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Pos System For Tattoo Shops

Get Seamless Payment Processing For Your Tattoo Parlor

POS System Billing software & Inventory Management Paint Shop | Hardware | Electric | Sanitary store

There is no better option than Electronic Merchant Systems for simplifying and streamlining your tattoo parlor’s payment processing. Start accepting credit card payments at your shop seamlessly.

Spend less time stressing about payments and more time doing what you love, creating memorable and thrilling tattoos.

EMS has the Knowledge and Experience to Assist You

Electronic Merchant Systems has over 30 years of experience in the payment processing industry.

In addition, EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years. Security is of the utmost priority.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We have a team of customer service experts who are available around the clock, seven days a week.

EMS Offers:

  • The top payment processing tools and opportunities
  • Improved cash flow for your tattoo shop
  • Convenient Mobile payment options to get paid faster
  • Absolute payment security
  • Exceptional credit card rates

If these payment processing options sound like great opportunities for your tattoo business, fill out the form below to request a consultation today.

What Can A Tattoo Studio Pos Do

A POS software is a delight to your clients and artists, organize your payment procedures, and scale your business. Being as easy as plug-and-play, a tattoo studio POS saves you a lot of time that wouldve otherwise gone into looking after each activity manually — you can use that saved time for more important tasks!

Track Sales & View Detailed Reports From Any Device

You dont have to be in your store to view and manage your business. With the power of cloud, you can view and manage your system from any device, 24/7. Have a quick glance at your sales while youre away, or leverage detailed reports to forecast future sales and generate marketing strategies. All big brands rely on data to increase sales, raise brand awareness, and improve customer experience. Be like the pros and make data work for you.

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Why Use Tattoopro Pos

Convenience of not switching to different hardware, as TattooPro is compatible with all major devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Simplicity of plugging-and-playing with the POS software without needing a lot of tricky configuration settings.

Security and comfort of the cloud, as you can access your data from anywhere in the world, without depending on a specific hardware, manufacturer, or operating system.

The Future Of Epos Is Now

4 Best Tattoo Parlor POS Systems

Android is reinventing the POS industry. With a wide range of powerful, beautifully designed and fully-feaured POS devices with integrated print, scanning and payment processing options, there has never been a better time to switch to Android.

With a plethora of software options available and the kind functionality and ease of set-up simply not availability on other platforms, Android really is setting new standards.

AndroidEPOS are proud to supply the market leading range of hardware solutions from Sunmi.

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Time To Move To Action

All the point of sale systems listed will work as your hair salon pos, nail salon pos, barbershop pos, or spa pos.

If youre still not sure what solution is right for you, start a trial of Vagaro get a free Square account and play with the tool.

Both platforms also provide you with a free mobile credit card reader so you can get going without purchasing any new hardware

Finally, I also recommend you read my review of the best mobile card reader for salons.

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Okay Great Tell Me 3 Good Reasons For Using A Tattoo Shop Pos System To Accept Payments

Yes. With, you get to create digital forms. You can digitally capture consent and liability signature using any iPad or Tablet device. Simply obtain consent and provide your clients with a way to easily sign on an electronic device at your shop. You can either create custom digital forms or modify from our existing forms!

  • Improve business cash flow: Accepting payments electronically has shown to reduce the time it takes to get paid. Further, given the convenience of POS software, it is clear how the entire payment cycle is simplified tremendously, leading to improved cash flow.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Allow customers to submit their payment online rather than mailing a check. POS Software makes it easier for your customers to pay – by offering them various means and methods of payment – thereby ensuring theyre satisfied at all costs!
  • Keep your business organized: Receive alerts when customers open their e-invoice emails and whenever an invoice is paid or overdue. Everything related to billing, invoicing, and payments is in one place for you to access, so that you dont miss out on any important information!

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Pos For Service Based Businesses

Just as is the case with other service-based businesses, you need to offer satisfactory customer service and manage the business effectively to succeed. The right tattoo shop POS system can simplify things, eliminate errors, and save you a considerable amount of time. With the considerations discussed in this guide, you should have an easy time choosing the best tattoo parlor POS system.

Receive Feedback From Customers

Bookstore POS System | Billing Software for Bookshop Stationary shop | Book store Inventory software

Get to know your customers and their needs. Set up personalized questionnaires, polls, or surveys directly on the POS display, or via email. You can use feedback from your customers to improve your business by offering special promotions, optimizing your inventory, and making necessary changes to your day-to-day operations.

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Start Tattooing On The Go With Emsmobile

Tattoo artists are like nomads, traveling and tattooing wherever duty calls.

If you’re a tattoo artist who regularly attends festivals, shows, and concerts that allow tattoos, you need a mobile payment acceptance option as creative as your designs.

That is where EMSmobile comes in. You no longer have to stress about people not carrying cash anymore. It is 2022, after all.

Instead, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an integrated and seamless credit and debit card reader.

You’ll be able to take all major credit and debit cards. You can even accept tips, too!

Let’s look at a few additional features of EMSmobile that may interest you.

Ultimate Security: With EMS’ virtual terminal technology, you can remain confident that your customer’s credit information is always 100% safe.

