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Can You Use Laser Hair Removal On Tattoos

Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Tattoos

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Tattoos ?

So you got tired of weekly shaving and monthly waxing. Both are expensive, unsustainable and the results are short-lasting. After doing your research, you decided that the best way to be rid of unwanted body hair is laser hair removal. All happy with the prospect of having smooth skin all year round, a realization just came up to you: youve got tattoos. Now, you are wondering if laser hair removal will affect your tattoos.

Tattoos are not uncommon. They come in all shapes and colors, on all parts of the body. They are quite popular and can have a lot of different meanings based on the wearer. You love your tattoos and know that laser is one way to remove them. So of course, you are wondering if laser hair removal will ruin your prized tattoo, if the treatment will have effects on the ink.

Let us discuss how laser hair removal affects tattoos, how you can still undergo laser hair removal and what options you have.

Is It Possible To Do Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

Many clients ask us if you can get laser hair removal over a tattoo. The short answer is NO. Its simply not safe to get laser hair removal over a tattoo. If you plan to have laser hair removal in an area that has a tattoo, your practitioner will have to perform the treatment around the tattoo.

The problem with tattoos is the pigment thats used to create the tattoo and laser beams are attracted to tattoo pigment. This just isnt a good combination. The tattooed skin will be reactive, and the process could be painful. In fact, the tattoo itself may be distorted during treatment.

What Is The Process For Removing Hair And How Does It Affect My Tattoo

Laser hair removal treatment works by targeting the melanin or pigment in the skin using wavelengths of light.

This light energy attacks the hair follicle and prevents it from growing back. Lasers cannot tell the difference between dark pigment in a hair follicle or in a tattoo. A dark colour is a dark colour to a laser. Laser light is automatically drawn to the dark colour to destroy it. Unfortunately laser hair technology that can tell the difference between the two doesnt yet exist, but may one day.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses light emitted from a medical laser to stop hair growth. Its based on the principle of light being attracted to and absorbed by the melanin contained within the hair follicle. The light damages the hair follicle, gradually making it unable to regrow hair, which leads to permanent hair removal.

Once laser hair removal is complete, you wont have to worry about shaving, waxing, or any other depilatory methods. You wont have to spend time performing hair removal, and you wont have to spend money buying razors and shaving cream, or getting waxing treatments at a salon.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal

Where Is Your Tattoo

Tattoo removal hawaii.Eraze tattoo removal.Can you get ...

If you have a tattoo on your ribs and are targeting the body hair on your underarms, you likely wont have a problem. You can expect an issue if you have a full sleeve and want to get rid of the hair on your arms, or if you have a tattoo on your thigh and want laser hair removal on your legs. Unfortunately, laser hair removal cannot be done over the tattoo and must work around it, so keep that in mind if youre planning to get any more tattoos in the future.

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Safety Precaution To Take Before During And After Laser Face Tattoo Removal

  • Use sunscreen
  • Sunscreens protect our skin from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and protect it from sunburn.

  • Use laser protection glasses
  • Light-emitting devices such as lasers can cause ocular hazards. To keep your eyes safe during tattoo removal, wear laser safety glasses to protect them from direct or reflected beams.

  • Stay healthy
  • Staying healthy helps you heal faster.

    Avoid alcohol, exercise, drink water and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meal plan.

    What Are The Possible Side Effects

    If you go to a reputable professional referred by your doctor, there are minimal side effects to laser tattoo removal. However, you should consider the following factors in your decision:

    • The tattoo removal site can become infected.
    • There is a slight chance that the treatment can leave a permanent scar. In some cases, they have been known to develop three to six months after the procedure.
    • Some degree of skin discoloration is possible. The treated skin may either be paler than the surrounding skin or darker than the surrounding skin .
    • Cosmetic tattoos, such as lip liner, eyeliner and eyebrows may get darker after initial laser treatments. You might have to have additional treatment to achieve fading.

    You should never try to remove your tattoo yourself or use any form of home remedy for removing tattoos. At best, they will be ineffective. At worst, they could be dangerous to your health.

    Tattoo removal at a tattoo parlor or spa, while perhaps safer than home remedies, still carries some risks. A trained dermatologist can better consider your overall health and more responsibly guide you on the safest treatment plan.

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    A Laser Hair Machine Will Be Effective At Removing My Tattoo

    Absolutely not! Hair removal lasers often do use some of the same wavelengths as some tattoo removal lasers, but the duration of the pulse is MUCH longer. The pulse from a hair removal laser is about one million times longer than that of a tattoo removal laser. Due to the difference in pulse width, hair removal lasers are completely inappropriate to use for removing tattoos. It will direct a pulse of energy that lasts for much too long, causing thermal injury and potential scarring of the skin.

