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Can You Donate Plasma If You Get A Tattoo

You Also Cant Donate If You Have Any Piercings That Are Less Than 3 Months Old

Why you can not donate blood after getting a tattoo or piercing?

You often cant donate blood for 3 months after getting a piercing, either.

Like tattoos, piercings can introduce foreign material and pathogens into your body. Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV can be contracted through blood contaminated by a piercing.

Theres a catch to this rule, too.

Though many states regulate facilities that provide piercing services, there are specific rules regarding eligibility based on the equipment used.

If your piercing was performed with a single-use gun or needle at a state-regulated facility, you should be able to donate blood.

If the gun was reusable or youre not absolutely sure that it was single-use you shouldnt give any blood until 3 months have passed.

Conditions that affect your blood in some way may make you ineligible to donate blood.

How To Donate Plasma

Expect the plasma donation process to take 1 to 2 hours. If its your first time at the donation center, the initial paperwork and health screening may take longer. Depending on how fast the blood draw occurs, the actual donation part takes roughly an hour.

To donate, make an appointment at a reputable plasma donation center. If you arent sure where to go, check with your doctor or a local hospital for recommendations. Currently, there are more than 700 licensed and certified plasma collection centers in the US and Europe Licensing means that your donation will be executed by a trained medical professional in a highly controlled, sterile environment.

What Other Factors Make You Ineligible To Donate Blood

A few conditions make you ineligible to donate blood, even if your tattoo isnt causing a significant issue. While having a tattoo is one of the main reasons your blood center may stop you from donating blood, you cant donate blood if you have a piercing less than a year old. Piercing includes a lot of foreign material that may get in the way, contaminating your blood. This may lead to different infections, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

However, theres a catch if youve got a piercing done from a professional place through a single-use gun, youre eligible to go ahead with your donations. If youve got a piercing through a reusable gun, you have to wait for about a year before you go for your blood or plasma donation.

Many other viruses and diseases stop you from donating blood, such as jaundice, babesiosis, Ebola, sickle cell disease hemophilia, Chagas disease, and many more. You dont necessarily catch these diseases through tattooing. However, tattooing puts you at a higher risk of contracting these viruses and diseases. A few other medical conditions may stop you from donating, such as pregnancy, cancer, blood transfusion, blood pressure, COVID19, STIs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

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Organ And/or Tissue Transplant

What are health and scientifically proven reasons against getting ...

Recent organ or tissue transplants would disqualify you from being a donor. You have to wait for 3 months after the operation before becoming eligible.

In the case of dura mater or brain covering transplant, this results in permanent disqualification from being a blood or plasma donor. This is because of the possibility of CJD or other TSE transmission.

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Why Should You Consider Donating Blood

Nationally, 36,000 units of red blood cells, 7,000 units of platelets and 10,000 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S., according to the America Red Cross. Right now, that average demand is even higher, depleting the nations inventory of blood products and requiring the American Red Cross and other blood donor organizations to plea for new donors to help meet demand.

The Benefits Of Using Donotpay To Start Plasma Donation

DoNotPay recognizes that your time is valuable. We want to make the process of finding the right clinic for donating your plasma fast, easy and successful. You do not have to spend all your time researching or calling clinics now. We can also help you find the answers to other common questions about plasma donation.

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Also Question Is When Can You Not Give Blood

You should not give blood if you have AIDS or have ever had a positive HIV test, or if you have done something that puts you at risk for becoming infected with HIV. You are at risk for getting infected if you: have used needles to take any drugs, steroids, or anything not prescribed by your doctor in the last 3 months.

What Are Plasma Donation Types

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Donation may be-

  • Voluntary unpaid Donating to a known/ unknown person according to your will as an act of goodness without charging money.
  • To family/ friend/ acquaintance Donating to a friend or a family member as per the requirement.
  • Paid- Donating plasma/ blood to a blood bank/ hospital or having a contract with them for the same and charging money for a set amount.

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How Can I Help If I Cant Donate Blood

There are many ways to be a hero with San Diego Blood Bank and Southern California Blood Bank

  • Support ResearchBlood donated for research has the potential to change the future of health for generations to come. Contact us at .and ask how you can participate in a research project.
  • Make a Financial Gift:San Diego Blood Bank/ Southern California Blood Bank relies on financial gifts to pay for critical supplies and equipment. Visit sandiegobloodbank.org/give to learn how you can make an impact.
  • Volunteer:Join our volunteer team and serve as a donor center host or blood drive greeter. Have a special talent you want to share? Let us know and we will find a place for you. Visit sandiegobloodbank.org/volunteers

Are You Eligible To Donate Plasma

The specific criteria for donating plasma may vary slightly from one clinic to another, but there are basic minimum requirements that you will see at almost all clinics.

