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Best Tattoo Ink For Sensitive Skin

Sun Protection Factor Or Spf

Best Tattoo Ink For Beginners Sensitive Skin

This is a technology that prevents harmful rays of the sun from causing sunburn if the skin was exposed to it for too long. Advisable requirement of SPF to adequately protect the tattoo is from SPF 30 to SPF 60.

Some people, however, are prone to getting sunburn too quickly. Thats why if you have this type of skin, youre gonna need at most SPF 100.

Safety Protocols While Getting A Tattoo

The tattoo studio should follow proper safety and hygiene protocols as it reduces the risk of developing an allergy or serious skin disease. Some of the measures that may help are:

  • Before beginning, the tattoo artist should wash their hands and put on a clean set of protective gloves.
  • Tattoo artists should sterilise every non-disposable equipment using a sterilising machine.
  • Sanitise the tables, chairs and wash basins using a disinfectant after every appointment.
  • Tattoo artists should discard the used needles, tubes, or pigments.

Your Guide To Tattoo Care

Believe it or not, the easiest part of getting a new tattoo is the inking process. Tattoo aftercare can be very involved with many steps meant to safeguard the health and healing of your tattoo. To help you get started with this occasionally overwhelming process, weve laid out a few pointers in our guide to tattoo care.

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What You Should Look For In Tattoo Inks

When looking for the right tattoo ink its important to take several things into consideration. The most important one is that your ink is safe. That means, your ink should be produced to the highest industry and health standards as well as the packaging they come in.

Inks should be sterilised and sealed when you buy them, so they cause no harm to your customer. The best tattoo ink companies have information on their production and quality control on their websites for download). Also, you will want to have ink your customers skin will accept wont cause any allergic reactions in the short and in the long run. Aiming to use tattoo inks made from natural pigments, and that are vegan, can definitely help with this.

Good manufacturers produce cruelty-free inks and are proud to do so. You can usually spot a reputable manufacturer by looking on their website and by checking the previously mentioned.

Another important point is to buy your inks only from reputable sources. Many tattoo inks get copied and there are a lot of counterfeits out there. Only by buying from a trusted store can you be sure to have the product you want.

Compatibility: Does The Ink Work With All Tattoo Styles And Machines

10 Best Tattoo Ink For Sensitive Skin

Lower quality inks dont disperse or mix easily in solutions and have a tendency to jam up tattoo machines while an artist is inking. They also spread more during a tattoo session, making the inking process more difficult.

It is also important to use inks that are compatible with the design or style of tattooing youre working with. For instance, inks that work well for lining and shading will work well for a portrait or a tattoo with lots of detail, while blackwork and cover-up tattoos will require a black ink that is extremely intense and dark. The ink an artist uses must match the tattoo theyre working on.

So when youre assessing an ink, be sure to take the design and style of the tattoo youre getting into the account.

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Best Henna Tattoo Kits

Earth Henna Organic Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo and Body Painting Kit

If youre not sure whether to keep a tattoo or not, you can always try them first using henna tattoo. This is yet another popular type of tattoo ink that is water soluble and easy to remove or modify.

Unlike the conventional tattoo ink, henna inks provide texture and thickness to the tattoo which delivers a 3D effect out of the tattoo.

Among the popular providers of henna tattoo kit in the market today is Earth Henna and among their best-seller henna tattoo kits is the Organic Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo and Body Painting Kit.

This tattoo kit doesnt leave any marks on the skin after fading and is proven safe for any kind of skin of any age. Since it is manufactured in the U.S., it is guaranteed to last long and made from the highest quality of formulation.

When applied, this tattoo ink could last for 10-15 days. What sets this henna tattoo kit from others is that it comes pre-measured, which means it is in perfect consistency all the time. It even comes with reusable stencil transfers.

Also, this henna tattoo ink has an impressive shelf life. If you havent used it for a year or two, simply add water to create the Jagua gel a mix that brings life back to the ink that could last for 2-3 months if refrigerated.

What Is The Proper Aftercare When Getting A Tattoo

Taking care of your tattoo is similar to treating a fresh wound. This is because a tattoo is created by damaging your epidermis and dermis using needles. After your tattoo appointment, remember to:

  • Remove the bandage within 24 hours
  • Cleanse the tattoo site with a wet cloth or paper towel
  • Dab on ointment onto the tattooed area
  • Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent itchiness

Wait for several weeks for your new tattoo to heal. If you have eczema in the tattooed site, here are some products you may use to treat your flare-up:

  • Prescription eczema ointments or creams
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Cocoa butter

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Is Tattoo Ink Safe For Human Body

Is tattoo ink safe? Many of those who want tattooing their body have this kind of question in their mind. Actually it is a good question as tattoo is under the skin for life and it is therefore very important that the ink does not contain harmful substances. Tattoos are basically insertion of solid pigments, dissolved in a liquid carrier, into the skin to create the colour.

