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Tattoo Removal Options And Alternatives

Subcutaneous Injections Of Solutions

Natural And Inexpensive Methods To Remove Tattoos From Skin At Home

Subcutaneous injections of glycolic acid-based solutions or other liquid solutions involve injecting these solutions under the skin, so that they may affect the ink of the tattoo. These solutions often have an effect on the epidermis and dermis and may leave long-term scars or burn-like marks. Moreover, the effectiveness of this method is not consistently proven, since the ink-solution mixture cannot easily be expelled from the dermis to the epidermis.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Or Ipl

IPL is a dermal enhancer being used in some spas. Rather than using laser light, this technique uses high intensity light in pretty much the same manner. Before the method begins, a gel is applied to the skin and then a wand is used to emit pulses of light onto the skin area. While IPL is said to be less hurting and more effective than the laser therapy, there are many tattoo removal experts who do not recommend IPL. Its heftier cost being the reason. One clinic offers a price of $10 per pulse. Based on how many pulses per session your tattoo needs, this could add up to a significant amount of money.

Fewer Tattoo Removal Treatments Required

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular tattoo removal method today but it has many downsides. One of the biggest downsides to laser tattoo removal is the number of sessions required to see results. Some clients may pay and go through 20 sessions, only to end up with a tattoo that is faded buit not completely removed. Our UNDO TM non-laser tattoo removal system can remove your unwanted ink in fewer treatments than laser tattoo removal.


UNDO requires fewer sessions, thus it is more affordable than laser tattoo removal. Read More


When you do a laser tattoo removal, the ink that is broken down by the laser. Read More


Laser and saline tattoo removal is painful. In fact, we have had several clients report. Read More


With laser tattoo removal, there are many different factors that affect the results. Read More

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Laser Tattoo Removal: The Safest Most Effective Method For Removing Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal is the only proven, FDA-approved method for safely, effectively, and completely removing unwanted tattoo ink. Unlike creams, injections, and surgical procedures, tattoo removal lasers target the pigment by using appropriate wavelengths to super-heat the ink and break it into smaller particles. This process allows the body then to flush out the ink particles through the lymphatic system.

Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body to filter on its own, so by breaking them down, tattoo removal lasers essentially kickstart a natural process. Depending on the age, size, location, and ink composition of the tattoo, most patients achieve their desired results within 5-10 treatments. Although mildly uncomfortable, treatments usually only last seconds to minutes each. Because these lasers do not break the skin, patients only need to keep the area clean, dry, and out of the sun after treatment.

What Will Determine The Level Of Pain From My Tattoo Removal

The Best Tattoo Removal Options and Alternatives

As we mentioned above, the body placement of your tattoo is one of the biggest factors that can impact the level of pain you will experience. However, there are plenty more characteristics that can affect this as well. Some factors may include:

  • the thickness and darkness of your tattoos linework
  • the colors of the ink
  • age of the tattoo
  • your pain tolerance

Some good news the first session will likely be the most uncomfortable. Everyone says that the treatments get easier and easier as there is less ink to be removed, and generally, there is less fear as you know what to expect.

How long does the pain last after tattoo removal?

Typically, once the treatment is over, there is no lingering pain. Some folks may experience a tingly sunburn sensation for 30-40 minutes after, but taking ibuprofen can help with that.

Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your Certified Laser Specialists to ensure your skin will heal properly and recover between laser tattoo removal sessions.

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What About Tattoo Removal Aftercare What Should I Do After The Removal

Tattoo removal aftercare is important to ensure the skin does not get infections, to maintain skin texture and fed off unnecessary side effects. This can be done in a hospital, or it can be done at home. Tattoo removal pictures will not show the ugly side, but if not taken care of, removed tattoos sites can result to blisters and scars.

After the treatment, especially laser treatment, ice the treated area to prevent inflammation. This should be done for 24 hours after treatment. Avoid physical exercise, saunas, hot showers and hot sun for the next 24 hours. Choose an ointment and apply it on the tattoo area for the next three days to cool it off. Bandage the area to prevent infections and be sure to change the dressing every day.

Continue avoiding direct sun, avoid pool and salty water and avoid hot tubs for at least a week. If the area blisters or forms a scab, do not pop the blisters or pick the scab.

Risks Of Tattoo Removal Cream

While looking for tattoo removal options you may come across creams that claim to achieve tattoo removal. And for a reasonable cost!

You should know that any of these creams likely contains bleach or acid, which are chemicals that should only be used by professionals.

Some of the side effects of applying creams to your skin could include scars, peeling or itchy skin, and possibly pigmentation issues and chemical scarring.

You should know that tattoo ink resides in the dermis layer of your skin. Creams and lotions are unable to reach that layer of skin.

