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Can I Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo

Can You Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo

Can one donate blood after getting a tattoo? – Dr. Sanjay Phutane
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Donating blood is noble practice. Your donated blood can improve someones health condition or even save their life. Blood donation is a great way of extending help to a fellow human being. However, there are certain myths that make people believe they are not eligible for donating blood. The most popular one is you cannot donate blood if you have a tattoo. That myth is just a myth.

People from all walks of life get a tattoo and the fad of getting one is not going to end anytime soon. So does that mean these people cannot donate blood ever again? No, that is not true. Getting a tattoo does not automatically put a permanent ban on blood donation.

An individual who donates blood willingly and freely, after he/she has been declared fit post a medical examination for donating blood, without accepting in return any consideration in cash or kind from any source, is considered a donor. This however, does not include a professional or a paid donor.

When you look at the eligibility criteria for a blood donor, there is no source which says that if you have a tattoo you cannot donate. The general qualifications of a blood donor are:

If obtaining your tattoo infected you with hepatitis, you wont be a candidate for blood donation. If you are cleared not to have hepatitis or on an off chance HIV, then you can go ahead and donate blood and become the superhero in someones life.

Can I Give Blood

Sometimes it is not possible to give blood, or we may ask you to wait before donating again. To save you a wasted journey, please read this list of the most common reasons people cannot give blood.

If you have a medical condition, or a question about whether you can give blood, you should check the health & eligibility and travel section before you book an appointment.

If you need to cancel your appointment please give us 3 days’ notice so that we can offer the space to another donor. You can easily cancel or reschedule by signing in to your online account or using the NHS Give Blood app.

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Can You Give Blood With Tattoos

If you get a tattoo, its important to know the rules about giving blood. You can donate as soon as your artist has finished working and only if they use clean needles made of plastic or metal with no history in their previous clientele opt out from being donated because these artists work at state-licensed facilities where there are strict safety standards for everything involved even during treatment hours!

Can I Donate If I Have A Cold

Can How Donate Long A Blood You Getting After Tattoo

No, if you are sneezing and coughing or very congested you should not attend. It is important that you do not have any infection at the time of donating. If you are unsure it is best not to give blood.

Can I donate if I feel ill or have a cold sore?

If you are feeling under the weather its best that you wait until you feel better before you give blood. Use our health & eligibility section to find out more.

Can I donate blood if I am taking antibiotics or have an infection?

If you have had coronavirus symptoms, please read our full coronavirus guidance for rules on attending a session before making an appointment to donate.

You must be completely healed or recovered from any infection for at least 14 days before you give blood. If you are taking antibiotics you may need to wait a period of time after your last tablet. Please follow our advice about donating after an infection. Please also see our advice about donating after antibiotics.

Can I donate if I am pregnant, or have recently been pregnant?

During your pregnancy, you are not able to give blood. If you had a blood transfusion during your pregnancy or at delivery then you will not be able to become a blood donor. Please follow our advice about giving blood during and after pregnancy.

Can I give blood if I am receiving medical treatment or taking medication?

Can I give blood if I have been to the dentist or received dental treatment?

Can I give blood if I have been travelling outside the UK?

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Can I Donate Blood

Donating blood is easy and our blood supply relies exclusively on the generosity of volunteer blood donors. There is no substitute for human blood. Most people qualify as a volunteer donor, even if they are taking medications. Review the eligibility criteria below and see if you can be a lifesaver too.

For information about blood donation and the Covid-19 vaccine, visit the Covid-19 and Blood Donation FAQ.

Age Matters

You may donate if you are at least 17 years old , weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health.

  • Donors age 16-18 are also subject to additional height/weight restrictions.
  • Donors age 76 and older can continue to donate blood if they meet all eligibility criteria and present a physician’s letter allowing them to donate, once at the first donation after reaching their 76th birthday. In the absence of a letter from their physician, they must be cleared by an NYBC medical director at each donation.

16 Year Old Parental/Guardian’s Permission Form

New York
7 days after taking

See full list of medications that may affect your eligibility as a blood donor.

* These anti-platelet agents affect platelet function so people taking these drugs should not donate platelets for the indicated time however, you make a whole blood donation. Anyone taking Coumadin must wait 7 days after their last dose in order to be eligible for any type of donation.

Permanent Reasons

Please do not give blood if you:

Please Note:

Can I Donate Blood With Tattoos

Despite certain rumors about tattoos and blood donation, you can donate blood if you have tattoos. Having tattoos is not a reason to disqualify you for blood donation. This accounts for both specific emergency interventions or for donating blood to a blood bank.