It is not easy to know for sure what is in tattoo ink. The biggest problem with identifying the ingredients, most manufacturers of tattoo ink come from the USA and therefore fall under the FDA regulations where rules are slightly less strict than in Europe. While in the EU is a bit stricter with allowing various ink types and brands but before must be tested by the GGD . During this check the ingredients are strictly examined and therefore almost certainly we can assume that the tattoo inks supplied by tattoo shops with an approved GGD permit are safe.

Best Tattoo Ink For Cover Ups

Best Scar Coverup Tattoos | Ink Master

Eternal Riple Black tattoo ink

What if you no longer want your tattoo and would like to have another design placed on the same area as your current tattoo? A good solution is to use a cover up and make sure the cover-up tattoo completely fills the old tattoo. Thats when you need an outstanding tattoo ink for cover ups.

Using a cover up to hide the old tattoo not only saves you time from removing the old tattoo but also saves you a considerable amount of money because the process of tattoo removal is actually quite expensive.

One popular tattoo ink for cover ups that is used by professionals is the TRIPLE BLACK ink by Eternal. This is a triple layer ink that effectively conceals any kind of ink and any variety of color. The Eternal brand comes with a long list of tattoo ink colors that have been tried and tested through the years.

What sets this ink apart from other inks and brands is that it is proven to last for a long time. And since it is made from the U.S., you can make sure that is made from the highest of quality and it even lasts for 2 years!

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Best Removable Tattoo Ink

Inkbox Semi-Permanent Tattoo Ink

Aside from opting for a henna tattoo, if you want a non-permanent type of tattoo on your skin, you can also go with removable tattoos that can be easily taken off when you want a different tattoo on your skin or if you simply want to take it off.

Among those removable tattoo ink choices that are available today include the Ephemeral Tattoo Ink which usually lasts for certain duration . After fading away, the skin is left clear again for new tattoo ventures.

Also, the Inkbox Semi-Permanent Tattoo Ink could be a great alternative if you want a semi-permanent ink that is fast setting and can be used right away.

This tattoo makes use of patented formulation which digs deep over the upper layer of the skin that subsequently reacts with the skins organic compounds that changes the color of the skin.

While the traditional tattoo ink would sin within your dermis for a long time causing it to become permanent, Inkbox tattoo inks only rests on the epidermis layer of the skin which only allows it to set for 2-3 weeks. With this much time, the skin has already regenerated and is ready for another tattoo.

What Happens When You Get A Tattoo If You Have Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition caused by an immune system reaction. While the symptoms can be dormant, they may get triggered by illnesses, air pollution, allergies, or chemicals.

While its possible to get a tattoo even if you have eczema, remember that your skin is already sensitive since you have a skin condition. For this reason, you need to prepare for an increased risk of side effects during and after your tattoo session. Here are the risks of tattooing sensitive skin:

  • An allergic reaction to the tattoo ink used

Interestingly, many people with eczema get a tattoo to cover up their scars from an eczema flare. If you are planning to do this, be aware that you are at an increased risk of experiencing side effects. Its also possible that the scar youre trying to cover up could worsen and become even more noticeable.

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Natural Alternatives To Lotion

The best alternative to a store-bought tattoo lotion is coconut oil. It is moisturizing and has antimicrobial properties, meaning it fights off bacteria and infection. Coconut oil has also been known to help wounds heal faster, which in the case of a new tattoo couldnt be more perfect.

You could also use natural oils like vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil. These products moisturize the skin while still letting it breathe.

Always remember to check with your tattoo artist or doctor before putting a natural lotion alternative on your skin.

Can Tattoo Ink Cause Health Problems

Generation8 Tattoo on Instagram: Tattoo by @joshuakoestertattoos ...

Tattoos breach the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible, including: Allergic reactions. Tattoo dyes especially red, green, yellow and blue dyes can cause allergic skin reactions, such as an itchy rash at the tattoo site.

How do you tell your mom your getting a tattoo?

Heres my advice.

  • Mention It Early And Often.
  • Choose Something They Wont Totally Hate.
  • Remind Them That Youre An Adult.
  • Tell Them Its Going To Be The Only One Youre Ever Getting.
  • After Its Done, Tell Them How Much It Hurt.
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    Our Top Pick: Intenze Tattoo Ink

    Create any list of the best tattoo ink brands today, and Intenze Tattoo Ink is guaranteed to be one of the first names that appear. Established in 1978, Intenze Ink has one of the longest track records of producing some of the industrys highest quality inks.

    One of the companys standout features is its dedication to providing organic products that adhere to all of the strictest industry standards.

    Intenze inks are utterly devoid of animal products, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and match the requirements for both American and E.U. safety standards. The company also offers all their inks in pre-sterilized and sealed bottles to ensure they arrive at your location in perfect condition and without any added safety risks.

