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Tattoo Needles And Ink Supplies

Tattoo Needle Sizes Explained

Killer Ink Tattoo Cartridges & Needles | Review & Setup

Now you know all about different needle groupings or types, its time to look at needle diameters, also known as gauges.

The gauge of a tattoo needle is directly linked to ink flow. The narrower the gauge or diameter, the more controlled and finer the flow of ink is. The gauge is indicated by a number , and diameter by a millimetre measurement. ALTHOUGH THEY MEAN THE SAME THING! Needle manufacturers and tattoo suppliers use both terminologies depending on where the needles are from and being sold to i.e. country/language.

The Perfect Tool For The Job

There are so many categories of tattooing needles and different variations on those categories that it is easy for a new tattoo artist to get overwhelmed and confused. It is best to do your research and communicate with your clients.

Understand what kind of tattoo the client wants and then identify what kind of tattoo needle might be needed to create the piece. Ask them and yourself the following questions to make the process a little bit easier:

  • Will there be a lot of shading or solid filling? A magnum needle might be appropriate.
  • Are there plenty of fine lines to be drawn? You should use a round needle.
  • Is the clients skin sensitive and prone to bleeding? You might need to use curved magnum needles.
  • Can you afford cartridge needles? If so, you better make the most of it in creating the tattoo.

Different tattoos need different tattooing needles. As a craftsman, and as an artist, the right tool must be used to get the job done. Ultimate Tattoo Supply has you covered for anything you might need to make your best piece yet!

Tattoo Supplies & Body Piercing Supplies

Welcome to Body Shock! We are a world leader of tattoo supplies and body jewelry with offices in the United States and Europe. Our tattoo supply shop has been supplying professional skin ink artists and body piercers around the world with the finest quality equipment, piercing supplies, and jewelry for over 25 years. In addition to our huge product range of tattoo equipment, which includes the highest quality needles, grips, ink, machines, tattoo aftercare and a full range of tattoo studio supplies, Body Shock tattoo supply shop carries a stock list of leading brand names including Fusion Tattoo Ink, Eternal Tattoo Ink, Intenze Tattoo Ink, Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Millennium Tattoo Ink, Starbrite Tattoo Ink, Spirit Paper, Cheyenne Hawk, Critical Power Supplier, Hulk Super Bond, LACEnano Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Goo, Stencil Stuff, Dynarex Medical Supplies, and much, much more. Whatever supplies your studio needs, we’ll help you find it here with Body Shock tattoo supplies.

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Investigate Every Needle In The Box

If you’re trying a new brand for the first time, make sure you check every needle before you begin tattooing. Sometimes new products will have inconsistencies within the same package of needles. Investigate each needle that you open to make sure it is not defective.

You can rely on industry leaders like Electrum Supply to provide consistent products. We sell several tried and true brands with a reputation for providing high-quality and consistent cartridges.

National Tattoo Supply: Your Tattoo Supply Company Since 1974

Professional Tattoo Kit Machine Colors Ink Set Disposable ...

Fulfilling all your tattoo supply needs since 1974, we at National Tattoo provide affordable professional grade tattoo machines, power boxes, inks, and accessories, as well as medical supplies and parts for tattooing and piercing. We carry our own quality products, as well as those from established names such as Stigma-Rotary®, Dragonfly, and Swiss Rotary Machines. Browse our store to find the best selection of tattoo equipment and supplies, and feel free to if you have any questions!

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Tips For Cartridge Tattooing

If you’re just starting out, you may not have much experience with cartridge needles. They come in many different sizes and configurations. Regardless of which brand you choose, high-quality needles are essential for creating high-quality tattoos. Here are six tips for choosing the right cartridge and configuration.

Examine The Tip Of The Needle

Depending on the brand, the tip of the cartridge that surrounds the needle might have a slightly different shape. Of course, you can choose between open or closed tips, but there can also be variations in the thickness and design.

Over time, you may develop a preference for the style of tip you use with different needle configurations. Check to make sure that you’re comfortable tattooing with that particular tip.

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For Fine Lines And Detailed Tattoos

The first and most basic type of tattooing needles is the round tattoo needle. Round needles are soldered around a central shaft, placed closely together. These KWADRON Tattoo Cartridges & Needles | Review & Setup

Whether you’re starting out or already an established professional tattoo artist, you can rely on National Tattoo to offer you a complete selection of high quality tattoo supplies and equipment to match your technique and level of experience.

We understand that you take pride in your designs and require the tattoo equipment and products that you feel confident in using for your business. This is why we deliver only the best products in the industryfrom essential supplies such as autoclave sterilizers, inks, and tattoo machines, to consumables such as sterile needles, gloves, and skin ointments.

