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November 28, 2021 Service – First Sunday in Advent

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Tips & Reviews For Billy Joe’s Tattoo

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  • Jan 2021

    I got a tattoo here and the artist went too deep with the needle and my tattoo looks permanently smeared/distorted. it’s a quote so it is very noticeably not good looking in my opinion. they weren’t very apologetic about this either when I tried reaching out. I have many other tattoos and none of them have healed like this.

  • Nov 2019

    About a year ago I went in and got my industrial pierced. The bar was wayyyy to short and hurt more then it should have. And after a month of having it I ended up having to take it out because my ear was growing up the bar. And I cleaned it every day, several times a day and never touched it or slept on it, if I could help it. Iâve had piercings so I know the care routine ect.

  • May 2019

    I went in yesterday to get my vertical labret pierced. She didn’t position it right so the top ball of the piercing was on the inside of my lip and you couldn’t see it, so it looked like I had a regular labret piercing. And I would’ve been fine with it if she was trying to do a regular labret piercing, but even if she was she didn’t position it right for that either. The top ball was hitting my top teeth every time I closed my mouth since it was placed so high. And the jewelry she put in was too short, which resulted in me taking the piercing out. My entire bottom lip was swollen but the jewelry didn’t allow room for my lip to swell,…read full review

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Th Street Tattoos & Piercing
    12 reviews of 7th Street Tattoos & Piercing “7th St. is Arkansas’s best tattoo shop. All of the artists are top notch and do fabulous, clean work. The prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. Everyone is really cool and easy-going no “rock star” attitudes here.4/5

Vigo Health Dept Reports On Tattoo Piercing Parlors To Be Available In Paper

Under the Gun
  • Howard Greninger

Artwork: Cory Jackson works on a tattoo for Missy Allison of Rosedale on Thursday afternoon in his southside shop.


Finished: Missy Allison shows the finished tattoo applied by Cory Jackson Thursday afternoon.


Detail: Licensed tattoo artist Mike Fultz applies a tattoo to the arm of Terrance Morris Thursday afternoon.


Vigo County health officials make unannounced inspections twice a year at the six licensed tattoo and body piercing businesses in the county, and now those reports can be viewed quarterly by the public.

Since we have a different form, it is easier to write up a brief synopsis of violations. I said I would look into this after the ordinance passed last year, DeBoy said.

Vigo County first passed a county tattoo and body-piercing ordinance in late 1999, effective Jan. 1, 2000. The county revised that ordinance in 2006. Last year, the county passed a new ordinance with revisions such as requiring artists and tattoo shops to be licensed and tattoo artists to be at least 18 years old.

Other changes include eliminating the piercing of genitalia or nipples for those under the age of 18 and requiring a higher quality of jewelry be used for initial piercings. Jewelry must be 14 karat or higher white or yellow nickel-free gold. Nickel in lower-quality jewelry can cause skin reactions.

Another shop, Eternal Ink., 1617 S. Seventh St., was cited for no masks and eye protection.

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