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Good Tattoo Shops In Austin

How Can I Make My Tattoo Hurt Less

Austin Dermagraphix a Tattoo Studio in Austin offering Tattoo and Piercing

Getting a tattoo is painful. Everyone has different pain thresholds and sensitivity. The pain of your new tattoo will also depend on the size, the design and the location its placed in. There is no way to make your tattoo not hurt at all, but there are ways to helping minimize the pain.

Get a good nights sleep will make the tattoo process easier to manage. Try to conserve energy by avoiding the gym on the day of your tattoo appointment. You should also eat a good meal before the tattoo and drink plenty of water.

Avoid alcohol the day before your tattoo appointment. Alcohol dehydrates you and drinking a lot can make your blood thinner, both of these things will make the tattoo process harder which could make the tattoo take longer than usual and hurt more.

Did you know:

If the pain is too much, let your artist know. A good artist will let you take breaks.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Tattoo Shop

There are many things to consider when choosing a tattoo shop. You have to think of a shops proximity to your location. It makes no sense to have to cover half part of the earth to patronize a tattoo shop. Thus, it would help if you did your research well to get a list of tattoo shops available near you. Other factors to consider are availability, qualifications, workforce, reputation, professionalism, and experience. However, some of these need to be experienced or have someone who has had an experience using one of the brands to let you in on how good the experience was.

Tattoo Shops In Austin Phone Numbers And Address Of Tattoo Shops In Austin 2021

Are you trying to find the best tattoo artist in your region? Do you want to find the best in drawings? and the closest one in your region? Dont worry, stop looking, since we have the best ones for you to quote whenever you want, we have the phone numbers and addresses, so you dont waste your time searching the internet because we have what you need, you just have to select the best store of tattoos that interests you the most and call whenever you want, contact them and go to their facilities or call, Press the button to communicate with them, with the best tattoo shops in Austin.

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+ Best Tattoo Shops & Studios In Austin Tx

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All Saints Tattoo is a tattoo shop based in Austin and with a focus on traditional tattoos. It began operation in 2012. The artists at All Saints Tattoo are known for their proficiency in different tattoo styles and designs such as graphic, black and grey, and realistic designs. The studio ensures top-quality service by maintaining standard safety and hygiene practices. For instance, the studio employs the use of disposable single-use needles and tubes. Biological spore testing is also carried out every month.

The studio, which operates daily, accommodates walk-ins. All Saints Tattoo is located at 8303 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757.


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Art Realm Tattoo, a tattoo shop based in Austin, is focused on traditional tattoos and body art. The talented artists at the studio boast extensive degrees of experience in the tattoo industry. They are ever willing to help clients turn their tattoo ideas into fascinating end products.

Clients are provided with aftercare tips and suggestions, which are also available on the studios website. The studio is known for its standard hygiene and safety practices to ensure customers are comfortable and not at risk of any kind. Art Realm Tattoo is located at 6203 North Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78731.


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Little Pricks Tattoo Studio

The Best Tattoo Shops in Austin

11815 N FM 620 Suite 5Austin, TX 78750512-502-4591We serve Austin Texas with some of the best tattoos in the industry. We arent your traditional type of tattoo shop. Were original on every level our artwork, atmosphere, and attitude. We provide our clients with services and modifications that are innovative and unique through our various specialized techniques. Whether your tattoo is big or small our artist will be glad to help with any tattoo ideas that you have and bring them to reality.

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About The Tattoo Shop

Austin Texas’ finest tattooing shop since 2009. Specializing in all styles of tattooing, large or small scale.

Founder and shop owner, Jason Brooks, has been tattooing in Austin, Texas for over 20 years. His combination of classic American and Japanese tattooing formulated a specific style that has become world renowned. In 2009, Ben Siebert continued his career with Jason at Great Wave Tattoo, and the two of them continue to push the boundaries of their specific approaches to creative tattooing. The rest of the crew not only provides the same creative approach to large scale work, but also make Great Wave Tattoo walk-in friendly on a daily basis.

The crew at Great Wave look forward to providing the most professional and friendly tattooing experience Austin, Texas has to offer. From all of us here, we welcome you to come check the shop out 7 days a week, 12-8!

Best Austin Tattoo Shops

These 10 tattoo shops in Austin feature excellent artists working over various styles. All these listed we have found have a studio that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable. Most of the tattoo studios will work with you and the design that you would like as a forever showcase piece. Choosing a tattoo is a lifelong commitment choosing the tattoo artist that meshes well with you and can understand your vision is essential. These listed tattoo parlors have an artist that we thought worked well with the general public. Most of the artist has years of experience and have their work on display. Seeing a tattoo artists work is essential it showcases their style and ability.

Weve rounded up some of the best tattoo shops in Austin, whether its your first tattoo or another addition to your body. These tattoo parlors have fantastic tattoo artists and a relaxing atmosphere.

