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World Famous Tattoo Ink Ingredients

Are Glow In The Dark Tattoo Inks Safe

World Famous Limitless Tattoo Ink | Fully EU REACH Compliant

What is in glow-in-the-dark tattoo ink? Also referred to as UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos, they are made with chemicals that react to ultraviolet light. Blacklight inks may or may not contain phosphorus, which can be toxic to humans depending on its source and method of delivery. Because of a lack of FDA regulation, even phosphorus-free inks could contain plant-based ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Statistically, there have been more adverse reactions and skin conditions to blacklight tattoos than with traditional tattoo inks.

Are Organic And Vegan Tattoo Inks Safer

Veganism in the United States has increased exponentially, and, despite the additional cost, organic food sales continue to set record highs. Its no surprise these lifestyle choices have infiltrated many aspects of our society, including the tattoo industry. Over the last twenty years, ink manufacturers have transitioned from mineral-based pigments to organic ones. Over eighty percent are carbon-based while roughly sixty percent are azo pigments. Some tattoo ink may be produced using animal products. Certain ink varieties may include bone char, hoof gelatin, beetle shellac, or animal fat glycerin. Others may contain beeswax, cod liver oil, or lanolin. Vegan inks may replace animal glycerin with vegetable glycerin and use Virginiana extracts. Other vegan and non-toxic ingredients include:

  • Black: Carbon and logwood
  • Purple: Dioxazine and carbazole

Although certain toxic substances may be absent from these inks, this doesnt necessarily mean that they are risk-free alternatives. Contaminations during the manufacturing process may still occur. No matter which type you choose, its important to know how it was made, which ingredients were used and what kind of testing and regulation it has gone through prior to distribution to gauge the safety of the tattoo ink.

Linterview De Lou Rubino En Franais

Tu es le président de World Famous Tattoo Ink, l’une des encres les plus vendues au monde. En 2014, tu avais déjà changé ta formulation pour être sous la normalisation européenne ResAP 2008. Feras-tu la même chose, cette fois avec le nouveau règlement européen sur les pigments REACH ?

Nous avons créé une toute nouvelle gamme obéissant aux nouvelles normes REACH, Limitless by World Famous.

Quand cela arrivera-t-il en France et en Europe ?

World Famous Limitless a commencé à expédier à nos distributeurs de l’UE juste avant les vacances. Ces expéditions initiales arriveront aux distributeurs de l’UE cette semaine. Ils pourront commencer les expéditions immédiatement dans toute l’Europe.

Notre espoir aurait été que les encres soient disponibles avant la fin de lannée 2021, mais comme nous le savons tous, les chaînes d’approvisionnement, le transport, à cause de la crise Covid ainsi que toutes les choses qui se passent dans ce monde, ont rendu les choses plus longues. Mais cela vaudra la peine d’attendre !

Auras-tu la même quantité et qualité de couleurs même avec les changements ?

La qualité est très similaire aux encres originales de renommée mondiale que vous connaissez et aimez tous ! Nous avons déjà produit et expédié plus de 100 couleurs dans la nouvelle gamme.

Que penses-tu de la nouvelle modification majeure que tu devras faire pour 2023 concernant les Blue 15:3 et Green 7 ?

Le coût sera-t-il plus élevé pour les tatoueurs français d’acheter tes encres ?

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How To Choose Tattoo Ink Colors

Tattoo artists use a lot of ink, so its important to keep your collection stocked. Every artist relies on a slightly different palette of go-to inks, and most artists like having a wide array of inks to choose from for all of the different styles clients may want. Ultimate Tattoo Supply makes it easy to stock up on all your tattoo ink needs.

White Tattoo Ink Features

Ink Safety &  Ingredients

You should know that the fashion for white tattoos is due to the fact that their photos on the Internet are almost always recent and unhealed tattoos. Healing, entirely white tattoo ink is covered by a new layer of the epidermis, hence, the white will yellow or brown, in general changing color. Thus, you cant expect them to be paper-white because thats not how tattoos work. So at best it will be yellow, but at worst it will look just like a scar or worse. White is used only in combination with other colors so never be fooled by photos of bright, solid white tattoos

White tattoo ink is used in graywash, to whiten areas in black and white tattoos, to tattoo highlights, or bright hues, and to mix with other tattoo inks. Depending on where you use them, the application technique also differs.There are some tips on the best way to apply white tattoo ink in your tattoos:

Intenze and Dynamic are the best brands of white tattoo ink based on feedback, tests, and experience.

We would suggest a thicker and richer tattoo ink, particularly made by Intenze, World of Famous, or Dynamic .


Hopefully, the review was useful to you and youve decided what white tattoo ink would be the best for you.

Also, if youve bought the tattoo ink from this ranking, please write to us about your experiences so we can add as many opinions to this review as possible.


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Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Best Lining Tattoo Ink

If you need a tattoo ink that delivers fade and dark shades with an outstanding color saturation, the Kuro Sumi brand has delivered yet another masterpiece for making pure art on the skin.

It is made from purely natural ingredients with emphasis being placed on preventing irritation of the skin or other allergic reactions. In fact, users have claimed that it is as though the ink were created specifically for sensitive skins.