Add-ons: Does a customer also want to touch up a previous tattoo? Or maybe they want to leave you a generous tip for your great work. Either way, with EMSmobile, you have the opportunity to include on-site add-ons and accept tips seamlessly.

Customizable Options: EMSmobile offers the flexibility you need when it comes to charging for tattoos. A back piece will surely cost differently than a small American traditional tattoo. With EMSmobile, you have the ability to charge how you see fit.

Overview Of The Salon Pos Software Recommended

There are many good point-of-sale solutions on the market. They all do the things you would expect from a POS and salon computer system. They help you process payments, manage your inventory, create receipts, etc.

This is a given.

But most solutions go beyond this with additional features to support local businesses. And this is where the tools create their unique position in the market. It becomes clear that some are focused on retail POS systems, restaurant POS systems, and the ones Ive chosen to list here have really gone the extra mile with dedicated salon solutions.

Whats of particular interest for a salon business is the appointment scheduling support and how well that is integrated with the POS. Having client and appointment data linked to your POS makes it much easier for you to maintain, track, and grow your salon business.

This was a key requirement for me when researching the best solution and all of the ones listed here have a solution to manage this. Thus, what you ultimately need to consider beyond this is the ease of use, additional features , and price to decide whats right for you.

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Tablet And Ipad Tip & Signature Capture

Connect an iPad to your computer with our patent pending, wireless signature and tip technology. Collect tips and signatures digitally on the iPad all while controlling your tattoo invoicing and orders from your computer. Now you can have the productivity of a computer while still providing the elegance of an iPad for signatures and tips.

Buyers Guide: Things You Need To Know

4 Best Tattoo Parlor POS Systems

Whether small or large, managing a tattoo parlor can be challenging, especially if you do not have the right tools. Get yourself an industry-specific POS system for tattoo salons and piercing shops. Your preferred solution should make it easy for you to organize all aspects of the business.

You also need a solution that allows for easy and convenient management of schedules, sales, staff, and reporting. A tattoo parlor POS system that is capable of monitoring business performance will also come in handy.

These are some of the important features you need to consider while shopping for the best tattoo shop POS system:

Booking and Appointment Management

Based on statistical findings, tattoo salons that allow for online booking and cloud-based appointment management are 48 percent busier. The software you get should allow for easy management of the calendar, and optimize the booked time.

It should also feature an intelligent, and intuitive online booking solution to delight both new and existing customers. Some of the leading tattoo parlor software solutions will also allow your clients to schedule appointments from social media platforms.

The system should let you decide how the products and services are grouped, hence making it easier for the clients to book the right experience remotely. Other booking and appointment tools you should consider include:

Reduced Calendar Gaps and No-Shows

Complete Overview

Easier Allocation of Resources

Stay in Touch with Clients

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Rev23 The Best Industry

REV23 is designed from the ground up to work for the body modification industry. As such, it is suited for tattoo parlors and piercing shops of all sizes. The software is particularly designed for enhanced efficiency in a body piercing and tattoo studio.

The REV23 tattoo studio POS system will furnish you with all the tools you need to streamline operations and grow the business. Some of the features offered by the software include:


Not only does REV23 allow for easy data entry and collection the system is really good at extracting data. For instance, you will be able to access artist payouts, sales tax and much more in just a few clicks. It features an integrated clock for your employees to clock-in and out.

Data is often presented in colorful and easy to read charts. You may also use graphs to present such data as client demographics, retail trends or the top-performing referral sources. All these allow you to make informed business decisions at all times.


REV23 Desktop features an industry-specific scheduler and deposit tracking. This allows you to search instantly for the next artists opening based on the preferred day of the week or the time.

With this system, your clients will be required to make a deposit while scheduling an appointment. This has been proven to prevent no-show scenarios.


Monthly Subscription
Prepaid Subscription

You will also get preview release access and $200 painful pleasures credit. The plan will be billed annually.

Countertop Pos Systems For Tattoo Studios

Tattoo shops attract a lot of different customers.

From walk-ins with existing ink to appointments with anxious new patrons, you see a wide variety of folks in a single day.

But how many potential customers haven’tyou seen due to cash-only limitations? Or do you have a slow and outdated payment terminal?

With EMS, these issues are never a concern.

With EMS point of sale solutions, you can accept all forms of payment and manage your tattoo parlor all in one place.

Our team is committed to providing tattoo shops with cutting-edge POS technology that is fast, efficient, and convenient.

Integrated Point of Sale System

Is your current POS system basically a cash drawer? Start processing various payment methods, managing ink supplies easily, and generating profit margin reports in minutes.

With this easy-to-use system, you’ll spend less time worrying about transactions and more time giving your customers lifelong body art.

Custom Gift and Loyalty Programs

There’s typically no shortage of tattoo artists in any town.

With the help of EMS, you can use gift cards to entice tattoo lovers to keep coming back and getting more ink.

Seamless Wireless Terminals

Many tattoo artists are behind the times when it comes to offering payment options that customers desire.

