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How Much Do Tattoos Cost

Eyeliner Tattoo Cost & Cosmetic Tattoos

How Much Will My Tattoo Cost? | Tattoo Pricing Guide

To get celebrity-quality cosmetic tattoos such as eyeliner and other facial enhancements costs around $1,500 to $3,000. The specialists who do this work are highly trained, and they use equipment unique to their practice. Do not ever go to a traditional tattoo parlor and expect to get top-quality cosmetic facial tattoos because they don’t have the training or setup for it.

How Much Does A Blacklight Ink Tattoo Cost

You can expect to pay about $150 to $300 per hour of work to get a blacklight-ink tattoo, which is generally double the average tattoo cost. Since blacklight-reactive UV ink is thinner and more challenging to work with, it can take almost twice as long for the tattoo artist to complete them. Besides, they also have to work under a backlight to see the ink correctly.

Be aware that some of these specialty UV inks contain phosphorus, which can be toxic to your body in high amounts. When possible, choose higher quality UV blacklight-reactive ink that does not contain any phosphorus. You also have higher risks of your body rejecting the ink, leading to color changes or difficulty healing. UV ink doesn’t always combine well with other tattoo inks either, especially if you’re getting a design that’s an outline in regular tattoo ink and filled in with UV ink. Make sure your tattoo artist has checked their inks for possible chemical reactions between their inks. Blacklight-ink tattoos typically fade after about five years too, even if your body tolerates them well.

Cover Up An Old Tattoo

The idea of a cover-up tattoo is helpful for some people. In simple words, some people want to get rid of a tattoo but want a new tattoo on the same skin area. Then, they can get a new tattoo on the previous tattoo.

Keep in mind that a cover-up tattoo needs a great tattoo designer. Getting a cover-up tattoo costs more than a simple tattoo design. The first reason is making an interesting tattoo design to hide a previous tattoo design. The second reason is more quantity of ink and colors used in filling.

Meanwhile, there are two big advantages of getting a cover-up tattoo. First, you can get rid of an old tattoo design without tattoo removal. Second, you get a new tattoo without getting a tattooed new skin area.

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How Much Does A Full Back Tattoo Cost

A full back tattoo has a wide range of cost, but we know its going to be on the higher end of the spectrum because it is the largest space on the body and will take a lot of time and ink to fill. Full back tattoos will range in the vicinity of $1,500 to $5,500. You are talking about many hours of work and if you work with a more renowned tattoo artist, the cost could be even more. Make sure you are doing your research before you start a project like this. It is quite a commitment.

What Youll End Up Paying

How Much Do Tattoos Cost

One tattoo shop might charge $100 while another just down the road will want a $1,000. Your best bet is to always choose a shop that you believe is going to do the best work for the budget you have set for the piece!

Common rates: $75 -$150 hour. However, its not unheard of to see hourly rates as low as $50-$60 or even well above $200-$250 an hour. For certain in-demand artists, $350-$500+ per hour should be expected as the minimum rate.

In comparison, think about the cost of tattoo removal for a moment. Over seven treatments, each will cost $200 and generally take 15 mins. Thats $800 per hour! Dont get bummed out by hourly rates for new tattoos that seem expensive, they are reasonable all said and done, with everything considered!

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How Much Does A Touch Up Tattoo Cost

After some time, you might notice that your tattoo is losing a bit of its pop or luster that you loved about it at the beginning. A touch up might be just what the doctor ordered. One of the common practices of tattoo shops is to offer free touch ups on the tattoos they have done if you have taken care of the tattoo. These are sometimes time sensitive offers. Other times, shops will give you greatly discounted rates for coming back to them for a touch up.

The Complexity Of Design

The design complexity can be determined by many factors, including design, size, number of colors, and tools.

If you choose a simple chest tattoo like name, any symbol, or quote, it will not cost high, but if you choose a complex design that covers your chest, it will definitely take more time and cost.

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How Much Do Henna Tattoos Usually Cost

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Triceps Tattoo Cost $200 $500


The triceps tattoo is not so common as the other one mentioned until now, but it deserves a space on our list because always more people are starting to get interested in making a tattoo on that part of the body.

The triceps are usually chosen by people who have a job requiring a certain appeal, and they have to hide it during the day.

You can insert almost every style you like, from animals, symbols, and traditional tattoos in the triceps tattoo.