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The Best 10 Tattoo In Austin Tx

  • Downtown

    This is a placeholder

    Funny enough, I came across Sacrament Tattoo on Saturday night. My boyfriend and I had just got more

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  • 20 years in businessFree parking

    Stopped by to get a tattoo with Dean! My little boy is healing nicely. Thanks Dean! Will definitely recommend. more

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  • $$78704

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    Mom’s Tattoo embodies the true warm and welcoming culture of Texas in a nice small house. Imagine more

  • $$Sixth Street District

    This is a placeholder

    first tattoo. I am forever grateful for Angél’s linework! Can’t wait to visit again soon! more

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  • $$The Drag

    This is a placeholder

    Went in for a small walk-in tattoo today and let me tell you…. Nothing short of amazing. Derek more

  • $$

    This is a placeholder

    After stalking 10 or so artists that specialize in bold color and beautiful tattoos- I got more

  • $$

    This is a placeholder

    Kelly Barr is a master at his craft – i have a tattoo that he has done that had stood out more than more

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  • Family-owned & operatedLocally owned & operated

    was really helpful with my tattoo decision and voiced his opinion on the style and sizing. Throughout more

  • $$Downtown

    This is a placeholder

    Over the summer I did a drop in appointment for a really simple tattoo. Jason Garcia did it. It’s more

  • $

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    I loved how small and quiet this shop was. My mom and I came here to get matching tattoos. This more

  • 1
  • Austins Best Tattoo Shops:

    Incredible Tattoo Artist in Austin Texas

    The top rated Tattoo Shops in Austin are:

    • Triple Crown Tattoo -accepting walk-ins
    • Black Dagger Tattoo -a collective of some of Austins best and well-rounded tattooers
    • Gully Cat Tattoo -one of the most unique and attractive shops in Austin
    • Mainstay Tattoo -a cash-only shop
    • Electric 13 Tattoo -accommodates traveling tattoo artists

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    Top Tattoo Artists In Austin

    Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, and choosing the right tattoo artist can make the difference between loving your body art for the rest of your life and looking into tattoo removal techniques.

    Reputation is the first thing to consider. If youve heard a lot of good things about a particular tattoo artist or tattoo parlor, and better yet, if youve seen some of their work firsthand and been impressed by it, thats a great place to start. Reputation and experience often go hand in hand, and both should be taken into account.

    Some of our favorite Austin tattoo artists and shops have built solid reputations based on their talents and skills. If you are considering getting a tattoo in Austin, Texas, these are the places that you should definitely check out:

    Atomic Tattoo Resurrection Tattoo

    Remember that this is body art. Like any talented artist, a tattoo artist should have both incredible talent in art and design, and also a great amount of technical skill in their media of choice, in this case, tattooing. Essentially, you want someone who knows what good art looks like, and has the skills to produce that art on your body. They should also be ready and willing to listen to what you want and be able to incorporate that beautifully into your final design.

    So go ahead and take the plunge, because remember that tattoos arent really as permanent anymore! And please feel free to give Medermis Laser Clinic a call if you have any questions, or check us out on !

    Things To Do In Austin

    The art scene is out of this world as Austin is known for its creative side. This for good reason as Austin is the home of the Blanton museum which is the nations biggest University owned collect on exhibit. It is also home to the Harry Ransom Center which is the home of the Gutenberg Bible and the First Photograph. In addition, plenty of artists live in Austin. If you are a fan of the art scene, you can check out the work from sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, designers, painters, musicians and photographers in Austin at any time of the week, all year round.

    There is art everywhere and you can even check out the street fairs and festivals that are put on all year round. One of the well known galleries here in Austin is the Contemporary at the Jones Center, which is the place were artists, old or new, can have their work featured all year long. There are museums that are focused on the heritage of other cultures like the Carver Museum and the Mexic-Arte Museum. You can catch the ballet at the Long Center, which shows the choreographers and dancers. At the Bullock Museum, you can find a great deal of artifacts and images from the history of Texas. There are also some great festivals in the area including the Fusebox Festival and the Catheral of Junk amongst other eccentric activities.

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    Who Are The Best Austin Tattoo Artists Top Shops Near Me
      Austin, Texas is the home of some of the top tattoo artists in the state and plenty of them are known throughout the industry. Some of the top tattoo artists in Austin include David Poe, Tony Hundahl, Deb âMomâ Obregon, Ben DiPietro, Michael Norris, and â¦

    Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

    The Best Tattoo Shops in Austin

    Getting a tattoo requires the skill of a professional tattoo artist. Not just skilled, they should be able to work with you and help you develop a piece that you truly love. You should feel comfortable with your artist and like they are listening to your requirements. Remember, you have to live with the design for life.

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    How Much Do Tattoo Shops In Austin Cost

    Every artist and shop set their own hourly rate, flat rate, and minimum rate. To get an exact price, contact a tattoo studio or an artist. Go to their website and it should let you know the best way to get in touch. It will usually be via phone or email, but some to accept bookings via social media.

