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Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

What Is So Special About Our Non

How choose Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

With the popularity of laser tattoo removal, most people are unaware of newer alternative methods that are actually safer, less painful, less treatments required, and more effective that laser tattoo removal.

Although there are many traditional non-laser tattoo removal methods out there, including salabrsian, dermabrasion, surgical excision, chemicals, infrared coagulation, we are not talking about these old outdated unsafe methods of non-tattoo removal.

Two new non-laser tattoo methods on the market today, Tattoo Vanish®, and UNDO removal, promises excellent results without the disadvantages of laser tattoo removal. MORE INFO

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Q: How long will it take for the tattoo to be removed completely?

The time take for your tattoo to be removed do vary as it is usually determined by several other factors. For instance, removing a tattoo will need several other treatment sessions depending on the size and color of the tattoo.

Light colors do require more treatment than the dark colors. It will take you some time to get the tattoos removed properly since you will have to wait or your skin to heal.

Q: Does it hurt when you use laser to remove tattoos?

Yes, it hurts but not that much. Most people are known to get frightened when it comes to having their tattoos removed due to the pain they will experience.

The process of removing the tattoo will be the same amount of pain as that which you did experience when the tattoo was being put.

Q: Will removal of a tattoo leave a permanent scar?

This will depend on how well you did remove the tattoo.

In case you do not consider the side effects and go for weird methods to enable you do away with the tattoos from your skin, there are high chances you will get scars.

Scabs and blisters are the most popular side effects of removing a tattoo.

Astanzas Line Of Tattoo Removal Systems

Trinity TSR

Astanza specializes in working with practices serious about laser tattoo removal because this procedure is our core focus as a company.Our clients include leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and tattoo removal specialty clinics. Our systems are chosen by the #1 and #2 highest volume tattoo removal practices in the United States, along with the #1 non-profit provider. Many experienced practitioners upgrade to our technology to stay at the forefront of the tattoo removal industry.

Contact Astanza today at 364-9010 to speak to a tattoo removal expert and learn more about laser technology and the rapidly-growing demand for this procedure.

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Skincare After Tattoo Removal

Tattoo inks are usually made from heavy metals, so the immune system, specifically the white blood cells in the blood, cannot recognize the tattoo ink when the ink is put into your skin. The ink droplets are too large for the size of the white blood cells, so the blood cells cannot “escort” the ink to the secretory system in the body. As a result, the tattoo ink is like a rock that cannot be moved.

So to remove tattoos, we must use the assistance of a “hero” named laser. Laser from tattoo removal machines will promote its power by making photochromic pigments, dilated and broken, according to the body’s natural mechanism that is gradually eliminated.

Depending on the physical nature of each person and the intensity of the tattoo, you will have to undergo up to 10 treatments with laser tattoo removal machines to remove that tattoo. This is the reason why you must think carefully before getting a tattoo, even if it’s just an eyebrow tattoo.

Whatever the reason you decide to remove it, taking care of your skin after getting it removed is essential to keep your skin from being damaged. Some people may experience skin reactions after getting a tattoo removed such as peeling scabs, growing blisters, changes in skin pigmentation, erythema, etc.

Even without careful skincare and hygiene, the tattoo removal area can also become infected. So after using the tattoo removal machine, pay attention to your skincare regime:

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Number Of Pulses Of Tattoo Removal Laser Machine

Best picosecond laser tattoo removal machine for sale BM22

Why should you care about the pulse count of the treatment handle? Because the number of pulses of the laser machine will determine the life of the machine. On average, each tattoo removal treatment, melasma treatment usually takes about 3000 pulses. So if the maximum number of pulses of the machine is 30000 pulses. Then you will use it about 10 times.

But if the maximum number of pulses of the machine is up to hundreds of thousands of pulses. Then the number of treatments will increase significantly.

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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To Choose The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The laser is the most advanced machine available in most spa centers – beauty salons. With functions of tattoo removal – melasma removal, laser deserves what spa owners and customers expect. To invest in a laser tattoo removal machine, you need to have certain plans to make the selection criteria for laser machines that suit your needs.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing the best laser tattoo removal machine? Refer to the article below to be able to choose for yourself the best laser tattoo removal machine that suits your requirements best!

Colilove Tattoo Eyebrow Removal Machine

Quick Features of Colilove switched Laser Machine

  • Q switched laser tattoo removal device.
  • 1-5mm spot area during laser tattoo operation.
  • Fastest and safest effect results.
  • No bleeding and easy wound recovery.

Colilove machine is perfect for eyebrow tattoo removal, lip stain removal, and eyeliner removal service.

This eyebrow tattoo removal device can be used to remove eyebrow tattoo pigment without causing any damage to the intact tissue. This device is designed to keep in mind the safety and the perfectness of the eyebrow tattoo, dark pigments removal feature. This device is suitable to use for clinical, professional beauty treatment salons and expert tattoo salons.

This device is suitable for mix-color endogenous pigmentation and exogenous pigmentation lesions removal. This device is heavy-weight, thats why it is suitable for only professional use. You can use this eyebrow tattoo removal device for removing birthmarks, tattoos, age marks, lip liners, and eyeliner.

