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Laser Tattoo Removal Home Kit

Who Shouldnt Get Laser Tattoo Removal

DIY At-Home Tattoo Removal Kit Warning

If youre thinking about tattoo removal, you have to weigh the risks and benefits. Theres a chance it wont remove all the ink or that itll leave discoloration and scarring. This is especially important for people of color as well as for those with vitiligo or a history of keloids.

Other reasons tattoo removal might not be for you include:

  • If you have certain types of light sensitivity

  • If you take medications that increase your sensitivity to sunlight

  • If you have a seizure disorder triggered by light

  • If youve taken the medication isotretinoin in the last 6 months

  • If you have an infection or open wound in the area to be treated

  • If you have a systemic illness like lupus

  • If you have suspicious moles or skin growths in the treatment area

  • If youve had gold therapy

  • If youre pregnant or nursing

If you have one of these risk factors, talk to your healthcare provider about tattoo laser removal. They can help you evaluate your risks and options.

Laser Tattoo Removal Certified Tattoo Studios

As a top-notch tattoo studio, it may seem strange for us to offer a removal service. However, we know that everyone makes mistakes, but even more so we believe that mistakes can be replaced. At Certified, we are making it easier cheaper and more convenient to access laser tattoo removal without having to deal with oddly medically-based services.

Should I Do The Tattoo Removal Myself

Below, weve counted down the top 5 best machines for removing tattoos at home. But that might not be the path you should follow. Before we dig in, you need to decide if removing your tattoo is something you should leave to a professional or do yourself.

Professional laser tattoo removal machine operators have seen it all. So, embarrassment shouldnt be a deciding factor! Even if your tattoo is an embarrassing design or in an embarrassing location, you shouldnt be afraid of booking a session at a tattoo removal clinic.

Trust us, theyve probably seen a lot worse.

Here are the basic pros and cons you should consider.

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About Laser Tattoo Removal

When deciding whether or not to get laser tattoo removal, you may be deterred by the high price. Each session can cost anywhere from $200 to $500, and most tattoos will require more than one session to remove, particularly large tattoos or tattoos featuring turquoise dye. For this reason, large or heavily dyed tattoos may cost upwards of $10,000 to completely remove.

A smaller tattoo may cost as little as $600 to remove, but this is still a substantial amount, and it may not be worth it to go through the pain and scarring of lasering your tattoo off.

If pain is your biggest worry and cost is not an object, there are newer treatments, known as Intense Pulsed Light that cost more but are far less painful than traditional laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Home Kit

At Home Laser Tattoo Removal Pen Kit Review [Updated 2019]

In the very early 1980s, a new clinical study began in Canniesburn Medical facility’s Burns as well as Plastic Surgical Procedure System, in Glasgow, Scotland, right into the impacts of Q-switched ruby laser power on blue/black tattoos. Further research studies right into other tattoo colors were after that lugged out with different degrees of success. Research study at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow likewise revealed that there was no noticeable mutagenicity in cells following irradiation with the Q-switched ruby laser. This basically reveals that the treatment is secure, from a organic viewpoint, with no detectable danger of the growth of cancerous cells.Tattoo Removal Home Kit

For instance, some tattoo inks are extra receptive to laser therapy than are others. Likewise, little tattoos could be great prospects for medical elimination, while others are simply too huge to get rid of with a scalpel.

Prior to laser therapy, the skin is numbed with an injection of a neighborhood anesthetic. After that a powerful pulse of energy is applied to the tattoo to warm and shatter the tattoo ink. Various colored tattoos could need treatment with various lasers as well as various wavelengths . Tattoo Removal Home Kit

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Ask Laser Lights: Does Home Tattoo Removal Work

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, and for some, thats the appeal the idea that a piece of artwork will be with them forever. But the unfortunate aspect of this is that it isnt uncommon to find yourself unhappy with your tattoo years down the line, and when this happens, that permanence makes them rather difficult to get rid of. Laser treatments have emerged as the most effective and minimally invasive option available, but especially for patients with large or colorful tattoos, the idea of several treatments spread out over the course of months can send them searching for a quick fix instead. There are kits and instructional videos available for at-home tattoo removal, but are they really a good idea in the long run?


One of the most important facts you need to know about home tattoo removal kits is that they are not regulated by the FDA. This essentially means that they have not been proven to be reasonably safe, and the claims they make have not been evaluated for accuracy. Most of these methods involve strong acids, which can burn and damage your skin, or creating an open wound, which leaves you vulnerable to infection. Laser tattoo removal, on the other hand, is FDA-cleared .


Youruo Portable Laser Tattoo Machine

  • Price Range: $$
  • Best For: small tattoos, makeup tattoos
  • Home Use: yes

This picosecond hand-held laser pen is designed for erasing small, simple tattoos. If you had eyebrow tattoos or even had your makeup permanently tattooed on your face, then this laser machine is designed to help. You can also use this tattoo remover on beauty marks, birthmarks, age marks, and vascular lesions.