    Many artists will demand a deposit be put down to secure your appointment. This one time fee will usually be taken to cover the design fees and basic costs. You wont get your money back if you dont turn up for your appointment. Most artists will put the deposit fees towards the tattoo.

    Did you know:

    Tips are not expected but always appreciated much like other service industries in the US.

    Locate The Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

    Here you can find places with wonderful tattoo styles. Do you want the best tattoo for your body? You have reached the best website, we present you the addresses with their phone numbers, so you can locate the most original tattoo shops, and choose a realistic drawing, call now! to your tattoo shops in Austin.

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    What Is The Etiquette Of Being Tattooed

    You should dress for the day. Wear comfortable clothing that can be easily moved or removed, depending on the part of the body you are getting inked. Think about how comfortable you are showing your body when getting tattooed. Avoid tight clothing that will rub against your fresh tattoo and stop the healing process. Also, remember ink stains, so wear darker clothing that you dont mind getting stained.

    Please be on time to your tattoo appointment. Artists are very busy and have a schedule. Many of the Austin artists and studios mentioned in our article have late/cancellation policies. Because your artist will work close to you, they would appreciate your taking a shower, brushing your teeth and wearing clean clothing.

    Try to keep still during your tattoo. We understand that its natural to move a bit, but the more you do, the longer it will take to complete the piece. Your tattoo will also look better if you keep still. Also, never dont touch your tattoo or any of the items in the artists work area.

    Avoid bringing too many people. Some studios let you bring a friend who is over 18, some prefer you to come alone. If you do bring a friend, they should not get in the way and become a distraction for your artist. If your friend doesnt like or agree with your tattoo idea, its best to avoid inviting them. Also, a tattoo artist never appreciates a know-it-all, who thinks they could do their job better.

    Known As The Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

    Dovetail Tattoo Austin

    Clean. Bold. Professional. Creative.

    We serve Austin Texas with some of the best tattoos in the industry. We arent your traditional type of tattoo shop. Were original on every level our artwork, atmosphere and attitude. We provide our clients with services and modifications that are innovative and unique through our various specialized techniques.

    Swing by for a consultation.

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    The Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

    You know those horror stories about passing out drunk and waking up with some fresh ink? Yeah, its not quite like that.

    Getting inked requires the skill of a professional artist, who you work with to develop something youll be truly happy with forever and it also requires you to be sober.

    For anyone whos actually interested in getting tatted, whether its your first tattoo or one of many, weve rounded up some of Austins best tattoo shops. These parlors were chosen for their staff, environment and artwork: the hat trick of tattoo shop must-haves.

    Contributed by Emily Gibson

    No Good Tattoo

    1023 Springdale Rd Building 1 Suite E

    No Good Tattoo is a safe space that is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for their patrons while also delivering quality work. The residents at No Good are all women and nonbinary people who give both hand-poked and machine tattoos. With high-quality artists giving rad tattoos in a beautiful shop, it doesnt get much better than No Good.


    Moms Tattoo

    1703 S Lamar Blvd

    Promising to deliver out of this world tattoos at a down to earth price, Moms is a South Austin staple that has been inking bodies since 2000. Whether youve got your tat planned out with a story behind it or want to make an impulse decision, the artists at Moms pledge to create something youll love.


    310 W 17th St

    1703 E Cesar Chavez St


    514 E 6th St

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are some popular services for tattoo?

    Some popular services for tattoo include:

  • Virtual Consultations

  • What are people saying about tattoo in Austin, TX?

    This is a review for tattoo in Austin, TX:

    “After stalking 10 or so artists that specialize in bold color and beautiful tattoos- I got on the books with Titya. She is helpful, conscientious, and offered great tips about placement and size. She has an extremely “light touch”- it was painless! I’m so happy with her work- I have my next time with her scheduled! Great work!”

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    Best Tattoo Shops In Austin Tx

    Expert recommended Top 3 Tattoo Shops in Austin, Texas. All of our tattoo shops actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

    Since 2002

    Heres The Deal:Platinum Ink is a top-rated tattoo studio that has been providing the highest quality tattoo and piercing services since 2002. They have skilled tattoo and piercing artists who strive to provide unique tattoo design services in a safe and sterile environment. Their seasoned tattoo artists can help you make your creative ideas manifest into reality. They have the skills and vision to create tattoo designs for women, men, and everyone in between. Their tattooists take the time to understand exactly what youre looking for and work with you to create the perfect tattoo that perfectly suits your specific skin tone. Their studio uses the best tattoo ink to provide the long-lasting results that you want. The studio has earned a strong reputation for providing reliable tattoo and piercing services throughout Austin and surrounding areas. Contact them for a free consultation with any of their talented tattoo artists to discuss your tattooing needs. They offer tattoo gift cards too.

    Since 1992

    SPECIALTY:Free-Hand, Nature, Animated, Heart, Skull, Rose, Cover-Up, Full Color, Black and Grey, Tiger, Lettering, Realistic, Custom, Body Art, Floral, Fine Line, Tribal & Traditional Tattoos

    Since 1998

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