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Ointment Or Lotion For Tattoo

Why Is It Recommended After Getting A Tattoo

WHY I REFUSE TO USE NUMBING CREAM for tattoo appointments

Getting a tattoo means subjecting your skin to injury. Its important you give your tattoo the right treatment and time to heal so it doesnt scar or become infected or distorted. It will take about 3 or 4 weeks for your tattoo to fully heal.

Moisture is key to ensuring your tattoo heals properly. After getting a tattoo, you want to prevent it from drying out. Dryness will cause excessive scabbing and itchiness, which can damage your new ink.

Tattoo artists often recommend Aquaphor for aftercare because its so good at hydrating the skin and thats important when you get a new tattoo.

Of course, you can use other unscented moisturizing ointments to care for your tattoo. Look for petrolatum and lanolin in the ingredients list.

However, youll want to avoid using straight-up petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Thats because it doesnt allow enough air to have contact with the skin. This can lead to poor healing and even infection.

Kiwi Glow Tattoo Brightener

Consider brightening your tattoos the all-natural way with Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil. Kiwi Glow specializes in a premium line of skincare oils that are all formulated using sesame oil as the key ingredient. Sesame oil is not only great at nourishing and hydrating the skin, but it also gives tattoos a noticeable boost of color and vibrancy. Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil also contains a bunch of all-natural and organic ingredients that smooth and soften the skin, protect, and even promote healing when used on a new tattoo. Its definitely one of my personal favorite products for boosting color and vibrancy in new or old tattoos.

What I like about Kiwi Glow Tattoo Brightener:

All-natural and organic

One of great things about Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil is that its formulated using only safe, all-natural and organic ingredients. Heres whats inside:

Its not greasy or oily

Makes tattoos pop

Whether your tattoos are colorful or black and gray, I highly recommend you give Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil a try. It not only provides nourishment, hydration, and protection for new tattoos, but it also makes a noticeable difference in the color and appearance of older tattoos. It helps darks appear darker, and colors appear more bright and vibrant. While Im not going to call Kiwi Glow a miracle worker, I will say that its certainly one of the best performing tattoo brighteners on the market.

Is Cerave Healing Ointment Good For New Tattoos

CeraVe healing ointment. Immediately after a new tattoo, the skin needs special attention. This is where CeraVe Healing Ointment comes in. This thick skin balm moisturizes and soothes the skin with a formula of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Soothes newly tattooed skin that is easily irritated. Read more: Dry skin in the summer?

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Your Guide To Tattoo Care

Believe it or not, the easiest part of getting a new tattoo is the inking process. Tattoo aftercare can be very involved with many steps meant to safeguard the health and healing of your tattoo. To help you get started with this occasionally overwhelming process, weve laid out a few pointers in our guide to tattoo care.

How To Sleep On The First Night:

100Pcs/lot Tattoo Aftercare Cream Care Lotion Anti Scar Vitamin ...

It’s important to consider that your tattoo is technically an open wound at this point, so it needs to stay protected for little while. Most tattoo artists will recommend that you leave your bandaging on overnight to keep it protected .

If your tattoo is covered in plastic wrap instead of a sterile bandage and you notice that a lot of moisture has built up underneath it, you may want to consider cleaning it up and re-wrapping it before you go to bed . The plastic wrap can trap ink, plasma, blood, sweat, and general moisture against your tattoo, creating a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Not great for open wounds, TBH.

For the next few nights, make sure to sleep on the opposite side of wherever your tattoo is, so you’re not pressing it directly on your sheets. It will leak a tiny bit, so if you have darker sheets, use them.

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The 8 Best Tattoo Removal Creams To Buy In 2022

Bad decisions happen all the time, but theyre rarely on display for everyone to see. Unfortunately, a bad tattoo can be hard to hide. Its frustrating to realize that the body art you were so excited about isnt bringing you joy. Luckily, there are some things you can do to hide or remove the tattoo that you regret.

Difference Between Tattoo Ointments And Tattoo Lotions

Two products are recommended for tattoo aftercare: lotion and ointment.

The tattoo ointment is only meant to be used for a short time. It comes in a small tube. It contains concentrated doses of vitamins and other ingredients. It is important to only use a small amount. They can also be thick.

However, tattoo lotions can be used frequently even after years for protecting tattoos. Its used to protect and nourish the skin. It is a more long-lasting solution than ointments.

Which one should you choose? This question is not easy to answer. You can ask your tattoo artist for suggestions. It is a good idea to apply an ointment for the first few days. Afterwards for long-term care, apply a tattoo lotion.

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Marlowe No 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion


If you have sensitive skin, finding a tattoo lotion could get tricky. But theres no need to overthink it Marlowe. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion is perfect for you. This lotion was created specifically for people with sensitive skin and works well for tattoo upkeep. This lotion will keep your tats smooth and vibrant for years and never irritate your skin. This USA-made product also contains a unique blend of green tea, willow bark extract, passionflower fruit and botanicals, resulting in a lotion that repairs, restores and reduces inflammation.

