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Best Black Tattoo Ink Brand

Midnight Glo Uv Body Paint

11 Best White Tattoo Ink in 2022 | Best Brand of White Tattoo Ink To Use

This paint is also cool to use for temporary body art. Its washable and non-toxic. Also, its manufactured in the USA.

When viewed under black light, it shines nicely like neon.

The kit includes eight vibrant colors like white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and red.

Tou can use it to paint paper, wood, and fabric besides skin.

Can You Mix Tattoo Ink

Yes, tattoo inks can be mixed, diluted, and blended by the tattoo artist before being applied by tattoo machine or stick and poke single needle. They can be made darker or lighter to the artists design taste for both color and black and gray ink, however this method is usually done by experienced professional artists who like to experiment from their base color sets.

Never Stop Searching For Good Tattoo Ink

The one thing that all the top brands have in common is they all have a reputation of not fading. This is a big one.

Both being high quality and not fading will not only help you turn out better work, but it will help you retain loyal clients. Loyal clients not only come back for more work but send you referrals through word of mouth.

There are a ton of great tattoo inks out there. In fact, there are so many choices it can become a little overwhelming at times. The key to finding the best inks is to always keep searching for that next great ink. There are new inks being introduced every day, you dont want to get left in the dust by other tattoo artists!

The inks you prefer are always going to change, and they are going to be different for every kind of tattoo you do. So its important to know what a particular ink excels at. If you understand the qualities of an ink then you will be able to use it to its full potential, allowing you to put out the best tattoos you possibly can.

All of the top makes are going to have a handful of things in common. Theyre not going to be the cheapest inks out there first of all, but with tattoo inks, you get what you pay for. And when you are dealing with putting a permanent piece of artwork on another persons body, you should never even mess around with ink that isnt high quality!

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Check The Main Ingredient Of Tattoo Ink

Brands use a different type of ingredient & chemical components in ink to make it more radiant, shiny & to increase its lifetime. Sometimes, those ink may be virulent and unhealthy for your skin.

It is always better to go with the ink made from organic components & dont forgot to ask your artist, whether to purchase Water-Based & Alcohol-Based.

Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Blending Black Tattoo Ink

The 18 Best Tattoo Ink Brands Reviews &  Guide for 2020

This ink is created in collaboration with some of the best tattoo artists in the world. This is the best tattoo ink for dark skin. Panthera is a diluted and light-toned pigment. This black ink is ideal for creating subtle details and shades.

This pigment will keep you satisfied. It will give you the faultless shading, blended look you want, and its vegan friendly. If you are a pencil-drawn tattoo look, this ink is for you. Youll feel great knowing your tattoo art appearances tremendous, and your customers skin is safe. They take additional steps in creation sure that the ink they produce is as healthy as they can make it.

This is long-lasting and durable against sun fade. It is a part of Ralf Nonnweilers grey wash series. This color looks smooth and pleasant. It also blends smoothly.

If you want to line and shade your work with any black ink, this offers you the best ink. Their quality product meets the strictest health standards and makes our list for the best quality tattoo ink. This ink is vegan friendly and not tested on animals. This is best for beginners, professionals, and other artists.

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What Is The Best Black Tattoo Ink Forshading

We hope this post will answer most of yourquestions about our black tattoo inks!

Black tattoo inks are the darkest typeof ink. Most times, black tattoo inks are often used with other colors, but youcan also use them as a stand-alone. If you dont know what color to selectfor your next tattoo drawing, black cant be the wrong one to includeas a black tattoo ink will help to bring out other colors in yourtattoos.

Black tattoos are now a trend fortattoo lovers. With intricate designs and top-notch creativity, you can use ablack tattoo ink to turn the body of your client into a living, walking, artedifice!

You, as an artist, need to come upwith a beautiful tattoo that will be admirable to all.

People get tattoos for a variety ofreasons. It could be to mark a significant aspect in their life, to rememberloved ones, or to tell a story. You, as an artist need to get a quality tattooink that will help give expression to their inner desires and wont affect their health.

Since youre in the business ofplacing a foreign object permanently into the body of others, you need to careabout the quality of your tattoo inks. You need to ensure that you always havethe best type of ink in your hands this way, you can be confident that it wont leave your customers withany complications in the future. At this point, you may be asking the question where can I buy the best black tattoo ink? Well answer that in a jiffy.

Learn More About Purchasing The Tattoo Inks

Is tattoo ink toxic to the body?

Tattoo inks and permanent make up may contain hazardous substances — for example, substances that cause cancer, genetic mutations, toxic effects on reproduction, allergies or other adverse effects on health, an ECHA statement reads.

In respect to this, what’s the difference between tattoo ink and regular ink?

Cosmetic tattoo pigments are made up of smaller pigment particles that are suspended in a diluter this allows for a more natural, softer colour in the skin that can be layered to create a much more realistic finish. Traditional tattoo inks are much more concentrated which means that they are much stronger in colour.