The basis for the controversy over tattoos appears to stem from the fact that unhygienic conditions when getting a tattoo or piercing can lead to infection. If the needle is not sterile or the ink used has been contaminated, it can lead to human-to-human infections and other problems. However, if the conditions are sanitary , there should be no impediment. After getting the tattoo, the person will be just as healthy as they were before.

There are some considerations we need to make if we are donating blood, regardless if we have a tattoo. We explain what they are in further detail below.

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Can You Give Plasma While Pregnant

While there are some limitations for women who want to donate plasma, it is possible if they meet certain criteria. If youre pregnant now or have been recentlybetween pregnancies then unfortunately your application will not be processed because HLA antibodies could trigger an infection during donation and therefore put others at risk too including those with healthy kidneys already damaged by disease However hope isnt lost! You can still help out by being an EVALUATE DONOR this means producing less valuable types of blood like platelets which helps prevent strokes/heart attacks

Why Cant You Give Blood After Getting A Tattoo

Why you can not donate blood after getting a tattoo or piercing?

The American Red Cross require a 12-month waiting period after receiving a tattoo in an unregulated facility before a person can donate blood. This is due to the risk of hepatitis. Hepatitis is a type of liver inflammation. People who get tattoos in regulated and licensed facilities do not need to wait to give blood.

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Can You Give Blood After Getting A Tattoo

jewellery stores, cosmetics companies and other businesses that want their customers to know about the products they sell can have them donated blood right after getting inked with a brand new tattoo. As long as you get your artwork done at one of these state-regulated entities that use sterile needles and ink never recycled twice , then theres no problem!

Why Become A Donor: Benefits Of Donating Blood

But what about you? As a donor, do you get anythingin return for your benevolent act?

The answer is yes, you do get a lot ofbenefit in return! Here are some of them:

  • Lowers your iron levels

Iron is important to the body. If youre lowin iron, youre anaemic. If youve got too much iron, you may have hemochromatosis. Its therefore important to have just the right amount of ironin blood. And one way to maintain healthy levels of iron in blood is bydonating blood regularly.

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack

According to this study, blood donation can lower the risk of myocardial infarction or heart attack. People who have high levels of iron in their blood are especially at risk of heart failure and disease.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Too much iron can accelerate the growth of tumours. High levels of iron is associated with a 25% increase in risk of getting cancer. It is therefore important to reduce iron levels in blood and donating blood will certainly help you achieve this goal.

  • Replenish blood

Women menstruate and regularly replenish blood.Men, however, dont. So, if youve got high iron levels in blood, its best to giveblood if you can.

  • Feel good about yourself

Knowing youre helping someone is apowerful mood booster! Ive personally donated blood several times over theyears, and I always feel good afterwards. You may not know the recipientpersonally, but the knowledge that youre making a difference in alife-and-death situation feels wonderful.

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Why Are Tattoos Attractive

So many of our users are looking for someone with a bit of body art – it’s clearly a turn on for both men and women. Previous research has also found that women tend to look more favourably on men with tattoos, associating them with good health, masculinity, aggressiveness and dominance, according to one study.

Meeting Other Basic Requirements

Can you donate blood if you have a tattoo? Timeline and more

Along with the assessment for tattoo inks, below are the minimum requirements for donating blood:

  • be at least 17 years old
  • weigh at least 110 pounds
  • not be anemic
  • not have a body temperature over 99.5°F
  • not be pregnant
  • not have any disqualifying medical conditions
  • not have gotten any tattoos, piercings, or acupuncture treatments from unregulated facilities in the past year

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Can You Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo Red Cross

While your tattoo may be permanent, the deferral isnt. If your tattoo was applied in one of the 11 states that do not regulate tattoo facilities, you must wait 3 months before donating blood. To learn more about eligibility criteria for donating blood, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS .

Tattoos And Blood Donation

As you may know, when tattooing, your tattoo artist will use a tattoo needle to pierce through your skin to shape and outline your tattoo. The tattooing process allows a lot of bacteria living on your skin to get inside of it and potentially enter your bloodstream.

Among those bacteria, there could also be some blood-borne pathogens that could spread across the blood and result in some sexually-transitive diseases that you may not know about. Thats why many hospitals and medical facilities, as well as blood donating facilities, had a pretty strict policy about donating blood from tattooed individuals.

Even a famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo avoided getting a tattoo because he frequently donated his blood.

