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Best Soap For Tattoo Care

Essential Values Green Soap

Tattooing 101-Tattoo Aftercare Soap

The next suggestion we have is the soap for tattoos made by the Essential Values brand. They used ingredients that are natural and gentle on the skin. The cleansing is nice, and you wont get any skin reaction to it. It will kill any bacteria on the skin and disinfect it properly. If you are not satisfied, they even offer a refund as well.

Package dimensions are 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, with a total weight of 15.8 ounces.


  • The scent is nice but not everyones cup of tea
  • You might need to use more to cleanse more

Your Guide To Tattoo Care

Believe it or not, the easiest part of getting a new tattoo is the inking process. Tattoo aftercare can be very involved with many steps meant to safeguard the health and healing of your tattoo. To help you get started with this occasionally overwhelming process, weve laid out a few pointers in our guide to tattoo care.

What Antibacterial Soap Is Best For Tattoos

First, what kind of soap can you use on a new tattoo? As youll see, the brand doesnt matter as much as the ingredients do.

For example, dont use soap that contains alcohol as it will dry out the skin and slow down the healing. It also stings.

Its also a good idea to avoid artificial fragrances and colors as you dont need either one. They may cause allergic reactions.

After all, youre treating a wound . Use mild products appropriate for cleansing damaged skin.

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Whats Best To Put On New Tattoos

Be sure your artist covers your new tattoo in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage. Remove the bandage after 24 hours. Gently wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water and be sure to pat dry. Apply a layer of antibacterial/Vaseline ointment twice a day, but dont put on another bandage.

Best Hand Soap For Tattoos Dial Gold Hand Soap

The 4 Best Soaps To Clean Tattoos

Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%

Inactive Ingredients: Aqua , lauramidopropylamine oxide, glycerin, lauramineoxide, cetrimonium chloride, sodium chloride, PEG-120 methyl glucose, dioleate,citric acid, sodium benzoate, zinc sulfate, myristamidopropylamine oxide, parfum, dimethyl lauramine, tetrasodium EDTA, alcohol, dimethyl myristamine,CI 19140 , CI 14700 , butylphenyl methylpropianol, coumarin, linalool

You dont need to splurge on tattoo soap.This Dial Gold hand soap is, for all intents and purposes, made for cleaninghands. However, its gentle formula and moisturiser combo made it a crowdfavourite. Youll hear many tattooists recommend this soap its cheap, itsreadily available, and it cleans brand-new tattoos without any issues. Oh, andits clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs, which is great news for unhealedtattoos.

What I like:

  • Liquid soap is very convenient
  • Very economical
  • Highly effective against germsand bacteria
  • Moisturises and doesnt dry outskin
  • Gentle enough for frequent use

What I dont like:

  • Fragrance isnt too pleasing

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Choosing The Right Soap

Antibacterial soaps are a short term solution to the need to care for a new tattoo which may be vulnerable to infection. For all the environmental reasons you’ve been cautioned not to over-use antibacterial hand washes and other soaps, limiting your use of these soaps to the time it takes for your tat to heal is a good idea. Here’s another reason. Scientists have linked triclosan, once a common antibacterial chemical in hand soaps, with potential neurological and muscular impairment. In 2016, the FDA gave manufacturers a year to eliminate triclosan and a number of other questionable chemicals from soaps. There is ongoing research into additional chemicals associated with antibacterial cleansers. It’s best to treat a new tat like a minor medical emergency and resume your normal environmentally friendly ablutions once the healing is complete.

One Tattoo World Blue Soap

A little of the One Tattoo World Blue Soap can go a long way hence, its worth a shot. Its 500 ml bottle needs to be diluted with water before use. You can end up with up to 1.5 gallons of soap guaranteed to be highly effective.

This is a great alternative to the green soap typically used in tattoo shops and tattoo aftercare. It can work just as well, or even better in certain situations. For one thing, its fragrance is more pleasant than green soap, and it leaves the skin with a cool and fresh feeling.

A new tattoo can cause itchiness and skin irritation, but youre not supposed to scratch it. Fortunately, with this soaps cooling effect, it can lessen the itching and soothe your irritated and wounded skin.

Furthermore, this soap will last a long time and care for tattoos of different sizes. Its great for private and individual use, and it can also be used in tattoo shops for prepping customers skin.

You also wont have to put much pressure on your tattoo when washing with water because the soap is highly effective. It can loosen up dirt, dried blood or secretions, and dead skin cells so you wont have to wipe or scrub your newly tattooed skin.

  • Soothes irritated, itchy and wounded skin
  • Great for private or commercial use
  • Rids of dirt, dried secretions, and dead skin cells without scrubbing
  • Seal and cap can be damaged during shipping

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Why Use Tattoo Soap

Damaged skin protection from pathogens begins as early as during the tattoo session. The tattoo artist regularly wipes the treated area with an antiseptic agent. Special wipes were previously used for this purpose. They absorb liquids and at the same time remove airborne microorganisms.

