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Best Moisturizer For Tattoo Care

Showering With Your Tattoo

Tattoo Product Review: After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion | INKADEMIC

Most experts recommend that you wait a day after receiving your tattoo before jumping in the shower. You new ink needs time to settle and your skin needs to recover from the trauma of tattooing.

After the first 24 hours have passed however, you are free to take a shower just dont soak your tattoo. Wash it lightly with alcohol- and fragrance-free soap and try to keep it out of the direct shower stream as much as possible. You can do this by filling your hands with water and splashing it on your tattoo when washing it.

Keep in mind that the shower temperature shouldnt be too hot. Heat can cause skin to dry out, and dry skin will only make your tattoo itchier.

After showering, pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel or a handful of paper towels. Never rub at or scrub your tattoo because not only will it hurt, you risk infecting your it and ruining the look of the ink. Apply your favorite after drying and youre good to go.

What Lotion Is Best For Tattoos

If you want your new ink to heal nicely, you have to be diligent and take good care of it. A beloved lotion is Aquaphor Healing Ointment, or good old-fashioned Vaseline.

After a new tattoo, your tattoo artist should put a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage on top of the ink. After 24 hours, you can remove the bandage and wash with antimicrobial soap, water, and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

Throughout the day, apply a layer of fragrance-free antibacterial ointment it’s best if you stick to applying it twice a day.

The best lotion to put on a new tattoo is a thick and creamy lotion that’s fragrance-free. Don’t use sunblock when it’s healing, and try and stay out of the sun so it heals faster.

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Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion

It is the best lotion for old tattoos by Tattoo Goo Kit with color brightening, soothing and skin moisturizing effects. The main ingredient is Olive Oil that provides outstanding healing treatment to the tattoos and never let them fade away. The product can be used on daily basis as it does not have any side effects. The natural healing process is not affected by its use as it does not clog your skin pores. Plus, you can increase the life of your tattoo with the natural moisturizing and color protecting features of this affordable tattoo rejuvenation lotion.

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Can I Use Vaseline To Moisturize My Tattoo

Contrary to the popular belief, Vaseline doesnt provide any moisturizing effects. It is made of petroleum jelly which doesnt soak into the skin. Instead, it stays on top of the skin creating a protective barrier.

However, when the tattoo is healing, Vaseline can keep it over moisturized and even lead to a tattoo infection. Because the protective barrier doesnt allow the tattoo to breathe, it doesnt dry and the healing process is significantly longer than it should be.

The only time it is acceptable to apply of Vaseline onto a healing tattoo is when you shower. A layer of Vaseline will protect the tattoo from the water and keep it safe and dry. However, once youre done showering, make sure to remove Vaseline, wash the tattoo, and moisturize with a thin layer of lotion.

Once the tattoo is fully healed, youre free to apply Vaseline as a form of tattoo care, but even then, try not to overdo it. Vaseline can clog pores and promote skin breakout.

The 10 Best Lotions For Tattoos In 2022

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer Aftercare in 2021

Tattoo lotions are an essential part of tattoo aftercare and the overall healing process. After getting a tattoo, regular use of a lotion provides protection to your skin and helps stop your tattoo from becoming excessively dry or flakey. They can also prevent that annoying itch that accompanies a healing tattoo, as the last thing you want to do is scratch at your new ink it is an open wound, after all!

Choosing a tattoo lotion can be an extremely daunting process. You want to be sure to purchase something that is both free of skin-irritating ingredients and sufficiently moisturizing. To help you make your decision easier, weve collected a list of the top 10 tattoo lotions out there and analyzed the benefits of each one. Keep reading to learn about our favorite options!

  • The Best Lotion for You
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    Detailed Understanding Of A Tattoo Recovery Process

    I feel that you should understand the lifecycle of tattoo aftercare and even the healing process right before getting inked.

    First of all, you need to understand that the aftercare regime depends on the tattoo you choose and the region you zero in on. Once inked, the tattooed skin needs to be treated as a bruised zone, which then calls for proper aftercare.