The Youruo portable picosecond laser fires at two different wavelengths, in single or double pulses, at a spot size of 1 to 5mm. Thats quite small! You would struggle to remove a large tattoo with this tiny laser.

We like that the laser unit has a color touch screen that guides you through the process of using it. This makes it one of the easier tattoo removal lasers to use for beginners although there is one problem.

Its described as portable, but it actually isnt! You will need to plug in this machine to use it at home.

Extra Tip: the Youruo portable laser tattoo machine operates at wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm, which is great for black inks and warm red colored inks. However, this wont be very effective on green shades in your tattoo.

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Will You Be A Good Candidate

Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniquesincluding the type of laser usedmust be tailored to your particular needs. And some tattoos are especially stubborn. Green, yellow and fluorescent inks are notoriously difficult to remove. Their absorption spectra often fall outside most lasers targeted colour spectrums. Whats more, tattoo inks sometimes contain chemicals like iron oxide or titanium dioxide, which makes it even more difficult for laser beams to explode colour pigments.

You can consider yourself a good candidate for tattoo removal if you have medium to fair skin and a tattoo that contains dark ink and a superficial ink depth. Why? Medium or fair-skinned people react well because the laser can selectively target ink. If your tattoo happens to be on your arms, chest, buttocks, or anywhere else with good circulation, all the better. Areas with poor circulation are tougher to treat.

Dont despair if you have darker skin. Laser tattoo removal is still possible on people with darker skin tones, but your physician must use lasers with specific wavelengths to minimize potential complications.

What Is The Price Of Tattoo Removal At Your Surrey Skincare Clinic

NEATCELL | At Home Laser Tattoo Removal | 2nd Session | Picosecond Handheld Laser Pen Tattoo Removal

Thanks to the efficiency of picosecond technology, were able to offer an amazing price for tattoo removal in Vancouver. This is because we can do the job in fewer treatments.

Each persons tattoo removal cost will depend on the variables of their tattoo. That can include the size of the tattoo, the depth of ink in the skin, the age of the tattoo, the skin tone of the person with the tattoo to be removed, and so on.

We can say that our tattoo removal services begin at $250 per session.

The best way to find out what laser tattoo removal will cost at our Surrey skincare clinic is to come in for a consultation, so we can take a look. Well be able to give you a better estimate at that point. We encourage you to book now!

*Note that multiple treatments will always be needed for any type of laser tattoo removal. Results may vary from person to person. No guarantee on the number of treatments required can be accurately made for any tattoo.

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Does At Home Laser Tattoo Removal Work

Maybe youre wondering how to get rid of tattoos at home with a laser because youve read that laser removal is the best and safest method. However, thats only true when the laser is a piece of high-quality equipment operated by a skilled specialist. The lasers used in at-home tattoo removal treatments are much less powerful and have a longer pulse duration than those used in clinics by professionals. Because home tattoo removal lasers are much weaker, they have much less of an effect on the ink. Its possible you could see slight fading but probably nothing approximating full removal.

But ineffectiveness is the least of your concerns. Here are a few of the side effects that are likely to occur if you attempt to remove tattoos at home:

  • Permanent scarring
  • Infection
  • Extreme irritation

With hyperpigmentation, the tattooed area becomes darker than the surrounding skin. An infection can either be a localized skin infection or a more serious one that affects your overall health, causing symptoms such as fever and chills. Steer clear of any tattoo removal home kits. No matter what they promise, these methods of removing tattoos at home are dangerous to your skin and health, and they wont give you the results youre looking for. In some cases our before and after images have been stolen to promote at home laser efficacy.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

The short answer is no, it is unsafe to perform laser hair removal over a tattoo even if you were planning on having that tattoo removed anyway. Laser hair removal machines arent designed to remove tattoos and worse than distorting your tattoo, it can potentially lead to burns, blisters or skin damage.

The best course of action is to plan ahead and receive a full course of laser hair removal in the area where you plan on placing your tattoo. Not only is this the safest and most convenient option, but your tattoo will look even better on a smooth canvas! However, if you already have tattoos and have decided you also want laser hair removal, there are still options.

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Top 8 Best Tattoo Removal Creams 2021

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Type: Skin peel


This acid peel is the most effective option on our list. Trichloroacetic acid is a powerful acid that can be used to remove the upper layers of skin. Its most commonly used to remove skin tags, warts, and scars, and it works better than any other product on tattoos.

Time Frame

This powerful acid peel will have an effect fairly quickly. Several treatments should noticeably lighten the tattoo. However, you should take a break between treatments to allow the skin to heal. It may take a month or so to produce a dramatic difference. The product is sold at various concentrations: you will need to start with 15% TCA and increase from there, moving step by step up to 85% TCA.


Of all the at-home tattoo removal methods, tricloroacetic acid skin peels are the most risky. Working with acid is always a difficult task. Spills, accidentally breathing in fumes, or failure to follow instructions can lead to additional discomfort at best and serious burns and a hospital trip at worst. However, the given instructions can help keep you from doing too much damage to your skin. Keep in mind that using TCA acid will be painful, as you are, essentially, burning your skin off to get rid of the tattoo ink.



