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Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Cover Up

Does Tummy Tuck Tattoo Hurt

Tummy Tuck Tattoo: Scar coverup

The stomach and abdomen are generally more sensitive areas to get a tattoo. The scar tissue left over from a tummy tuck can also create complexities for the artist and potential increased pain. Tummy tuck tattoos wont be a day at the beach, but most say it is bearable especially if you work though common pain reduction techniques.

Think Again Before Getting A Tattoo

If you want to cover up a scar with tattoo pigment, you should wait about a year to see the final result of the scar. However, many new techniques have recently been described using pro-rata lasers and a drug delivery system. It helps scars fade and flatten rather than cover them up completely.

You might make the scar look good by a self-healing process, which can eliminate the need for tattoos.

Anyways, Tattoos are a great way to deal with the color changes that come with scarring in general. But, in the end, it is your choice to choose between getting a tattoo or waiting around a year to make it look better.

Large Rose Tummy Tuck Tattoo

If you feel self-conscious about your tummy tuck tattoo, a large and intricately colored tattoo could be the best option for you. This tummy tuck tattoo has a few large, pink roses and green leaves. The ink is dark and the tattoo outlines are filled in well to ensure that your tummy tuck scar cannot be seen.

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How To Cover A Tummy Tuck Scar With A Tattoo

The decision of whether to cover a tummy tuck scar with a tattoo is a matter of personal preference. Although Dr. Krau gently cautions patients to carefully consider this option, she encourages them to do so.

It is possible to draw attention to a scar by hiding it with a tattoo. The color of ink does not stay as long on scarred tissue as it does on healthy skin. It is not only difficult to tattoo fragile scar tissue, but it can also lead to

thickening or infection of the tissue.

Lastly, scars tend to fade considerably with time, so young scars will likely be less concerning in a few years.

Answer: Getting A Tattoo Over A Scar

Pin on scar cover

Thank you for the question! Even though your tummy tuck scar will gradually fade over time, you may still get a tattoo if you so desire. It’s perfectly safe. You just have to wait until the healing process is completed and your swelling is completely gone. That may take 6 to 12 months from the day of surgery. That may take 6 to 12 months from the day of surgery. Remember that an in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way to assess your needs and guarantee a reliable medical advice. Best of luck!

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Will A Tummy Tuck Remove My Lower Abdominal Tattoo

With tummy tuck surgery, technically called abdominoplasty, a large amount of lower abdominal skin is removed . For patients that have a lower abdominal tattoo they no longer like, this is nice as the tattoo can be removed during surgery . For those with a lower abdominal tattoo they do like, I will explain how much of the tattoo will need to be removed to tighten the skin properly. Patients can then decide if the surgery is worth it, and how they want to manage the tattoo postoperatively .

Your Scar Should Be Fully Healed Before Getting A Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Wound healing is one of the most important factors you should consider before getting a tummy tuck tattoo.

It takes around a year before tummy tuck scars fully heal, so you should wait until then for your tummy tuck tattoo cover up. Scars shrink as they heal, so getting a tattoo too soon after your surgery can also make your tattoo shrink. Plus, it might cause the ink to compress around the scar line, making your scar more noticeable.

To know if your incision has fully healed, your scar should be flat and appear light in color.

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Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Ideas That Deserve More Love And Appreciation

When all is said and done, while the area will stay the same, picking the right tummy tuck tattoo might be extremely difficult. Since the design for this area doesnt come with a handbook, the experience of getting a tummy tuck tattoo can be relieving as much as it is terrifying.

Tummy tuck scars result from surgeries that involve the removal of excessive skin around the tummy area. While it is a rather taboo issue to talk about, we believe that tummy tuck scars should not be shunned out, but celebrated. Indeed, our scars make us who we are. Why not celebrate a tummy tuck scar through means of tummy tuck scar tattoos?

Join us today as we enlighten you on what, why, and how exactly you can get a tummy tuck scar tattoo and uplift your recovery process at the same time.

What Will Happen During The Procedure


The tattoo technician will use an electronic device that stimulates the skins natural healing process. Multiple pigment blends are injected into the skin to create a tonal variance of your natural color.

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Best Tummy Tuck Tattoo Ideas

In this part of the article, you can find some of the best and most beautiful tummy tuck cover-up tattoo designs. If any tummy tuck tattoos catch your eye, why not get them imprinted over your scar! So, lets have a glimpse at them.

Other than the given tummy tuck tattoo ideas shown above, you can find many more exciting designs. You can also have your own custom-design tummy tuck tattoo.

What Is A Tummy Tuck Tattoo

People around the world are so keen on different and trending tattoo ideas. A new tattoo trend comes around, and the next day you can find enormous people flaunting their unique tattoos. People get tattoos for various reasons as they hold different meanings. While some get tattoos as an interest, some get tattoos to cover some vulnerable areas of their body. As much as tattoos have more of a fashion statement, various tattoo symbols also execute cultural values.