Considering the average size of the triceps of a person, the cost for making a triceps tattoo goes from $200 to $500 if you wont realize a colored tattoo with a complicated line.

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Popularity Of The Shop

Even if you choose to go to an artist that is relatively unknown, you might still be charged more if they are at a popular shop. Their shop is the name that is bringing all the customers in so if you happen to go in there, the artist might have to charge more because the shop is charging them more. This comes with the territory when you are going to a big name. In many cases, these bigger names offer better customer service, so you might be offered free touchups or some free swag.

How Much Does An Upper Arm Tattoo Cost

The arm is one of the best locations for a tattoo because its visible unless youre trying to cover it up with a long-sleeve shirt.

There are several types of tattoos for this location.

First, there are full-sleeve tattoos. This one covers the entire arm from the top to bottom.

And then, there are forearm tattoos, which refer to tattoos that adorn the forearm. They can cover the whole part or just partial.

Next, there are upper arm tattoos that well talk about today.

It easily makes a bold statement because its hard to resist.

For men, these tattoos ooze masculinity especially large ones.

That said, its okay to choose a small or a medium tattoo over a large one.

Is it difficult to make a tattoo on this location?

It shouldnt be because it has a lot of muscles and fat tissue, which greatly help as far as pain is concerned.

They can be your first introduction to the body art.

How much does an upper arm tattoo cost?

Well, just keep reading for details.

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What Is The Most Expensive Tattoo In The World

The most expensive tattoo in the world costs $924,000, and while most tattoos are drawn with ink, this expensive tattoo was created with diamonds 612 diamond stones to be exact with each weighing in at half a carat. Putting diamonds on someones skin is definitely not an easy job, it took time and patience.

D Does Inner Upper Arm Tattoo Hurt

How Much Will My Tattoo Cost?

It could hurt more than tattooing the outer arm, but the closeness of it relative to the bone would be more substantial.

Tattoos on the necks, knees, and ribs are notorious for causing very sharp pain due to the nature of these locations.

With how much tissue protecting the upper arm, this area shouldnt technically be that bad for a tattoo.

But if youre curious, just ask your tattoo artist.

Upper arm tattoos are wildly popular, so chances are he has worked on similar designs before.

But then again, your pain tolerance also plays a part. In fact, this is one of the biggest factors that cant be ruled out.

Some people are naturally better at bearing pain, others perceive even mild pain as torture.

There are a few factors that may contribute to ones pain tolerance, including general health and mood.

Hence, if you want to get a tattoo, make sure youre physically fit and in a good mental state before coming to the shop.

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C How Do You Sleep With A Thigh Tattoo

Let it heal first before you sleep on it.

Please ask your tattoo artist for some guidance.

That would be better if you can wait for a whole week.

Not every tattoo heals at a fast rate and you know your condition better than others.

Examine it on a daily basis to see how quick it heals.

If it shows signs of recovery like scab and peel, then you can put some pressure on it in a matter of days.

Coming home from the tattoo shop, you would have the wrap on.

Get information from your artist about what to do with the protective wrap.

He could ask you to wait till the next before removing it.

Some artists may suggest their clients to peel it off in a few hours and then cleaning it afterwards.

Tattoo Costs Depend On The Locations

There are many places where you can make your tattoo some parts are easier to do, while other parts required a lot of attention.

The most difficult part for a tattoo artist is the parts with a high concentration of nerves because this part is highly sensitive.

Make parts of these area nipples, shins.

For that reason, the tattoo artist may require more money to do the tattoo.

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How Much Will My Tattoo Cost

As a tattoo commentator and writer, I rely on my personal experience and time working in a tattoo studio.

Skull tattoo on female

Andrea Lanzi

Knowing how much it will cost will help when planning your dream tattoo. Many factors determine the price: Skill, reputation, artistic ability, location on the body, size of the tattoo, and complexity.

Typically, a quality tattoo performed in a registered professional studio or parlor would be more expensive than one done by some scratcher working out of his back room. Considering that you could potentially take home a disease along with a crappy permanent mess, paying a little more can certainly be worth the cost in the long run.

In general, the old adage applies: You get what you pay for. Though there’s no guarantee that the quality of the tattoo increases with its cost, at least you can ensure that you’re somewhere on the playing field.

Average Tattoo Cost By Body Placement

how much do my tattoos cost???

