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How To Sue A Tattoo Artist

Noticing Mistakes After Tattoo Has Healed

Life of a Tattoo Artist With Stage 4 Cancer

Usually, the best thing you can do is tell your artist that something is wrong with a tattoo as soon as the session is complete.

Early fixes are much easier to make, and after the tattoo has healed, it gets much harder. Many tattoo studios dont offer a warranty after the tattoo has healed.

However, if there are some small mistakes, the tattoo artist will offer the rework or some little patching and shading to make sure that the tattoo looks good and the client is satisfied.

Note: If youve only noticed that the tattoo isnt the way you wanted it to be after it healed.

Talk to your tattoo artist and make sure to come up with a common solution like reworking your tattoo or covering the faulty element with some other symbol.

How To Market Yourself As A Tattoo Artist

Here are 3 cheap, easy marketing tactics to get more tattoo business:

1. Build an Email List

Building an email list usually means giving something away for free in exchange for a persons email address. For example, you could give away sketchbooks or digital prints for free in return for a potential clients email address. Now that you have a long list of people you can contact whenever you want, you can simply send out an email when you have time open in your schedule for more clients.

Note: An email list is more reliable than only having social media. If your Instagram gets deleted or you get locked out, all of your contacts are lost. An email list, however, you can keep forever.

2. Build a Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group allows you to build a brand and community of people who are constantly looking at your work and seeing your growth as an artist. Theres no competition in this space because youre the only artist there, and you have a chance to build a relationship with the people in the group. You can continue to build trust by posting valuable content about how to care for their tattoos, tattoo tips for beginner members who are interested in tattooing, etc. The more your audience trusts you, the easier it will be to sell tattoos to them.

3. Building a Personal Website

Learn more about growing a tattoo business with our Tattoo Business Marketing Guide.

Can Tattoo Artists Copy A Drawing

While tattoo artists can technically copy a drawing and use it for a tattoo, its not considered best practice legally, professionally, or creatively. Most artists will prefer to make something their own, perhaps taking inspiration from a drawing or pre-existing piece of art, but adding additional creative twists and original elements. Legally speaking, it would be considered copyright infringement to use someone elses unaltered artwork as a tattoo, but it would be unlikely that a person would sue over this or pursue any type of legal action.

Tattoo on the right is a copy of painting by Andres on the left. Sourced from IG: tattoocopycats

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Looking For A Tattoo Artist

That’s why were here. No matter your idea, budget or location, we will help you find the perfect artist for your next tattoo.

For example, if you select an artist who is known for crafting custom one-off tattoos, and you decide to get an original piece from them, this tattoo would be considered the artists intellectual property in the eyes of the law. Now, this doesnt mean that you cant take photographs of your new tattoo, or show it off, but if your custom tattoo is used in a commercial sense, or is tied to any promotional material, then there could be grounds for a lawsuit where the artist would most likely win.

To determine whether or not your tattoo is covered by copyright it must be shown to meet certain criteria. For a tattoo to be protected under copyright it must be original to the artist and it must be shown to possess at least a minimal amount of creativity. If you assisted your artist in the actual design and layout of your tattoo, then the tattoo is considered a collaboration, in which case both of you would own the rights to the piece.

Awesome example of inspiration rather than reproduction…Van Gogh inspired tattoo by Mambo Tattooer #Mambo#MamboTattooer#VanGogh

Can You Sue A Beauty Salon Or Artist For A Botched Microblading Procedure

Tattoo by Sue Jeiven

Microblading is the latest hot trend in the beauty industry. While this tattoo-based eyebrow treatment procedure is called microblading, it does not involve the use of blades.

Millions of women have jumped on the beauty trend in recent years. One of the benefits of microblading is that it gives you a permanent and flawless look that lasts much longer than plucking or waxing your brows.

A microblading procedure can go wrong

The downside is that it can be painful because the procedure involves the use of tiny, fine-point needles. Because microblading involves breaking into the skin, the procedure could go wrong for many reasons.

As a result of a botched microblading procedure, the client could end up suffering injuries, permanent disfigurement, burns, or facial scarring. If you were injured during a microblading procedure, consult with a Miami personal injury attorney to determine whether you can sue the beauty salon or the artist/technician who performed the procedure.

Causes and consequences of botched microblading procedures

Microblading can go wrong when the artist or technician performing it is not properly trained, licensed, or qualified to perform the procedure.

Other times, microblading injuries occur when the artist uses faulty equipment. If the tools used for microblading are defective and were not misused by the esthetician the injured client could have grounds to pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective equipment.

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What Is A Tattoo Injury Or Illness

If your tattoo artist has not adhered to basic standards for hygiene and good health and safety practices for clients and you suffer some kind of tattoo injury, you could make a tattoo negligence claim. There could be many ways in which you could be injured while getting a tattoo. These could include:

  • Injuries that occur within the tattoo parlour such as slips, trips and falls
  • Infections from poor hygiene practices these could cause an abscess that might leave you with a permanent scar

What Else To Know

Of course, not all tattoo sessions end happily. Some tattoo artists are hard for discussions and dont want to accept the guilt upon themselves.