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Best Tattoo Removal Methods

To sum up, laser tattoo removal is the ONLY method approved by the FDA proven to successfully remove ink from the dermis and lead to complete tattoo removal over the course of several treatments.

At Removery we are the tattoo removal experts. We offer free consultations and will happily answer any questions you may have about laser tattoo removal. So book a free tattoo removal consultation with us today! Learn more about popular tattoo removal creams and if they actually work in this article.

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Why You Should Choose The Laser Tattoo Removal Method

How to Remove a Tattoo without Laser at Home

First and foremost, it is important to remember the FDA has approved laser tattoo removal as the only proven method to successfully get rid of tattoos. Whether you are looking to completely remove a tattoo, or fade old ink for a tattoo cover-up, your best option is the laser.

While these methods may seem like a cost-effective option, you could end up with scarring, or discoloration that will cost more to fix. When you calculate it, youll find youll save money by contacting EradiTatt as your first course of action in laser tattoo removal.

Dont take the chance. EradiTatt believes in being transparent with our clients and welcomes the opportunity to answer any of your questions about laser tattoo removal costs, and numbers of sessions.

Contact us today for your free consultation!

  • Picture of TattooIf you would like to just do a phone consult, or prefer a fast estimate please upload your photo here.
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    The 5 Best Tattoo Removal Clinics In Richmond Hill

    Home » The 5 Best Tattoo Removal Clinics in Richmond Hill

    If you are considering tattoo removal, you will want to find a clinic that offers the most effective and least painful treatment options. Here is a list of the five best tattoo removal clinics in Richmond Hill. Each of these clinics employs experienced and qualified professionals who use the latest technology to remove tattoos quickly and safely.

    Schedule an appointment with one of these clinics to get started on your journey to fading or removing your unwanted tattoo.


    A Rise In Tattoo Removal

    According to a Harris Interactive poll conducted in January 2012, 1 in 8 of American adults who have tattoos regret getting one. In addition, many people who get a tattoo will want to update or modify their tattoos.

    The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery reports that in 2011, its doctors performed nearly 100,000 tattoo removal procedures, up from the 86,000 performed in 2010. And, from 2012 to 2013, the number of tattoo removals increased by 52 percent.

    Unfortunately, removing a tattoo is not as simple as changing your mind.

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    Is Tattoo Removal Painful

    Experiences are different. Different methods have different levels of pain. Creams that require being injected into the body present the same level of pain like that of tattoo application. Laser removal may be painful if no anesthesia is used and less painful when the skin is numbed.

    The process is painful but bearable.

    If you can withstand pain, the process will just feel uncomfortable. For those who cannot stand a needle prick, the pain may feel excruciating. It is different for different people. Tattoo removal at home may be more painful as most people do not use anesthesia.

    Tattoo Removal Cream Is Less Effective

    Tattoo Removal Alternative by MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup

    Tattoo removal creams have been frequently debunked by medical professionals as being at most marginally effective at removing tattoos. These creams often require several months of treatments before any visible difference can be seen. It could take months to determine that the treatment is ineffective, wasting both time and money.

    The results of laser tattoo removal can be seen as early as the first appointment, with each subsequent meeting showing visible results immediately after.

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    What Are The Risks Of Alternative Tattoo Removal Methods

    At EradiTatt we understand the decision to get tattoo removal is not made easily. We also understand if youre considering having a tattoo removed, you have probably seen alternative methods of removing tattoos that seem more cost-effective. However, you should know the risks that accompany these alternatives. Its not uncommon for EradiTatt customers to show us a part of their skin that has damage from trying an alternate method for tattoo removal. Read on to learn more about the dangers with non-laser tattoo removal methods.

    Tattoo Removal Cream Takes More Time To Remove Tattoos

    Establishing definitive expectations to a tattoo removal treatment which uses cream is challenging because so many variables are involved the type of tattoo, your treatment regime, & c.

    While it is very difficult to attach a definitive timeline to tattoo removal using tattoo removal cream, you see the results of laser tattoo removal immediately after the first treatment. Many find that it can take around 9 months before any progress is seen using tattoo removal creams.

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    Removing Tattoos At Home

    For anyone who doesnt have the time or the money to visit a clinic and have their tattoos professionally removed, DIY solutions are worth a try. But they couldnt be more wrong: most of the time, these seemingly cheaper alternatives bring more harm than good.

