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Jobs That Hire With Face Tattoos

Jobs That Prohibit Tattoos

Can I Still Get A Job Covered in Tattoos?

Before we start with our main topic, we decided to share with you some careers that totally prohibit any body modifications.

Of course, there can be some companies in the field that may be an exception.

So, if you want to enter one of the fields below, you should look for some options that are available for people with piercing and tattoos.

But, in case you have a lot of body modifications, you may not be able to find an option.


It is one of the spheres that develop really fast which means that the number of employees grows constantly.

Considering the fact, there are many medical facilities that accept people with tattoos.

Nevertheless, youll be asked to cover it with your clothes.

Moreover, there are lots of people who want to enter the field and if you have a tattoo that cannot be hidden you may not be able to get a job.

A phlebotomist can be one of the most accessible careers for people with tattoos.


As weve already mentioned, numerous companies are ready to hire workers with piercing and tattoos but still, there can be some issues.

For example, if you want to work as an administrative assistant or a receptionist, you may face some difficulties looking for job offers.

Its because you are going to be the first person people see during their visit to the company and its important that you look professional.

In other words, if you have bright hair, tattoos or piercing, it may be hard to find a job.




Law Enforcement

Tattoos In The Workplace Statistics Show That 63% Of People Over 60 Dont Approve Of Tattoos In The Office

As the survey conducted by shows, people aged 18-25 are the most tolerant towards tattoos in the workplace, with only 22% considering them inappropriate.

Overall, 42% of the surveyed felt that visible tattoos are inappropriate at the office, with percentages that went higher for every older age group, and expectedly finishing at 63% for those 60 or older.

How To Help Your Chances

There are some relatively easy things a tattooed individual can do to increase their odds of landing a high-paying position. These things can include:

  • Being honest. Immediately let your potential employer know that you have visible tattoos, where they are, and what they depict. Not only will this make it easy for you to know where you stand with that company, but it also shows that youre willing to take the initiative and be honest.

  • Being mindful. If you havent yet gotten a tattoo, but you know you want to, consider what you might want to get. Ask yourself and even others if the potential design would be a good thing to display at work.

  • Being openminded. Have a conversation with your potential employer. If they say no tattoos are allowed, be respectful and let them explain their reasoning. People fear what they dont understand.

  • Being firm. Let your employer know that you believe your tattoos wont impact your ability to work or other peoples ability to work with you. Let them know why you want the job and why they wont find a better person for it, tattooed or notadvocate for yourself.

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The Meaning Of The Teardrop

A guy I work with got two teardrops under his eye when his wife left him because he was sad. He said he was questioned about it at a bar by some Hells Angels and he had to pretend that he had ended two people and didnt want to talk about it. Hes since gotten it removed. Apparently, a teardrop means the persons friend was killed and if its filled in, he got revenge.

Do Jobs Care About Tattoos

15 Insane Face Tattoos [VIDEO]

By Own Your Own Future

According to parents, teachers, and various HR managers, two things are important when being chosen for a job GPA, and history of tattoos. However, there are a plethora of newly-opened positions that dont require the maximal GPA or top-end university degree. Additionally, more companies and organizations are becoming more inclusive of people who ink their bodies, both in more and less prominent places.

Nevertheless, just because more companies are becoming inclusive, it doesnt mean that all of them are. A big decision factor for people who want to get a tattoo is whether they will face difficulties when searching for a job. In this article, we decided to crack down on the mystery and answer the question do jobs care about tattoos.

The dress code that restricts tattoos is nothing new. People who have tattoos are often looked frowned upon. One of the biggest restrictions for inked people at some healthcare institutions is that they are not allowed to donate blood due to certain regulations and potential risks for the receiver.

Although tattoos are getting more and more accepted, a lot of employers are encouraging their employees to keep their tattoos hidden and not visible, as it could be insulting towards the morale and the cultural policy within the company. However, as long as the tattoo is invisible it wont harm anyone, as no one else will see it and get potentially disturbed or offended by that persons belief.

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Which Cities And States Are The Most Tattoo

Most friendly: A few local governments currently prohibit discrimination for personal appearance, including visible body art, and according to STAPAW , the states where public opinion is most welcoming to body art are California, Colorado, and Montana.

Least friendly: According to STAPAW, the states with the “highest percentage of tattoo discrimination statistics” are Florida, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

Best Jobs That Allow Tattoos

There are a lot of jobs these days that allow visible tattoos. A good rule of thumb is that if there isnt a uniform or a specific way employees have to look, they may also be tattoo-friendly.

However, as always, be sure to check with the specific location and employer you want to work for since it is often left up to the employers discretion. Lets discuss some specific jobs that may pay really well and are likely to allow tattoos.

