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Can You Microblading Over Tattooed Eyebrows

Pros And Cons Of Eyebrow Tattooing

Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29


  • Tattoed brows last a lifetime
  • Tattoed brows are cheaper than the microblading procedure


  • Tattoed brows can change color after a while.
  • Tattoed brows can become thicker in time because the ink might move and the shape of the brow may change.
  • Tattoed brows dont look as natural as microbladed brows.

In closing, microbladed brows are different from tattooed brows. In the end, it all comes to your personal preferences and desires. There is no right or wrong choice.

How Is Microblading Eyebrows Different To Having Your Brows Tattooed

âMicroblading, unlike tattooing, is not in the deep layer of skin, but more on the surface. This is also not permanent, and the colour fades within 18 months.

âThe hair strokes are far more natural and finer than any tattoo, as a handheld needle/blade is used there is no electrical gadget that permeates deep in this technique. There is therefore more of a scratching noise, rather than a buzz of a tattoo gun which pierces the skin so deeply.â

Eyebrow Microblading On Older Skin : All You Need To Know

Does microblading work on older skin?is a question Ive posed to Google time and time again. I therefore thought that some of you might be interested in my microblading experience. If it worked for Helen Mirren in her 60s, then it was worth a try in my late 40s!

Ive hated my eyebrows for as long as I can remember. During my childhood and young teens, the naturally bushy eyebrows that I was born with, were a subject of much mockery. During the 90s when I finally plucked up the courage to do something about them, I went a little too far, resulting in two thin lines of whispy shapelessness lines that sadly never grew back! I had a brief dalliance with threading and more recently, I resorted to the daily chore of filling them in with a pencil.

For the last 3 years, Ive been having the stray hairs waxed every 6 weeks and the few hairs that I do have, tinted. When my beautician, Jasmine, said that she was going on a course to learn how to do microblading, I was the first in line. Looking for guinea-pigs at a 50% discount? Even more reason to sign up!

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What If Eyebrow Tattoo Cover

If we cannot cover up your eyebrow tattoo, you may consider getting a laser tattoo removal or saline tattoo removal. We highly recommend PicoWay laser tattoo removal. It involves using a PicoWay laser to produce light, breaking down the tattoo ink into tiny particles. This debris is then naturally removed by your bodys immune system.

Tiffany Nicole Beauty can help turn your dream eyebrows into a reality. We are a permanent makeup studio with 11 years of experience in the beauty industry. We provide microblading services to clients across Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, and Washington DC. Contact us at 703-200-7268 to book an appointment.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Eyebrows Tattooed

Microblading with an Eyebrow Tattoo? A Complete Guide

If you have recently tanned, this will affect the outcome of the healed colour.

If you are sunburnt you will need to reschedule your Microblading appointment your deposit will be lost.

Do not drink ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE before the procedure .

Do not take Advil, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen or other blood thinners, 48hrs prior to your procedure. If you are taking Iron supplements, fish oils or flaxseed oil please stop these one week prior to your appointment. All mentioned above will cause unnecessary bleeding, giving you unsatisfactory results bleeding pushes the pigment out of the skin and can also effect the healed colour. In addition to effecting healed results it could also cause scar tissue.

If you have sun damaged skin please note that this can effect the results. If you are currently suffering from acne in the forehead area this can also significantly effect healed results, its best to first treat the skin before getting the tattooing done.

If youve had laser removal on the brows, the treated area can effect the outcome of the healed results. Please note you may need more treatments than usual to get desired pigment retention. You must wait at least 8 months after getting laser in the brow area before booking in to get tattooing done, please contact me before booking.

Botox should be done at least 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure, Eyebrow Tattooing requires stretching of the skin, which could move your botox if its fresh.

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What Is Microshading And How Is It Different To Microblading

Yes the names might sound confusingly similar but microblading and microshading are totally different, we promise.

Both forms of semi-permanent make-up for your eyebrows, they have a few subtle but important differences. Compared to microbladingâs super precise, individual hair look, microshading has a much softer finish. Think of it like using a brow pencil compared to a brow powder or pomade.

Where microblading tattoos hair-like strokes in your existing brows, microshading tattoos tiny dots along your brows for a less defined finish.

Not sure which technique is for you? Fear not, because often technicians combine both methods to create the most realistic and natural finish.

Which Situations Mean You Cant Have Eyebrow Tattoos Done

There are a few situations in which permanent eyebrow tattooing is not recommended. For example, if you have any active skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, youll need to wait until the condition has cleared before getting tattoos.

In addition, if youve recently had any sort of facial surgery, youll need to wait until your incisions have healed before getting tattoos. And, if youre pregnant or breastfeeding, its best to wait until after youve given birth before getting any tattoos.

How long does it take for eyebrow tattoos to fade completely?