    The complete tattoo recovery cycle depends on your choices, level of hydration, skin type, diet, and the products you use. And while this guide is supposed to help, the best insights are always provided by the tattoo artists as they get a first-hand view of your tattooed skin.

    Also, you need to understand that tattoo recovery isnt magical. A large tattoo will still be a bit red and swollen, regardless of the aftercare regime you follow. And while an antibiotic ointment or any healing ointment might help with the infections, itching is always a possibility.

    Experts Recommended Tattoo Aftercare Kits

    A fresh tattoo or even a retouched one, in some cases, needs to adhere to the tattoo aftercare instructions to the letter, something I shall talk about in the subsequent sections.

    However, you must know that the aftercare process is all about covering the tattooed skin at first, using products to keep tending to the area, and shielding it from direct sunlight for as long as possible. And even if you do, it should be after a few weeks and not without a high-end sunscreen.

    Choose According To The Body Part

    Did you know that taking proper care of your tattoo isnt often linked to the body part you are getting the tattoo on in the first place? For instance, if you plan on getting ahead tattoo , the tattoo artist needs to provide aftercare instructions as precisely as possible.

    A head tattoo needs to be treated as an open wound that must be medically reviewed, regardless of the procedure you are following. Caring for your head tattoo needs expertise as the area is always exposed and is pretty good at expelling fresh ink out.

    Also, you need to wash the region carefully and gently pat dry the same with a soft cloth. And yes, the scabs forming on the tattooed skin can be a tad hard to get rid of. As far as products are concerned, you can consider shea butter for the tattoo area, provided it doesnt contain harsh chemicals.

    Experts Recommended Soft Tissues for TattooCleaning

    Neck tattoos are often as complicated as head tattoos or even more. And while the pain during the tattoo in the first place and even for the first few days can get unreal, they respond best to petroleum-based products without fragrances. Regardless of the product, you use for a neck tattoo, cleaning it with a fragrance-free soap should be the go-to strategy to clean the outer layers of the skin surface once you remove the bandage.

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    Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Based On Experience

    The chances are that your experience with getting your first tattoo was a bit more complicated than you expected.

    Most newbies will, albeit wrongfully, assume that all it takes to complete their first tattoo is braving the discomfort of going under the needle. However, they are quickly jolted back to reality by their tattooist. Most tattoo artists will constantly reiterate the crucial importance of getting your tattoo aftercare done right to help minimize discomfort and keep the tattoo infection-free.

    We are sorry to break the bad news. The pain does not end at the tattoo parlor. It takes most tattoos an average of 3-6 weeks to heal, and over this period, you also have to deal with some pain, bleeding, and itching as the tattoo scabs and heals.

    However, if you handle the tattoo aftercare properly, you can significantly cut down the healing periods length and how much discomfort you feel through the healing process.

    Some major keys to proper tattoo aftercare include keeping the surface clean and infection-free, protecting the region from physical trauma and sun exposure, and using an aftercare ointment, salve, or moisturizer to protect and hydrate that patch of skin.

    When doing aftercare for small line-only tattoos, the salve you already have in your medicine cabinet should suffice. However, when you want something a little extra, there is an abundance of fleshed-out tattoo aftercare options available on the market.

    Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

    Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream (After Tattoo Care Instructions)

    When you need super gentle moisturize relief and protection for your new tattoo, dont be afraid to try a baby lotion. Just because it has the word baby, doesnt mean adults cant enjoy or benefit from it. Thats far from truth!

    In reality, what makes this Aveeno lotion an excellent choice is that its blended up natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients. If you take a glance at the J Drugs Dermatol. 2015 14:43-48 study, youll discover the anti-inflammatory activities of colloidal oatmeal. Not only does it help with dryness and scaling but it also cuts back on the itch intensity too. Though, the true active ingredient is Dimethicone, 1.2%.

    Upon applying, youll help moisturize your new ink for a full 24 hours without dealing with any unwanted grease. It wont clog your pores, and its also fragrance-free. Not to mention, its hypoallergenic!