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Can Neck And Hand Tattoos Ruin Job Opportunities

One of the reasons that tattoos are more acceptable in the workplace now is because, a lot of times, they can be covered up relatively easily. However, with something like a neck or a hand tattoo, that gets a little trickier. An employer for any job, high paying or not, might consider neck and hand tattoos to be a little too visible and decide not to hire you.

Tattoos also come with a lot of preconceived notions in general, but these stereotypes are especially strong with neck, hand, and even face tattoos. Theyre often associated with:

  • Convicts

  • Gang members

  • Individuals that lack maturity

Going into a job interview with tattoos on your hands or neck could be a deciding factor that could either make or break your job opportunity but they are not a certain disqualification.

Do Tattoos Ruin Job Opportunities

Top 10 Job Stopping Tattoos

As stated earlier in the article, yes, tattoos may impact certain job opportunities. There will always be at least someone willing to deny you a job over your tattoos, regardless of how normal they become in society as a whole.

Tattoos can ruin your chance for a job but they are becoming more widespread and more acceptable. Everything and anything about your appearance could ruin or make the opportunity for you, and tattoos could be one of those factors.

But everything depends on what job you are applying to and how the company views its code of conduct. Often, what really matters is the placement and subject matter of the tattoo.

If your tattoo means something dirty or hateful, you may have a hard time getting hired for higher-paying jobs, especially because they are considered unprofessional, potentially a source of offense even harassment, and often immature, as well. Always keep in mind that with tattoos, all that your potential employer sees is the picture, not the story. They dont care about the context of the tattoo because they know that the customer/clients wont, either.

Your tattoos are an easy way for your potential employer to gauge your personality. If you have strange tattoos of uncomfortable topics like sex or violence, then your employer might decide you arent particularly workplace friendly. However, if you have a beautiful and decorative image that is socially acceptable, it could be a conversation starter that could lead to a closed deal.

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Which Tattoos Are Not Acceptable In The Working Environment

Well, even if you do find a job where body art is acceptable, there are still some limits to the kind of tattoos you can show off in front of clients and customers. For example, offensive or culturally appropriative tattoos are a definitive no-no, not only at work but anywhere else as well.

If your tattoos can insult people or make them truly uncomfortable, that is a sign you should keep them hidden.

So, tattoos of sexual nature, obscene and gruesome tattoos, tattoos that show or promote violence of any kind, tattoos that depict, blood, death, racist imagery, gang affiliations, offensive language or curse words are not acceptable even in the most accepting working environments.

Tattooing And Cosmetic Jobs

As a tattoo artist, of course, youre welcome to have tattoos. In fact, in many cases, having lots of visible tattoos as a tattoo artist is preferred. It shows your clients and your potential employer that youre passionate about the industry. A potential client and employer alike might be wary of a tattoo artist that doesnt actually have any visible tattoos. All forms of tattoos are acceptable in a tattoo artist position: neck, face, hands, all of them.

  • Salary: anywhere from $20k to $200k, depending on location, popularity, and experience.

Cosmetic jobs are much the same as tattoo artist jobs in this regard. Both favor creative expression, and having unique tattoos could really set you apart from any competition. Though tattoos arent quite as vital to your reputation as an artist, they still tell people a fair amount about the art you like to create and what they can expect from you.

  • Salary: anywhere from $18k to $100k per year.

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Think Of The Children

Just because adults have tattoos, doesnt necessarily mean they think thats a good idea for future generations.

Nearly half 49% of all respondents said they dont want their children to have tattoos or piercings. That could be because of surveys such as one by, which found that 37% of HR managers cite tattoos as the third most likely physical attribute that limits career potential.

People age 26-32 are the least likely to object to tattoos and piercings for their kids, with only 26% against it. Thats compared to the 31% of people age 18-25 who are against tattoos for their progeny. Not surprisingly, 70% of people age 60 and older dont want body art for their kids, which tops the list.

Are Tattoos Becoming More Acceptable In The Workplace

Weird, Dude With Horrifying Face Tattoo Claims No One Wants To Hire Him ...

As a whole, yes, tattoos are becoming more accepted by more and more workplaces. In the 2000s especially, there has been a considerable push to end discrimination in the workplace. Tattooed workers are a large part of this movement. They believe that they should be able to express themselves through art, even if it means they dont look exactly how everybody else does.

Tattoos are something that some professions seem to almost celebrate. They are literally a part of you they help to make you who you are. If youre an actor, singer, or social media influencer, your tattoos can be a relatively large part of your legacy and the things youre known for. Of course, actors often need to at least cover them for certain roles, but they are still allowed. Some well-known, obviously highly paid people who have tattoos are:

  • Adam Levine

  • Johnny Depp

  • Miley Cyrus

Even if you arent working in the entertainment industry, there are plenty of other, more typical occupations that allow tattoos. Some of these include chefs, teachers, nurses, and even doctors.