You will also find helpful tattoo magazines and books here at National Tattoowe have everything from Japanese and traditional Hawaiian tattooing, to full body art and designs by renowned artists such as Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry Collins, Aaron Bell, and Spider Webb.

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What To Look For In Tattoo Needles

If youre new to tattooing and order supplies on your own for the first time, youll be choosing between hundreds of brands and manufacturers. There are some basic signs of quality youll want to look for in every needle:

Are the needles straight, unbent, and sharp?

If you ordered needles and they arrive crooked, bent or dull, you wont want to use them. Bent, dull groupings can do major damage to the skin and wont distribute ink evenly. It will do more harm than good.

Are the needles well soldered?

Check where the needles attach to the bar or center rod: are the needles loose? If so, you wont want to use them. Loose needles are at risk for coming off during your session and can cause the same issues as crooked, dull groupings.

Are the needles pre-sterilized?

Unless you want to spend a big chunk of your life autoclaving brand new needles, check to make sure the needles youre ordering have been pre-sterilized. Pre-sterilized needles will be individually packed, labeled as sterile and marked with a lot number and expiration date. Keep this information for your records. If youre ever unsure of the information , request a copy of the sterilization certificate from the supplier. Suppliers are required to keep this information on hand and should have no problem sending you a copy.

Does this work with my gear?

Is this the right needle for what I want to do?

Needle Grouping

Tommys Tattoo Supplies Inks & Equipment

Tommys Supplies is more than just a tattoo equipment dealer we offer a broad range of tattoo supplies including inks, tattoo machines, tattoo medical supplies, and more. We sell directly to shops, small and large, via our extensive online catalog, or you can catch us live at many of the major tattoo conventions we visit each year. Our goal is always to provide the best products AND the best service, so you can provide the same to your customers.

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For Filling Large Areas

Flat needles are tattooing needles soldered together and laid out horizontally in a single row. They are primarily used in filling in large areas of tattoos with color. Artists favor this tattoo needle when making clear and dark lines. In just one stroke and pass, tattoos can be filled in and shaded using flat needles.

What Is A Tattoo Cartridge : Buy Tattoo 2 Machines Grip Tips 20 Colors ...

Needle cartridges are available in all of the same styles as a regular needle. They cost more than a basic needle, but they’re exceptionally versatile. With a traditional needle and tube setup, you would need to prepare multiple tattoo machines to be able to switch between needle configurations. With tattoo cartridges, you can simply swap out the tips on one machine.

Cartridges are single-use, so when you’re finished tattooing, you can throw them away with minimal cleanup. Standard needles should only be used once as well, but they often allow more ink and buildup to collect in the grip of your tattoo machine. A standard needle will require more cleanup with an autoclave sterilizer machine.

With cartridges, you can skip the tedious cleaning process and switch your setup quickly and easily. Tattoo machines are configured with tubes, tips, grips and needles. It will take time and practice to determine the best configuration for your tool kit. Cartridges come with built-in tips so you always have the perfect size to fit your needle.

They come in two styles of tips:

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Measure The Price Vs Quality

There are countless brands that manufacture needle cartridges at various price points. The price does not always match the quality. You can find superior needles for an affordable price at Electrum Supply.

For only a few dollars, you can test out a sample of Electrum Gold Standard Cartridges to experience the quality for yourself.

Your Exclusive Tattoo Shop Supplier

Find out why we’re the ultimate tattoo shop supplier by checking out our selection of professional tattoo equipment, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, and other products. We carry top brands, including StarBrite Colors, Tommy’s tattoo machines, Sunskin Tattoo equipment, Saniderm, and Hustle Butter. From the smallest needle to the largest of tattoo furniture, we offer it all. Tommy’s also carries a wide range of piercing supplies. If there is something you’re looking for that we don’t offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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Different Categories Of Tattooing Needles

There are many kinds of tattooing needles used for different types of tattoos in the modern sense, with or without coil or rotary machines. Whether you need to draw a fine line art or fill large areas with color or shading, there is a specific tattoo needle for the job. Tattooing needles are categorized by the needles form, configuration, and function.

What Are Tattoo Needles

Cheyenne Craft Cartridges | Tattoo Needle Carts

Tattoo needles have a unique structure compared to other types of needles. Instead of having one point like a sewing needle, they contain a series of needle points called pins. Pins come in various sizes and tapers that can be combined in different ways to create a range of tattoo needles.

The process of combining pins with a metal alloy is called soldering. The number and configuration of pins determine the style of the needle. Each one has unique properties for creating impressive tattoos.

While there are many different needle styles, they all fall into four basic categories:

  • Round
  • Magnum
  • Bugpin

These needles can be inserted into your tattoo machine interchangeably to achieve different effects. Tattoo needles will be the most used item throughout your career. Learning the difference between tattoo needles and practicing with each one will help you create various styles of artwork.

