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Can Dental Hygienist Have Tattoos

Should Having Tattoos Matter

Tattoos at The Dental Office

There are many talented tattooed assistants and hygienists out there, and many of those have found great opportunities to practice their art. Tattoos, among other current trends, are here to stay.

Thats why whats on a dental hygienists body shouldnt matter as long they are up to the task. Also, the profession has PPE standards, which means these professionals are generally covered from neck to wrists.

Additionally, coverings on your tattoos during work hours will help you avoid breaking any rules or workplace conditions. What you have on your skin shouldnt matter underneath the uniforms.

Do Dental Workplaces Allow Tattoos And Piercings

It depends on the dental practice and may vary from practice to practice.

Some dental workplaces may allow tattoos as long as it is hidden while some may allow only if the tattoos are not vulgar and as long as it doesnt hurt any religious sentiments.

There may be a few dental offices that allow dental professionals such as dental assistants to have tattoos without any restrictions.

Piercings other than ear and nose are not allowed in most dental workplaces.

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Perceptions Regarding Visible Tattoos On Service Personnel: What Research Says

According to a study, visible tattoos on professionals were perceived as inappropriate.

The study reported that older people perceived white collar professionals with visible tattoos as less intelligent and less honest.

Study results published in the Journal Of Dental Hygiene showed visible tattoos to be perceived as unprofessional. The study reported that 97% of the respondents from a dental hygiene program favoured tattoos to be not visible in the workplace.

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How Your Patients Might Perceive Tattoos And Piercings On Professionals Working At Your Workplace

Can Dental Hygienists Have Arm Tattoos

It is reported that many people do not prefer professionals with a visible tattoo and piercings other than that of ear and nose.

So if you do not want your patients to perceive your clinic or practice as unprofessional, frame a policy disallowing visible tattoos and piercings other than that of ear and nose.

You can also conduct fresh research regarding your customer perceptions of visible tattoos and piercings on dental assistants, dentists and hygienists and then frame policies accordingly.

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Know Your Dental Office Dress Code

Dress codes vary from dental office to dental office. Some are stricter while others are more lenient. If you have a piercing other than earrings, tattoos or an unusual hair color, then you should speak to the dentist or staff member about their dress code during your job interview. You may want to ask whether or not visible tattoos or piercings are acceptable in the office. Some dentists dont mind a discreet example of self-expression, such as a small tattoo on your ankle. Others will expect you to keep all tattoos covered and to remove piercings while youre in the office.

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Can You Work At A Dental Office With No Experience

A dental assistant with no experience can find employment with a high school diploma if they find a dentist or clinic that is willing to provide on-the-job training. The qualifications that you need to perform specific dental tasks vary by state. DANB offers a National Entry Level Dental Assistant certificate.

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Are Dental Nurses Allowed Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are allowed for dental nurses.There is no restriction over eyelash extensions as they dont interfere with any practical work of the dental nurse and also no potential hazards have been reported.


Dean, D. H. . Consumer perceptions of visible tattoos on service personnel. Managing Service Quality: An International Journal.

Tolle, S. L., McCombs, G. B., & Arndt, A. . A Study of Visible Tattoos in Entry-Level Dental Hygiene Education Programs. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 92.


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Is Medical Assistant A Stressful Job

PROs and CONs of being a Dental Hygienist

Medical assistants who are new to the career may experience stress while becoming acclimated to the job. Experienced medical assistants may develop stress with changes to their clinical practice or from trying to balance work and family obligations. Medical Assistant burnout is a much deeper problem.

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Image And Safety In The Dental Practice

Dentists and their team of dental hygienists and dental assistants must maintain a high level of cleanliness and sterility in the office to avoid infection. Of course, a large part of this depends on the use of state-of-the-art equipment for sterilization and disinfection of instruments used in patients mouths. And while the reality may be that a dental assistant with tattoos and piercings is as careful about cleanliness in the office as one without these, there is also the consideration of perception. The dentist is well within his or her rights to require dress that reflects professionalism, integrity and attention to cleanliness. Therefore, conservative attire may be advantageous when youre working. You can simply cover tattoos and remove piercings while youre on the job once youve completed your dental assistant program in Phoenix.

The Design Of Your Tattoo Really Does Not Matter If Your Hospital Does Not Allow Nurses To Have Visible Tattoos

Can a dental hygienist have hand tattoos. Piercings and tattoos on dental office employees. Many hospitals and nursing schools will say you need to cover it up. They could lack the resources to ob.

Can dental hygienists have tattoos?. Can dental hygienist have tattoos? To become a dental hygienist, an associates degree in dental hygiene is needed.

You will need to learn a great deal of course material in a short period. Can you have tattoos and be a dental hygienist? Dental assistant instructor concerned about professional presentation.