As you may know, the healing process for a tattoo can last anywhere from two weeks to six weeks, and cause skin infections if the aftercare is not properly done. The risk is only increased if you didnt get your tattoo done at a certified and regulated tattoo studio but went to an unregulated tattoo artist who didnt adhere to all the rules for hygiene when tattooing.

Still, a lot of professional artists are trying their best to adhere to those rules and make a tattoo that will heal easily and as painlessly as possible, while also advising their clients how to take care of their tattoo so that itd heal swiftly and so that they could get back to donating blood as soon as possible.

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How Do I Find A Donation Center

You can find a donation center near you by searching the internet. Organizations such as the American Red Cross and Americas Blood Centers have walk-in donation centers that you can visit almost any time.

Many blood banks and donation services, such as the American Red Cross and Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies, have traveling blood banks that visit schools, organizations, and other locations that are scheduled in advance.

The American Red Cross website also has pages to help you find blood drives as well as provide you with the resources to host your own. As a host, you only need to:

  • provide a location for the American Red Cross to set up a mobile donation center
  • raise awareness about the drive and get donors from your institution or organization
  • coordinate donation schedules

Before you donate blood, follow these tips to prepare your body:

  • Wait at least 8 weeks after your last donation to donate whole blood again.
  • Drink 16 ounces of water or juice.
  • Follow an iron-rich diet consisting of foods such as spinach, red meat, and beans.
  • Avoid a high fat meal right before donating.
  • Dont take aspirin for at least 2 days before the donation if you plan to donate platelets, too.
  • Avoid high stress activities.

Can You Donate Blood Before Getting A Tattoo

Can we donate blood after getting a tattoo? | Tattoo Talk | EP 01 | Lizards Skin Tattoos |

Its possible to donate blood before youget a tattoo, as long its not on the same day. This is because you may feelfaint or lightheaded after donating. And seeing how painful tattooing can be,you need all your strength to withstand the pain.

Allow your body to recover from your gooddeed first, before embarking on your next endeavour. This may take a day or two,or however long you need to recuperate from the blood loss.

Heres what you can do to help your body recoverand prepare for your upcoming tattoo appointment:

  • Eat well and get a good nights sleep

Blood donation can take maybe 30-45minutes. But it can be physically exhausting. You may feel weak and dizzy, so graba healthy snack and drink water afterwards. Then get at least 6-8 hours of sleepto help your body recover.

  • Drink plenty of fluids for the next few days

You just lost a lot of fluid . To avoid dehydration, you should drink plenty of water and/or sportsdrinks like Gatorade to replace electrolytes in your body.

  • Avoid going to the gym and/or exercising

For the gym bunnies out there, surely, a dayor two of rest wont kill you. But strenuous physical activity might. Afterdonating, its best to get plenty of rest. Dont forget you still need toprepare your body for your tattooing session.

  • Avoid taking blood thinning medication

This includes aspirin or ibuprofen. Doingso may cause issues with your tattoo healing properly.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

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Policy And Process Information

Blood Donor Eligibility

All blood donors are required to meet FDA eligibility criteria to donate blood, every time. These eligibility criteria apply to all U.S. blood collection organizations. Only an estimated 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood at any given time. However, less than 10 percent of that eligible population actually donates each year. The gender-specific donation criteria and questions on the health history questionnaire are designed to ensure that the blood collection process is as safe as possible for the donors as well as for the recipients of blood. Learn more about blood donation eligibility.

Health History Screening

During the pre-donation health history screening, the Red Cross uses a questionnaire that is developed by the blood industrys professional organization, AABB, and approved by the FDA to assess an individuals health history. Health history questions are based on past and current behavior risks Sexual activity questions are based on specific behaviors, not on sexual orientation. The words, have sexual contact with and sex are used in some of the questions, and apply to any sexual activities , regardless of whether a condom was used during the activity.

Men who have sex with men

Women who have sex with women

There is no deferral for a woman who has had sex with another woman, and the individual may be eligible to donate blood. The Red Cross encourages individuals to learn more about blood donation eligibility.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting A Tattoo

Thinking about getting that Southern Cross back piece youve always dreamed of? Unlike your new artwork, your inability to donate after a tattoo is only temporary!

The common misconception that a tattoo disqualifies you from donating blood is just one of the reasons weve pulled together a helpful little list of tips to have once you take the plunge and get your next tattoo. Its also worth us pointing out that you should always follow the advice of your tattoo artist and doctor, and if youre not sure about something always seek professional medical advice.

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