Start by learning the basics of each needle:

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Double Stack Magnum Shader Needles

Not as current as they maybe once were. The pins on double stack magnums, or double stacks, are packed much more tightly together. This helps for any intricate shading or colour work where you still want it to perform as a magnum with many pins but not as spread out.

Commonly Used for: Shading and colour packing. Black and grey. Colour realism. Japanese. Traditional and neo-traditional. Tribal. Samoan.

Thinner Take On The Magnum

Bugpins are another type of tattoo needle that is arguably a variation of the magnum. These are much thinner versions of magnum needles with smaller diameters. Bugpins are especially used in shading work on tattoos. This category of tattooing needle is very polarizing, as many different artists disagree on how it is best used in their craft. Some artists will say they are great for many different kinds of tattoos, while others might only use them for very specific shading.

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Check The Quality Of The Needle

There are many different cartridge manufacturers that produce similar needle configurations. Like anything else, there will be slight variations in products depending on the brand. Inspect the needle and ensure it locks firmly into your tattoo machine. Choose a configuration that you’re comfortable using. You can rely on Electrum Supply for a wide range of premium products and high-quality cartridges.

Needle And Cartridge Basics

Tattoo Needle Ink Supply Blue Color Disposable Plastic ...

A tattooist is an artist just like Pablo Picasso or the Beatles, but instead of using paintbrushes or a guitar, they use an arsenal of needles.

Tattoos are one of the oldest art forms in history. However, the equipment has evolved drastically over time. Today, tattoo artists can choose from hundreds of different tools and supplies to develop their artwork. Before they can think about colors and styles for their art piece, a tattooist must choose the proper equipment. There are several tattoo machines on the market, which can be outfitted with a wide range of needles.

Needles come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re a beginner, it can be challenging keeping them all straight. Understanding the basic form and function of each is an essential step towards perfecting your craft. This guide can help you understand the different types of tattoo needles and cartridges and when to use them.

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Curved Magnum Shader Needles

Curved magnum shaders also known as soft magnums, soft edge magnums and round magnums are used in the same way except the pins are arranged so they arch at the centre. Meaning the edges of the needle run along the skin with more conformity, allowing for better dispersal of ink and a more consistent line. Its also less damaging to the skin and helps with soft shading.

Commonly Used for: Black and grey. All types of shading and colour packing. Colour realism. Japanese. Traditional and neo-traditional. Tribal. Samoan.

Welcome To Diversified Product Supplier Tattoo Equipment And Supplies

Diversified Product Supplier carries the best tattoo, piercing and medical equipment, products and accessories available online. Created by artists for artists and shop owners, we provide a full line of tattoo supplies, machines, disposables, needles, pigments and inks, sterilization, cleaning products, and many other shop accessories. With a company mission to offer consistent tattoo and piercing products of the highest quality at reasonable prices, DPS Tattoo Supplies has been servicing the tattoo industry for over 15 years.

As your one-stop shop for tattoo and piercing supplies, DPS Tattoo Supplies understands your business needs and strives to provide each customer with the best service and products available in the industry. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always available to assist customers with product questions, comments and orders and can be contacted by phone, email or online chat! In a rush and know what you want? Our user-friendly website layout and search engine feature make it easy to purchase our products quickly and easily from anywhere in the world!

For professionals in the tattoo and piercing industry, please contact us today to set up your account and begin ordering all of your needed tattoo and piercing equipment and supplies! DPS is located in Tampa, Florida and we can be reach at -292-3217 or use our online email contact form to get in touch. We look forward to working with you!

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Inspect The Needle For Stability

When you receive a new batch of needle cartridges, you can check for stability by wiggling the back of the needle. High-quality cartridges from Electrum Supply will remain in place for less ink splatter and more control while tattooing.

A tightly fitted needle will also reduce rattling for a quieter tattoo application.

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Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges | Tattoo Needle Cartridges


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For Shading And Coloring

For tattoos that require a lot of shading and coloring over larger areas, magnum needles are used. Magnums are made up of two rows of needles, totaling to 7-11 points on average. There are different variations of magnum tattooing needles that have different purposes.

Weaved magnum needles are the most common, which are used to cover larger areas in tattoos for color filling and shading. They are soldered relatively wider apart from each other in their rows. This is to deliver more ink efficiently with fewer passes.

Stacked magnum needles are soldered more closely together. These tattooing needles are used to fill tighter spaces in the art. Tattoos that require a more controlled delivery of ink would come out better when made with stacked magnum needles.

The newest variation of magnums is called the round magnum needles. These tattooing needles are essentially the same as the basic magnums, but the points have a curved arrangement at their ends. This results in the needles points conforming better to the skin upon contact, doing less damage, and allowing for better ink delivery and consistent line work in tattoos.

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