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Best Tattoo Brow Ink Pen

What Microblading Pigment Colors To Use For Your Brows

Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen vs Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen Review// Which one won?

Choosing the right pigment can get challenging.

Its important to match the pigment with your hair and eye colors.

Matching the pigment with the hair color is the easy part. But it gets tough when you also need to match it with the eye color.

Here are the recommended pigment colors to match the eyes.

For blue and green eye colors, I suggest ash, pearl, and natural shades of blonde.

Do you have hazel or brown eyes?

Beige, golden, strawberry and caramel shades of blonde are perfect choices.

Why We Chose Liaison For Overall Effectiveness

While we always recommend great products, there always needs to be a top choice. When it comes to microblade pens, we chose Liaisons Microbabe Blade & Growth Pen for its lasting impression and its potential to help grow and thicken your brow. We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne who helped create the rankings list to tell us why Liaison worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

Personally, Ive always had problems with my eyebrows. Theyre thin and light, so its hard to find products that help fill them out but dont look too fake. When it came to growth serums, I never really trusted them. Ive had too many friends tricked into buying some wild serum just to find out its a waste of money. So Ive avoided it at all costs.

But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, came over and I noticed her eyebrows looked incredible. Not only was her blade pen game amazing, but her brows actually looked fuller. I asked how she did it and she swore by Liaisons Microbabe Blade & Growth Pen. She said it worked within 4 weeks. I, of course, didnt believe her. But then she showed me her before and afters and I was stunned. Week by week, I could see her eyebrows getting healthier and longer. I begged her to let me borrow her Microbabe Blade & Growth Pen. Instead, she gave me a secret 50% off code, SECRET50, and I ordered two bottles immediately.

Top 5 Brow Microblading Pens Ranked / Top 5 Eyebrow Growth Ranked

From Longest Lasting to Most Natural, These Are the Top 5 Microblading Pens Ranked

There are two sides of this coin, women born with thick, lucious eyebrows that need constant plucking and grooming, and women born with thin and fragile eyebrows that are barely detectable. .

Actually, this article is for the second group, women with thin eyebrows that wish for a fuller, darker look. For you, there are a few options you can use a Brow Bond booster that will thicken your eyebrows in a few weeks, but who has the time?! You can TATTOO realistic looking eyebrows to your skin, but lets hope that tattoo artists hand doesnt slip not to mention, ouch! Or you can use a Microblade Pen that can create natural-looking brows that, hopefully, stay on all day. Now thats the ticket!

But with so many microblade pens to use, its hard to know which will work and which will leave looking like you just Sharpied your face. Were here to help!

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Essence The Eyebrow Pen

Effectiveness: 90%Price: $$Overall: A-

If youre not looking for Growth Bond help and little more no frills straight-to-the-point kind of pen, then look no further than Essence The Eyebrow Pen. A fork-like tip to give hairlike lines under your eyebrows. The color and pen are consistent and last a long time which we liked. This pen really stays, too. Even after washing our face we found some of the pens lines still visible. Very impressive!

Have You Heard About Microblading Pigments

Waterproof Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

If you have faint eyebrows and you want to restore their rejuvenated look, microblading can help you conquer the situation.

One of our team members had her eyebrows microbladed and walks you through the whole microblading process and includes more microblading before and after pictures here.

Microblading colors the imperceptible hair and thickens your eyebrows with microblading pigments in a process similar to getting a tattoo. With this technology, you can restore the ideal look of your brows.

But with so many products available today, finding the right microblading pigment be challenging.

This is where we can help.

In this post, I gathered some of the best pigments for microblading.

And thats not it. I will also help you select the best microblading pigment that matches your skin tone, eye color, and more.

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Did It Finally Work

After about 3 weeks is when I began to notice the color of my brows getting darker. 4 weeks and I noticed I didnt have to apply as much of my Microbabe Pen. By week 6, it was as if I was a totally different woman.

Since then, Ive continued to apply and my eyebrows have only grown thicker and healthier.

Ive been converted into a Growth Bond believer, and hope you will, too.

This Simple Eyebrow Routine Helps Maintain My Thick Bushy Brow Look

Microblading is the biggest trend today on the brow market says Ingrid Maillet, LOreal Paris international project manager for brows. In recent years, the idea of permanent make-up seems like the easiest option to maintain our eyebrows, as our schedules get busier and busier.

Microblading treatment currently arent available, as the government is not allowing beauty services to operate during lockdown. But if youre considering booking yourself in once restrictions are lifted, theres a way to test the waters beforehand. Enter, the microblading-effect pen.

Differing from a standard eyebrow pencil, the formulas these products use last a lot longer than usual. The tip of these pens are unlike the average pencil or gel. The applicator usually has a trident or four tip shape in order to create even, spread out, yet naturally-looking hairs.