  • Useful for skin tags, warts, and scar removal
  • Fairly short time frame

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Type: Fading cream


Time Frame





Why we like it:

Editors Rating:


Laser Tattoo Removal In Chandler Arizona

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal System to Fade Tattoos At ...

The laser devices remove your tattoos by heating the tattoo ink and breaking it down. When the ink gets heated and split into small fragments, it starts to disappear. However, they remove not only your tattoos but also undesired dark spots and freckles. At least they reduce them if they cannot wholly laser them out.

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Tattoo Regret: The Stats

When you consider the following statistics, it’s no wonder business is booming for start-up tattoo removers there’s no shortage of potential customers.

  • 22% of Australian men and 29% of women aged 20 to 29 have at least one tattoo.1
  • 34% of Australians who have a tattoo regret getting it, and one in seven of this group are considering removal.2
  • 22% of US students had a tattoo at the time of a 2007 US study, and 28% of them regretted getting it within a year. Half the study’s subjects ended up getting their tattoos removed as adults.3
  • 47% of tattoos require up to 10 sessions to successfully remove them with a Q-switched laser.4
  • 26% require more than 15 sessions.4
  • Your response to the Q-switched laser removal process will be reduced if you smoke, have tattoo colours other than black and red, have a tattoo larger than 30 square centimetres, or have a tattoo on your feet or legs that’s more than three years old.4

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Permanent Damage

No, laser tattoo removal shouldnt leave any lasting damage. You might experience discomfort during the session and in the days after, as your skin heals, but this shouldnt be permanent. In most cases, your skin will return to normal after the tattoo is fully removed. If your tattoo is very heavily pigmented, you might struggle to completely erase the tattoo and restore your skin with this method of removal.

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Know The Tattoo You Have To Choose The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

As mentioned before, tattoos take different duration to get removed depending on their size and color.

If you have a light, colorful, and huge tattoo, it will take more time as compared to a dark and small tattoo.

Trying yourself might prove successful for you with most inks.

But there are certain deep inks that you wont be able to remove at home.

Hence, you might have to go to the doctor to get the treatment.

In addition to this, before ordering the machine, determine whether you can reach the tattoos location to use the machine over it.

If it is at someplace where you cant easily reach i.e. your back, then go to the doctor for proper removal of the tattoo.

Important Factors To Consider

NEATCELL | 8th Session | Picosecond Handheld Laser Pen Tattoo Removal | At Home Laser Tattoo Removal

Much like buying a new laptop or mobile phone, you need to spend some time looking at the features of the device rather than just admiring how it looks! These are the factors you should pay attention to when shopping for a laser tattoo removal machine.

1. Single and multi-purpose machines you might come across many machines that advertise different functions. This isnt necessarily a sign that the tattoo removal machine is a fake. In fact, the laser technology that removes tattoos can also be very effective on other types of skin conditions and pigmentation. Regardless, its always best to choose a tattoo removal machine thats designed and/or tested for removing tattoos, so you know that it is effective.

2. Laser Technology

There are two types of laser technology thats effective at removing tattoos. If a tattoo removal machine doesnt clearly state which it uses, then avoid it!

Q-switched laser technology is the older of the two. The most common type is the Nd: YAG laser, which usually offers wavelengths of 1064nm, which is perfect for removing black and blue tattoo inks. Nd: YAG Lasers can also have settings that switch the wavelengths to 532nm, which is better for red ink and other warm color shades.

3. Wavelengths, pulses, and energy

Pulses are the shots of light. If you have a 3-pulse setting, every time you fire the laser it will fire 3 shots. The Hz of the machine refers to the speed at which it can fire pulses.

4. Other Considerations

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How I Eliminated My Tattoos

Negative effects can occur during any stage or element that impacts just how well you recover and also what sort of skin disease you have total . They can additionally happen when utilizing specific topical drugs for various other conditions such as acne treatment items with benzoyl peroxide, or those including retinoids like tretinoin/Retina A lotion as well as isotrexcin gel. , if these therapies are stopped prior to finishing their course they will likely trigger lingering reactions consisting of inflammation at websites where tattoos were removed swelling around eyes due to allergy caused by

Laser Tattoo Removal Home Kit

The variety of tattoo removal sessions you will require is different for every single person, as well as the make-up of your tattoos. It normally occupies to 10-12 sessions in order to entirely eliminate a tattoo from skin with health. If you are seeking fading just we estimate 2-4 depending on just how dark or old it might be this can take less time if there was any type of coverup in advance that has currently faded similarly enough so as not just use away at some ink without actually impacting its appearance far more than what would certainly have happened naturally over the training course of years prior to application anyways! Our group works carefully with a ranges top musicians that specialize such work – contact us today figure out much more concerning our procedure and prices Laser Tattoo Removal Home Kit

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