This device can safely remove eyebrow tattoos without harming intact tissues and leaves no scars.


  • High-quality eyebrow tattoo freckle removal device.
  • Suitable for expert tattoo salons, clinics, hospitals.
  • Can remove eyebrow tattoo, lip liners, eyeliner, birthmarks.
  • Fastest heat indulgence with 3-combined cooling features.


How much weight does this device weigh?This is a heavy-weight machine that weighs 15.3kg.

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What Is Optibeam Laser Technology

Most tattoo removal lasers have a round laser beam shape. Weve found that the Optibeams unique squared flat-top laser beam has a much more even distribution of energy for removing tattoos.

Complete coverage is possible, but most importantly:

  • no skin areas are missed, and
  • no skin areas are overlapped and hit more than once.

Know The Risk Of Side Effects

Best laser tattoo removal machine MSLPL05 device operation

The machine that you will be using to treat your tattoos uses a laser for the treatment.

The laser can be very dangerous sometimes.

As you are not a trained professional person, there are higher chances that you might develop side effects including scarring, burns, or even infections.

The scars will surely heal after a few months but there are also risks of permanent side effects.

If you are a person with dark skin, there are chances that you might end up with pigmentation issues.

In this case, you need to give proper time reading the instruction manuals and prevent any carelessness.

Reading the manuals thoroughly and understanding the gadget you are using for the removal of tattoos from your skin will surely benefit you to a great amount.

You will come to know the hidden side effects of the device which you can avoid only after having the necessary knowledge about the device.

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Nswd Spot Removal Picosecond Pen

Obsessed with tattoo work but removing them seems complicated to you? The NSWD spot removal Picosecond machine is the best way to solve your problem. In other words, the picosecond pen provides outstanding performance for the fast and easy removal of signs. Thus, you dont need to worry about removing tattoos and acne marks, moles, and nerves.

Experts believe that the laser removing technique is the best way to remove a tattoo easily. The laser machine is more useful to refine the skin and for maintaining healthy skin.

Moreover, you dont need to worry about pain and bleeding. Powerful energy efficiency is perfect for breaking up the dark pigments. Also, it helps to improve skin conditions. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry machine, the picosecond pen laser is perfect to go. Whether you want it for a training center or home use, this high-power machine is good to go.

There are some precautions before using the machine. Firstly, set the frequency mode and then set the energy level for better output. Secondly, wear protective glasses while removing tattoos.

Lastly, keep the part cool and clean, dont allow particles to contact each other. Otherwise, the condition could be worse.

List Top 4 Best Tattoo Removal Laser

Laser treatment is comparatively cheap. So, you can remove a tattoo from your home with this multi-featured machine. Now the question is where can I find the best machine! Dont worry. Below we have listed the top-rated Best Tattoo Removal Laser

  • NSWD Spot Removal Picosecond Pen
  • Angvinr Red Light Picosecond Pen Handheld Skin
  • Komwell Newest Professional Picosecond Laser Pen
  • Biotechnique Avance Personal & Facial Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal
  • Images

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    How Many Treatments Will I Need

    Several treatment sessions are normally required, each session actually only takes minutes, the number of sessions depends on the amount and type of ink used and how deeply it was injected. Four to Six week intervals between sessions are required to allow pigment residue to be absorbed by the body.

    Amzgirl Portable Beauty Equipment

    Best laser tattoo removal machine price BM19

    Quick Features of AMZGIRL Portable Beauty Equipment

    • Skin tag removal equipment.
    • Suitable for different skin types.
    • Thoughtful services within 24 hours.

    This device is ideal tattoo removal equipment for personal use suitable for the tattoo, dark spot, wrinkle, mole removal at home.

    This beauty equipment machine is designed for personal use at home to save your money. This device will remove the dark spot tattoo without damaging your intact tissue. This device provides quick and safe removal without causing any bleeding during the operation.

    This device is suitable for the treatment of different types of skin with its adjustable 9-levels intensity. You will get rapid healing results after the removal operation. This device is very simple to use and offers thoughtful services within 24 hours.

    Several treatments may be needed according to different skin types.


    • 10-types of needles to meet your needs.
    • Quick and safe removal operation.
    • Adjustable 9-levels intensity is suitable for different skin types.


    • May need several treatments to get better effect.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this device applicable for a personal beauty treatment at home?Yes, this device is applicable to a personal beauty treatment at home.

    Is this tattoo removal machine suitable for different skin types treatment?Yes, this tattoo removal machine has different replaceable needles, which are suitable for different skin types treatments.

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    What Are The Costs Of Professional Vs Home Treatment

    In case you are planning to do away with your body tattoo using professional method of treatment, then the cost you need to have in mind should be between 200-500 US dollars.

    However, the number of treatment will be determined by the color, size, etc of the tattoo you have. The color of the skin will also be of great consideration.

    When you have a smaller tattoo which is dark in color, you will have to carry out a few treatments.

    However, when you have a big and colorful tattoo, you risk spending thousands of dollars to have it removed.

