have the green light to get tattooed again once your baby is born, you may want to consider first if you will be breastfeeding your baby. If the answer is yes, then it is generally recommended to wait until you are no longer breastfeeding to begin getting inked again.

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    What Are The Temporary Alternatives To A Tattoo

    Temporary tattoos can be as beautiful as the permanent one. Here are some options:

    • You can use a sticker tattoo, which stays on your skin for a couple of days.
    • Consider a henna tattoo if you want it for a longer period. Use the henna, which is chemical-free and is made of natural herbs. This natural alternative will not only satisfy your yearning but also cool down your body temperature.

    Let us know more about this natural alternative to the tattoo.

    Can Getting A Tattoo Cause Miscarriage Tattoo During Pregnancy

    Story Time | Getting a Tattoo While Pregnant

    Pregnancy is one of the most important, life-changing events in a womans life. During pregnancy, a woman directly takes care of herself and her baby, so making healthy choices is essential to everything going well and smoothly until the actual birth of the baby. To put it simply, you just want everything to go well and be safe for both you and the little human that grows inside of you.

    Now, to completely juxtapose the previous sentences, we have to mention tattooing. Well, tattoos seem to become increasingly popular every year. So much so that even pregnant women wonder whether they can get tattooed right away during the pregnancy and not wait until the baby is born. Of course, some women have set up tattooing appointments before finding out theyre pregnant. Life is unpredictable and stuff happens.

    But, what we need to do here is talk seriously about getting tattooed during pregnancy, whether it can cause miscarriage and whether you should do it at all, in terms of safety for the baby. So, without further ado, lets just get right into it!

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    Q: Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo While I’m Pregnant

    A: Getting inked has some serious risks that you’re better off avoiding while pregnant. Dirty facilities and needles can spread infections like Hepatitis B and HIV. There have also been no studies done on the effects that tattoo ink may have on your baby’s health and development. But if you’re determined to get a tattoo while you’re pregnant, do follow these tips to be as safe as possible:

    – Tell the tattoo artist that you’re pregnant, so he can take extra precautions, like being certain that the tools are clean. – Wait until the second trimester when your baby’s major organs, bones, nerves, and muscles have already developed. – Make sure the tattoo artist is licensed. – Check to see that the tattoo parlor uses sterilized equipment. It should have a machine called an autoclave that cleans tattoo instruments using heat and steam. – The tattoo artist should use new, unopened gloves, bandages, dyes, and needles for each client.

    It’s also a good idea to remember that shifting hormones can cause your complexion to change a lot during pregnancy, so the tattoo you get in your sixth month could look very different after you deliver. If you’re planning to have an epidural during labor, avoid getting a tattoo on your lower back too close to your due date. There’s no evidence that back tattoos interfere with epidurals, but some hospitals will not give them to women whose tattoos are new or not totally healed.

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    Ways To Minimize Risks From Tattooing During Pregnancy

    If you decide to get a tattoo during pregnancy, there are some things you can do to help minimize the risks. One of the most important is to find a tattoo parlor that has comprehensive cleaning practices. If youre not sure where you want to go, you may want to tour several places to compare policies.

    • Choose a tattoo studio that is clean and has separate areas for tattooing and piercing.
    • Make sure tattoo artists use an autoclave, which is a machine used to sterilize needles and other tattooing equipment.
    • Needles should be opened from individual packages.
    • The tattoo artist should be wearing new latex gloves while applying your ink.
    • Ink should be in single-use cups, never taken directly from a bottle.

    If you feel unsure about a procedure, dont hesitate to ask. A good, reputable tattoo parlor should be able to answer your questions and give you details about your service.

    Finally, tell the tattoo artist that youre pregnant and ask them to walk you through the entire sterilization process, which might help you feel more comfortable.

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    What If You Got A Tattoo Before You Knew You Were Pregnant

    “Although pregnant women should avoid getting a tattoo during pregnancy, they can be reassured of the absence of proven pregnancy risks if the procedure is performed before they are aware of their pregnancy,” Dr. Spencer said, adding, “The ink will not enter the bloodstream, as the needle only penetrates about 1/8 of an inch into the skin.” She further explained, “Tattoo ink contains inorganic and synthetic organic pigments and is considered a cosmetic by the USDA. Cosmetics cannot contain poisonous, deleterious substances or unapproved color additives, and should be manufactured in sanitary conditions.”

    Ultimately, as Dr. Tsur said, “A new baby is definitely a good reason to celebrate.” But if you choose to commemorate the occasion with a tattoo, deliver, finish breastfeeding, and then head to the tattoo parlor.