    Can You Get A Tattoo After Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Tattoo Removal : What About Hair Over My Tattoo, Can I Laser Off that Hair?

    You will have to wait a number of weeks after the laser hair removal before you are able to get your tattoo done. This gives the skin a chance to heal as laser hair removal does destroys hair follicles and you need to give your skin a chance to recover. So once you have a tattoo lets discuss what your options are.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get A Face Tattoo Removal

    If youre considering face tattoo removal, this question must have crossed your mind.

    The cost of a face tattoo removal isnt fixed. At Ink Doubt Denver, we determine the price per treatment based on the number of treatments youll need and the size of the tattoo being treated.

    Before we commence treatment, we assess your tattoo in person during a FREE CONSULTATION to figure out what will work best for your tattoo then create a pricing plan that works best for your needs.

    You should check out our treatment packages and special discounts on our pricing page.

    Exactly How Laser Removal Works

    The procedure for getting rid of tattoos with Q-switched lasers has a couple consequences. Half the time there’s an impact on your pigment which can last anywhere from six to twelve months or more depending on how it settles itself. Laser Hair Removal Tribal Tattoo

    Laser Hair Removal Tribal Tattoo

    Adverse effects are a necessary step in the tattoo removal process. They can be an vital component of your natural immune response, which is what helps eliminate ink from skin cells! Side results are a needed action in the tattoo removal process. They can be an fundamental part of your all-natural immune action, which is what assists erase ink from skin cells! Laser Hair Removal Tribal Tattoo Laser Hair Removal Tribal Tattoo

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    Buying Guide For Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

    Whatever you buy, there are certain things you need to consider if you are buying that thing for the very first time.

    The same is the case of buying a tattoo removal machine.

    There are tons of these machines available to be bought but to get you the best tattoo removal machine, we have several tips that you can consider before buying.

    What Must I Do After Getting Laser Hair Removal

    Best tattoo removal near me.How to earn certification to ...

    To avoid possible side effects, all patients need to protect their skin from the sun. After laser hair removal, you should:

    • Avoid direct sunlight from hitting your treated skin.

    • Not use a tanning bed, sun lamp, or any other indoor tanning equipment.

    • Follow your dermatologists after-care instructions.

    You will see some redness and swelling after treatment. This often looks like a mild sunburn. Applying a cool compress can help reduce your discomfort.

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    So What Are The Results Like

    Because I only got three treatments, my hair still grows down there and I do have to shave it . However, Ive noticed that my hair is definitely thinner compared to the first time I got the treatment. It also takes longer to grow back, especially in my bikini area. Newell explains that, on average, people start seeing results after six to 12 treatments. So its definitely an investment.

    At the end of the day, Im glad I got laser hair removal on my vagina. I feel cleaner down there when Im on my period, and my hair doesnt feel as thick and it doesnt grow as much as it used to. While further treatments could lead to an even more dramatic difference, Ive decided that three treatments are all I want. Im comfortable with those results.

    Pain Monitoring Throughout Tattoo Removal Treatment

    Tattoos: The only drawback is that regarding fifty percent of people will show some changes in their skin coloring. These adverse effects are generally short-term and also resolve within 6-12 months, but can be long-term!

    Laser Hair Removal Compared To Tattoo

    Dermabrasion can be performed in a solitary session, however the period of the treatment varies based on just how complex your tattoo is.

    One therapy typically lasts between 5 to 10 mins as well as makes use of an aluminum oxide crystal wand that revolves at broadband over your skin with little or no pressure till all pigments are gotten rid of from it surface area. Laser Hair Removal Compared To Tattoo

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    What Hurts More Laser Hair Removal Or Tattoo

    Pain or sensation from laser hair removal is often described as an elastic band snapping against the skin.

    In comparison to having a Tattoo, the pain difference is chalk and cheese. Getting a Tattoo is far more painful than laser hair removal.

    But with both, it also depends on the area of the body where the pain and sensation are worse.

    Can I Get Laser Hair Removal If I Have A Tattoo

    How To Prepare For Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment | LaserAway

    Thérapie Clinic has carved a niche, creating an exceptionally strong, recognized brand through the supply of affordable, accessible and most up to date Laser and Aesthetic treatments available globally.

    Trust is one of our core values and our aim is to empower our clients, women and men, to become the best possible version of themselves. We want to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

    Got a question about laser hair removal? Our expert staff are here to answer them.

    Can I get laser hair removal if I have a tattoo?Yes, it is safe to have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo. However, it is unsafe to laser directly over your tattoo. The area where you have your tattoo must be avoided for safety reasons.

    What your options areIf youre trying to keep your tattoo but get rid of the surrounding hair, your expert laser hair removal technician at Thérapie Clinic will likely create a template to place over your ink. This will ensure that the laser doesnt affect the skin around your tattoo and allow you to get hair removal everywhere else. Typically, your technician will ensure there are at least 2 to 3 centimeters between your tattoo and the treated area. If your tattoo is protected, there is no risk of it being ruined by laser hair removal.