    In case you decide to remove the tattoo on your own back at home, you will be in a position to save some dollars although you will have to purchase the best laser tattoo removal machine.

    In most cases, you will spend $1000-$2500 on a top tattoo removal machine.

    Majority of tattoo removal machines are only available for general public and are the same which are available in spa areas near you or at the doctors office.

    Picosure The First Picosecond Laser

    The PicoSure laser was approved by the FDA in 2013 for the removal of tattoos. Manufactured and developed by Cynosure based in Massachusetts, United States, it was the first Picosecond laser to be approved for this purpose. It was also the worlds first picosecond laser, opening doors which allowed doctors to now treat pigmentary conditions and provide overall skin rejuvenation more effectively than before.

    Following the Picosure, many other Picosecond lasers have been produced, however, there are significant differences The Picosure is the only laser that emits laser light at 755nm, rather than 1064nm like the other Picosecond lasers. This has significant therapeutic effects when it comes to tattoo removal, which I will describe later.

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    Sdl80 Deluxe Laser Removal Review

    Check Price On Amazon

    Although the SDL80 Deluxe laser removal is normally marketed as a hair removal machine, it also works well when it comes to tattoo removal as it can be easily adjusted to help in removal of hair and tattoo.

    This machine has a key lock feature that helps in reducing the chances of accidents just like the other machines.

    It also has three pulse levels of frequencies together with three intensity levels.

    All these levels are of great importance especially when you need to remove ink tattoos that are deep into the skin.

    The machine also enables you to set different temperatures when it comes to ink removal of different colors.

    It also has an excellent overall temperature that will assist you in removing all types of ink tattoos without any problem.

    This product also comes with a warranty period of one year together with an additional international power adapter.

    Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Repairing Service

    one of the best tattoo removal machine portable picosecond laser machine LS-PM09A

    If the machine is not in the warranty, we offer repairing service. Our engineer is skillful enough. We could repair different brand laser machines.

  • Online repairing we guide you on how to change the replacement parts.
  • Our engineer goes to your place to repair.
  • Send machines to our factory to repair.
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    Which Should You Choose

    Remember– your tattoo was intended to be permanent. The removal process will take time and patience in order to ensure optimal results.

    There is, however, a way to ensure the least amount of follow-up appointments as possible. As a client of laser tattoo removal, the best thing you can do is choose one with a great track record. When it comes to comparing Enlighten vs. PicoWay and Enlighten vs. PicoSure, we recommend the Enlighten III laser machine for tattoo removal.

    The Enlighten III Laser is an improvement on earlier models. It actually combines the technology. It is the only laser of its kind to include as much technology in one tool.

    It is also safe to use on many skin types. This means there is less of a risk for two different kinds of skin damage:

    • hyper-pigmentation
    • hypo-pigmentation

    Including lidocaine injections, Enlighten III sessions usually take 10-15 minutes at a time. On average, this system takes 4-6 sessions. Furthermore, It is the least likely to cause scarring of all the different tattoo removal lasers.

    Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Certifications

    The FDA does regulate laser tattoo removal machines. According to their guide to tattoo removal, when a laser tattoo removal machine acquires FDA approval that means that the FDA has checked its equivalent to an existing legal machine on the market.

    Youre also encouraged to contact the FDAs MedWatch if you have any problems or severe negative reactions to tattoo removal. Its important to report these things so that others can avoid those faulty laser tattoo removal machines and stay safe.

    Extra Note: the FDA has not approved ANY creams or ointments designed to remove tattoos at home. So, if you see those online, avoid them at all costs!

    Besides the FDA, there isnt a single authority body that regulates and certifies these machines. Its a good idea to check for clinical studies, however. These will help you understand a bit more about how the machines have been tested before released to the public. They also give you a chance to see how they actually perform, if you read between the lines of the study and ignore all the marketing talk from the company.

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    Does Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Safe

    It is safe for laser tattoo removal treatment. VIVALaser offers laser tattoo removal machine manual and videos. Burns, blisters, redness, swelling, and bleeding may happen. It is important that you have a healthy immune system for laser tattoo removal to work. Women in pregnant or breastfeeding are forbidden for laser tattoo removal.

    Best Ndayg Laser Tattoo Removal Machine 755nm Nd Yag Laser Remove Tattoo Machine For Salon Picosecond Tattoo Remval Laser

    Best Portable Tattoo Laser Removal Machine


    • Size: 45*45*45 CM
    • Model Number: FR-PC06
    • Laser Type: Nd Yag Laser pico laser
    • Wavelength: 1064nm/532nm/1320nm/755nm
    • Function: Tattoo Removal,pigment Removal,Skin rejuvenation
    • After-sales Service: Free spare parts, Online support, Video technical support
    • energy: 100-2000mj
    • Screen: 8 inch screen
    • Warranty: 12 months

    Dear customer .Welcome to FAIRY BEAUTY If you have any questions about this product, welcome to consult us.we will send you more detailed information

    Order without worry

    We have been operating factories and physical stores in China for more than 8 years. We can ensure that every machine sold from us has the best quality, cost performance and after-sales service


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