Permanent eyebrow tattoos typically last for one to three years before they start to fade. However, the exact amount of time will depend on a number of factors, such as your skin type, the ink used, and how well you take care of your tattoo.

If you want your tattoo to last longer, be sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. In addition, try to avoid exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals, as these can cause the tattoo to fade more quickly.


Eyebrow tattoos can last for one to three years, but the exact amount of time will depend on factors such as your skin type, the ink used, and how well you take care of your tattoo.

If you want your tattoo to last longer, be sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. In addition, try to avoid exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals, as these can cause the tattoo to fade more quickly.


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Microblading Vs Eyebrow Tattooing

When considering which is best for you, its helpful to understand the differences between these two eyebrow-enhancing techniques.

Permanent vs Impermanent

For most people, the most significant difference between microblading and eyebrow tattoos is the longevity of the results each provides.

Eyebrow tattoos are permanent. Once the ink is tattooed onto the skin it is there for life . Once you have an eyebrow tattoo, its forever unless removed via tattoo removal treatments.

This is very different from microblading, where the results typically last about 6 months to a year. Because the pigment doesnt go as deep, it fades as your skin cells naturally turn over. Simple touch up treatments can be done annually if the microblading patient wishes to maintain their enhanced brow. The semi-permanent nature of microblading allows patients the ability to change the appearance of their brow as trends and styles change.

Microblade Pigment vs Tattoo Ink

Microblading pigments come in organic or inorganic varieties, in a range of several colors. As microblading ink slowly fades it does get lighter, but the tone stays the same. Microblading pigment is specifically designed to fade into a lighter version of the color used so the patient retains a natural appearance. Thus, the result maintains a natural appearance until it fully fades away.

Blading vs Needling

Fine Lines vs Filled Brows

Natural-looking Outcome


Which Should I Choose

Microblading & Tattoo Eyebrows: What I Wish I Knew | Beauty with Susan Yara

Both microblading and eyebrow tattooing have their pros and cons. A review of each can help you choose which method of eyebrow enhancement is best for you.

Once youve made your decision, select an aesthetician that specializes in microblading, or a tattoo artist that focuses specifically on eyebrows and permanent make-up. Ask to see before and after photos of their past clients, and familiarize yourself with their reviews before committing to the procedure.

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Which Technique Is Best For You

You may know what you like or, better said, what you think you like, but is it the best option for YOU? First and foremost, a skilled technician will let you know if your skin even allows for some of these techniques to be an option. Very thin, easy-to-tear, or brittle skin, for example, will not be able to heal well from the trauma of microblading. This results in a complete fading of the tattoo at best or unsightly blotching or smudging of the tattoo with possible scarring at worst.

Someone who likes dark, full brows, and fills them in everyday, probably wont be satisfied by microblading. Even once the area heals, they may find themselves using their make-up over perfectly shaped brows, just because they are not full enough. Microblading will not create a completely filled look it will add hairs and shape, but not fill.

Microblading Doesnt Hurt Mostly

The vast majority of microblading clients feel minimal or no pain. I frequently have clients fall asleep during the procedure! First, I apply an anesthetic to the eyebrow area. After a few minutes, the brows are numb. While you should fear the tattoo gun, you dont need to worry about pain from microblading.

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What Can You Expect During Your Appointment

Designing your brows, Melissa will measure and mark your face by methods of The Golden Ratio using measuring tools to help achieve the best proportions & symmetry for your bone structure.

With a Cosmetic Tattooing pencil, Melissa will draw a brow shape in accordance with the markings we have already made. Melissa can adjust the thickness of the brow to suit your face, your input is also extremely important. Melissa will not proceed to tattoo your new brows until you are 100% happy with the shape. Two hours are put aside to discuss, shape, healing process, pigment colours, the Microblading itself is quite quick, you then have pigment soaks in-between. If you are getting ombre the tattooing can take a couple of hours, this is the least painful of the two options, clients often fall asleep without numbing cream while getting it done.

What Are The Reasons For Having Your Eyebrow Tattooed

Can You Microblade Over Tattooed Eyebrows

The most common reason people get eyebrows cosmetic tattoos to improve the look of their brows. If you have sparse or uneven brows, eyebrow tattoos can give you the appearance of fuller, more evenly-shaped brows.

Tattooed eyebrows can also be a good solution for people who have difficulty applying makeup to their brows. If you have a hard time getting your brows to look the way you want them to, eyebrow tattoos can give you the perfectly shaped brows youve always wanted.

Another reason people get eyebrow tattoos is to save time in their daily beauty routine. If you dont have time to fill in your brows every day, or if youre just tired of having to do it, eyebrow tattoos can give you the low-maintenance brows you desire.