    Here are some of the absolutely ineffective home remedies to watch out for:

    • Salabrasion peels a thin layer of the epidermis by rubbing salt at the skins surface. It can lead to scarring and extreme pain.
    • Yogurt and aloe vera are not dangerous for the skin, but theyre not effective in removing tattoos either.
    • Sand is meant to mimic dermabrasion. But there is no evidence that sand can help remove the tattoo pigment.
    • Lemon juice is known to lighten the skin. But like any natural ingredient in this list, there is no evidence that lemon can remove ink particles on the skin. This acidic solution can produce rashes on the skin if exposed to the sun.
    • Salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent that removes dead skin cells. However, this only works on the surface of the skin. It cannot reach deep enough to penetrate the tattooed layer of the dermis.
    • Glycolic acid is more potent than the previous acid, but similarly, it can only reach the epidermis. That makes it useless in removing the tattoo completely.

    What About Home Treatments

    3 Methods to Remove Your Tattoo at Home – Here’s which one works best!

    Tattoo removal creams and chemical peels are the most widely available and least expensive option. Theres a reason why: Theres no solid evidence that they work.

    At best, they might slightly lighten a tattoo, according to anecdotal reports. At worst, they can result in a serious chemical burn .

    Due to the high risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction, experts dont recommend using DIY tattoo removal creams to get rid of your tattoo.

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    Chemical Peel And Glycolic Acid Tattoo Removal

    Acid peels such as glycolic acid peels, TCA peels, and acid injections fade tattoos by dissolving several layers of skin. Similar to tattoo removal creams, the chemicals have dangerous and often permanent side effects. Since many of these products can be purchased online and applied without a professional technician, users have been left with severe chemical burns and permanent scarring.

    Find A Reputable Doctor

    To ensure you get proper treatment and care, find a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgery center. If possible, get a recommendation from your primary care physician for a dermatologist or skin surgery center that specializes in tattoo removal.

    Since tattoo removal is a personal option in most cases, most insurance carriers wonât cover the process unless it is medically necessary. Physicians or surgery centers practicing tattoo removal may also require payment in full on the day of the procedure. If you are considering tattoo removal, be sure to discuss associated costs up front and obtain all charges in writing before you undergo any treatment.

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    Final Thoughts On Non Laser Tattoo Removal

    Overall, there are numerous no laser tattoo removal methods. From medical procedures to homemade remedies, you can easily get the ingredients and products needed to remove the permanent ink off your body. You can opt for surgical removal if your tattoo is small enough, or you can go for dermabrasion and scrape off the top layer of your skin. Apart from this, you can consult a specialist, and they can prescribe a topical cream that will slowly fade the tattoo away.

    Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact

    Why Diy Methods Of Removing Tattoos Are Dangerous

    What You Need to Know about Tattoo Removal: Options and Results

    Weve been in the business of helping people remove old tattoos long enough to understand that some people may be desperate to remove their ink. However, doing it at home or without the supervision of a professional will certainly cause more harm than good. Common complications from at-home removal methods can include infection, permanent scarring, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation.

    Over a decade ago, there were very different tattoo removal methods that were popular, like infrared treatments. We still have patients who come in that are hoping to clean up the damage caused by the other treatments theyve tried over the years. In particular, we still get a lot of patients who attempted infrared tattoo removal in the past and encountered side effects, like burning, infections, and extended recovery times. This treatment looked like someone had applied a cigarette multiple times to the tattoo.

    Before: a star ankle tattoo post-infrared treatments 13 years ago. After: results after two laser removal treatments with MEDermis.

    We dont share these stories to shock or scare you, but to warn you of the real danger in choosing the wrong tattoo removal method.

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    What Is So Special About Our Non

    With the popularity of laser tattoo removal, most people are unaware of newer alternative methods that are actually safer, less painful, less treatments required, and more effective that laser tattoo removal.

    Although there are many traditional non-laser tattoo removal methods out there, including salabrsian, dermabrasion, surgical excision, chemicals, infrared coagulation, we are not talking about these old outdated unsafe methods of non-tattoo removal.

    Safety Concerns Of Tattoo Removal Cream

    No matter how desperate you are to remove a tattoo, you should never knowingly use a product that could do permanent damage to your skin.

    With any tattoo removal treatment, safety should be your primary concern and you should understand the risks of the method you are using.

    For a tattoo removal cream to be effective, it has to penetrate the top layer of skin also known as the dermis to reach the ink beneath. Most tattoo removal creams get their effect from powerful chemicals which are required to break down tattoo ink beneath the skin. Many tattoo removal creams include compounds that can damage your skin when used.

    While laser tattoo removal can cause some discomfort during the procedure, there will be minimal discomfort between sessions. Laser tattoo removal treatments are typically spaced 6 weeks apart while tattoo removal cream requires daily application, meaning daily discomfort.

    With Laser tattoo removal you experience a few minutes of discomfort every month and a half, while tattoo removal cream can result in daily pain.

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