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    Tattoo Goo Original Mini Balm

    Tattoo Goo comes in a small metal tin. You only need to apply enough to make the skin look shiny.

    It contains no petrolatum, and its dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin.

    It provides various benefits to tattoo collectors.

    In the first place, it fights infection while moisturizing the skin. Its designed to absorb quickly without leaving a sticky residue.

    Next, its rich in antioxidants from wheat germ oil and rosemary. These promote faster healing.

    Lastly, when the tattoo is healed, the balm continues to keep the colors vibrant.

    How Do I Keep My Tattoo Vibrant

    After the initial healing period of three to five days, we recommend using lotion for two weeks to one month after the tattoo has healed, says Goold. That said, it can definitely take longer for your tattoo to heal, and to keep it from fading, youll want to keep it moisturized regularlyespecially if you have color tattoos.

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    What Is The Best Lotion To Put On A New Tattoo

    This answer depends on your skin type, tattoo, and personal preferences. Its also the reason we put together this list and buying guide. The question of which tattoo lotion is best is one for you to answer, but were here to help.

    As you read through this guide and our products listed, consider your personal preferences and needs. Is your skin already really dry? Are you trying to avoid aloe vera? All these things matter!

    Benefits Of Tattoo Creams And Lotions

    After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer &  Aftercare Lotion
    • Improves appearance: It can preserve colors and designs to maintain the “brand-new” look, while masking any peeling skin.
    • Nourishes skin: Many are specially formulated with nutrients and vitamins to enhance and expedite the healing process.
    • Prevents infections: Moisturizing the tattooed area stops scabs from forming and seals lacerations to keep bacteria from spreading.
    • Relieves irritation: New ink can make skin more sensitive, therefore a salve helps reduce itchiness, rashes, and other skin-irritant conditions.

    Quite the easy sell, huh? Nothing a certified dermatologist or your tattooist wouldnt share, but key information that proves why applying lotion to your newly crafted body marks is the sensible thing to do. Also knowing that no ordinary body lotion or cream will suffice is reasonable thinking.

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    How Often Should You Moisturize Your Tattoo

    Professional tattoo artists always recommended one moisturizes their tattoo once or twice a day. The best way to moisturize a tattoo is by doing it in the morning and in the evening. It is also important to apply lotion or ointment after taking a shower, to protect the tattoo from drying out.

    Note: Make sure to wait between 10 and 20 minutes to apply lotion/ointment onto the tattoo after a shower. In that time, the tattoo will dry naturally, so when you do apply a moisturizer, it will soak into the skin nicely. By applying lotion onto a wet tattoo, youre risking overdoing it.

    Natural Alternatives To Lotion

    The best alternative to a store-bought tattoo lotion is coconut oil. It is moisturizing and has antimicrobial properties, meaning it fights off bacteria and infection. Coconut oil has also been known to help wounds heal faster, which in the case of a new tattoo couldnt be more perfect.

    You could also use natural oils like vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil. These products moisturize the skin while still letting it breathe.

    Always remember to check with your tattoo artist or doctor before putting a natural lotion alternative on your skin.

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    Sorry Mom Tattoo Film

    The film is a transparent, breathable barrier that protects and helps the healing process the first 24 to 48 hours after getting tattooed, says Iron & Inks Petersen. The waterproof and easy-to-apply wrap comes in 6-inch by 6-inch sheets or in larger sheets measuring 6.5-feet by six inches or 33-feet by six inches.

    Sorry Mom Tattoo Film, $9.95, available at

    Tattoo Care Ointment With Natural Ingredients

    5 Of The BEST Tattoo Aftercare Products YOU NEED To TRY!

    The inflamed skin is healed quickly using this tattoo ointment. It boosts skin regeneration and relieves the itching, along with preserving the tattoos color intensity. This skin protectant is made of olive oil, jojoba oil, calendula, aloe vera, and vitamin E, which are known for accelerating the growth of healthy skin cells.

    They are also responsible for keeping your skin moisturized using natural ingredients. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, which keeps the skin smooth, transparent, and helps the tattoo to last long. The dermatologically approved ointment is irritant-free. It is water-resistant and easily absorbed into the skin.

