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Best Quality Black Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Ink Top Quality With Resolution Resap 1

Best of Black & Gray Tattoos (Part 1) | Ink Master

Tattooing is arts and crafts. And what would art be without color?! Here you will find a huge range of various tattoo inks.

We carry tattoo inks from all leading manufacturers, whose quality and safety we are convinced of. You will find tattoo inks from Intenze Tattoo Ink, World Famous Tattoo Ink, Eternal Tattoo Ink, Fusion Tattoo Ink, Silverback Ink, Makkuro Sumi, I am Ink and some other manufacturers.

With the tattoo inks is important to us in addition to the top quality, that the inks offered by us in accordance with the resolution ResAP1 and the tattoo agent regulation valid in Germany are marketable. If you need the declaration of conformity for a certain ink, please contact our customer service.

With our product filters you can filter certain inks, sets and bottle sizes.

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal

First off, the healing of a tattoo depends on many factors, such as the clients skin type and tattoos complexity, for example. Generally, a tattoo takes up to two weeks to fully heal. If you are planning to get a tattoo, its always best to ask the artist for information about the healing process.

How To Choose A Black Tattooink

Tattoo inks come in different typesand quality as such, you must know the differences in tattoo inks so that youcan make your best choice.

Some tattoo artists use high qualityand, most times, low-quality inks for their unsuspecting customers. The primaryreason why tattoo artists use low-quality inks is to save cost however, aspure as their intention may be, low-quality inks may leave your clients withlife-long skin problems.

Dont just be an ordinarytattoo artist, be one that uses top-notch inks for your black ink tattooto guarantee your clients of quality tattoos that will leave them yearning formore.

A lot of tattoo ink producingcompanies say that their product is the best and this might leave you confusedabout which is the best black tattoo ink as such, well give you valid reasonswhy you should opt for Quantums black tattoo inks while trying to shopblack ink tattoos for your business.

We compared our product with somepopular tattoo inks, and Quantum blacks stood out for a few reasons, which well be discussing shortly.

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Is Quantum Black Tattoo Ink Safe

The argument on how safe applying a tattoo is has beenraging since the day’s sailors would get tattooed as they arrived at differentports around the world.

Although the FDA has identified some inks in themarket to be dangerous, our ink has always stood above board.

Weve had no report that our inks cause any reactionas we have made them from the finest of ingredients.

Quantum Tattoo Inks are tested for bacteria and heavymetals by CTL® GmbH.

Should The Black Tattoo Ink Be Very Thick Or Watery

Professional 10 Bottle 30ML Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink ...

There are no clear-cut rules for this, but there is a general rule of thumb that too liquid and too dry-thick are not what you want from the ink. The perfect consistency is right between these two youll know it once you see it after shaking the bottle and using it with the cartridges. As we mentioned above, even if an ink seems watery, just shake the bottle and try it out results often turn out different despite first glance impressions!

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The Benefits Of Using Black Tattoo Ink

The benefits of using the black tattoo ink are as numerous as the designs you can choose in your body ink.

For one, the black ink can help to enhance any image by adding just the right amount of shadow and highlight.

Whether it is a portrait of a loved one or song verse you love, the black in helps that image to pop off the skin, giving it a 3-D effect.

The black tattoo ink can also be used to help cover up a tattoo design you no longer want.

Whether the name of your ex or a picture of an object you no longer connect with, the black tattoo ink can erase something from your past by making it new again.

Choose Ink That Is Safe For Your Skin And Last Longer

Basically pigmentation and bases are responsible for the durability and permeability of the ink. If you want more durable tattoo ink then go for alcohol-based ink.

In this type of ink, the pigmentation is effectively absorbed by the skin due to some chemicals it consists of. It may cause more irritation to your skin than water-based tattoo ink. The main reason is that it is made from natural and organic pigmentation and vegetable dyes.

In order to identify the best tattoo ink, the amateur and professional should conduct extensive research on tattoo ink. Check all the available tattoo ink reviews. This is the only way you can find out the best tattoo ink that will make your drawing more attractive and shiny.

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Reach Of The Tattoo Ink

A tattoo machine is capable of puncturing through the skin surface, thereby introducing the ink at specific positions and layers. However, certain tattoo inks have the capability of permeating through the dermal layer and reaching the lymph nodes, via the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. While the immune system takes care of most accidental inclusions, it is always good to use tattoo inks with organic and non-toxic ingredients.

Starbrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

What is the BEST Black Tattooing Ink???

Starbrite tattoo ink is the best tattoo ink since 1990 and produces 160 shades of colours. If you are looking for bright, consistent flow and safe tattoo ink then Starbrite may be the best choice for you.