    To find out more, contact Thérapie Clinic on 1890 650 750 or by visiting your local branch today.

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    Prior To And After Tattoo Removal With Picosure Lasers

    Really seldom, non Q-switched laser treatments, like CO2 or Argon lasers, which are very hardly ever offered nowadays, can fracture capillary and aerosolize cells needing a plastic guard or a cone gadget to secure the laser operator from cells as well as blood contact. If the laser operator chooses to do so, protective eyeglasses might be used.

    Laser Hair Removal Compared To Tattoo

    It had not been long before it struck an additional client that couldn’t afford costly surgical treatments either this time around a woman looking for therapy for facial acne scarring. She noticed how her skin specialist use Laser Hair Removal Compared To Tattoo

    Does Laser Hair Removal Remove Tattoos

    Some patients who are planning to remove their tattoos often ask whether or not laser hair removal will kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as the technologies used for laser hair removal and tattoo removal are very different. The expert team at Med Spa At Seena One is dedicated to offering the latest, most cutting-edge, most effective laser treatments on the market and currently utilizes the Lumenis® LightSheer Duet laser for hair removal and the Lutronic Spectra system for laser tattoo removal. Both lasers are powerful and effective, though they have distinctly unique applications.

    Patients considering both tattoo removal and laser hair removal are encouraged to pursue tattoo removal first. This will allow a greater area to be ultimately treated with laser hair removal. During your initial consultation, Dr. Anees and the knowledgeable laser team will customize a treatment schedule that helps you best achieve your ideal results.

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    Hair Removal Options That Work With A Tattoo

    Unlike high-tech laser hair removal, electrolysis treatments do not pose a safety risk when you have a tattoo, and will not alter the appearance of a tattoo. Needless to say, hair removal through electrolysis works completely different than a laser, and is therefore safe when you have a tattoo.

    Electrolysis has proven to be an effective and trusted treatment for hair removal, offering clients with tattoos a satisfactory alternative. Your hair follicles are treated differently than with a laser, and your tattoo is not affected in appearance. Here again, professional treatment is preferred.

    Laser Tattoo Removal Often Causes Scarring

    Laser tattoo removal uk.Can you get an indian ink tattoo ...

    There is a minimal risk of scarring associated with laser tattoo removal. Scarring is possible, but extremely uncommon, and the risk is very low if proper protocol is followed. Certified laser specialists will use a recommended amount of energy to ensure that scarring does not happen. We also recommend at least 6 to 8 weeks in between each treatment to ensure proper healing of skin. Individuals should also be aware that scarring can result from picking scabs after laser treatments, and should follow strict aftercare instructions to prevent this from occurring.

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    New Tattoos Cannot Be Removed

    Tattoos do not need to be old and faded to be removed. We can treat fresh tattoos as long as the skin is completely healed and there are no scabs. It is actually beneficial to treat new tattoos because there will still be ink settled in the top layer of the skin, which is easier to treat. Healing time will vary, but most people will need around 4 weeks of healing time before beginning laser tattoo removal treatment.

    Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

    Laser Treatments

    Laser pulse lights are used to remove tattoos as well as unwanted hair. However, it is essential to note that these treatments use two different lasers. The intensity of the laser beam to remove tattoos is high but the laser used to remove unwanted hair is of a much higher intensity. So then what effect will this have if the laser therapy were to be used to remove hair that has grown over a tattoo and is distorting or hiding the beautiful artwork on the skin?

    Dangers and Effects of Removing Hair Growth over a Tattoo

    Precautions to be taken

    • Ensure that the doctor or esthetician who will be performing the hair removal over your tattoo has had considerable experience and is certified.
    • If you have sensitive skin, do follow the procedures that you would follow to remove hair from your skin, such as, not be exposed to the sun , not shaving or waxing to remove hair, for a period of at least 2 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment.
    • If you are sensitive to pain, take over the counter relief like Tylenol or Advil.
    • Numbing cream can also be applied to the treatment area, if so desired.


    • Prior to the procedure you will need to inform your doctor or esthetician if you have any tattoo on your skin or close to the area where you desire to remove hair.
    • The esthetician will then mark off the areas where the tattoos are, or cover it up to protect and to ensure that the laser goes nowhere near the tattoo.

    Possible Side Effects

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    Can Laser Hair Removal Remove My Tattoos

    Laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal use lasers. It means the hair removal procedure can affect your tattoos and even cause permanent damage by breaking the ink particles. It may be tempting to just go for laser hair removal to remove your tattoos, but remember that the treatments use lasers with varying intensity.

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