Balancing in tone and shade is a very important feature sought after by every tattoo artist. That feature seems to be the major selling point of the Kuro Sumi Tattoo ink.

  • Users have complained the bottle doesnt seal properly

Best Cheap Tattoo Ink: Millennium Moms

The worlds first uniform, mineral-based tattoo ink in the world was Millennium Moms Ink. To this day, this is a brand that you can trust and one that we definitely recommend when it comes to cheap tattoo ink.

The tattoo ink from Millennium Mom is the ideal choice due to its balanced composition, a homogenous smoothness, and it is reasonably priced.

These colors are said to be the best for capturing the beauty of both New School and Old School tattoos, allowing you to switch it up with these hues.

User Experience

There are more than 40 colors in the color palette, which is even sufficient for a seasoned tattoo artist. All of Millennium Moms tattoo inks are vegan-friendly and offer a variety of color options.

The ink is long-lasting, provides subtle shading and soft edges, and is comfortable on all skin types.

There is sufficient ink in each bottle to produce tattoo designs of various sizes. It is not necessary to continually refill your tattoo machine since the coverage is excellent.

Another intriguing benefit is that the colors dont need to be shaken, stirred, or diluted beforehand they are already mixed and ready to use when you are.

The colors are vivid and rich, and the ink is simple to use. It may be used to even the most sensitive skin because it is made entirely of non-toxic materials.

All the inks produced by Millennium Moms are sterilized and put through independent testing.


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How We Look Out For Vegans

We not only look out for your safety but we look out for your skin and most importantly your beliefs. We understand the importance of cruelty-free products. Our Vegan Tattoo Ink contains no animal products and is never tested on animals. Not only do we meet global health standards but we also meet the approval of vegan tattoo shops around the world.

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Best Black Tattoo Ink Brand: Dynamic Black

Best Reworked Tattoos Ink Master

You will want to seek out the perfect black pigment when it comes to black inks, so that your dotwork, blackwork, tribal art, and other, alternative styles turn out beautifully.

There are two brands that we recommend for black ink, and Dynamic Black is one of them.

The best black tattoo ink to use, in our opinion, is Dynamic Black. This products solid black pigmentation will produce the most consistent and precise lines and strokes.

There are no drips or streaks left behind by this liquid ink. It truly has stood the test of time, and is suitable for both experts and novices.

In fact, newbies will learn much faster and easier if they start with a quality product like this one.

User Experience

Its durability, which many users appreciate, qualifies this product as a low-maintenance tattoo ink.

The color is distributed evenly over through the dark parts to be covered. To acquire thick coverage, you dont have to circle in the same place for a very long time.

Finer details and outlines are also excellent since they are crisp, delicate, less hazy, and less thick over time.

Additionally, the recovery time is short, simple, and practically painless. There have been no reported negative responses to this ink.

The pigment also maintains its black hue as much as it can following the healing stages, without changing hue or becoming lighter.

The ink is perfect for all tattooing approaches and fashions, but it is especially renowned as the top tattoo ink for tribal art.



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Best Quality Tattoo Ink: Nocturnal Lining & Shading Black

In addition to Dynamic Black, we also heartily endorse the Nocturnal Lining & Shading Black ink as a black pigment, as well as it being our top-rated, best quality tattoo ink.

Franco Vescovi, the inventor of the Bishop tattoo machine, was one of the two tattoo artists that established this company. Nocturnal pigment provides a quick, easy application and a deep, rich hue.

Nocturnal tattoo inks formulation can be used as a model simply because it doesnt possess any powerful chemical solvents.

User Experience

Nocturnal Lining & Shading offers the very same smoothness as other professional inks, as well as a considerably deepened black tone, and enables you to produce flawlessly seamless and precise shadows.

Any kind of line, solid-black shading, and gray wash methods can be accomplished using this pigment.

Utilizing this brand will yield a satisfying outcome, as it is so incredibly silky and dark against the skin.

The pigment that makes black and white tattoos the easiest to apply is Nocturnal Lining and Shading. On a cellular scale, it is also the ideal formula for black pigment.

After the mending, Nocturnal will exhibit itself so much more. Your clients will undoubtedly be pleased with how well this product performs.


Are Tattoos Safe For Your Skin Is Tattoo Ink Toxic

The tattoo inks that become trapped within the dermis remain visible but what happens to the particles that are successfully carried into the bloodstream away from the tattooed area? Normally, the ink does not migrate too far from the injection point and usually stays within the second layer of the skin. However, scientists are discovering that ingredients in tattoo ink can travel throughout the body in micro and nanoparticle form. The fact that these particles have been found to reach the lymph nodes is especially concerning. A woman suffering from small lumps under her arms sought medical advice. A body scan identified additional afflicted lymph nodes in her chest. Lymph nodes can swell for a variety of reasons, ranging from infection and inflammation to cancers like lymphomas. However, a lymph node removed from her armpit was discovered to be a cluster of immune cells full of black pigment from her tattoos. Although the ink had been injected into her back and shoulder, the pigment alarmingly traveled throughout her upper body.