Herein, what ink brand do tattoo artists use?

Developed in close connection with the FDA to follow strict guidelines, Starbrite is among the most rigorously tested and safest tattoo ink brands on the market. This ink works well with a wide variety of tattoo styles, and is used by a wide range of tattoo artists to create their masterpieces.

Just so, which ink is best for tattoo?


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Millennium Moms Nuclear Uv Blacklight Tattoo Ink 3 Color Set B

Similar to the regular colors, these ones are manufactured in the USA. You can contact the company for more details.

Normally, Millennium Moms inks are known for their smooth and vibrant look. Weve read good things regarding the blacklight colors, too. It seems they have good staying power.

The companys advertising describes them as being UV-sensitive and glow in the dark.

The set contains nine half-ounce bottles. All are sterilized.

The colors included are Atomic Green, Purple Haze, Invisible Fallout, Red Dawn, Smoldering Orange, Radiant Pink, Raging Magenta, Afterglow Yellow, and Blue Smoke.

This is the widest selection of blacklight inks from a single manufacturer.

Best Tattoo Ink Guide For 2021

Ink Masters Best Tattoo Re-Dos

With so many ink brands on the market, its hard to decide which is the best tattoo ink for you. The diversity of brands and colours can be overwhelming but making a good selection is crucial for the result. You want ink that is bright, vibrant, long lasting and above all safe for your customer.

Our Best Tattoo Ink Guide For 2021will show you how to spot a reputable brand and give you an overview of the best tattoo ink out there.

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Best For Dark Purple: Solong Tattoo Bright Tattoo Ink For Dark Skin

Not everyone likes to purchase ink for their regular usage, but the Solong Tattoo Bright Tattoo Ink For Dark Skin would be an anomoly. The solong tattoo bright tattoo ink for dark skin is yellow and it comes in bright red. Create dynamic shades and easy absorption into the skin. Also, the ink is pink and it works great.

Most importantly, the solong tattoo bright tattoo ink for dark skin is best for high quality, is perfect for low consumption and it is great for dark purple.

In short, most buyers agree that the ink is functionally comfortable and no one questions it.

Why We Like This:

  • This is great for banana cream and it is perfect for light green.
  • 100% new brand and high quality. Favored among professional tattoo technicians.
  • Package include: 30ml/ bottle,total 14-bottles This ink blends well with other pre-made washes.
  • This is completely soluble in water, indicating color very quickly.

Why Do You Need A Good Black Tattoo Ink

Black tattoo ink is an essential product in every tattoo artists kit. It is richly pigmented and can also darken other colors effectively and quickly. It doesnt matter if you are an expert or a novice, a black tattoo ink is as important to a tattoo artist as a cooking tool is for a chef. That is why it is important that you invest in a good black tattoo ink.

Lets now take a look at the best black tattoo inks available online.

Top 10 Products

The next sections cover everything you need to know about tattoo inks the ingredients, characteristics, and buying guide. Keep scrolling for more information.

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What Are Uv Tattoo Ink Brands

UV tattoos are surely one of the most interesting tattoo types. Although they may seem like the average tattoo during daylight, they glow when placed under black light.

You can even find some photochromatic tattoos to be literally invisible the moment the scars are healed but still manage to glow under UV lighting.

So, what are these UV tattoo ink brands? The black light ink applied for UV tattoos should not contain any phosphorous. Remember that phosphorous can still radiate even after turning off the light, but UV ink will not.

Phosphorous is known to be toxic and can cause burning of the skin. In high quantities, this element can also become carcinogenic.

UV tattoo ink brands are ideal since they have pigments that fluoresce when exposed to UV light. You might have noticed similar pigments before in laundry detergent or cosmetics.

When getting a UV tattoo ink, you must be informed ahead that it will cost a bit higher as compared to the conventional tattoos because of the tedious application process. Another factor for its high cost is the kind of ink used.

You must look for an artist who has enough experience in UV tattooing since UV tattoo inks are more complicated to apply . Getting an inexperienced artist for UV tattoo ink can likely lead to several problems, such as infections, because of the complexity of the procedure.

How Tattoo Ink Is Used

Dynamic Triple Black

Tattoo Ink is a solution used mainly for coloring, outlining or deepening a tattoo art form. Its mainly composed of a carrier and a colorant/pigment.

A carrier is any liquid solution that ushers color molecules to penetrate into the skin. A colorant/pigment is itself, the source of color, or pigmented molecules. It could be made from organic materials or activated minerals.

From the two ingredients, the carrier plays a bigger role in keeping a smooth flow of colors skin-level. It keeps the pigment from clumping in the skin. Nevertheless, it also keeps the bacteria away. With that being said, the carrier ensures safety in the whole duration of tattooing.