Common tattoo & piercing policies for dental professionals tattoo restrictions in a dental practice might include: Regardless, youve still got to do your best to smile and educate without sounding patronizing or insulting. Common tattoo & piercing policies for dental professionals tattoo restrictions in a dental practice might include:

Remember that your practice generally can instigate any dress code you wish, which includes tattoos, as long as it doesnt discriminate against employees or applicants based on protected statuses. Dental hygiene schools were also polled on their policy and views on visible tattoos. Studying commitment dental hygiene classes require a high level of commitment.

Can dental hygienist have tattoos? Is school hard for dental hygienist? Many dental hygiene programs restrict facial and numerous ear piercings as part of promoting professional appearances

Blackwork tooth tattoo on the right hand Tooth tattoo

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Do Dental Hygienists Wear White Coats

Most traditional for dentists is the time-honored white coat over classic business wear, while dental assistants and dental hygienists typically wear scrubs. Over time, American dress has become more casual, however, patients can still hold onto their own expectations of professionalism when it comes to their doctors.

Can You Make A Living Being A Dental Assistant

Can Dental Hygienists Have Arm Tattoos

The national average annual wage of a dental assistant is $39,770, according to the BLS, which is markedly less than the national average wage for all occupations, $51,960.

All Dental Assistant students in the state of California must complete six certification courses before becoming a Licensed Registered Dental Assistant. These courses include relevant topics on radiation safety, coronal polishing, infection control, CPR, pit and fissure sealants, and law and ethics.

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Can Dental Hygienists Have Piercings

This blog post will address the topic, can dental hygienists have piercings and cover topics like what research says on the perceptions of consumers and others on dental assistants having tattoos, common tattoo & piercing policies for dental professionals, developing a tattoo & piercing policy for your dental practice and about acceptability of tattoos and piercings in the dental workplace.

Do Not Tap And Click The

Do dental hygienist have tattoos. I would try to avoid the setting of a dental hygienist with visible tattoos. Data was collected with an online survey emailed to 340 dental hygiene program directors yielding. Ask your dentist and dental hygienist for tips on this.

The majority of the respondents reported that their programs did have a dress code policy on visible tattoos and 14% responded that their policy applied exclusively to students. No tattoos on the hands, face, or neck. And muttering, no, a lack of brushing and flossing runs in your family, under your breath.

The metal in the piercing can sometimes block anatomy that we are trying to look at in the image. Latest in practice management patient relationships troubleshooter: These days tattoos are becoming widespread.

Can dental hygienist have tattoos? Dentists were most concerned with the image of their practice in terms of patients receptiveness toward dental hygienists with. Common tattoo & piercing policies for dental professionals tattoo restrictions in a dental practice might include:

Traditional tattoos are made by placing pigment under your skin to create a permanent design. How dental professionals can decide what is tasteful art among colleagues nov. How can rdh avoid uncomfortable conversations, such as politics?.

Make a tattoo in that it can be assumed, would be my advice Tooth tattoos refer to cosmetic markings made on your teeth but are not actual tattoos. How long do tooth tattoos last?

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Tattoo & Piercing Statistics

Did you know that 42% of adults are tattooed and 83% of Americans have had their ears pierced? With nearly half the adult population sporting body modification, ideas — and workplace policies — on tattoos and piercings are changing.

According to a survey conducted by STAPAW, a grassroots body modification advocacy group:

  • 73% of people say that they would choose to hire an employee that had a visible tattoo
  • 6% of people who have tattoos say that they would not choose to hire an employee that had a visible tattoo
  • 76% of people say that having visible tattoos and piercings hurt your chances of getting a job
  • 4% of people said that their tattoos and piercings caused them to be discriminated against in their current workplace

Since 2007, the popularity of tattoos has increased by 13%, and the number of people with more than one tattoo has doubled.

Although many employers still have traditional views about whether tattoos and piercings are acceptable in the workplace, it’s important to note that people are choosing to get inked regardless.

Professionalism In Dental Hygiene: Keep Your Shine While Shattering The Cookie

A Day In The Life Of A Dental Hygienist

Can you keep your shine while shattering the cookie-cutter mold?

What does professional image mean in the dental community? Many would be puzzled that one would even have to define or describe professionalism, especially those who have been in the dental community for more than a few years. We just know it when we see it . But when challenged to articulate it, one quickly realizes that there are a number of explicit and implicit expectations that aren’t necessarily shared by other professional communities. The word image usually implies the physical aspects-how dental hygienists dress, apply makeup, style their hair, groom their nails, and so forth. And in the relatively conservative dental community, this is usually fairly specific, prescriptive, and narrow, with little room for individual expression. However, professional image also embodies behavioral aspects-how one acts in and out of the office and how one behaves when nobody is looking. Individual practice expectations aside, many, if not all, licensing boards require behavior described as moral, ethical, and professional, which can be equally difficult to articulate, but board members know it when they see it. One’s license can be jeopardized if the licensing board deems one’s behavior immoral, unethical, or unprofessional.