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What Can I Expect During The Eyebrow Treatment

An in depth consultation where expectations are discussed, facial measurements are taken, colors are determined, and a removable drawing of what your brows will look like is performed for your approval before the tattooing procedure. The procedure can be performed the same day of the consultation. We allow enough time to complete paperwork, take before/after photos, 15-20 minutes of topical numbing, the procedure, and finally a review of aftercare.

Can You Remove Microblading

Eyebrow tattoo removal? Yep, its a thing now.

Eyebrow tattoos, or microblading, has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. You see salons across Toronto, London, and through Ontario now offering microblading. Many freelance estheticians and make up professionals also offer these services. And with any new cosmetic procedure, there are those who do it right, and those who dont.

Those who are properly educated in microblading are experts at cosmetic tattoos and can make your eyebrows look their very best. Then there are those who dont do such a great job, leaving many women with horrendous looking permanent eyebrows. This also means eyebrow tattoo removal is on the rise.

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What Is Eyebrow Tattoo

To start off, its important to note that, since hardly anyone does traditional tattooing on the brows anymore, permanent makeup for eyebrows is sometimes called an eyebrow tattoo.

And technically, microblading is a type of tattoo, but not the traditional kind.

Traditional eyebrow tattooing is similar to any other type of tattooing. Here, tattoo artists use a machine that inserts tattoo ink into your skin in a tapping motion. The formula of the ink is highly concentrated, and the body doesnt break it down significantly.

This way, the ink stays permanently, theres no significant fading, and there is no going back .

The traditional tattooing technique only allows for a shading effect, not hair-like strokes, so the end results will be more obvious. If the ink saturation is high, the arches often end up looking like a block of color rather than natural volume.

What Is The Microblading Healing Process

I Tried Microblading My Eyebrows For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Otsuji points out that the healing process can take 10 to 14 days for the brow area to fully heal. “At Studio Sashiko, we instruct our clients to gently blot their brows every few hours for the first 48 hours to help remove any lymph fluid and excess oil,” she continues. “Patting the area dry afterward will ensure the microblading will not have too much build-up or moisture on the surface. This build-up can cause excessive scabbing which we want to avoid.”

Other things to avoid in the days immediately following are sweating, swimming, and saunas, as Otsuji reiterates that keeping the area dry is important for best results. She also notes that your brows will start to peel around day three, but you should not pick or scratch at them. Instead, apply a barrier cream for a boost of hydration and comfort.

The brows will continue to lighten over a six-week period, as your skin regenerates and naturally exfoliates. But even after this six-week mark, as brow stylist Joey Healy tells Allure, simple things like sun exposure can fade your brows more quickly than you might expect. “Your face gets a ton of sun, even in the winter and cold climates, and it does degrade the ink faster,” Healy explains. “The sun hitting your face will change the color of the ink to sometimes look orangey, blue, and I’ve even seen pink.” So even if your brows are completely healed, you may still want to wear large sunglasses and a hat for extra protection.

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Send Us A Picture Upfront

At Tiffany Nicole Beauty, we require our customers first to email us pictures of their eyebrow tattoos. Then, an experienced and skilled artist will evaluate your photos to see if we can help you.

We recommend taking the pictures in natural lighting with no makeup to make the brows super visible. But, of course, you also want to ensure the photos are filter-free.

Before And After Microblading

The truth is, microblading is not 100% successful on all skin types Its definitely worth doing your own research first.

Overall, Im really happy with the end result. It took me ages to get used to seeing a fuller bulb every time I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at my own reflection! Im told that being older, my new brows may well last longer so Im hoping that I wont need a top up for another couple of years. I will keep you posted!

If youve got any questions about my experience, please comment below and Ill do my best to answer them.

The full cost of my microblading + a retouch was £100. This had a 50% discount applied as my technician was still in training. The usual cost is around £200-250 and the results last between 1 and 3 years.

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Two Important Factors: Darkness And Shape

We can probably tell whether it’s possible to microblade over your eyebrow tattoos without your actually coming in for an in-person evaluation. Send us photographs of your eyebrows taken in natural lighting, with your forehead relaxed, and without any makeup or special camera filters that might yield altered images. Two important factors will jump out at us right away: darkness ahd shape.

An overly-dark tattoo would obscure any new lines we add through microblading. Tattoos applied too deeply, or with too much density of pigment, will impose a dark, blocky, shadowy, unrealistic effect on our work. As for shape, we must follow the shape of the original tattoo as we apply the microblading technique in order to cover it up properly. If the tattoo extends beyond the natural outline of natural eyebrows, the new microblading will look unnatural as well. As long as tattoo work you wish to cover is sufficiently light and adheres to a natural eyebrow shape and outline, we should have no trouble adding realistic-looking microbladed eyebrows on top of it.

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