Cosmetic brands produce a special green tattoo soap. Its effect on the skin is more delicate and the bacteriological effect is higher. The tattooist wets the non-woven material with the spray soap and treats the surface. The liquid removes ink and lymph from the skin, disinfects, and moisturizes.

One of the most important things for the tattoo artist is the sterility of the tattooed area during the session. The sooner the inflammation disappears from the tattoo, the happier will be the client and the higher will be the tattoo artist’s reputation. After all speed of healing is one of the main indicators on which potential clients choose the tattoo artist.

Can You Get A Fake Tan After Getting A New Tattoo

Best Soaps For Tattoos Take Care | Astric

The question Can you get a fake tan after getting a new tattoo is actually very common.

Heres the answer: Drop the idea of getting a fake tan after getting some fresh ink. Getting a fake tan may lead to infection of a new tattoo, which will make the process of your skin recovery more difficult. Tattoo aftercare products are specially designed to give your fresh ink nutrients and moisturized. Fake tans zap your skin dry.

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H2ocean 17 Oz Blue Green Foam Soap

The best soap for tattoo aftercare should be able to not just protect you from infection but speed up the healing process as well. This is something that the H2Ocean 1.7 oz Blue Green Foam Soap can deliver. Its formula is made specifically to keep your tattoo free of harmful microbes as it heals.

Trusted by tattoo artists and shop owners, this soap is tried and tested. It contains benzalkonium chloride, a non-alcohol antiseptic that can safely get rid of infection-causing bacteria. The soap also contains aloe vera leaf juice, helping your skin retain moisture and preventing it from drying out.

While experts dont recommend applying aloe vera gel directly on a new tattoo, the aloe vera content of this soap wont negatively affect your new tattoo at all.

Use this foam soap three to four times a day to keep your tattoo clean. Use warm water when you wash because the temperature can help the soap penetrate deeper while also dissolving any dried skin secretions. Dont rub your tattoo with a washcloth or sponge running your fingers gently over the tattoo under running water will suffice.

Regular and careful use delivers great results, and your tattoo will likely heal up faster than expected with the help of this soap. It gently sloughs off any dead skin cells or secretions without irritating or stinging the skin.

  • Enough for just a small tattoo

Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face And Body Soap

The last option on the list is one that many people pick for its magic-like effect on blemish-prone skin. But treating and preventing blemishes is not the same as caring for a tattoo. Am I right? In that case, what makes this so special for tattoo aftercare? Its the excellent antibacterial properties, what else!

The ingredients used are unquestionably pure and gentle. So dont dismiss this face and body soap just yet. It doesnt make the skin dry post-shower. In fact, the soap is good for eliminating bacteria and other such impurities that often give rise to acne. This means your skin as well as your tattoo are in safe hands.

The scent is very refreshing. And the price affordable. Its unbelievable how a product like this gives the best results. No matter how dry, oily, sensitive, or tattooed your skin is.

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What To Look For When Buying An Antibacterial Soap Specifically For Tattoos

Antibacterial properties

The entire point of constantly washing your skin after you get a tattoo is to make sure bacteria do not harbor in the area. If they do, they might cause an infection that will harm not just your tattooed skin, but your health overall.

Take a look at the active ingredients of your soap to see if it has a good antibacterial agent to help you wash away those nasty germs and fungi. Some that you should be looking for include benzalkonium chloride and chloroxylenol. These two are very good cleaning agents that destroy bacteria in a jiff.

You should also look at the claims of the soap. One common claim that is a good sign is that the soap kills 99.9% of bacteria. Another is a label that says the soap can kill a broad spectrum of germs and bacteria.

Has no added fragrance and dye

If you have very sensitive skin and are prone to irritation because of the most mundane triggers, heres another tip for you. Stay away from soaps with added fragrance and artificial coloring. A bar of soap may be very compelling because of its antibacterial properties, but if it has these synthetic ingredients, it may just irritate your skin.

Synthetic ingredients are technically unnecessary in skincare products and can cause irritation if youre allergic to them or have problematic skin. If this sounds like you, do your sensitive, tattooed skin a favor and step away from the scented soaps and stick to fragrance-free.

Mild, gentle formulation

Comes from a trusted brand

Billy Jealousy Complete Tattoo Care Kit

10 Best Tattoo Lotions for Healing and Maintenance in 2020 ...

Premium Pick

This is a perfect choice for you if you like to take your cosmetics everywhere you go, and you like variety! In this kit, you get 3 products that smell gorgeously, so in case you prefer nice scents too, this is it.

As our premium pick, we continue with the brand Billy Jealousy and this interesting offer of a full kit to take care of your tattoos! This product is soothing for the skin because it contains a cucumber extract that provides chilling freshness. This is good for both old and new tattoos that need refreshing. The package includes small sizes of tattoo salve, a wash, and a lotion too. It is like a double benefit both for old ink reviving, and new ink healing! It is rosemary-scented, vegan, and dermatologist-approved too.

