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Best Tattoo Places In Orlando

Tattoo Cover Up In Orlando Florida

Otown Ink Is The Best Tattoo Shop In Orlando – Review

When it comes to tattoo coverups, H& H has the best team in town. Well work with you to create a new design that will cover up your old tattoo and turn it into a work of art that youll be proud to show off.

If youre regretting a tattoo you got, you dont have to live with it. H& H Orlando can work with you to create a new design that will cover up your tattoo and turn any regrets into a true work of art youll be pleased to show off.

Whether youre looking to cover up a name tattoo, a full color tattoo, or a tribal tattoo, weve got the talent to take care of your new design.

Contact the shop to discuss your tattoo cover up needs or schedule a visit.

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Gameface Tattoo And Body Piercing

GameFace Tattoo and Body Piercing dates back to 2015 and was founded by Ed and Jessica Bell. The tattoo enthusiasts had envisioned a tattoo studio that offered not just high-quality tattoos but welcoming staff and a clean tattooing environment as well. The studio has 4 of Orlandos most iconic tattoo artists who have all played their part in getting GameFace to the top of Orlandos tattooing scene.

Each artist has mastered different styles, and as a result, this studio can make any tattoo idea come to life. GameFace takes detail and intricacy seriously, which translates into the artists being incredibly patient. The tattoo parlor is high on safety and cleanliness as well, and the team is very particular about using high-quality pigments and needles and single-use sterile items. As the name of the establishment suggests, body piercing services are available as well.

You can set up an appointment either via phone call or walk-in. Expect walk-ins to take time, as the place stays busy throughout the year.

  • Location: 2015 S Orange Ave Suite A, Orlando, FL 32806
  • Phone: +1 407-757-0293

Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 196 Google Reviews, 4.9/5 based on 101 Facebook votes

Unity Tattoo And Body Piercing


Located in sunny Casselberry, Unity Tattoo and Body Piercing is a renowned body art studio known for its accomplished artists. Each tattooist employed in Unity Tattoo and Body Piercing can create intricate customized designs for clients and are fully capable of handling full-body designs, arm/leg sleeves, and even finger and complete back tattoos. Examples of featured projects include a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes, a ferocious crocodile, recognizable portrait pieces, a warm sunset beach, and beautiful flowers. To ensure the security and comfort of each client, Unity Tattoo and Body Piercing adheres to stringent health, safety, and 100% sterilization standards, only utilizing new and sealed equipment. Seasonal discounts and deals are available and clients can visit the website to access instructions on effective tattoo aftercare.

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Scott Lukacs Bobby Williams

Rise Above Tattoo is one of the best tattoo studios in Florida, It is unique and great no just because of its highly skilled artists but their combined industry experience which is more than half a century. They are every committed artist who has a unique opportunity to pull off any kind of design that their customers need and demand. Some of the designs that they specialize in are, mythical creatures, Japanese women with delicate facial features, dogs and other pets with their signature loving look, and cartoon characters.

Rise Above Tattoo is open every single day of the week from 2 to 8 pm. The clients can drop indirectly or can call before they visit the books slot. They can also fill in the online registration form on the official website. The Rise Above Tattoo also offers a shopping cart online on their official website and sells their apparel, and merchandise which is handcrafted and designed by their own artist.

  • Shop Name: Rise Above Tattoo
  • Address: Rise Above Tattoo, 1009 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
  • Contact: +1 407-730-3142
  • Timings: Mon-Sun 2 pm 10 pm

Location on Google Maps:

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Orlando Tattoo

Lasers are used as they allow the tattoos ink pigment to be fragmented to the extent that it can be shed by a humans natural skin growth and healing processes. The reason the ink has to be acted upon with a high-powered laser is due to its relatively deep level in the skins dermis conventional medical lasers arent of sufficient strength. Additionally, the droplets of pigment are far too large to be broken down chemically.

The most common type of high-powered tattoo laser system used today is the Q-switched variety. These lasers differ to standard ones in two key ways. First, they produce pulses of laser light rather than a continuous beam and, second, these pulses have an extremely high peak power . When used on a persons skin, the tattoos ink pigments can be flashed with a very controlled strength laser pulse over a short period of time, fragmenting the ink instantly and causing minimal temporary scarring to the skin.

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Piercing At Fine Ink Studios

Fine Ink Studios can make your piercing dream a reality. Whether it’s a simple ear piercing, or a tongue piercing, belly-button piercing, or septum piercing we have you covered.

Expertise, safety, and hygiene are the hallmarks of our piercing studio. Call or come in to schedule your piercing today!

Remarkable Tattoo Artists In The Orlando Area

Disclaimer: This list has OUR picks of tattoo artists in the Orlando area. The choices were solely based on our limited expertise in tattoo and might not match your opinion. These names arent in any specific order.

