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How Much Does A Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost

How Much Does Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost

How MUCH does a tattoo SLEEVE COST?

Tattoos, in the advent of the modern world, have become a form of art and expression for most people. People spend months and even years to plan for the perfect piece for their new tattoo and endure the excruciating pain of the needles.

Half sleeve tattoos are one of the most extremely famous art covering half of the arm. It can be a combination of small tattoos covering ones arm. There can be so many ways a person can get a half sleeve tattoo. Now the important question is, how much does half sleeve tattoo cost?

How Painful Is An Arm Tattoo

If you havent gotten a tattoo yet, you are probably still aware that they can be painful. Sleeve tattoos have the same pain as other tattoos, but its spread out over time and a much larger area. It also crosses some of the areas that are widely considered to be more painful than others, so think about that if you have a lower pain tolerance.

Not everyone responds to the pain of tattoos well. If youre averse to pain but still committed to body art, our artists may try and schedule your appointments further apart to help your body recover before continuing to ink it.

For some people, the pain endured is part of the process. It shows their grit and determination, so thats one thing you may think about while considering how much it hurts.

Tattoo Prices By Size

Tattoo sizes and prices can fall into four major categories: tiny, small, medium, and large. Here are the descriptions of different sized tattoo designs.

  • Tiny: think about a little heart or an outline of a drawing that is less than 2 square inches. A tiny tattoo will likely cost between $50 and $100.
  • Small: a small tattoo design can range from 2 to 6 square inches, and allows for some detailed work from a skilled artist. The average price for a small tattoo is around $150, but ranges from $100 to $250, depending on artwork and an artists experience.
  • Medium: medium-sized tattoo designs range from 7 to 16 square inches of canvas space, and can cost from $250 to $500, with the average around $300.
  • Large: large tattoos vary in size the most, which is why the price range is huge. Half and full sleeve as well as full chest, back, shoulder and thigh tattoos can cost you between $500 and $5,000.

Remember to use common sense when thinking about the relationship between pricing and size. While maintaining a budget and saving money can be important, when it comes to getting tattooed, we always recommend favoring quality. After all, a cheap tattoo that looks bad can haunt you for a lifetime.

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Eyeliner Tattoo Cost & Cosmetic Tattoos

To get celebrity-quality cosmetic tattoos such as eyeliner and other facial enhancements costs around $1,500 to $3,000. The specialists who do this work are highly trained, and they use equipment unique to their practice. Do not ever go to a traditional tattoo parlor and expect to get top-quality cosmetic facial tattoos because they don’t have the training or setup for it.

Average Tattoo Cost By Body Placement

How Much Does A Sleeve Tattoo Cost?

The difficulty of tattooing a design onto a particular part of the body also affects the cost. Certain body parts tend to be easier to tattoo because they offer a broader, more even surface. Bonier areas like the feet and ankles can be trickier for the artist. Plus, theyre more sensitive, which means the artist may need to work harder to keep the client comfortable.

Which body part you want to have tattooed has a surprisingly big impact on price. Here are some of the most common body parts to tattoo, along with their average price ranges and time.

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A How Long Do Half Sleeve Tattoos Take

It can take around 5 hours.

Thats the lower threshold for a rather straightforward tattoo.

For a more complicated design, the artist will need extra time which easily tops 8 hours.

Now that you know the duration required for a half-sleeve tattoo, its reasonable that a full-sleeve one would take more than that, probably around 15 hours to completion.

And if the artist charges $100 an hour, you should pay at least $500.

Again, thats for a simple tattoo and by a regular artist.

If you work with one that has a solid resume, the hourly rate would rise steeply, and it will affect the amount you have to pay as well.

Its not uncommon to pay more than $2,000 for a half-sleeve tattoo.

A lot of effort and time go into that, so we should reward the artist with a proper fee.

For those wondering why it costs so much, a tattoo price is consistent with the size.

As we know, this type of tattoo is done on a broad area, so its not surprising that the price would soar.

Do Black Tattoos Turn Green

Since black inks used today do tend to have different base pigments, it is possible to have your tattoo turn a slight green or blue color over time. We dont mean a few years, though this tends to happen over decades as the skin ages, sheds and moves, so its essentially the same risk of your tattoo fading with age.

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Lip / Inner Lip Tattoo Cost

From a permanent makeup artist in New York, a typical lip tattoo cost is $375 for a lip liner tattoo and $600 to fill in your lips completely. Your inner lip tattoos start around $100. However, the inner lip is very sensitive, and inner lip tattoos start fading after one month, disappearing entirely with 1 to 5 years.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Prices

How Much Does A Tattoo Sleeve Cost | Save Money On Your Sleeve!