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    Should You Use Tattoo Aftercare Cream With Petrolatum

    If you ever want to get into an argument with a tattoo artist, bring up the topic of petrolatum in tattoo aftercare products. Its a touchy subject because its possible to support both sides.

    The pro-petrolatum view is that it creates a barrier over the wound. It prevents infection and seals in moisture. It doesnt hydrate by itself it only locks in whatever moisture is available beforehand. Thats why you have to apply ointment right after washing when the skin is damp.

    But the anti-petrolatum case is that it doesnt allow the wound to breathe. It doesnt let moisture in or out. Worse, its difficult to wash a tattoo covered in petrolatum as the water rolls off without penetrating, and the dirt stays trapped.

    I lean towards tattoo aftercare cream without petrolatum. However, you may find that A& D ointment or Aquaphor are helpful for the first 2 or 3 days. Then, you can switch to a lotion or balm instead.

    I believe you should have all the facts to make the best decision about tattoo aftercare. Thats why well begin with petrolatum-based products. Feel free to skip down if youre not interested in them.

    Hustle Butter Deluxe The Tattoo Process

    The deep moisturizing butter glides super smoothly over your skin and gives you soft, supple skin in every stage of tattooing. You can use this butter during all three stages of tattooing. Especially after tattooing, it aids in healing the skin. Also, during working, it makes the skin workable, swelling, reduces the redness and bleeding.

    The color goes in smoothly when you apply this butter. It is the best tattoo aftercare cream as it is loaded with natural ingredients, vitamins, and essential oils to provide your tattoo the much-needed nourishment to look healthy.

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    Spenco 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads

    While Plescia-Büchi still uses the old-school Saran plastic wrap, he prefers to use 2nd Skins products which are designed for burns, bites, and scrapes whenever he can.

    It completely does the job absolutely perfectly. As far as tattoo after-care, has completely changed the game, he explains. It helps avoid coagulation, which can make the tattoo pigment fall out. The key is to remove the plasma when its produced by the skin.

    Platinum Rose Tattoo Butter

    After Inked Daily Tattoo Moisturizer &  Aftercare Lotion 3oz

    This tattoo aftercare balm claims to radically accelerate healing time for new tattoos. Then, you can continue to use it to treat sunburn, cuts, and dry skin.

    As a moisturizer, it keeps tattoos vibrant by moisturizing the skin. Healthy skin retains ink better.

    If youre an artist and use it as glide, it wont remove stencils or clog tubes. It also prevents redness and swelling. This helps avoid overworking the skin.

    Whats in it? Theres definitely no petrolatum or parabens. Instead, it has shea and cocoa butter, aloe, and avocado oil. The natural floral scent comes from genuine English Rose oil.

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    Best Tattoo Lotion For Your Fresh Ink

    Lotions, which have a higher water content than creams, are part of Tattoo Aftercare 101. With a lighter and most comfortable consistency, slathering on some lotion to quench your thirsty tattoo is essential you get hydration to your tattoo while it heals, while also ensuring youre not adding a bothersome layer to your already irritated skin.

    With endless lotions on the market to choose from, finding the one thats best for your new tattoo can become an overwhelming venture. Lucky for you, weve got you – and your ink-covered.

    Quick glance at the best tattoo lotion:

    After Inked tattoo lotion is one of those special products that are just worth the little extra investment. Not only can they boast that they are clinically and dermatologist tested, non-irritant, and non-allergenic, they also are completely vegan and cruelty-free. In addition to those factors, theyre also non-petroleum based, paraben-free, completely fragrance-free, and gluten-free, for our sensitive friends.

    Enriched with grapeseed oil, this formula is patent protected proving just how strongly they stand by their unique moisturizing product. The lotion wont stick to your clothes once applied, absorbing quickly upon application, and youll immediately feel a cooling itch or irritation relief from the many nourishing ingredients packed within this tube.

    Did we mention that this product was featured on tattooing reality television shows, and comes in post-consumer recycled packaging?



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