Thats why its important to communicate it with them properly and politely. Here we answer the common questions about tattoo mistakes.

What To Do If My Tattoo Artist Refuses To Take Responsibility For Mistakes They Made?

Sometimes tattoo artists dont want to accept responsibility for the mistakes they made. Thats why you need to talk to them politely.

Its extremely important to keep a polite tone and come to a common solution that will benefit both of you. Keep in mind that your tattoo artist also invests time and skill to make your tattoo a reality.

If the mistake was brought on because of your error, discuss it in depth.

Should I Sue Tattoo Artist For A Badly Done Tattoo?

Rising a lawsuit sounds radical, but realistic if the tattoo artist acts inappropriately and the mistake is theirs.

Professional tattoo studios offer a waiver that needs to be signed, so that tattoo artists would ensure that they will be clean in case of some crazy mistake.

However, if you can prove that the tattoo artist was negligent and irresponsible towards your skin and it ended up badly for you, a lawsuit could be worth it.

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What To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Your friend may tell you she got her tattoo at Joes Ink on 37th street, and that Joe is the best tattoo artist in the world and half the price of other parlors. Thats fine, but taking your friends word for it could be a decision youll soon regret. The saying goes, Good tattoos arent cheap, and cheap tattoos arent good.

Were not just talking about design. Think about your health and safety before submitting to a tattoo or body piercing.

Licensing: Be sure the shop is a legitimate, registered business in your state.

Certification: The tattoo artist should have completed safety courses on blood-borne pathogens .

Alcohol: Avoid drinking before getting a tattoo or piercing. Alcohol thins your blood and will increase bleeding during the process.

Allergies: Talk to your tattoo artist before the process starts if you are allergic to hair dyes, cheap jewelry, or other skin irritants. You may be at higher risk of a reaction to colored tattoo dyes.

Advice: When a tattoo artist is reluctant to give you that tattoo, take the time to think about it. For example, many reputable artists will refuse to tattoo a young girls face or place a first-time tattoo in a highly conspicuous place.

Aftercare: Youre responsible for good aftercare of a tattoo or piercing to avoid complications. You cant go swimming or tanning for some time after a tattoo, so dont get one at the beach, or before your Bermuda honeymoon.

A Negative Outcome Which Is Partially Your Fault

Getting a sleeve tattoo?!!! | PETITE-SUE DIVINITII

If you are partially responsible for noncompliance with aftercare protocols, then the amount of compensation for which you qualify might be affected and decreased. However, even if you are partly to blame, a personal injury lawsuit might be necessary to help you collect the partial compensation that is the responsibility of the tattoo parlor for their part of the problem. Personal injury compensation is often split between parties. Even if you are partly to blame, you should not have to bear the entire cost of a resulting infection or medical costs. An experienced accident injury lawyer near you will have the training to help you make a case for sharing culpability between responsible parties.

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Hectograph Tattoo Transfer Paper

A hectograph tattoo transfer paper is also referred to as a manual or freehand transfer paper. The artist draws the tattoo design manually on the tattoo transfer paper.

This type of transfer paper is made up of 3 sheets. The first sheet is used for manually drawing your tattoo design. The second sheet serves as a barrier between the tattoo transfer paper and carbon paper. The third sheet is a carbon paper.

Can I Sue My Tattoo Artist

  • Posted on Nov 5, 2011

The answer to your question is that if the tattoo artist’s technique fell below the standard of care applicable for similar service providers and that can be causally related to your poor outcome then yes. In the meantime, it would seem that a proper medical work up for residual infection, skin abscess etc. would be essential both from a health care standpoint and establishing why this appeared to have occurred. I suspect that there are certain risks, including infection, that are part of the calculus in having these procedures as well as proper sterilization procedures that your Tattoo artist should have utilized. Suggest you call me to discuss. PaulLaw Offices Of Paul Levin40 Russ Street

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Can You Sue A Tattoo Artist For Infection

Infections occur when bacteria enter the skin through an open wound. There are bacteria everywhere, on most surfaces and in the case of tattoo parlours, the very nature of getting a tattoo creates several openings in the skin. If the skin, chair, equipment and tattoo artists hands are not cleaned before the tattoo begins, then there is a much greater risk of bacteria infecting the skin as the tattoo is being done.

Every tattoo studio should have strict cleaning and hygiene standards to ensure that the risk of infection is kept minimal. Equipment should be sterilised, and the chair and skin should be cleaned with anti-bacterial products before your tattoo. The artist should use a new, sterile needle and wear a fresh pair of latex gloves throughout the tattoo process.