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Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink Tribal Ink

Having a rich history dating back to the 90s, and a renowned reputation for being especially suitable for creating lasting tribal tattoos, the dynamic brand is noted for creating black pigments that goes into the skin easily and maintains the boldness and darkness even after healing.

Weighing 8 ounces and a dimension of 6 x 6 x 6, this product brings quite a lot to the table. Any artist who intends to draw tattoos with clear and concise lines and lovely shades that lasts long should consider the dynamic black ink.

Furthermore, users have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of this ink in their user reviews. It is hypoallergenic and users love the fact that it goes in dark and heals dark without causing any allergic reactions. Other users also claimed its not too thin or too thick and that is a very good quality of a lining ink.

  • There has been complaints of adulteration and seal breakage

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Silverpoint Tattoo Company Reviews

Best Tattoo Ink for Stick and Poke [2021] Reviews

everything was phenomenal! got my first ever tattoo by Jenni! truly calming, relaxing yet a vibrant time, a overall enjoyable experience, a great artist, listener and collaborator. I appreciate the attention to detail and creativity! truly trustworthy in every sense of the word, highly recommend cant wait to continue the journey only at silverpoint tattoo!!! you cant go wrong here

Silverpoint tattoo exceeded my expectations by far. The staff was friendly and personable, shop was clean and organized. Luke did an amazing job on my tattoo, he’s the go to if you’re looking for an awesome black and grey. Highly recommend hitting them up if you want an awesome tattoo, clean environment and all around good experience.

Had my first tat done by Luke and it was a really great experience. He was friendly, easy going and attentive to details. He made my design come to life! This tat took about 1.5hrs. I would definitely have him do my other tats in the future. The place was really clean as well which made the experience even better.

Help others: to send review or send us your review to . Negative and positive review will be used for rating. Make a difference.

Since 2009

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The Sleek & Contemporary Look Created With Our Tattoo Artists In Woodbridge

Discovering the perfect location is, more often than not, only half the battle. Located in the heart of Vaughan, at the south west corner of Weston Rd. and Rutherford, Dreamworx Ink is one of the most highly recommended studios in the city.The sleek and contemporary look of our studio pulls from the most innovative design layouts and styles currently available. Developed with a modernist theme, Dreamworx Ink was created to stand as an upscale and spa like body art studio. The studio prides itself on our premium procedure rooms and completely single-use disposable equipment. With clean-cut edges and a minimalist theme, the gut renovation design was developed by owner Ben Tarzia and a team of designers and architects. The studio stands in a category of its own and brings class and elegance to the world of tattoos and body modification.

Final Thoughts On The Tattoo Ink Safety

The risks associated with tattoos are not entirely known. However, studies from around the world are compiling information that suggests the ingredients used in some tattoo inks create negative health consequences. Some studies link tattoos to skin cancer while other blood-borne diseases have reportedly spread by tainted ink. Another study cites that ten percent of unopened stock bottles tested were contaminated with bacteria. Either way, scientific research will continue to determine the extent of health risks attributed to tattoo inks injected into the body.

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Allergic Reactions To Tattoo Ink And Other Complications

This is not the only time scientists have discovered tattoo pigments spreading to the lymph nodes. Although some scientists believe that these pigment deposits are not a health concern, the increasing popularity of tattoos has led to concern about the short and long-term side effects of tattoos. Because tattooing needles breach the skin, there is always a possibility of infection or other complications. Other health risks potentially developed from tattoo injections include:

  • Allergic reactions and skin rashes
  • Skin infections
  • Blood-borne diseases, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Burning or swelling while the tattooed area is exposed to magnetic resonance imaging scans

With little conclusive evidence concerning whether or not tattoo ink particles in the lymph nodes would have a significant impact on human health, the lack of definitive information leads to another a very important question. Are tattoo inks toxic?

Allegory Premium Lining And Shading Tattoo Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink – Poch’s Monochromatic Ink Set

As the name implies, Versatility by being able to work as both lining and shading is what the Allegory Premium ink brings to the table for every artist. After much research and consultations involving the very best tattoo artists, scientists and tattoo enthusiasts, The Allegory company came up with this two-in-one package. If you get your hands on this black ink, you need not buy different inks for lining and shading any longer.

Depending on the tattoo to be drawn as the preference of the artist, this ink can be used directly from the bottle ie as an undiluted ink or can be mixed with water to a desired shade. It produces smooth and silky designs on the surface of the skin without giving any allergic reactions due to its vegan-friendly ingredients.

  • Users have reported that it fades easily

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World Famous Tattoo Ink

I am world-famous because I make excellence, dedication, and desire to remain the best my watchword. I dont settle for less and am drawn to products that only yield the most astounding results. I find the aptly named World Famous Tattoo ink to my liking. With over 50 years of experience making tattoo inks, world-famous Tattoo ink has lived up to its name. The dedication and drive to pioneer new ideas mean World Famous Tattoo ink brings more prominence to the artists work. No one is content with making another tattoo ink world-famous does it better, transforming the skin into a masterpiece.

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