The Best Balms And Lotions For New Tattoos

Can You Put Vaseline , Vitamin A& D ointment on New Tattoo? Ep-82 | Ft.Suresh Machu

Help your fresh ink heal with one of these hydrating formulas.

When you get a new tattoo, you have to let it heal: don’t stick it directly into the sunlight, don’t itch or scratch at it and don’t skip the artist’s recommended recovery plan. Sure, you might have a million tattoos, but aftercare is no joke just ask anyone with a horror story to share. Although there are dry healing how-tos hidden in deep, dark corners of the Internet, if you don’t moisturize the freshly-inked skin, it will dry out, drastically increasing the likelihood that the same skin will crack, and ink can come off with it when it flakes off.

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Buyers Guide: How To Pick The Best Tattoo Ointment For Healing

You keep in your mind a few things when you go out to shop for the desired tattoo gun for beginners. Here we will share a few silent features and common attributes that are up here in all of the tattoo mentioned above ointments.

Firstly, the most exciting thing is that you would aspire to enjoy these tattoo ointments features. Secondly, you have to see the quality and the functions of the cream.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Protecting the ink

Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment

The Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment by BodyScape offers a fast and easy way to help fade any tattoo thats been applied. The balm formula is infused with skin-soothing and cell renewal ingredients to help fade redness and soothe the skin. This skincare product is designed to help protect the skin following tattoo application, making it perfect for anyone who wants to reduce any discomfort or redness.

This blend of creams and oils is a powerful healing remedy that aids in the relief of pain, inflammation, and itching associated with tattooing. Its a quick fix to get back to normal skin right after getting a tattoo. The ointment is formulated with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that can help speed up the healing process.

For some active people, its often not an option to sit around while they wait for their skin to heal. If youre looking for an alternative solution thats less tedious and painful than an ice pack or cold compress, this unique balm is sure to help speed up the healing process.

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Where Does Cbd Come From

CBD, like most cannabinoids , is found in Hemp and Marijuana plants. Because CBD products need to contain less than 0.3 percent THC, CBD is extracted from Industrial Hemp. Our premium CBD is extracted from Industrial Hemp grown on American Farms that is free of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

Oras Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve

1pot Tattoo Cream Aftercare Ointment healing Skin Care Permanent Makeup ...

Heal that new tattoo the all-natural way with Oras Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve. As you can probably guess from the incredibly long name, this all-natural salve uses the power of herbs to soothe, moisturize, and heal new tattoos. Herbs are a safe, effective, natural alternative to synthetic medicines and have been used for centuries to treat minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and irritation. Oras is packed with natural and organic herbs that are specifically chosen for their ability to heal, reduce inflammation, and even eliminate itch. Its definitely worth checking out if youre looking for a great all-natural and organic tattoo salve.

What I like about Oras Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve:

All-natural ingredients

When a new tattoo is healing its important to use an ointment that wont irritate the skin or interfere with the healing process. Oras Tattoo Salve is formulated with safe, all-natural ingredients that are designed to promote healing, while soothing pain, inflammation, and itch. Whats inside:

A little goes a long way

No need to overdue it with this one. Oras Tattoo Salve is very smooth and slick , and is very easy to spread on the skin. Just a small amount covers a lot of ground, so I recommend starting small and adding more if needed. You likely wont.

Smells really good

What I dont like:

Its kind of pricey, but it does come in a decent sized jar and a little bit goes a long way. Its a good value in my opinion.

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How To Take Care Of A Dry But Mostly Healed Tattoo:

Towards the end of the healing process you’ll probably notice that your tattoo looks a little cloudy or dull compared to the first few days. That’s just because your skin is still busy repairing itself. The top layer may look completely healed, but it’s the deeper layers that are still hard at work. Continue to keep it moisturized and wash it at least once a day.

Ingredients To Look Out For

When shopping for tattoo lotions, always be sure to read the ingredients list. Not only does it let you find ingredients you may be allergic to, but it will also help you understand the exact benefits each lotion can provide to your skin.

Things to Consider

Moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and vitamin E are all great things to have in a lotion. You may also want to select a lotion that has shea butter or soothing plant extracts, like chamomile, as part of its formula.

Be sure to select a lotion that is non-comedogenic. This means the lotion will work to moisturize without clogging pores, an especially important consideration for a new tattoo. Lotions without the non-comedogenic label can impede healing and cause breakouts.

Things to Avoid

Colorants, alcohols, and strong preservatives should all be avoided. These ingredients can irritate skin or lead to an infection in someone with very sensitive skin completely avoiding them will help ensure your tattoo heals healthily.