Do Tattoo Artists Owe Customers A Duty Of Care

Tattoo by Sue Jeiven

A tattoo artist does owe a duty of care to clients. They should perform their trade to a reasonable standard, and they should do so with skill. They should also ensure they provide a clean, safe place in which to provide their services, to reduce the risks of infection. Your tattoo studio should ensure that they:

  • Check their clients are over the age of 18
  • Have consent from the client to perform tattooing services. This consent needs to come from someone who is fully informed of the risks and aftercare requirements of a tattoo.
  • Check there are no prior medical conditions that could affect their health and safety by getting a tattoo.
  • Keep clients consent and medical assessments for up to two years.
  • Follow stringent procedures for handwashing and glove usage.
  • Use new needles that are sterile for each client.
  • Ensure proper aftercare advice is provided
  • Ensure proper disposal of used waste that has been contaminated with blood, including used needles
  • And more.

Failure to adhere to these basic standards may mean a tattoo artist could be held liable to tattoo injury negligence claims against them if it could be proven that their negligence caused harm to a client.

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Could I Claim For A Poor Tattoo

One common question surrounding tattoo claims is can you sue someone for a bad tattoo? Unfortunately, if the tattoo has not injured you in any way, and you have not been the victim of tattoo artist malpractice by way of causing you to suffer an infection, allergic reaction, or scarring, for example, you would not likely be able to claim tattoo compensation. This is because it could be expected that you should have done research into the tattoo artist that gave you the tattoo.

However, this does not mean you cannot do anything if a tattoo artist messed up what to do may involve complaining to the salon and asking them to fix what is wrong with the tattoo or asking for a partial/full refund for the money you paid for such a tattoo. However, they would not be legally obliged to offer you this, and it would be offered at their discretion if it was offered at all.

However, if the tattoo artist has drawn a completely different design to what you ordered, and you could prove this, you may have cause to look into making tattoo injury negligence claims against the tattooist or tattoo parlour. It may be worth speaking to one of our advisors to see if this could be the case for you.

No Win No Fee Tattoo Claims

Making a No Win No Fee tattoo compensation claim couldnt be easier. You forgo the financial risk of potentially huge legal fees when signing a No Win No Fee agreement. Thats because you wont pay a penny in legal fees if your case is unsuccessful. If you receive compensation for your tattoo injury claim, your legal fees deduct from your final payout.

Legal Experts panel of solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis. So, our team of personal injury specialists are always working as hard as possible in your best interests.

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Tattoo Lawsuits Are Not Uncommon

Reputable tattoo shops carry insurancewith good reason. Tattoo lawsuits are commonplace, particularly those that are based on injuries rather than regret or disappointment. Your mistakesspelling errors, mistaken translations of symbolslikely wont be covered by insurance, says Perry.

Here are some tattoo complaints and how to pursue redress:

I dont really like my tattoo. If youre unhappy with the aesthetics of the artists work it just didnt turn out the way you hoped it would youre probably not going to collect on any insurance claims. But its worth a shot: if the shop has insurance, your claim will be reviewed by the insurer and settled or rejected accordingly.

The tattoo just sucks. When the tattoo is of poor quality, and you think that the tattoo parlor did not provide you with the type of tattoo for which you paid, then you may be able to approach the issue as a breach of contract. In such a case, your recoverable damages would likely be no more than what you paid for the tattoo or what it will cost to have it fixed. Keep in mind that this sort of claim would require expert testimony by another professional in the industry.

Popular Forms Of Body Modification

Photographer Sues Celebrity Tattoo Artist For © Infringement

Twenty years ago tattoos were mainly associated with drunken sailors and motorcycle gangs. Now, most types of body modifications are socially acceptable. Tattoos and piercings have gone mainstream.

The most popular forms of body modification are:

Tattoos: Tattooing is a form of body modification where repeated needle punctures are made to insert inks, dyes, or other pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to create a design.

Cosmetic tattoos: Also called permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoos are also applied by using needles to insert ink into the skin. Cosmetic tattoos are used to create or enhance eyebrows, as permanent eyeliner, and to define lip lines. Cosmetic tattooing may be used after breast reconstruction to create the appearance of an areola and nipple.

Piercings: Body piercing is the practice of puncturing a body part to create an opening for the insertion of jewelry such as studs, rings, hoops, and barbells. Ear piercing outside of the earlobe is called high-cartilage piercings. Earlobe piercings can be stretched to create large holes to accommodate disc-type jewelry.

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Mixing Your Own Gray Wash

Black and gray tattoos are easier than color tattoos because they rely only on shading . However, without the gray wash mixed at the right solutions, you cant achieve those different values. If you want to make your own gray wash in individual caps, you can learn how in our Tattoo Shading Guide.

Note: Mixing your own gray wash will save you a ton of money. Just make sure that you wear gloves while mixing, your area is sterile, and that you do it over a sink.

If you want to make your own gray wash in large batches, you will need four sterile 50ml bottles, one in each of the following concentrations:

  • 50mls black
  • 5 mls black, 45 mls witch hazel
  • 2.5 mls black, 47.5 mls of witch hazel
  • 1.25mls black, 48.75 mls of witch hazel
  • If you want to buy premixed gray wash, all you have to do is put the ink in your ink caps, and youre ready to go.

    Note: Keep in mind gray wash heals 30% lighter. While shading tattoos, always do black and gray tattoos just a little darker than you think they should be.

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