We chose those picks based on our limited knowledge in the tattoo technicalities as line work, color saturation, and overall creativity of designs. We also tried to include artists from different styles of tattooing to cover wide range of options for those considering getting a tattoo.

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Orlando Tattoo Shop Tattoos Hart And Huntington Orlando
    Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Orlando, located in Universal CityWalk, may be in the center of world-famous theme parks but it holds its own as a world-class attraction. Itâs home to the best names in Orlando tattoo artists, each with a story to tell and unparalleled talent. Meet Hart & Huntingtonâ¦

Searching For The Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando

Best Custom Tattoos in Orlando, Florida (407) 757-2218

Want to know more about The Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando? You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of tattoos. Gather all the necessary information, choose the style, design and wizards. Read the reviews. Decide on your desires and start transforming your appearance. Do not deny yourself the joy of a new tattoo! Here you can find everything about The Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando.

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Imperial Class Tattoo Studio

Score: A+

With nearly a decade of experience in the tattoo and body art industry, Imperial Class Tattoo Studio is a tattoo parlor located in the progressive city of Altamonte Springs, Florida. The studio is founded and operated by a multi-award-winning tattooist with several years of experience in the tattoo industry. Including the clients located in Orlando, Florida, the company also has an array of clients who have flown in from many different states and countries for the services offered by Imperial Class Tattoo Studio. All accomplished and skilled artists employed by the company are fully capable of ensuring that all clients receive tattoos that cater to their ideas, requirements, and aesthetics. The artists are trained to work efficiently in the development of both simple tattoos as well as intricate works of art. In addition, including the provision of tattoo services, for the convenience of all clients, Imperial Class Tattoo Studio also provides piercing-related services and jewelry.

Edward Madera And Jessica Bell

Game Face Tattoo is one excellent tattoo studio in Orlando, Florida which takes pride in the superb customer services. All their clients are really happy with the kind of welcoming environment they provide. The artist handles all big and small projects and they do not hesitate to add their personal style with their clients. They work on hands, chest, nape, shaved scalp, and other parts of the body.

Some of the patterns that they excel in are the Old World Sun, a lady with a really intricate beehive coiffure, a bald eagle clothed in a ripped Old Glory, a retro elephant, a worm peeping out of fruit, and the portrait of a loved one. Game Face Tattoo also provides the best piercings service in the city and even has an online gallery on their website and social media handles which they keep constantly updated.

Game Face Tattoo and Body Piercing was set up in 2015 by Ed and Jessica Bell who had a passion for tattoos and tattoo shops. They wanted to have an impeccably clean tattoo studio and having a warm staff at their place. In their words, Our mission is to bring to Orlando and surrounding areas the best award-winning tattoo artist experience in a safe, comfortable and sterile environment with a world-class customer service team. We are located near downtown Orlando across from Pulse Nightclub. We offer a clean and safe environment to get tattooed or pierced. We use the highest quality equipment needles and pigments. Everything is single-use and sterile.

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Tattoo Shops In Orlando Florida Worth Visiting

If you find yourself needing a tattoo while in Orlando, Florida here are 15 tattoo shops worth visiting in 2020or whenever were allowed to fully open up due to Covid-19. These shops have been locally known to provide some of the best in the state, some would even say the entire world. So follow us along as we dive into just what makes these shops worth visiting. The shops listed below are in no particular order.

How Can You Book A Tattoo Artist Online

Pin on Chicago tattoo co. In orlando,FL.

Whether you are looking to add a subtle symbol marking your wrist, or have a full sleeve in mind, Booksy has skilled tattoo artists across the Florida area, working in a wide range of styles who can help you achieve your ink vision.

Return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to book your tattoo appointment in Orlando, Florida today!

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Tattoo Shops In Orlando

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo collector, Orlando, Florida offers many options for those looking to get inked. Many tattoo shops in Orlando, Fl. boast award-winning, hand-selected artists who, after a free consultation, will be able to bring your ideas to life.

Tattoos are an artistic and permanent way to preserve memories, honor a loved one, or express your true self. If you show up to a tattoo shop in Orlando, there are house tattoo artists, waiting to begin work on your dream tattoo.

At the tattoo parlor, your tattoo artist will help you develop a meaningful custom design or provide you with popular tattoo styles to choose from.

If youre ready for a new tattoo, bring your inspiration and book a consultation with a tattoo shop or with a specific tattoo artist today.

Welcome To Miss Heidis Tattoo

Dubbed Orlandos finest tattoo studio, and owned by Miss Heidi, who has been tattooing for over 25 years, our studio strives to not only exceed but change industry standards. Were primarily a custom studio but walk-ins are welcome . Please see our hours of operation, and stop by to meet our award-winning artists. Were honored to have your business, and look forward to working with you!

Permanent Makeup Services also available!