It is sterile, tested and bottled under the FDA speculation and it meets all the FDA guidelines after that it is shipped in the market.

This tattoo ink is preferred by the artist that requires constancy flow and smoothness. Starbrite also heals the skin and colour is absorbed by the skin easily. It ever fades away and remains last forever. This is a proud product thats favorite among USA people.

Pros and Cons of StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

  • Bottle size is smaller as compare to other tattoo inks

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Compliance Is Our Base Of Production

The European REACH regulation represents the strictest collection of rules for tattoo inks worldwide. And since we always set the highest standards to our own product quality we have been working meticulously on not only adapting but exceeding these requirements. By working together with independent laboratories and experts like CTL Bielefeld, we can confirm to place one of the legally most secure and high-quality tattoo inks on the market. We provide a product confirming with the European law, no matter if it comes to the quality of the ingredients, the labeling of the bottles or general documentation of our tattoo inks. Rest assured that you use a fully legal product for which we give you access to all proof and paperwork you or your authorities might want to see.

Can You Mix Tattoo Ink

Yes, tattoo inks can be mixed, diluted, and blended by the tattoo artist before being applied by tattoo machine or stick and poke single needle. They can be made darker or lighter to the artists design taste for both color and black and gray ink, however this method is usually done by experienced professional artists who like to experiment from their base color sets.

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Viking Tattoo Ink Black Liner & Black Tribal

Viking Tattoo Ink manufactures in the USA. Its one of the few brands licensed for use in Spain. These inks are popular throughout the rest of Europe and the USA, too.

The vegan formulas are sterilized for safety. They saturate well and are vegan friendly.

Although there are more than 150 colors available, we selected just two shades for this review. The Black Tribal doubles as a liner.

How Do We Choose The Best Black Outlining Tattoo Ink

High Quality 1 Bottle 249ML Tattoo Ink for Lining and ...

We understand that not everyone has opportunity for objective and detailed research to find the best black outlining tattoo ink. We value your time. Therefore, the *Trensan* PORTAL team offer rating of the best black outlining tattoo ink after independent complete and comprehensive research. This rating is changed and supplemented regularly according to the current information about models black outlining tattoo ink at the market.

Special artificial intelligence algorithms help us to research the best black outlining tattoo ink. They gather reviews and technical features of black outlining tattoo ink, and analyze received information. Then our experts check this information and make summaries.

This is not a complete list of factors that we have analyzed to make our rating. If you would like to supplement our research by important information, or give advice to improve our rating, please contact us through the âContactâ page.

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What To Look Out For Before Purchasing The Best Black Tattoo Ink

Tattoos are one of the purest forms of art. As such, for proper expression and a perfect image, it is highly imperative that all the factors contributing to a good tattoo are carefully catered for before getting started. These factors include the creativity of the artist, the efficiency of the machine used and the tattoo ink.

In this guide, we take a look at the important things to look out for before making use of any tattoo ink. In the times past, people made use of whatever worked in drawing tattoos. More often than not, anything that sticks to the skin works. However, science and research has taught us mire ways to do things more efficiently and safer. So, before you pick that ink, you need to be sure itll get the job done in terms of art expression and if it is safe for your health and that of the client.

Most of the premium tattoo ink brands around keep on hammering on providing organic pigmentations, sterility and vegan friendly ingredients. Likewise, the prices of their offerings are somewhat in the same range. Consequently, it might seem as though nothing seems to stand one brand out from the others making it difficult to pick the best black tattoo ink in the market.

How To Buy The Best Tattoo Ink Buying Guide

There are a lot of things you need to take into account before selecting a tattoo ink. With a wide range of options available in the retail space, identifying the perfect ink or even a collection of inks might be a bit overwhelming. This is why we have also put up a small buying guide, enlisting the most pressing pointers that you need to consider before selecting tattoo inks.

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Best Tattoo Inks In 2021

The following article looks to inform you about the best tattoo inks for purchase. Weve chosen eight products that stand out for your consideration that are available at Amazon.

Before purchasing a bottle of tattoo ink or kit of colors and shades, make sure you choose the right one for your needs, not just the highest rated or least expensive product.

The list below contains tattoo ink products that are made in the USA from organic and vegan friendly products. They range from single bottles of black tattoo ink, through to color and shading kits and blacklight UV ink.

Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black


From the Intenze Products, we have a strong black pigment that gives off a bold and dark shade under the skin. It has a formula that will not dry easily when in the open air, and the packaging is done perfectly, with a tight and secure bottle. All of the ingredients are vegan, and this is not tested on animals at all. This ink will also not fade fast and stay long under the skin.