Regardless, people these days get very meaningful tattoos on their bodies. One reason to get a tattoo on your body is to cover up or hide a bold scar. For example, the tummy tuck tattoo is one such practical tattoo idea.

Individuals who suffer from immense weight loss often get weight loss surgery to remove the excess abdominal tissue. This surgery leaves a large inverted T-shaped scar across the lowest part of the abdomen. This scar is identified as a tummy tuck scar.

Since a tummy tuck scar is significant, depending on the surgery, sometimes hiding the spot with clothes is an issue. Hence, a tummy tuck scar becomes insecurity for many. But, a right tummy tuck tattoo design can help you hide the hideous scar for a long-time. You can wear any type of clothing then.

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Remember Tattoos Age And So Do We

That cool design you choose to cover up your tummy tuck scar in your 20’s & 30’s might not be so cool in our 50’s & 60’s. Also, did you really want that tattoo to begin with? or did you settle on anything that would “cover up” the tummy tuck scar?

Remember getting a tattoo might be the easy part. If you regret or if you had a bad artist. You are stuck with it or have to start the removal process which can take years to complete, and laser option can be extremely painful, cause additional scarring, and let’s not forget to mention expensive!

You got a tummy tuck to feel better about yourself so if a traditional tattoo cover-up is your style… then go for it! Just make sure it’s something you love.. maybe something going up the hip/sides a bit!

Your Tummy Tuck Scar Will Be Less Visible

Tummy Tuck Tattoo Cover Up

Like what Ive said about scar camouflaging, tummy tuck scar tattoo camouflage will make your scar disappear from the naked eye.

I will blend a special ink that matches your body color, and its appearance is like your natural skin tone. This may sound easy, but only a professional tattoo artist can do this.

Its more than injecting ink into a needle inserted into the scar tissue. I custom blend ink and color match to give you the most natural results.

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Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Everything You Should Know First

Tattoos can cover scars. After your tummy tuck scar fully heals, you can get a permanent tattoo over it. Does tummy tuck tattoos hurt?

Tummy tuck candidates with lower abdominal tattoos have recently inquired with Dr. Ary Krau. Their curiosity was whether their tattoos would be altered by surgery and if so, how? In this post, a Miami tummy tuck surgeon answers these questions.

Look At Other Options

Sometimes, a tattoo is not the only solution for your tummy tuck scars. If your scar is lighter than your skin tone, then a tattoo might be able to improve it and match the color to your surrounding skin.

However, if your scar is hyperpigmented or darker than your skin tone, getting a tattoo may not be the best move. You might want to look at getting a profractional laser treatment instead, as this will help break down the pigment and fade your tummy tuck scar.

Learn more about tummy tuck tattoos by scheduling a Free Consultation with one of our reputable, experienced, and double board-certified plastic surgeons. Not only can we answer your concerns, but we can also recommend tattoo artists to help you improve the appearance of your scars.

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Can I Get A Tattoo To Cover Up My Tummy Tuck Scar

Occasionally, I will see patients who are thinking about getting a tattoo to cover or hide a tummy tuck scar. There are a few things I explain to these patients.

  • Scars tend to fade over time, so if the scar is less than a few years old, it generally has room for further improvement.
  • Adding a tattoo can draw more attention to the scar, so its usually not a great way to camouflage things.
  • Scars that bother patients for the first few years after surgery often fade so much that they become a non-issue naturally over time, while the cover-up tattoo will tend to hold its color over the years.

The other issue with tattooing a scar is that scar tissue does not hold ink as well as regular skin. Because of this, the scar can still show as a lighter or darker colored line running through a tattoo. Additionally, scar tissue is more fragile than regular tissue and will sustain more trauma during the tattooing process. This has the potential to lead to further scar thickening or even a soft tissue infection.

What Does A Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Mean

Tummy tuck scar cover up tattoo journey

While any and every design is suitable to replace the scar, the sole purpose of a tummy tuck scar tattoo is immensely important. It not only allows one to hide their gash but also enables them to see the beauty of it. It enables them to adjust with their new physical appearance by embracing their past and encourages them to come to terms with their current appearance. People believe that such tattoos allow the wearers to cherish their existence, which is something that this world sadly lacks at times.

In a world where physical appearance can either make or break a person, it is rather hard to deal with issues as painful as scars.

However, we couldnt disagree more with that take. We believe that at the end of the day, what we have within us should matter not how we look. Our physical features will definitely fade gradually, but our mindset will always change for the better as each day passes. There should be no room for such hypocrisy in a world where were seeking positivity.

