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Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago

Dale Grande And David Mcnair

Chicago’s Top Tattoo Artists: Dustin of Royal Flesh Chicago

The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company is one of the oldest tattoo studios in Chicago and contributes a whole lot to Chicagos undeniable tattoo history which is rich and wide. The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company opened originally in the 60s at 900 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago Illinois as Cliff Raven Tattooing. Cliff operated with a few distinct artists then involving Buddy McFall and the late Tatts Thomas.

The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company was the only one who held to their grounds after the Illinois government raise the tattoo age to 21 in the 1960s. They were very helpful and fought hard to reduce the age back to 18 years. They also improved their cleanliness and hygiene standards which helped them achieve different success in their career.

Dale Grande who still works at The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company began work under the owner Cliff Raven over 40 years ago before he became the owner of the studio himself. While many artists learned at The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company but it was David McNair who stayed in the place for more than 30 years. Grande along with other artists like McNair worked hard to get The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company to where it is now.

  • Shop Name: The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company
  • Address: The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company, 1017 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States
  • Timings: Monday- Sunday 12 PM- 10 PM

Location on Google Maps:

Tattoo Shops And Parlors Chicago

Finding the besttattoo shop in Chicago for your body art needs can be somewhat of a challenge. Part of the problem relates to the sheer number of tattoo parlors that are in the city. Just on the North Side of Chicago there are 15+ tattoo parlors scattered across a 3 zip code radius. The choices are many!

After talking to several of our clients and counseling professionals, 2nd Story Counseling is ready to present what we think are three of the best tattoo shops in Chicago all of which are located on the North Side.

Chicago Tattoos and Parlors

Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago Il

Expert recommended Top 3 Tattoo Shops in Chicago, Illinois. All of our tattoo shops actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

Since 1976

Heres The Deal:Tattoo Factory Inc is Chicago’s oldest and most famous tattoo and body piercing studio that has been tattooing and piercing Chicago since 1976. They have professional tattooists who offer high-quality tattoo and piercing services to their customers. Their tattoo art designers excel in creating all sorts of the tattoo, but their specialty designs are cover-up, custom, portrait, and black and gray realism. The studio’s tattooists know all the latest tattoo design techniques and methods. If you are looking for an entire sleeve or a simple flower tattoo, their tattoo artists help you achieve the long-lasting results you want. ‘Tattoo Factory’ has a computer and an electrically worked massage table for your relaxation and satisfaction. The studio affords valuable gift certificates for both tattoo and piercing services. They accept walk-ins and last-minute appointments for your convenience.

SPECIALTY:Mandala, Water Color, Skull, Natural, Girl, Real Life, Cartoon, Japan Style, Custom, Cover-Up, Superhero, Wildlife, Traditional, Memorial, Black and Grey, Portrait, Color Work, New School & Tribal Tattoos


Since 2008

Since 2005

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Max And Marshall Brown

Located in Chicago, the Brown Brothers Tattoo is a cash-only tattoo studio that has been established since 2014. The tattoo artist in the tattoos specializes in portraits, black and gray, cover-ups, custom, illustrative, fine line, mystical, space-age, unknown, sensitive, realistic, tribal, cartoon, classic, horror, gooey, sinister, creepy, Japanese, American traditional, and more. they have a huge client base that speaks highly of the artists who work in a very professional and excellent manner with the utmost knowledge and in a clean and comfortable environment.

Micah Paul St. John who is a tattooist at Brown Brothers Tattoo trains in eagle, snake, panther, dagger, skull, flower, spider, web, girl head, pinup, clipper ship, tiger, mans ruin, wolf, butterfly, devil, dragon, mermaid, and salamander tattoos. An Aquarius. In Chicago. In Humboldt Park.

Natasha Bertram, another talented artist at Brown Brothers Tattoo has her forte in making designs that include a monkey, daisy, spider, pinup, clown, lady head, reaper, Kim Kardashian, John Carpenter, casket, bleeding heart, crustacean, scorpion, Seinfeld, boobs, hotdog, rose, parrot, butterfly tattoos. A Gemini. In Chicago. In Humboldt Park.

  • Shop Name: Brown Brothers Tattoo
  • Address: Brown Brothers Tattoo, 904 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
  • Contact: +1 773-252-9575, 312 684 2622
  • Timings: Monday- Sunday 12 PM- 8 PM

Location on Google Maps:

Michelle Wanhala Mwanhala On Instagram


Michelle Wanhala is a flash master who tattoos at Pioneer Tattoo, located on North Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. Wanhala has been tattooing for about six years and focuses on mixing up cute and creepy tattoos for her clients.

Wanhalas style is colorful, highly illustrative and lots of fun. Her tattoos are inspired by cartoons, growing up in the 90s, and kitsch. Wanhala is one of the few female tattoo artists in Chicago who welcomes DMs on Instagram as a way to book appointments. Clients that want to book with Wanhala are required to pay a $50 deposit to reserve the spot.