This new type of eyebrow product is beginning to pick up in popularity. So much so, that one LOreal Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer, £9.99, is sold every minute in the UK.

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Is Microblading Permanent Or Semi

Well, microblading pigments arent exactly permanent in the sense that they last a lifetime.

Rather, the term permanent used to pertain to microblade ink means it will last at least three to four years.

Now, as for semi-permanent, its about a year.

The permanency of the brow or eyelid makeup will depend on two factors. First, the microblading pigment second, its penetration into the skin or dermis.

So it is critical that you find the best microblading pigment that suits you.

In the same way, the process of dermis penetration must be done by an experienced individual using a machine.

Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pens


By Aly Walansky Written on Sep 18, 2019

Everyone has heard of microblading or eyebrow tattoos. Thats a great option for some, but not for everyone. For an alternative that looks like microblading but with more options , you may want to consider an eyebrow tattoo pen.

These are meant to give you that microblading effect without the pain or expense. Most eyebrow tattoo pens have four teeny tips to mimic hairs, but it can vary. From the way it differs from a traditional eyebrow pencil, the way it looks, color and shading, it’s one of those beauty products you need to own.

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Tom Ford Brow Gel Comb

A lightweight gel that sets and tames brows with an easy-to-use twist-up applicator. With a specially designed precision comb and easy-to-use twist-up applicator, the lightweight gel easily glides onto hair to tame and set brows into place. It adds shine and can be used on all hair colors and skin tones.

Best Microblading Pigment By Madluvv

Wondering what is the best microblading pigment on the market today?

Check out MADLUVVs Brow Ink Color Set of 6. This medical-grade tattoo ink is widely used by professionals to create perfect eyebrows.

Heres what to expect from this fabulous kit.

MADLUVVs Brow Ink Color Set of 6 is expertly developed and formulated to ensure a flawless application and long-lasting gorgeous effect.

When your brows get too thin and youre worried it compromises your appearance, this high-quality product can help you restore your brows.

Each of the six colors is in a 10-ml. bottle. You can choose to use any color you deem fit or create a combination.

MADLUVVs Brow Ink Color Set of 6 can make you look good even without makeup. You can trust this great kit to yield fantastic results for you.

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Shop13 Eyebrow Tinting Products To Achieve Fuller Darker Brows At Home

A few reviews I read pointed out that it takes some time to master the application technique. To avoid another beauty mishap, I first practiced on the back of my hand. The instructions state to hold the pen at a 45-degree angle to achieve precise lines. For me, the pen was easy to maneuver it went on smoothly, evenly and actually created a hair-like look.

When I started to fill in my brows, I quickly realized that applying the product to the back of my hand was a lot easier than putting it on my face. I typically fill in my brows after creating an outline around the perimeter, but this pen works best if you move the tip in the same direction as your hair growth and my brow hair grows in multiple directions. After a few tries and some makeup remover, I achieved my desired look.

Only afterward did I realize my pen came with a kit that included three brow-shaped stencils to help with the application something I will likely use in the future to make sure both my brows are even on the first try. It also includes a brow-shaping razor that you can use to touch up any unwanted hair growth.

The pen stands out among other brow products I’ve used in the past because the results appear natural. This little “tattoo” pen made it look like I had sprouted new brow hairs without a heavy or fake look. That’s not a bad deal for just $8.

Megan is an Associate Commerce Editor for TODAY Digital. Connect with her on or on .

Meet The Microblading Brow Pen That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen review: How does it look when applied ...

The Moonkong microblading brow pen has over 4,000 5-star reviews

Not all brow products are created equal – as proved by the MoonKong microblading brow pen, which is just about breaking the internet.

Microblading, or brow tattooing, has become the semipermanent solution for beefing up sad, sparse brows. But getting that professional service isn’t exactly an option right now, which is why even die-hard microblading fans are switching to brow pens to get their fix.

With just a few flicks of a wrist, a brow pen creates hair-like strokes for fuller, perfectly-defined arches . Sure, the illusion only lasts until the next time you wash your face but it’s a shortcut to upping your Zoom beauty game. Hallelujah.

And the product that Amazon can’t sell enough of? MoonKong’s Eyebrow Tattoo Pen . Not only will it only cost you $13 but shoppers are calling it the “next best thing to microblading”.

What sets this microblading brow pen apart from the rest is the four brush tip. More of a marker, it adds depth, colour and definition with the finest, hair-mimicking strokes. Unlike brow pencils which create soft, bendable lines, MoonKong’s formula is made of temporary waterproof ink to ensure it stays put all day without smudging or sweating off.

In other words, it doesn’t disappoint.

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A few days ago, we announced that a famous Interior Lighting company would join us. So today, we are proud to announce that Light Color Live is part of Go Full DIY.