To apply Rios’ concept to dental hygiene, picture the traditional expectations of what it means to look like/be a dental hygienist:

Hair pulled back, off the shoulders

No cologne


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Tattoos In The Dental Office

The world in which we inhabit has vastly evolved over the years. Practices that were once frowned upon or considered rude or unprofessional are now more widely accepted. Among those new modernized ways of life is the tattoo.

Decades ago, it was a rarity that people inked their skin with colorful art much less proudly displayed it for the world to see. This once unorthodox concept is now broadly accepted, especially among the younger generations. Instead of asking who has a tattoo, it almost seems highly more appropriate to ask where your body is tattooed.

How does the professional world view these pieces of permanent expression? Are they hindering highly qualified applicants from scoring a position or are people so mute to the trending ritual that it isnt even a factor?

A few weeks ago, I ran across a thread on a Facebook dental hygiene page inquiring about tattoos in the workplace. This topic caught my eye because surprise -surprise, I have three tattoos myself but only one visible in workplace attire. This thread received an abundance of action with most people in agreeance that tattoos should not be a deciding factor in ones career. And again, most of those who commented had permanent ink.

Listen to the Todays RDH Dental Hygiene Podcast Below:


  • Search, K.R., et al. A Study of Visible Tattoos in Entry-Level Dental Hygiene Education Programs. Journal of Dental Hygiene. February 2018, 92 6-15. Retrieved from
  • Consider What Types Of Body Modifications You Might Allow

    Ask yourself what types of body modifications do align with your practice image. Are you comfortable with your staff having ear piercings and not much else? Are tattoos and piercings off your radar as long as they’re unobtrusive? Or, are you sporting a full tattoo sleeve yourself?

    Remember that your practice generally can instigate any dress code you wish, which includes tattoos, as long as it doesn’t discriminate against employees or applicants based on protected statuses.

    So, if you prefer staff to have no visible tattoos or piercings, you can certainly do that. However, it’s also important to remember that as the popularity of tattoos and piercings rise, you will see more qualified employees with tattoos and piercings and fewer qualified employees without them. A hard-line policy could prevent you from hiring the most qualified candidates for the job.

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    What Do The Rules Say

    All around the world and in the United States, youll struggle to find a standard tattoo policy for dental professionals, including dental hygienists. Youll get employers rules and regulations, including dental clinics, hospitals, and other medical and healthcare facilities.

    Further, employers have the legal freedom to create dress code policies prohibiting tattoos in the workplace under different conditions. One such condition is that your tattoo does not discriminate against a person based on protected statuses like race, age, gender, disability, or religion.

    Many dental hygienists see tattoos as a form of self-expression and dont seem to think of tattoos as being unprofessional. However, many of them do not have visible tattoos on their bodies. What does that tell you? Dental hygienists put professionalism first before personal lifestyles and, in most cases, have to follow the licensing requirements of their regions.

    In addition, many dental hygiene programs restrict facial and numerous ear piercings to promote a professional appearance. On the other hand, tattoos are sometimes harder to cover and are discouraged from being on display.

    The bottom line is that the dentist will hire based on his/her principles, values, and vision of their business. So if you dont meet their requirements, you wont get hired.

    Tattoos Piercings: How Dental Professionals Can Decide What Is Tasteful Art Among Colleagues

    121 best images about Dental Tattoos on Pinterest

    Are tattoos and piercings considered an art, or are considered stigma in the dental setting? The opinions about visible tattoos in a professional dental practice are widely varied.

    I have worked in a multitude of dental practices throughout years, with each office different. This experience has allowed me to see how different offices operate, as well as the type of employees at eachgood and bad. I have noticed an increase in visible tattoos and facial piercings on employees, ranging from a small one that is barely visible to full-sleeve tattoos on display. Which makes me think, how many are considered too many, and how visible should they be?

    In every type of business, you see all types of people, ranging from very conservative to more expressive in clothing, hair, piercings, and tattoo expressions. It doesnt make one right or wrong, and the beauty of our society allows us to be individuals and express ourselves as such.

    Is too much too much?

    I have been surprised more than once to see this type of patient who I was sure could not afford an expensive treatment plan turn around and write out a check for the full amount. It is the same principle based on appearance when a patient meets the hygienist for the first time.

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    Can Dental Nurses Wear Earrings

    Yes, dental nurses can wear earrings but they must be small studs and only one pair is advisable.

    However, wearing jewellery in the clinical area and during clinical procedures is not recommended as it can be hazardous.

    Wearing earrings by the dental nurses may or may not be allowed depending on their dental practice workplace.

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