Editors note: All images are owned and copyright of the artists.

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Code Of Conduct Tattoo

Code of Conduct Tattoo is a popular shop offering one of the best body artworks in Chicago, Illinois. Over ten years ago, a couple of friends came together, taking time off their careers to create a place to showcase their talents.

It started with them being less interested in money or recognition, but with the idea of bringing peoples imaginations to life. Till today, the Code of Conduct tattoo has made a name for itself as one of the tattoo shops offering professional and top-quality services in Chicago.

Styles ranging from realism, modern traditional, illustration to New school arts. No piercings, tattoo only. No face or finger tattooing .

This Inky Creature By Biryukova Tanya At Private Ink Body Art Takes Us Straight To The Depth Of The Sea

A post shared by Shannon on Nov 4, 2019 at 7:17am PST

9729 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park, IL

This tattoo shop may be last on our list, but their work is first-rate. Their EZPay financing makes getting your dream tattoo quick and painless They also offer tattoo removal for those less-than-fantastic pieces you got over spring break in college . Call 847-260-5076 to book an appointment.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago Quality Matters

by Chicago Traveler | The Lists, Top 10 Shopping |

Getting a tattoo is almost an indescribable sensation. Having a piece of art forever implemented into your body perfectly at the hand of a master craftsman is just so satisfying. However, being in the hands of someone that is not quite up to par can bring your euphoric mood down very quickly I know.

Choosing a capable shop and artist is potentially even more important than choosing your design. Fortunately, we have congregated with tattooed gents and lasses from around the city to compile a No Fear list. These are some of the best tattoo shops in Chicago satisfaction seems to come standard.

All of these shops may contain very capable tattoo artists, but you should do your research before committing. Some artists excel in new Skool, while others may be perfectionists at portraits or cartoons.

These tattoo shops in Chicago are all towards the top of the spectrum in health and talent. Get an idea, do some research, book your appointment.

The Code of ConductThe Code of Conduct may claim to specialize in traditional tattoo styles, but they keep their mind open to tailor to your visions. They are more than capable to handle basically any idea. I have seen some amazing pieces come out of here.

South Loop14 E 11th St, Chicago, IL 60605 929-2073

Lakeview1459 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613 549-1594

Roscoe Village2125 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 281-6392

Noble Square1062 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 342-4444

Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago That Never Fail Your Trust

Inked During COVID-19: Chicago’s Tattoo Parlors Reopen

These days, tattooing has become more popular as a lifestyle, and many people now desire a unique tattoo without suffering from any risks. If it piques your interest and makes you wonder what the best tattoo shops in Chicago are, this article is all you need.

Most tattoo artists have created dependable networks on social media, which attracts people to come and get their tattoos. Should you live in Chicago and dont know where to lay your trust, hesitate no more! Come check out our top list of the most outstanding Chicago tattoo studios below.

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Tattoos Are No Longer A Taboo

There was a time when getting jobs was difficult when the jobseeker got a visible tattoo design. Nowadays, most companies have stopped looking at tattoos as a negative part of a jobseekers personality. They have started accepting tattoos as an employees personal choice. However, there are some exceptions, and many big companies still wont hire a flaunting tattoo design.

Freedom Ink Tattoos Peoria Il

The crew at Freedom Inkled by veteran artist, Tim Beck, who has more than two decades of ink experience under his beltare the folks to see for a tattoo in Peoria. Located in the historic Warehouse District, the shop is dedicated to continuing the rich tradition of American tattoo artistry. Its works have been featured in prominent tattoo magazines, and Beck has tattooed at several major conventions.

View this post on Instagram

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Best Tattoos Shops Chicago

Before moving on to our three choices for best tattoo shops, we want to communicate top you here that finding a quality tattoo artists for your body art needs will require some hard work and research on your part. We understand that tattoos have become all the rage, particularly among celebrities and sports players like Colin Kaepernick. Just bear in mind that what may look good on one person may not be the best fit for you.

Remember, once you get a tattoo it is generally considered to be permanent. We encourage you to look around a bit as you search for your body art specialist and carefully consider the artists background and prior work product. Dont be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, give thought to the design and location of where you want your tattoo to appear.

If you are a person who struggles with body image issues, give double consideration and thought to any work you may want done because once you get a tat, its with you for life. Many of our therapists work with clients to help them explore their desire to get a tattoo and assist them in creating meaning around the various designs they are thinking about.

OK are you ready for our picks for the best tattoo shops in Chicago? Lets jump right in!

Awaken Tattoo And Gallery


Address: 2802 W Chicago Ave.

Andrew Leonardo created this bold Japanese-style fish design.