    Intenze also continues to innovate on its manufacturing process to maximize user safety continually. They also maintain a quality control page where they outline all changes to their products for complete transparency.

    If you are buying tattoo inks for the first time and want a brand that brings the best possible assurance of safety and standout quality, you cant go wrong with Intenze Tattoo Ink.


    Intenze inks are relatively pricier than most of the competition. However, the price difference is unsurprising, considering their dedication to quality and user safety.

    Best Tattoo Inks For Sensitive Skin

    More and more people are becoming interested in tattoos nowadays. But there is one thing that is stopping many from getting one. It is their sensitive skin. Allergy issues terrify them of having their dream tat on the skin. Some even have experiences like nightmares where their skin reacted so badly that the tattoos became scars.

    Now, as a tattooist, your role is to find the best tattoo inks for sensitive skin, so everyone leaves your tattoo shop with a broad smile. How will you differentiate the best from the fake or subpar quality?

    That requires gathering some fundamental knowledge about tattoo inks just what I will do by introducing and reviewing 11 tattoo inks for you.

    Are you all prepped to take the ride? Lets start, then!

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    Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set

    The durability of tattoo inks means how long they will stay unfaded. But an even more salient factor is longevity, meaning how long you can use the inks. In both cases, the Bloodline Tattoo Ink set is reliable. The colors will not fade credit goes to the brand for testing each inks quality before preparing them for the market. That also rules out the possibility of your receiving poorly packaged inks.

    There are a handful of reasons why professional tattoo artists admire Bloodline. First, the quality and brand value are top-notch. Next, there is the production. The brand uses water as a carrier instead of toxic ingredients catering to speedy tattoo recovery. Third, this Bloodline set presents the 5 best tattoo inks for sensitive skin: all-purpose black and white, redd kross, bellbottom blue, and canary yellow.

    The brand never stops its innovation to improve the inks, color saturation, brightness, and opacity. So, if there is one thing to be blindly confirmed about, it would be their dedication to providing you with the best products.

    • Need for betterment in the color consistency

    What To Do If You Think Youre Having An Allergic Reaction To Tattoo Ink

    What Tattoos Do to the Skin

    If you suspect an allergic reaction has occurred, see a dermatologist immediately to get a diagnosis. Your dermatologist may find it helpful if you look up the type of ink used and the compounds in it via the ink manufacturers Material Safety Data Sheets. While all inks pose a small allergy risk, the SDS may be a good place to start when identifying your allergy.

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    Other Colors Tattoo Ink

    Of course, the outburst of advanced and sophisticated tattoo designs also calls for various other ink colors aside from the traditional dark and light shades. Having different selection of colors in a single tattoo provides diversity and it exemplifies tattoo as a unique form of art.

    Among the other colors used to bring out life to every tattoo design include the colors red and green as well as other bright colors.

    • When youre looking for a strong and vibrant shade of green for your tattoo, you may want to check the Ectoplasmic Green Ink by Millennium Moms first. It is perfect for any detailing in a tattoo. The product is made in U.S.
    • As for red variants, theres no need to look elsewhere since Millennium Mom also has its VIPER RED for the attractive blaze of red in the industry. Its approved and used by many professional artists because of its high concentration and optimizes colors and vibrancy.
    • And if you simply prefer the set package, you can opt for the Master Set Ink from Kuro Sumi. This set comes with the best-selling color varieties that include Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and the traditional Black.
    • Another set package that is worth the money is the ink color set by Millennium Moms that include the colors Ectoplasmic green, hello yellow, black onyx, blue balls, grey hound and power white.

    Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Ink has been around since 1990. Its another American brand thats often imitated. Thats why you should check to see that your purchase is authentic.

    They make vegan ink thats cruelty-free as it was never tested on animals. The Triple Black color is perfect for shading, lining, and mixing greywash.

    Sadly, lots of this brands ink were recalled in 2019 for bacterial contamination . Before that, they were dinged by the European Commission for including hazardous chemicals . We hope that things are sorted out by now.

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    Murad Hydration Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum Spf 30

    Murad Hydration

    Your other tattoo sunscreen partner is Murad Hydration Invisiblur Perfecting Shield.

    Aside from the broad spectrum SPF 30 it offers, I thought it is perfect as a sunscreen primer that blurs imperfections.

    Moreover, it contains Mushroom Peptides thathelp revitalize skin, preventing rapid aging. I found it also creates a silky smooth finish and makes the face flawless wearing makeup for up to 12 hours.


    • Perfect to pair with cosmetics as it evens out skin tones and texture, and fine lines and pores show-up
    • Gives a velvety smooth feel and creates a matte finish
    • Applicable for balanced, dry, oily, sensitive, or inked skins
    • Doesnt contain parabens, gluten, mineral oil, formaldehyde, petroleum, sulfates, and oxybenzone


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