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The Type Of Profession Dictates The Tolerance For Tattoos In The Workplace Statistics Show

Visible tattoos and jobs correlation survey from 2019 shows that for certain professionals it is more acceptable to own tattoos.

For example, 37% of the surveyed thought that doctors with tattoos are strongly or somewhat unacceptable, whereas servers and waiters with tattoos were judged as acceptable by 70% of respondents.

Other tolerable jobs for people with tattoos were shown to be police officers , and top managers . Judges with tattoos were the most harshly judged with the approval of only 38% of the surveyed.

People With Face Tattoos Share What They Do For A Living

As much as weve progressed as a society in the past few decades, theres still a lot of taboo surrounding tattoos. This is especially the case in the current workforceit seems that most employers still have a preference for people who dont have tattoos. Perhaps they fit the clean image that they wan. However, what those employers dont understand is that tattoos do not reflect on an individuals work ethic and personality whatsoever. They are merely a form of self-expression and nothing more. Thankfully, there are some employers to choose to look beyond the exterior. People with face tattoos from around the world shared what they do for a living, and after you read their stories, you might realize theres more to people than just their appearances.

Dont forget to check the comment section below the article for more interesting stories!

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Gender Marital Status And Location

According to our survey, youre more likely to have tattoos and piercings if youre a woman who is single or divorced.

The number of women with tattoos more than doubled men by a 15% to 7% margin. Also, 5% of women have body piercings compared to a mere 1% of men. Interestingly, single and divorced people were far more likely to have ink and piercings as only 9% of married people have tattoos, compared to 16% of respondents who are married and divorced.

And if youre wondering what part of the country has the most people with tattoos that would be the Mountain region with 16%. The area of the US least likely to have people with tattoos is the West South Central with 8%.

As for which parts of the country think tattoos are inappropriate, heres the breakdown:

  • Mountain : 35%
  • West North Central : 36%
  • Pacific : 36%
  • New England : 36%
  • Outside the US: 38%
  • Mid-Atlantic : 38%
  • East South Central : 41%
  • East North Central : 46%
  • South Atlantic : 48%
  • West South Central : 55%

Why It Is Prohibited To Have Tattoos And Piercings At Some Companies

10 Jobs That Allow Visible Tattoos | Tattoos and Job Opportunities

There are some prejudices related to various body modification and there are still some companies that hold onto these beliefs.

There are usually three main reasons tattoos are frowned upon in professional industries:

Three most popular and widespread beliefs about tattoos and piercing are that it is:

  • Connected with criminal behavior. Most gangs members have tattoos to show that they are a part of a group. As a result, some people think that if you have a tattoo, you are a gang member. Unfortunately, its not like you can change it somehow.
  • Unprofessional in some careers. Of course, its just a stigma but there are still lots of employers who arent ready to change their mind.
  • Distracting. Its clear that tattoos, especially unique or bright, attract much attention. It can distract your co-workers and even lead to some conflicts. As a result, there are companies that dont want to hire people with tattoos in order to preserve the working environment.
  • Most of these beliefs are absolutely outdated and many companies are still following them.

    To avoid problems and difficulties, its better to learn more about the policies of a company you want to enter.

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    Tattoos In The Workplace Statistics Show That A Bad Impact On The Professional Image Is The 4th Most Common Reason For Regretting A Tattoo

    In 2019, 40% of tattooed individuals said that they had their first tattoo done before or at the age of 18, hence, they rarely considered any possible professional implications.

    A 2015 survey revealed that 23% of them regretted at least one of their tattoos, mostly because they were too young to choose the right one. It doesnt look professional was the fourth most common reason for regretting a tattoo.

    Statistics On Tattoos In The Workplace Reveal That Medical Patients Dont Mind The Tattoos And Piercings Of Their Physicians

    2018 study results may shake the existing hospital policy on tattoos and piercings. Namely, the studied 1000 emergency-care adult patients would give the same high marks for doctors 75% of the time, whether or not they had visible piercings and tattoos.

    The study concludes that, despite the unfavorable view towards tattoos in the medical field, patients actually dont mind consulting a physician with visible body adornments like tattoos or piercings.

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    Tattoos In The Workplace Statistics For The Modern Age

    Tattoos have a way of making us feel good about ourselves they allow us to feel more confident and appear more approachable, sexy, or powerful. With that in mind, it would be a real shame if we had to give it all up because of our professional prospects.

    Fortunately, some of these tattoos in the workplace statistics suggest that the modern 2022 workplace is becoming more tolerant of diversity, tattoos including, with each passing year, and with each climb on the corporate ladder that millennials make, as they are the most tattooed and tattoo-friendly generation.

    Considering this, you might think that frowning over tattoos in the workplace is long behind us, but can you be sure that tattoos and jobs discrimination is a discussion of the past? Take a look at the newest stats & facts before you decide to go under the needle.

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