Our website has been around for a while now, and we are always looking for new ways to grow. We saw an opportunity with Light Color Live, and decided to partner with them to bring you more interior décor tips, DIY project ideas, and how-tos.

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In case you didnt know, Light Color Live is an interior decor company that used to create and design lamps that combine the endless possibilities of the Pantone palette with a bare form to illuminate your world.

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Tina Davies X Permablend Brow Kit

Wondering whats the top choice for professionals?

Tina Davies X Permablend Brow Kit is the best microblading pigment that keeps customers from coming back. It delivers impressive quality and long-lasting color retention.

This fabulous set comes in seven shades, ranging from light to dark. So its perfect for a variety of hair colors or skin tones.

Its a great choice if you want a stable color performance. With this product, you can maintain your brow hair color for years to come.

When you want vibrant colors that last long, check out the Tina Davies X Permablend Brow Kit. It features concentrated shades, which you can mix and match without much guesswork.

So if you want long-lasting results, Tina Davies X Permablend Brow Kit is a wonderful collection for you.

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Eyebrow Shaping: How To Shape And Fill Your Brows At Home According To Anastasia Soare

People understand how important brows are in framing the face says Charlotte Knight, founder and creator of Ciatés own microblading pen. Microblading is a great solution for defining the brows as it looks so natural, but it can be scary to commit to it as it lasts for up to a year. Plus the pigment can change and fade over time.

As simple as it appears, there really is a no-fuss policy when it comes to microblading pens. Just a few strokes of the pen will define your brows in seconds. The pigment is sheer so you can build it up gradually for a natural look that lasts all day Charlotte recommends.

Get The Best Result From The Best Microblading Pigment

NEW Maybelline Microblading Pen Tint ‘Tattoo Brow’ Review

Want to get a vibrant and vivid look on your eyebrows?

With the right pigment for microblading, you can bring back color and life into your otherwise faint eyebrows.

If youre looking for the best pigment for microblading that suits your needs, this article can help you.

Here you will learn how to choose the right ink for microblading to get the best results possible. Of course, it also helps to have a talented artist or technician deliver the ink into your dermis and create hair strokes that look real.

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What Happens In Microblading Pigmentation

The process is similar to the application of makeup on your brows and eyelids.

However, this time, it makes use of microblading ink and needles.

Using sharp microneedles, microblading pigmentation involves penetrating the skin to drop the pigment colors. The goal is to make the microblading ink appear like strokes of hair on your brows and eyelids.

Why Trust Stylecraze

Baishali Bhattacharya is certified in makeup techniques and image consultation. She has compiled this list of the best eyebrow tattoo pens that you can use to get the perfect brows. These eyebrow pens have been selected from the top brands and have positive reviews on various e-commerce websites. She has also included a buying guide to help you choose the right product.

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How Does It Work

So while I waited, I looked into the science of Liaison. I wanted to know how it worked, and what it was aiming to do with my eyebrows

Step 1: When you apply Liaison, a fresh supply of oxygen and citric acid work away at brow waste, releasing it through your pores to be washed away and clearing the way for nutrients.

Step 2: A specialized mixture, including purified water and hyaluronic acid, activates internal peptides and gains access to follicles to prepare for bold growth.

Step 3: Polypeptides travel deep into your roots, supplying follicles with essential proteins throughout your day and while you sleep.

Step 4: Refreshed brows and follicles continue to receive the optimal oxygen, blood flow, and dose of nutrients needed to keep brows healthy and strong.

How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

MAYBELLINE, Tattoo Brow Ink Pen Natural Brown 1
  • Long-lasting Formula

The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a microblading tattoo pen is how long it lasts. If it does not last for long and smudges all around your brows, it will ruin your entire look and affect your confidence. So, always check if the products are smudge-proof, waterproof, and flake-proof.

The applicator brush is a very important aspect of the eyebrow tattoo pen. The most common ones are comb-shaped or have dimensional tips. Comb or fork-shaped applicators give you precise 3-4 fine hair-like lined pigments in a single flick, whereas felt tips allow you to draw only one line at a time.

If the pen is heavy and thick, it would be uncomfortable for you to draw a perfect line. It is also not easy to rotate or move the liner to create precise flicks. Hence, choose an ergonomically designed, lightweight tattoo pen that you can control easily.

Make sure you select a product that is superior in quality and justifies the price. If you go for a cheaper option, you might end up with a non-effective formula.

If you have blonde hair, opt for a shade that is two shades darker. For platinum, ashy blonde, or champagne hair, look for a shade that is quite similar to the hair color. If you are a brunette, opt for a shade that is warmer and one or two shades lighter than your hair color.

Lets find out how to use eyebrow tattoo pens to get those statement eyebrows.

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