The package dimensions are 5 x 1.75 x 9 inches. The wash is 3 oz., the lotion is also 3 oz., and the salve is 2 oz.


  • Fit for old and new tattoos
  • Travel-size practicality
  • It could dry out the very sensitive skin
  • Needs some time to absorb

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Dr Numb Topical Anesthetic Disinfectant Foam Soap

Tattoos and piercings may be awesome to look at. But getting them can hurt quite a bit, and the pain and itchiness dont necessarily end when the procedure is done. This is something that the Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Disinfectant Foam Soap can help you with.

This is an anesthetic skin numbing soap that can help reduce the pain and other sensations you may feel after getting a tattoo, piercing, or other skin procedures. You can also use it for cuts, abrasions, minor burns, and more. Of course, it also works as a disinfectant so you wont have to worry about infections.

It contains lidocaine, a topical medication that can block nerve signals, thus numb pain. Additionally, this soap works fast and youll have quick relief from pain, burning, stinging, and itching. If your skin is freshly tattooed, you wont have to tough the pain out if you use this soap.

In fact, this soap is so effective that youll be less likely to need pain medication if you use it. Typically, you can take an analgesic if you experience soreness in the hours after getting a tattoo. However, you likely wont have to resort to painkillers with the help of this soap.

Make sure to leave the foam on your skin for several minutes when you use it. Dont wash it off with water right away and give it time to sink into your skin.

  • Not effective while getting a tattoo

The Importance Of After

Tattoos require a proper amount of after-care and careful tending to so as not to have any allergic reactions. Tattoos can effectively be viewed as an open wound, which needs to be kept very clean. This starts with using the best soaps for your tattoos.

Many soaps which are available in the market contain harmful chemicals, which are bad for your skin and can lead to irritation or infection of your skin. It is very important that the soap that you for your tattoo has the best possible ingredients, which will greatly reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

You should definitely not use your normal bathing soap for tattoos since they contain fragrances and other ingredients that can be harmful to your tattoo. People with sensitive skin should be especially wary of using soaps that have additives and are fragrant. Heavy ointments which seal the skin and do not let it breathe should also be avoided.

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Defense Original Daily Clean Soap

Yet another reliable brand when it comes to soaps with superior cleansing power is Defense, a popular soap brand for men and athletes. This soap is originally designed for athletes who need a deep cleanse after a workout or game, but because of its cleaning capabilities, it makes a great tattoo soap too.

This bar soap is most known for its tea tree and eucalyptus oils that give it a refreshing scent and are great at deodorizing the body. But another benefit they provide is soothing the skin, which is just what a fresh tattoo needs.

It has strong cleaning power and kills a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria to keep your skin infection-free. It also cleans deeply to draw out impurities such as sweat and dirt and keep you feeling fresh and clean.

The soap has superior quality, having been milled three times to make sure it lasts longer without melting in your soapdish. Its also very safe to use on the skin because its hypoallergenic. It doesnt contain any potentially harsh ingredients, like synthetic fragrances, coloring, SLS, alcohol, and more.

  • Contains tea tree and eucalyptus oils that soothe the skin and give a refreshing scent
  • Helps wash away a wide spectrum of fungi and bacteria
  • Cleans deeply to get rid of dirt, sweat, and impurities
  • Triple-milled for superior soap quality and longevity
  • Unlikely to cause allergic reaction
  • No potentially harsh ingredients like artificial fragrances and dyes
  • May dry out the skin because of a lack of moisturizing ingredients

H2ocean 20 Oz Ocean Foam Soap

Tattoo Green Soap Review

Getting your first tattoo can be overwhelming, especially since aftercare is crucial and you might overlook a few important things. However, with the help of H2Ocean 2.0 oz Ocean Foam Soap, you can provide adequate care for your tattoo even with very little experience.

One of the best things about this product is that a little can go a long way. It comes in a bottle thats quite small, but you can get a lot out of this soap. And just a bit of foam can sufficiently cover a good-sized area on your skin. Its definitely not enough for bigger tattoos, but it can still deliver more than you might expect.

You can also depend on this soap if you want your tattoo to heal more quickly. Tattoos take time to heal, but with this an anti-inflammatory foam, healing can take less due to the right aftercare.

Additionally, this is a water-based product and will therefore be gentler than other soaps. It also means that its less prone to making your skin break out. It gets into your skin, does its job, then easily washes away with water.

  • A little can go a long way
  • An anti-inflammatory foam to quick healing
  • A water-based product gentler than other soap
  • Easy to wash away with water
  • Smell can be unpleasant for some

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Side Effects And Complications Of New Tattoo Healing And How To Handle New Tattoo Complications

Some possible side effects of getting a new tattoo are skin infections, allergic reactions, skin scarring, and scabbing. You could potentially experience some elevated swelling of your skin if you need to have an MRI. Be sure to properly wash your tattoo, with good tattoo soap, and if you’re experiencing prolonged issues seek advice from your tattoo artist or a doctor

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