Strong fragrances are another ingredient to steer clear of. Fragrances are often the cause of allergic reactions, and your tattoo runs the risk of becoming infected due to overly perfumed lotions. Light, naturally scented lotions may be ok for some people, but especially if you have sensitive skin, fragrance-free is the best way to go.

Now that weve discussed the basics of tattoo lotions, lets head straight into our list!

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How To Care For A Fresh Tattoo

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Tattoo aftercare is one of the most important parts of the whole process of getting inkedsecond maybe only to deciding what you want permanently on your body. New York Dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali doesn’t mince words: Tattoos cause a form of trauma on the skin, so its super important to administer proper wound care immediately after, he says.

Bhanusali, who advises the tattoo experts at Ephemeral Tattoo in Brooklyn, which specializes in one-year made to fade ink, says the first step is listening to your tattooer. Its not uncommon for different tattoo artists to recommend different post-care options for their work, he adds. This is because different methods are used by different artists, and they may also be able to recommend specific advice to the size and location of your tattoo. However, there are some general products that will help clean, heal, and condition the skin, while also preserving the tattoos brightness in the long term. Weve got the rundown below, plus a timeline for using them.

However, here are two products youll likely want to have ready during the immediate tattoo aftercare phase.

1. Gentle Cleanser

Be sure to use a gentle cleanser every day as the wounds heal, which will help neutralize any bacteria prior to applying ointment and lotion.

What Is The Best Way To Heal A New Tattoo

CREAM – Tattoo [Music Video]

The formula is infused with shea butter, vitamin E and sesame oil, which together soothe, hydrate and soften the skin as it heals. Apply a thin layer of ink once or twice a day until it gets better and better. If creams and lotions arent exactly what you like, youll love this iconic tattoo balm.

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Is The Tattoo Numbing Cream And Ointment Is Same

No, the tattoo numbing cream and ointment are not the same. The numbing cream is designed to numb the area around your tattoo so that you dont experience any pain or discomfort. The ointment is designed to help your tattoo heal properly and keep it looking vibrant and new. So if youre experiencing any pain or discomfort, you should use the numbing cream. And if youre just looking to keep your tattoo healthy and free from infection, you should use the ointment.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion

Powered With Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

This lotion is best for people with dry and flaky skin. This lotion moisturizes, exfoliates, and conditions the skin.

It will ensure that your tattoo heals faster and makes the skin look its best. You dont have to be concerned about the effectiveness of the lotion, as it has passed clinical testing.

It is fragrance-free, making it ideal for people with sensitive noses. Eucerin intensive repair lotion contains alpha-hydroxy acids to promote collagen production and brighten your complexion.


  • Not for sensitive skin

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What Is The Best Lotion To Put On A New Tattoo

This answer depends on your skin type, tattoo, and personal preferences. Its also the reason we put together this list and buying guide. The question of which tattoo lotion is best is one for you to answer, but were here to help.

As you read through this guide and our products listed, consider your personal preferences and needs. Is your skin already really dry? Are you trying to avoid aloe vera? All these things matter!

The 10 Best Lotions For Tattoos In 2022

" H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Moisturing Cream 2.5oz"

Tattoo lotions are an essential part of tattoo aftercare and the overall healing process. After getting a tattoo, regular use of a lotion provides protection to your skin and helps stop your tattoo from becoming excessively dry or flakey. They can also prevent that annoying itch that accompanies a healing tattoo, as the last thing you want to do is scratch at your new ink it is an open wound, after all!

Choosing a tattoo lotion can be an extremely daunting process. You want to be sure to purchase something that is both free of skin-irritating ingredients and sufficiently moisturizing. To help you make your decision easier, weve collected a list of the top 10 tattoo lotions out there and analyzed the benefits of each one. Keep reading to learn about our favorite options!

  • The Best Lotion for You
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    Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream

    Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream is not especially marketed as tattoo numbing cream. It is popularly used as a numbing gel for laser removal, but it is very efficient in blocking pain as well as discomfort you might feel through the whole tattooing process.

    Just like most numbing products listed above, Topicaine 5 comes with a strong 5% formula of active ingredient lidocaine. This makes this product ideal for making sure that pain will be tolerable in the area you are getting tattooed.

    It will take about half an hour to 1 hour for Topicaine to totally effect. And once it is in full effect, its maximum numbing effect should last for about one to two hours.

    What’s even great is that this cream is non-oily, so the artist should have no problem tattooing over the cream. This product is also free from petroleum, this means that the cream will not be clogging your pores. Soothing ingredients have been added to the cream too, like shea butter, alpha-bisabolol, jojoba oil and aloe, so the whole tattoo process a comfortable experience.

    The only negative thing I find in Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream is the amount on its tube. The product comes in a 30-gram tube, you are lucky enough if you can squeeze out more than one to two applications though it will certainly be enough if youre thinking of getting a tattoo over a small area.


    • Considering its size, this product is expensive.

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