An upper arm half sleeve piece can take 8 hours minimum, with a more reasonable estimate being in the 12-15 hour bracket for work using complex lines, color and shading.

Some leg half sleeve tattoos on the thigh can reach as high as 20 hours, especially if doing Japanese style Irezumi or animal realist types of tattoo. With heavily detailed heavily black ink being part of many rights of passage in Polynesian tribal tattoos, they are generally the most expensive tattoos created in the half sleeve style.

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Things To Do Before Getting Your Tattoo

  • Shop around for artists. The biggest mistake people make is designing their own tattoo before picking out an artist. That design is going to change because no two artists will draw an object in the same way. Every artist has their own style and flair. Pick one you love based on their style, and work with them to visualize your ideas. If you want a shark tattoo, but the artist doesn’t have a shark in his/her portfolio, it doesn’t matter. Every artist can draw a shark. It’s how they draw it that matters. Once you pick out an artist you like, do some research on what makes a good tattoo artist and see if they check off everything on the list. Aside from style, professionalism and personality are equally important factors.
  • Look at different styles. Decide on the style you want Some artists are specialized and will be better at one style than they are with others.
  • Do you want it to be gothic? Maybe you like something that looks like a scene from a fairytale or a sci-fi movie. Perhaps, you want a religious-themed arm sleeve or one that displays your love for music.
  • Pick a few motifs. Do you want your tattoo to represent love, death, dreams, or faith, etc.?
  • Think about the color. Do you want black and white, greyscale, or color?
  • Discuss placement. If you have low pain tolerance, you will want to avoid the armpits, the elbows, the inner elbows, and the wrists. Plan around this.
  • How Can I Permanently Hide My Tattoo

    #1 Use Makeup

    When it is important, professionally applied airbrush concealer is hands down the most effective way to hide your tattoo. It is also the most expensive. For every day, buy a couple shades of concealer that are lighter and darker than your skin tone and learn to apply them over your tattoo.

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    Artist Skill & Experience

    This is definitely one of the biggest factors when it comes to working out how much your next tattoo might cost. Tattoo artist skill levels vary incredibly from artist-to-artist.

    At one end of the scale, youll most likely be getting ripped off if youre charged any more than $20 by a friend who got bought a tattoo kit from eBay for Christmas and has yet to try it out. Or by the guy dishing out tattoos on the sofa of a friends house during a party.

    At the other end of the scale, if you walk into a top tattoo parlor and ask an artist with 20+ years experience what their rate is, dont be too shocked if they turn around and say $200+ an hour.

    However, it is important to take into account that an artist doesnt need to have years of experience to be highly skilled, and an artist is not necessarily guaranteed to be highly skilled even after years of experience.

    What I mean by this is: there are some extremely talented and gifted tattoo artists around who only have a few years of experience under their belts, while there are many artists who have 4x as many years in experience, but are still as mediocre as the day they first started if they just simply dont have what it takes, or never work to improve themselves.

    Also, remember that tipping a tattoo artist is seen as a great way of showing your appreciation for them if theyve ended up doing an awesome job with your ink. Just remember that a tip will bump up the overall cost slightly.

    Why Did Oliver Sykes Blackout His Arm

    Cool 43+ Average Cost Of Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

    Bring Me the Horizon // Oli blacked out his entire right arm to let his tattoo artist wife mark some work of her own. Lets just hope that it wont be floral and fadingget it? :D. Some people say that white ink fades faster, but this still looks pretty good. Find this Pin and more on Inkypinky by Johnny Sand.

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    Who Is The Richest Tattoo Artist

    The Top 10 Richest Tattoo Artists

  • 1 Scott Campbell $1,000 for first hour/$200 every succeeding.
  • 2 Ami James $500 per hour.
  • 3 Anil Gupta $450 per hour.
  • 4 Paul Booth $300 per hour.
  • 5 Kat von D $200 + per hour.
  • 6 Stephanie Tamez $200 per hour.
  • 7 Brandon Bond $200 per hour.
  • 8 Dave Tedder $150 per hour.
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    But Time Is The Key Factor

    How much does a sleeve tattoo cost? Times another factor and it boils down to how much time youre asking your artist to commit. The bigger, more complex, or more colorful the piece is, the longer it will take for them to finish it and the more they will likely charge you for it. That old adage that time is money really does apply to the tattoo industry. For example, Moreno says he charges about $250 per hour and, by his estimate, a simple line work design with little to no detail would probably take two or three hours while a highly detailed, color-realistic tattoo could take over 25 hours in total. Regardless of your artists exact rate and how quickly they work, it makes sense that the latter would cost more than the former. Or, as Moreno puts it, a sleeve should be charged by hour to be fair to both sides.