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Have You Found The Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando Information

We hope you find the information you are interested in. On our site you can find many other information about tattoos. In addition, we have a catalog of tattoo artists, as well as a description of tattoo styles. Explore the various pages of our site and you will learn a lot of interesting things about the tattoo design.

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Ascension Tattoo Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando

Getting Tattoos At A Tattoo Shop Near Disney – Watch For Final Product

Iconic Orlando-based tattoo artist Ant Iannucci got Ascension Tattoo going back in 2007, and since then, the studio has become the go-to destination for techno-organic tattoos. From abstract designs to illustrative realism themes to anime tattoos and more the artists here can cater to almost any requirement.

In the past, Ascension Tattoo has been named as Orlandos best tattoo studio on more than one occasion once by the Orlando Sentinel and another time by the Orlando Weekly. These accolades shouldnt come as a surprise considering the artists attention to detail along with the safety practices and standards maintained by the team.

The best thing about Ascension Tattoo is that despite being one of Orlandos most highly-rated tattoo shops, its tattooing services are quite affordable. The studio also provides eyebrow micro-blading services.

Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 233 Google Reviews, 5/5 based on 5 Tattoodo reviews, 6.9/10 based on 13 Foursquare reviews

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Welcome To The East Tattoo

Established in 2015 by Earl Funk and Steve Roberts, The East began as a small, private studio that has expanded into a 2500 square foot upscale tattoo and art studio in historic Ivanhoe Village. Our location provides clients and artists a picturesque view of Orlando, with sweeping views of Lake Ivanhoe and Gaston Edwards Park.

Breaking Down The Cost Of Tattoos In Orlando Florida

So, youve fallen in love with a tattoo style to show off in the sun, youve been dreaming about what you want for months, and now its finally the time to…figure out how much its going to cost.

Ultimately, your artist is the only one who can tell you the price of your new tattoo, but here are some of the factors that go into determining the overall price of your future tattooed masterpiece:


Tattoo size dictates the amount of time, energy, ink, and effort required, thus making size a greatly influential factor when determining the price of a tattoo. A full sleeve will always cost more than a quarter-sized infinity sign.

Skill Level, Popularity, and Experience

A novice artist who is just starting out is likely going to charge less than an artist with decades of experience under their belt and fame to their name. A popular Orlando tattoo artist or studio will cost more. Of course, they are often popular for good reason and so that extra cost may well be worth it!

Personal Style

While experience definitely matters, whats equally important when selecting a tattoo artist is their portfolio of work, so you get a sense of their design style and familiarity.

If theyve never used color ink in their past jobs and instead focused solely on black and white traditional tattoos, they likely wont make a good artist for your watercolor tattoo.

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How Much Does A Tattoo Cost

Completing a tattoo varies depending on the size and complexity of the image being inked. Some tattooers also have minimums for small designs, often around $50 for a flash tattoo or something fast like a name or minimal design that takes less than a half an hour.

More complicated tattoos, and larger styles are usually priced by the hour, with most Orlando tattoo artists averaging about $150 per hour. A baseball-sized design for example, could cost anywhere from $150-300, and a larger chest piece or back piece could run you upwards of $450-1,200 and up.

Your tattoo artist will work with you to determine the best size, time commitment, and budget for your new piece.

Fine Ink Studios Orlando

Pin by Chicago Tattoo Orlando on Chicago tattoo co. In ...
Score: A+

With more than a decade of experience in the tattoo industry, Fine Ink Studios is a tattoo parlor located in Orlando, Florida that provides high-quality services to those in Orlando and the surrounding areas. The company is capable of creating customized tattoos in a multitude of different styles including portrait tattoos, old and new school styles, and even black and grey realism. In addition, Fine Ink Studios also provides services such as dermal, facial, and unconventional piercings with matching jewelry. The company ensures that all artists are fully aware and comply with strict health, safety, and sterilization policies, hence clients can be assured that they are in a safe environment. Moreover, due to the diligence and skill of the artists, previous clients have expressed their delight in the creative pieces they received. Potential clients can either book an appointment ahead of time or walk in .

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Orlando Tattoo The +50 Best Tattoo Shops In Orlando
    Best tattoo shops and artists in Orlando If you thought that Orlando was just alligators, golf, and Disney World, then youâre going to want to listen up. With shops like the famous Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co, Orlando is home to some of the tattoo industryâs best.

Miss Heidis Tattoo Shop

If youre looking for a Tattoo in Orlando Florida, you can find the best of the best in a Tattoo shop that is run by the very experienced artists at Miss Heidis Tattoo Shop. Tattoos can be an expression of who you are, how you want to look, or the piece of art youve created, but theyre also a form of expression for a person and a symbol of self-esteem. If you love the designs you see in tattoo shops, youll find something you like from Miss Heidis Tattoo Shop as well. Orlando Florida is known for its popularity with the residents and tourists in the area, and its one of the great places in the world to get your perfect Tattoo done.

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