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Mermaid Tummy Tuck Tattoo

For the person who loves mermaids comes this stunning mermaid tattoo for tummy tuck scars! The mermaid is created in black ink and extends throughout the width of the stomach and onto the hip area. The mermaids long, flowing hair expertly hides all elements of the scar, while the bubbles and flowing water add to the final look.

Play The Waiting Game

How and when you should proceed with a post-tummy tuck tattoo will depend on what part of the stomach youre planning to get it. A tattoo is an intricate illustration and the skin is its canvas, so it makes sense to wait until the post-surgical swelling and bruising has resolved before moving forward with your permanent design. If you get a scar tattoo cover-up too soon, the shape may end up distorted as stomach swelling subsides and skin contracts.

The degree of post-surgical swelling can be affected by a number of factors:

  • Extent of procedure

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How Do I Prepare Forprocedure Day

the healing process will be similar to a tattoo. So if you have a tattoo you have a good idea of what to expect. If this is all new to you… check out our blog on PRE-CARE and let’s get you ready for your session

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Cost

Pin on Tummy love

The total cost of the tummy tuck tattoo camouflage varies significantly per technician and is dependent on the location and severity of the stretch marks or scar requiring treatment. Studio Conceal charges anywhere between $500-$2,000 per area.

We require an initial consultation free of charge with zero pressure, during which a formal quote can determine the final cost of the tattoo.

Be careful in saying yes to a tattoo. You have to make sure to contact your doctor first to consult about your scar and get a piece of reliable advice. Then once your doctor says your scar is mature enough, we can begin tattoo camouflaging your stomach.

The first consultation is free. We will make assessments about your scar.

Remember, the only authorized person to practice tattoo camouflaging is a professional tattoo artist.

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Can A Tattoo Cover A Tummy Tuck Scar

A tummy tuck scar can definitely be covered by a tattoo. To reduce associated pain and ensure a long-lasting design you will want to wait about a year for the scaring to completely heal. You will also want to find a tattoo artist that specializes in scar tattoos as the process can be slightly different from other non-scar tattoos.

Does It Hurt To Get A Tattoo Over A Scar

Women get tattoos to cover a scar after mommy maker for many reasons. For example, some women want to improve their body appearance. Thats why they tend to undergo the tattooing procedure. Others feel more comfortable by hiding scars under tattoos.

Remember that everyones body is different, meaning each individuals tissues will respond differently to tattoos after a mommy makeover. Some women experience severe discomfort and pain when covering scar tissues with tattoos. Others may have high-level pain tolerance and may not get severely affected.

The general rule of thumb is that scar tissues can cause severe inflammation, swelling, pain, and increase the risk of infection after getting tattoos. Likewise, it can cause nerve compression or damage, leading to chronic complications.

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Can You Cover A Mommy Makeover Scar With A Tattoo

Adding a tattoo to cover a mommy makeover depends on the patients preferences, meaning if you want to hide the scar, you can have a tattoo to achieve your aesthetic goals.

However, experts recommend doing your research before considering this option to avoid complications. The primary purpose of getting a tattoo is the camouflage the scar, but some studies show that scarred tissues after a mommy makeover do not hold the ink color and may affect the skins health.

Tattoos can make scarred tissues fragile or thicken them, causing severe infections. The good news is that scars fade over time, meaning you should avoid worrying about the more visible scar for a few years. Although the ultimate choice is yours, experts suggest one must not get a tattoo to cover the scar tissues.

Scar Tattooing & Medical Tattooing By Helen Aldous


Scar Tattooing can help to disguise scarring. Tattooing can be used to improve the appearance of scars after surgery and trauma.

Scars anywhere on the body, as long as they are well healed, can benefit from scar tattooing.

Scars on or around the nipples after surgery can be treated. For example, scars from mastectomy, breast enlargement or reduction surgery or gender reassignment surgery .

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Answer: To Tatoo Or Not

Abdominoplasty incisions heal in about 18 months in most cases. In patients with a red hue, they take even longer. Your incision is healing normally. Use compression to aid flattening of the incision and hydoquinone to hasten lightening. Don’t try to rush it. You may tattoo later but no need to rush it. Give yourself a chance to heal first.

Adding A Tattoo To Cover A Tummy Tuck Scar

Adding a tattoo to cover a tummy tuck scar is a personal preference and up to the discretion of the patient. However, Dr. Krau gently warns patients to carefully consider this option. Camouflaging a scar with a tattoo may actually call more attention to the scar. Also, scarred tissue does not hold the ink color as well as healthy skin. In fact, not only is tattooing fragile scar tissue difficult, it can also cause the scar to thicken or the tissue to develop an infection. Finally, scars tend to fade significantly over time, so young scars may become less of a concern after a few years.

If you have a tattoo on your lower abdomen and would like a better idea of how tummy tuck will alter it, Dr. Krau would be happy to consult with you. Please call or email our practice today to book your appointment.

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