    Can You Smoke With A Smiley Piercing

    Can I Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

    Unfortunately for some, you cant smoke or even use harsh mouthwash while your tongue is healing. Youre even advised against kissing and oral sex during the healing process, at least while the wound is fresh. Over-cleaning the piercing can also cause problems. If you experience irritation, dont panic.

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    Are Tattoos And Breastfeeding Compatible

    According to Dr. Catoni, breastfeeding and tattooing are compatible, as breast milk cannot be altered by the tattoo ink. Lets not forget that a tattoo must be done under strict hygienic conditions because risks of contamination and infection are possible. Diseases such as hepatitis or HIV can be contracted, and these are likely to be transmitted to the baby through breast milk.

    The Precautions To Take When Getting A Tattoo During Pregnancy

    The usual aseptic standards need to be followed to avoid any infection, allergy, or general issues with your little one, as recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. Before starting to get inked, make sure of the following:

    • The professional is certified and the center registered
    • Gloves are worn by the tattoo artist
    • The ink used comes in a sterilized packaging
    • The floors, surfaces, and the tattoo parlor, in general, are clean
    • All needles used are new and disposable.
    • The gauze pads are packaged and unopened

    Of course, all tattoo artists are expected to be clean and to follow these basic safety rules.

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    What Should You Do If You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant

    Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you get a tattoo while pregnant. If you simply cant wait to get your ink, taking some precautions is advisable. According to the American Pregnancy Association, you should:

    • Ensure ahead of your appointment that youre working with a registered tattoo artist .
    • Make sure your tattoo artist always wears gloves during the procedure and has a sterilizing unit to sterilize their equipment. Be a stickler! Its totally merited in this instance.
    • Look around is the tattoo parlor clean and tidy, including all floors and surfaces? Dont feel bad about walking out if anything you see gives you pause.
    • Confirm with your tattoo artist that all the needles used are new, disposable, and strictly single-use.
    • Inquire about the dressings. Are they sterile? Packed? Unopened?
    • Dont overlook the dyes or ink, either. Those should also be sterile, packed, and unopened before being used on you.
    • Before you even sit in the chair, double-check that the artist will be available for the first 24 hours. If you have issues, you need to be able to touch base!

    With all of this said, it merits mentioning again that the standing recommendation is to wait until after youve given birth before you get inked.

    It May Not Be Safe To Get A Tattoo While Pregnant

    Is it okay to get a tattoo while pregnant?

    The biggest concern with getting a tattoo while pregnant is the risk of infection. Now, most tattoo artists are meticulous when it comes to safety and cleanliness, but not everyone is. Infections can happen even when protocols are followed.

    Skin infections can get into the blood system and lead to systemic infections involving your entire body. There is also a risk of contracting hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. The risk of infection is always there when you get a tattoo, but in pregnancy, the impact of an infection could be even more significant it could be dangerous for the baby.

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    A Temporary Tattoo: Henna

    Henna is a paste made from the crushed leaves of a plant, called henna, which is grown in countries in South Asia and North Africa. The tattoos that are made from Henna are temporary and usually last between 7 and 14 days.

    Henna tattoos are not harmful to pregnant women. To sum up, Henna tattoos are safe, they are long-lasting, and theyre very beautiful, making them one of the best alternatives to tattoos.

    Risks Associated With Getting Tattooed While Pregnant

    There are some known risks of getting a tattoo, and some of those risks can cause major complications in pregnant women. You should be aware of these risks before deciding to get a tattoo while pregnant.

    Infection. One of the main risks of being tattooed is the chance of an infection. If your tattoo artist uses contaminated or dirty needles, you could be at risk of getting bloodborne infections, such as hepatitis B. A mother with hepatitis B can easily pass on the infection to her baby at birth. Babies with hepatitis B have a 90% chance of developing a lifelong infection, and one in four of them will die of health complications from the infection if it is left untreated .

    Other bloodborne infections, like hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus , can also be contracted from unsterile tattoo needles. There is a 6% chance of a mother with hepatitis C passing on the infection to her child. Without treatment, the chance of a mother with HIV passing on the infection to her child can range from 15% to 45%.

    Toxic tattoo inks. Even though the average tattoo needle is only poked of an inch into the skin, some tattoo ink contains heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead.

    These ingredients can pose a threat to your developing baby, particularly in the first trimester when the main organs are developing. Exposure to heavy metals can affect your babys brain development. It can also increase your chances of having a miscarriage or stillbirth.


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