Package dimensions are 8 x 3 x 3 inches, with a total weight of 1 pound.


  • No easy drying in the open air
  • Tight and secure package
  • No fading under the skin


  • The formula may seem watery for some
  • It leaves of discrete shadow for doing lining

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To Ink Or Not To Ink The Top Ten Brands In The Market Revealed

Hearing all of the above might turn some away from inking.

Over the last few decades, ink manufacturers have shifted away from mineral-based pigments to more organic ones, bringing inks closer to their original formulations.

Inchemisty notes that over 80% of all modern colourants are carbon-based, with approximately 60% of organic pigments being azo-based. Of these pigments and dyes, 30% are approved for use in cosmetic industries, which includes the tattoo industry. The rest are used for industrial applications .

Put simply whats old is new again! Modern tattoo inks are going organic, and most brands are following suit. And which brands might those be, you wonder? Thats right, we have a list and we checked it twice!

Here are the top brands of tattoo inks :

KURO SUMI: An Artist Favourite!

This ink is regarded very highly within the tattoo industry. Manufactured in Japan with a closely guarded formulation that has been passed down from one generation to the next, this ink is a favourite for outlining. Its name is derived from an ancient group of warriors. The elite members of this group would sport markings on their jaws and stomachs that made them easily recognizable.

Kuro Sumi is organic and vegan, made from .the best stuff on Earth, as their site states. Theyre one of the safest inks on the market, so thats not an exaggeration!


INTENZE TATTOO INK: Innovation Personified

* * *

Range: Inking For Different Skin Tones And Types

Not all ink manufacturers invest in building a wide range.

While some brands take the time to introduce vibrant, long-lasting colours into their range of inks, others prefer to focus on perfecting the black, grey, and white inks in their range.

Brands that focus on colour put a lot of effort into making them safe. Some pigments, such as certain shades of reds, have been known to cause adverse reactions, especially on more sensitive skin types. Modern inks have invested in trying to make these inks safer for use.

Additionally, inks now come in a much wider range of colours that are intense enough to show up on a wider range of skin tones, including dark ones.

Within the black, grey, and white ranges of inks, manufacturers have worked towards building more intense black inks that work just as well on darker skin tones. These inks generally enter the skin more easily and dont fade as much after the tattoo heals.

Not many of the top brands currently sell specialized inks , but those that do have created inks much safer than their predecessors. Top brands are constantly experimenting with inks in order to improve the quality of their existing range as well as expand their range with new formulations.

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What Is The Best Tattoo Ink To Use

According to reviews, productivity, and ink choices prevalent in the tattoo industry, Millennium Moms Nuclear is the best product to invest in. While this is more of a tattoo ink consortium with several choices bundled along, our vote also goes to the tattoo ink from Bloodline, if standalone products are concerned.

That said, if you are only interested in black tattoo ink, the Zuper Black from Intenze, a Mario Barth ink brand, comes forth as the best possible option.

Black Onyx Millenium Moms

Top Quality Black Color Tattoo ink Japanese Imported ...

Best overall

If you need to purchase a trusted brand of good ink consistency, this could be your pick. Its a good middle between liquid and too thick, and the black pigment doesnt fade. The perk here is the nice consistency and pigment evenness too.

We start our list with the best overall pick, the brand Millenium Moms. They offer bold and lasting pigments that are nicely mixed to perfect homogenized formula. With this ink, you know youll get a dark and deep color that stays as good as the first day of tattooing. The formula is good and not too thick, or too watery. The effect is not fading at all, and there wont be a need for you to redo lines in the future.

Package dimensions are 3.7 x 3.39 x 1.06 inches, with a total weight of 1.6 ounces.


  • You might need to use more

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Asking The Right Questions

When choosing to get inked, it is important to assess EVERY. THING. From the artists skill and experience to the machines and needles they use to the hygiene they practice in their studio all the way down to which inks they use.

The reason you assess an artists skill and technique is to make sure you get the best experience and a really good tattoo.

The reason you assess the ink being used in your tattoo, however, is that the ink is what you leave with when the session is done. Its what stays in your skin for life. And while good quality ink will give you a high-quality tattoo, low-quality ink can lead to patchy healing or excessive fading, and in some cases increase the risk of infections.

But why bother asking an artist about their ink? After all, they probably use the best kind anyway. Right?

A good tattoo artist would never use cheap inks because low-quality inks degrade the quality of an artists work. So yes, an artist would know best especially if theyre a GOOD artist.

But that doesnt mean you shouldnt do your own research anyway youre the one getting the ink poked into your skin! So while the artist knows whats best for their art to turn out well, you need to know whats best for your skin.

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