With EMS, you can accept any payment method, including swipe, EMV chips, and contactless payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay without crowding your counter.

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Which Salon Pos System Is Right For Your Business

The best salon POS system wont be the same for everyone, but it should always include customizable booking features, employee management capabilities, and inventory management functions.

If youre looking for an inexpensive salon POS, Square Appointments or Fresha are great options for you.

If you run a large salon or sell a lot of physical products, then Lightspeed Retail has the inventory management functions you need.

Franchises should look into Franposs beauty industry POS solution, which includes royalty and franchise expansion management tools.

Businesses focused on the health and wellness sphere will really benefit from Vagaros salon POS, and spa owners who contract out independent service providers will appreciate Vagaros comprehensive spa employee management features.

If youre simply interested in building your own simple customizable solution, Clover may be the POS for you, while salon owners looking to increase their online activity or build a website should consider Shopify POS.

Whatever salon POS you choose, make sure it fits your budget and can scale as much as you want it to.

Best Tattoo Parlor Pos Systems

Best Salon Software | Salon POS / Billing System | One Time Payment | Lifetime License | WEHASO

Quick Navigation

  • POS For Service Based Businesses
  • As a tattoo business owner you have to manage picky customers, health regulation while trying to increase sales. A tattoo shop point of sale system will simplify operations so you can focus on making your customers happy.

    There are a number of POS systems for tattoo parlors out there, each with their own specific benefits and drawbacks. But across the board, you should be looking for a platform that enables booking and appointment management, reduced calendar gaps, pre-order payments to reduce no-shows, an all-in-one interface, CRM & customer nurture features, powerful reporting and analytics, for starters.

    With the right POS system, your tattoo parlor can better process payments, manage customized requests, build brand and customer loyalty, and improve your overall profitability.

    After extensive research, weve found that Simple Inked is the best tattoo parlor POS system.Its key features include growth tracking, integrated payment processing, integrations with popular apps including Xero and Stripe. Plus, users can work from any device, and leverage integrated accounting tools, sales reports, and much more.

    Pricing for a tattoo parlor POS system can range from $20 per month all the way to $250 per month. Theres also hardware and credit card processing fees to consider when it comes to price comparisons.

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    Pos Station + Receipt Printer + Credit Card Terminal

    Every POS solution package comes with everything you need to start selling right away. It includes the POS station with a display, a thermal receipt printer and a payment processing terminal. Reliable hardware that performs, and software that simply works for your business. Manage inventory, process sales, access detailed reports, and process payments.

    Who Says Good Things Can’t Be Free Poscom Brings You A Point Of Sale Solution That Just Simply Works With Your Business

    Looking for a point of sale solution for your business but on a budget? Dont settle for a system that may hinder your business just for affordability sake. Dont settle for cheap point of sale solutions without knowing how well itll integrate into your business. By the time you realize, you may already have negatively impacted your business. At, we aim to provide businesses a way to run their operations efficiently, seamlessly and effortlessly – no matter the budget.

    You deserve better. Your business deserves a POS system that grows with you and takes advantage of the countless opportunities that can help increase sales, customer loyalty, and your presence in the market. We curate the best combination of POS hardware and software based on your needs, not your budget.

    All of our Free* POS Solutions include:

    • Customer Focused Support

    • POS Station + Receipt Printer + Credit Card Terminal

    • Point of Sale Software Suitable for your Business

    • Always available data on the Cloud

    • Payment Processing – Accept all forms of payments

    • Seamless inventory + staff management

    • Third Party Software Integrations Available

    • Setup, Installation, and Premium Support

    •’s Satisfaction Guarantee

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    Tattoo Shop Credit Card Processing

    Are you a tattoo artist looking to accept a variety of payment options? Tired of relying on customers having cash in their pockets?

    If so, you need Electronic Merchant Systems’ tattoo shop credit card processing.

    Stop losing business and running the risk of tattooing someone with insufficient cash.

    We offer tattoo parlors multiple payment processing options that are seamless to set up, straightforward, and convenient for your customers.

    EMS has you covered whether your shop needs a POS system or you’d like to accept mobile payments on the go at festivals and shows.

    For over 30 years, it has been Electronic Merchant Systems’ ultimate goal to help local businesses just like yours realize their full potential.

    With over , it’s clear that we have successfully helped countless tattoo shops grow.

    Click below to request a consultation or keep reading to see why EMS is the best option when it comes to payment processing for tattoo artists.

    Run Your Shop From The Palm Of Your Hand

    4 Best Tattoo Parlor POS Systems: Our Top Software Picks

    Ditch the pen and paper and embrace tech to manage more of your business. DaySmart Body Art will keep your schedule straight, track inventory and manage payroll, clients, campaigns and payments.

    Offer online appointment booking to clients

    Reputation Management

    Manage your reputation online by soliciting reviews and heading off complaints

    Mind Your Business

    Dashboards and extensive reporting monitor your metrics and keep you in the know

    Payment Processing

    Speed up client purchasing with integrated payment technology

    QuickBooks® Sync

    Sync every transaction to QuickBooks Online® and keep your taxes straight

    Client Records

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