Some known carriers include Witch Hazel, Glyricen, and Ethanol. The colorants/pigments, on the other hand, are best represented by Curcuma, Copper Salts, Carbon, and Iron Oxide. Tattoo ink, in general, is deemed as permanent on skin. Removing tattoos from the skin requires a more invasive means like surgery. But, it wont be a pretty picture.

Why is tattoo ink difficult to remove? The best answer is dermal penetration. As its injected into the skin, the ink penetrates deeply beyond the two layers starting from the epidermis. In addition to that, tattoo inks are naturally indelible. Therefore, its always expected to be permanent.

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Chances Of Skin Infection From Some Types Of Tattoo Ink:

Skin infection is a possible thing when you are tattooing. Fortunately, this does not occur too often, since nowadays most, if not all artists, do tattoos in a controlled, clean, certified, and professional environment. Sometimes infections could occur due to various reasons personal hygiene, aftercare of the tattoo, and of course, most importantly, the equipment and ink of the tattoo artist.

Our Top Pick: Intenze Tattoo Ink

Create any list of the best tattoo ink brands today, and Intenze Tattoo Ink is guaranteed to be one of the first names that appear. Established in 1978, Intenze Ink has one of the longest track records of producing some of the industrys highest quality inks.

One of the companys standout features is its dedication to providing organic products that adhere to all of the strictest industry standards.

Intenze inks are utterly devoid of animal products, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and match the requirements for both American and E.U. safety standards. The company also offers all their inks in pre-sterilized and sealed bottles to ensure they arrive at your location in perfect condition and without any added safety risks.

Intenze also continues to innovate on its manufacturing process to maximize user safety continually. They also maintain a quality control page where they outline all changes to their products for complete transparency.

If you are buying tattoo inks for the first time and want a brand that brings the best possible assurance of safety and standout quality, you cant go wrong with Intenze Tattoo Ink.


Intenze inks are relatively pricier than most of the competition. However, the price difference is unsurprising, considering their dedication to quality and user safety.

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Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Glow Red 1 Ounce

Kuro Sumi ink is well known for being organic and vegan. Its one of the smoothest, brightest, and longest-lasting tattoo inks on the market.

If youre curious what the ingredients in this ink are, you can obtain SDS sheets directly from the company.

In preparation for our reviews, we pulled the safety data sheet for Glow Red UV ink.

It uses a combination of water, propylene glycerincol, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, and a pigment called Naphthol Red.

Naphthol Red is also known by the name Pigment Red 170. Its used for automobile coatings and other high-end paints.

The Glow series is available as 1-ounce bottles. A complete set of nine inks will run you over $100.

Other colors that are available include blue, magenta, green, yellow, purple, yellow, pink, and clear.

We were curious, so we checked the SDS page for the Glow Clear ink to see if we could figure out what makes it light reactive. The ingredients listed on it were aqua, propylene glycerincol, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol.

Because those are the basic ingredients of pretty much every Kuro Sumi ink on the market, we can rule them out as the UV reactive pigment. Therefore, it must be a secret ingredient thats not listed.

Millennium Moms Black Pearl

What is the best ink for tattooing?

Pick this black tattoo ink if you like extremely dark and precisely bold outlines and colorings too. It wont be a hassle to work with, because it goes very smooth under the skin as well. This also means you wont repeat the lines!

Again, we have the Millenium Moms with their black ink. This ink is supposedly labeled as great for outlining, even though it is amazing for all tattooing styles, like coloring and shading too. When you pour the ink into a holder or small cup, it will not dry out so fast when exposed to oxygen. It is smooth and flows beautifully under the skin.

Package dimensions are 7.7 x 3.2 x 1.8 inches, with a total weight of 15.2 ounces.


  • Great for outlines, and other styles too
  • Ink wont dry fast in the air
  • Smooth flowing under the skin
  • Strong black pigment
  • No need to repeat lines


  • Maybe repeat the shaking of the bottle

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Millennium Moms Nuclear Uv Blacklight Tattoo Ink

Moms nuclear ink is black light and ultraviolet sensitive. It glows in the dark with a high level of pigment and a famous standing worldwide. Moms ink carries some of the best and harmless ink to you. Its extraordinary staying power means that you can be sure the next piece will look good for years to come.

Millennium is a homogenized carrier or pigment that flows smoothly. It keeps your tattoo smooth and most delicate. Blacklight tattoo ink has the highest possible pure pigment content ensures your works stand out. Its consistent is very high might you receive the color and quality you expect, each time. Inks effect is for a long time. This ink is considered reliable and long-lasting. Rich tones are made to remain long after application.

Nuclear ink is a time-tested ink favorite among tattoo professionals, most popular among the tattoo artist. It has imported quality made in the USA. This business is just another in the rising line of vegan-friendly groups that want to offer their customers the best.

A meaningful way to ensure this is to offer vegan-friendly, all-natural products, and that is what you have here. A set of vibrant, long-lasting colors made only certified safe ingredients.

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