At Awaken Tattoo and Gallery on Chicago Ave., youll find the incredible Andrew Leonardo and Joseph Realubit. Andrew specializes in the Japanese style, creating tattoos of vibrant dragons, fish, and mythical figures. Joseph creates intricate black and white geometrical designs like mandalas. The shop also holds a gallery of the artists incredible work. Contact an artist directly via the contact form on their individual page on the studios website.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago Based On User Reviews

Best tattoo shops in Chicago, IL · Evergreen Studios · Deluxe Tattoo · Chicago Tattoo & Piercing · Insight Studios · Tattoo Factory · Tattoo Union · Logan Square

As tattooing becomes a culture, it should be safe and trustworthy. Online and social networks allow tattoo artists to build wide and stable networks. Many tattoo studios offer a variety of regulations and happy customers that add to the appeal of getting inked.

You can check out our list of the best tattoo studios in Chicago even if you are still skeptical and hard to trust. After we analyzed each studio and their customer satisfaction, we carefully chose the best ones. Find Tattoo Shops Near Me.

There is a concern among people about how tattoo artists put ethics and practices into work when they make a tattoo design. Therefore, only the best of the best have been selected. The websites, Instagram accounts, and all the valuable information you need to get started in the world of Chicago tattoos are included.

Visit Our Tattoo Studio Chicago

  • The professional vibe. Both our artists and clientsbenefit from our professional environment. You know its the right place if you can be relaxed. Thus, dont worry. We make sure you feel comfortable since it takes a while to get a tattoo done.
  • Our artists demonstrate the highest level of expertise when it comes to custom tattoos.
  • We can guide you through your whole tattoo experience. Since you walk in, we assess you in your decisions. Also, we have some recommendations for after and before you get your tattoo.
  • Our tattoo studio offers complete sterility and cleanliness. Your safety will always be our priority,.
  • We only use the best equipment and techniques for your tattoo. Looking for high-quality ink? At Stray Tatts, you cant expect less than that.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago

Tattooing is growing as a culture and in 2021, its made to be super-safe and trustworthy. Most tattoo artists built wide and reliable networks on the internet and social media. With various regulations and happy customers that share the joy of visiting a particular tattoo studio, nearly everyone is encouraged to come and get their first ink on the body.

But, if youre still skeptical and hard to trust, and you live in Chicago Illinois in the process, we believe its worth checking our list of the best tattoo studios in Chicago. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concern and goal, which is why we carefully picked the best studios after analyzing them and the customer satisfaction.

We understand that people are concerned about the ethics and practices different tattoo artists put into work to make a tattoo design real. Thats why we only picked the best of the best. We included the websites, Instagram accounts, and all the valuable info you need to get started into the world of tattoos in Chicago.

Jennifer Trok Jennifertroktattoos On Instagram

Tattoo Chicago Yelp | Review of Top Shop Artist

If youre looking for a playful take on traditional tattoos, Jennifer Trok is the female tattoo artist in Chicago that you want to see. Trok tattoos out of Deluxe Tattoo in the Lakeview neighborhood of the city. Her colorful, illustrative tattoos range from flowers and pets to Matryoshka dolls and teacups.

Trok updates her Instagram with all booking information and tries to book 2-3 months of appointments each time she opens her books. A minimum deposit of $100 is required to book an appointment with her. Trok regularly travels to conventions and participates in guest spots at other tattoo shops in different cities, so make sure to follow along with her social media accounts if you cant book with her in Chicago.

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Hanie Brown Feralcatbox On Instagram

Stephanie Brown is a female tattoo artist and painter in Chicago who mostly tattoos clients at Black Oak, located in Logan Square. Brown graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is known for her realistic, natural-history inspired work that looks like it belongs somewhere in a museum or a specimen cabinet.

Browns books are usually closed, and she does not accept client-requested work. Instead, she proposes projects that she is interested in tattooing and accepts inquiries about those projects, which she posts on her website. The best way to be notified about Browns new projects is via her email list, though you can also for information about special flash days and booking updates.

Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago 2022

Are you looking for the best shop to get your dream inking done in Chicago? This article will take you on a tour of the best tattoo shops in Chicago to get your tattoo done.

Some of the best tattoo shops and artists are said to operate in Chicago, Illinois. Thus, if you have always wanted to get a tattoo in Chicago, here is a list of the best shops you should consider visiting. Tattoo shops are so numerous in Chicago. It is no surprise for a city as famous and modern as it is.

Choosing the best shop to visit will demand some digging and recommendations. This difficulty is one of the reasons we have made this article. These shops are not only occupied by professionals versed in the art of inking tattoos they combine that with the right attitude, creativity, unique methods, and so much more to ensure you find satisfaction. With that being said, let us now take you into the world of the best tattoo shops in Chicago.

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A Professional And Relaxed Vibe

The initial phone contact or email sets the tone for the entire process. What do you think about them? Do they appear to be interested and useful? Are they considerate?

What is your first impression of the shop as you go in? Do you feel tense or take a big relax and breath right away? Do they greet you with a welcome?

Its a clear indicator of a quality store if they understand your demand and keep you feeling at ease.

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