The difficulty of tattooing a design onto a particular part of the body also affects the cost. Certain body parts tend to be easier to tattoo because they offer a broader, more even surface. Bonier areas like the feet and ankles can be trickier for the artist. Plus, theyre more sensitive, which means the artist may need to work harder to keep the client comfortable.

Which body part you want to have tattooed has a surprisingly big impact on price. Here are some of the most common body parts to tattoo, along with their average price ranges and time.

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What Is A Small Tattoos Average Cost

A smaller tattoo doesnt have to mean it will be cheaper. Many times, if you get something with a lot of intricate details, a smaller size will make it more challenging to fill in those details.

With that said, it will cost an average of $50 to $80 fora simple small tattoo and take about 45 minutes.

If youre thinking of having a small tattoo on your wrist, then the tattoo cost is likely to be $50-$100 thats an average price for a wrist tattoo. If you are looking forward to a tattoo design like a love sign or a flower, it would cost about $70.

Experienced Tattoo Artist Costs Per Hour

If the budget is not a problem for you, and you want to get the best tattoo possible, the perfect choice that you can do, is to go and search for an experienced tattoo artist.

In that case, we are speaking about persons with many years of experience and many tattoos done.

The average cost you will spend if you wont get a tattoo from an established artist is around $200 per hour.

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How Much Does A Sternum Tattoo Cost

There are different styles of sternum tattoos. The sternum runs straight down from the bottom of your neck to just under the breast area. An extremely popular style of sternum tattoo done by women is the under-boob tattoo. These tattoos can be delicate and small or bold and colorful. These tattoos can take over 5 hours to complete. The price will range from $300 to around $1,200.

Tattoo Cost Per Letter

How Much Do Tattoos Cost? â Wormhole Tattoo

Getting one short word tattoo that covers 2 to 4 square inches runs from $50 to $200, depending on the size of the letters and usually takes an hour of work or less. Most artists don’t charge on a per letter basis. When you’re talking to your tattoo artist, ask for their hourly rates and how long it would take to do a lettering tattoo in the size you want on which specific part of your body. Bring some samples of the fonts you like so that they understand what kind of details you’re looking for.

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Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap And Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good

“Backyard” or home tattooers literally work out of their garages, backyards, sheds, kitchens, and living rooms. Its true that some very talented artists produce decent tattoos in their home studios. Notice, however, that I am talking about studiosplaces dedicated to tattooing work. You will be able to tell the difference between a studio and a scratchers den by looking out for a couple of things.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost In The Philippines

The Philippine peso goes for around 50 to 1 USD. Getting a tattoo used to be frowned upon in the Philippines because they thought only criminals and drug abusers had them. Things have changed over the years and thanks to the progressive movement, art is another way that one can express themselves. A fun fact about tattooing here is about the legendary Maria Whang Od Oggay. She is the oldest traditional tattoo artists in the Philippines. As of early 2019, she is 102 years old and is still tattooing in the traditional ways.

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How Much Laser Tattoo Removal

Since laser tattoo removal can take several treatments to complete, the total cost could be as little as $1,000 or as high as $10,000. Though these prices may be intimidating, several cosmetic surgeons offer payment plans and other financing options to help patients cover the laser tattoo removal cost.

What Are The Starting Prices For Regular Tattoos

tattoo advice how much does a tattoo cost

Every tattoo shop has a set price for a tattoo. The starting prices depend on the tattoo shop and the quality of their offer. So, in that sense, you can expect to pay from $50 to $150 as a starting price for simple tattoos. The pricing, of course, depends on the size and the placing of the tattoo, as well as the detailing.

However, you can expect to pay even less as a starting rate, since the price does depend on the tattoo artist as well. But, the more experienced the tattoo artist is, the higher the starting price. You can also expect some tattoo artists to charge you by the hour as well.

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How Much Does A Scleral Tattoo Cost

Getting the whites of your eye colored in a scleral tattoo, or eye tattoo, can cost$450 or more. Please note that the procedure of getting a scleral tattoo has significant risks associated with it, such as possible loss of vision, severe infections, and possibly permanent eye damage. Do your research on the specialists and consider it carefully.

How Much Does A Shoulder Tattoo Cost

A shoulder tattoo that is of the larger variety and covers most of your entire upper arm is going to range somewhere between $500 and $1,300. The shoulder is a popular place to get a tattoo as it can be easily hidden if you are in a business meeting but can also be shown off at the beach. It is a great choice of location because it gives the artist some nice space to work in.

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