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    Tattoo Prices: How Much Do They Cost

    • Written By Dan Hunter on July 15, 2018Last Updated: October 13, 2021

    Questions surrounding tattoo prices are extremely tough to answer, and as such can rarely be answered accurately by anyone besides an actual artist who knows exactly what you want for your new tattoo. Even then, it may still be impossible to give you an exact answer until your tattoo is completely finished.

    However we can definitely help to shed some light on the many factors involved in deciding how much money any particular tattoo is likely to cost. We can also help to explain why some tattoo prices add up to mere dollars, while others can end up costing many thousands.

    How Much Does It Cost To Get A Small Tattoo


    Most shops have a shop minimum which means that they have a price that is set even if you want a tattoo the size of a pin drop. Tattoo artists have to cover their costs and their time. ink costs money, supplies cost money, and time costs money, so expect a shop minimum fee around $50-$75 if you even want a small tattoo.

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    How Long Does Each Session Take

    This will depend entirely on the artist and you. Each session usually lasts three to six hours. If you cannot sit still for that long, the artist should be flexible and space the inking out to include more sessions. One of the longest sessions that tattoo artist Bret Baumgart ever did was 16 hours! Crazy!

    The Complete Guide To Getting A Sleeve Tattoo

    By Vinson Wongon September 19, 2019

    Getting a sleeve tattoo is a serious commitment. It requires a lot from both the artist and the customer. Youll be sitting together for long sessions of inking, not to mention the time that goes into cooking up the full design for your sleeve.

    Youve got to prepare yourself for the undertaking. Youve got to ask your tattoo artist a lot of questions, and then consult with others to make sure youre getting the best advice. We prepared this blog post to give you a primer on all that a sleeve tattoo involves, getting you ready before you arrive at the chair.

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    How Does This Tattoo Cost Calculator Work

    In a previous post, I described everything about tattoo cost estimating. If you have read that post, you know that mainly tattoo costs are fixed by hourly rates. Also, design complications, Artist experience, color, etc, affect the price.

    But, as a general person, you dont know about estimated hours according to design size and type. For this problem, I built the calculator in such a way that you dont need to input estimated hours.

    The Calculator can estimate Tattoo price according to, your location, Design color, Size , Artist experience, Body Position, etc.

    Below Ive explained these features.

    How Do You Start A Sleeve Tattoo

    How Much Does A Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost

    You first need to decide how much of a sleeve you want to do. Chronic Ink Tattoos offer full, half, or quarters sleeves.

    We can scale many designs to fit the type of sleeve tattoo you want, but you also need to decide the placement of the sleeve. Most customers get their half sleeve or quarter sleeve on their upper arm, but you may have different ideas, and thats fine.

    Your first session puts your sleeve idea in place as an outline, with a few details sketched in as necessary. Once weve outlined your tattoo design its set, so make sure you have all the information you need beforehand and that youre entirely satisfied with the final design.

    Your artist will also take measurements of your arm so that they can appropriately scale the design to fit it.

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    Half Sleeve Tattoo Overview

    Half-sleeve tattoos can be pre-designed or can be drafted by using existing tattoos. Pre-planned sleeves commonly entail long hours of tattooing sessions and can even take weeks, months, or years to complete depending on the intricacy of the produced design. In some instances, a sleeve piece is created when the customer has numerous smaller pieces, making a connection with additional pieces like fillers or perhaps a background. In the end, a half sleeve should take up half of the arm and will cover the shoulder to the elbow area.

    A consultation with the artist is the first step of the process. The artist is going to help you with your pre-planned design or can help you find something if you are unsure of what you want.

    The full design will be included, usually in the traditional black and white color. While colors can be done, it can be an additional cost.

    How Much Do Tattoo Cover Ups Costs

    While tattoo cover ups shouldnt cost any more than a regular tattoo in theory, there is a little extra work that needs to be done in order for the tattoo to be considered a success. In order for a previous tattoo to be covered up and completely hidden with a new one, some extra design work and creativity might need to undertaken by the artist, which could add on one or two hours of their standard rate, so keep this in mind.

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    Simply So Where Does A Half Sleeve Stop

    There are four main types of sleeve tattoo that you can choose from. A quarter sleeve covers the area from the shoulder to about halfway to the elbow, slightly lower than where a T-shirt sleeve would end. The halfsleeve is from the shoulder to the elbow, while a full sleeve is from the shoulder to the wrist.

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