  • You will need to provide proof of identity

Each clinic will have its own procedures for doing medical examinations, screening, and testing.

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Who Benefits From Blood Donation

The impact of blood donation is full circle. Donating empowers healthy people to share the gift of health, which in turn keeps neighbors and community members alive and thriving. Your donation can help people who have experienced: cancer, car accident or trauma, heart surgery, severe anemia, pregnancy complications, and much more.

Research shows a connection between altruism, generosity and health. Though it might not be the kind of health measured by your fitness tracker, an emotional boost improves overall well-being and can add years to your life. In addition, each time you donate, you get a mini health screening. Track your blood pressure, pulse, hematocrit, temperature and cholesterol in your online personalized health portal.

Back Neck Hip And Spine

Can Tattoos Affect Your Ability To Donate Blood &  Plasma  InkedMind

Common back problems such as sprains, strains and aches should not interfere with a marrow donation. If you have had a single back surgery more than 5 years ago, and have no ongoing symptoms, you may be able to donate. If you have chronic/ongoing back pain requiring medical treatment , chiropractic treatments, etc.) you will not be able to donate.

The following back-related issues must be carefully evaluated to determine whether or not you may donate:

  • Single surgery 2-5 years ago
  • Multiple surgeries, no matter how long since procedures
  • History of fracture 2-5 years ago from an injury
  • History of herniated, bulging or slipped disc in any location of the back
  • Mild osteoarthritis involving the spine, neck or hip
  • Diagnosis of scoliosis, if no history of surgery or if the rods/pins have been removed and you are fully recovered
  • Diagnosis of degenerative disc disease

If you have significant back problems and/or any questions regarding your medical condition, contact your local donor center.

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Gotten A Tattoo Recently Extend Your Arm For A Different Purpose Save A Life By Donating Blood

Zoe Finn, 27, has gotten a new tattoo almost annually for the past decade.

The most recent one is always my favorite, she said. She has a few on her back, one on her leg, and her most recent goal is to complete the sleeve on her arm.

When she goes for her tattoo, she picks a design that she likes or makes her feel a certain way, but sometimes, its a design that just fits nicely within an open spot on her arm.

Donor eligibility rules change for military veterans who served in Europe between 1980 and 1996

Military veterans who served in Europe between 1980 and 1996 can now donate blood, according to officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The ban, which was first enacted in the 1980s, was lifted by the FDA last year in response to reductions in blood donations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the new guidelines, persons who had been ineligible because they resided for six months or more on U.S. military bases in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands between 1980 and 1990, or on bases in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Italy between 1980 and 1996 may now be eligible to donate blood. Read more about FDA changes to blood donations.

Recently, Finn extended her arm for a different purpose. For the first time, she donated blood.

Questions And Answers About Bone Marrow Donations And Specific Situation

  • Can I donate bone marrow if I have had a tattoo or piercing?

As long as it is over 4 months since the procedure, you can register as a bone marrow donor or, in the case of people already registered, the donation can be carried out if the occasion arises.

  • Can I donate bone marrow if I am breastfeeding?

Yes, you can register without any problem during breastfeeding. If the donor is registered and the donation is to be carried out, they will have to suspend breastfeeding for at least the days on which the donor is given growth factors or anaesthetic .

  • Can I donate bone marrow if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can register without any problems and at no risk to the pregnancy. If you are already registered and the time comes to conduct the donation, you cannot do so during your pregnancy and for six months after giving birth. It is important to notify the registry of bone marrow donors to this effect so that you can be taken off the register temporarily.

  • Can I register as a bone marrow donor if I lived in the United Kingdom between 1980 and 1996?
  • I am a Spanish resident and I am registered as a bone marrow donor here through REDMO but I am going to live abroad permanently. What do I have to do?
  • Can I donate bone marrow if I am a smoker?

Yes, but we recommend that you give up as it is harmful to your health.

  • Can I register as a bone marrow donor if I am 16 years old and have my parents authorization?

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Are There Any Donor Rewards Or Donor Programs That I Can Get Involved In

Yes we have two donor programs. All donors are automatically enrolled in the Gallon Milestone Recognition Program where donors receive special rewards and recognition for reaching specific gallon milestones. Donors may also sign up for the Guardians Circle Donor Pledge Program. This is a membership-based appreciation program for donors that pledge to donate within 8 weeks from the day they are eligible to donate. .

Common Questions And Donation Restrictions

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There is no maximum age to give blood. The minimum age to donate whole blood is 15 years old. The minimum age to donate platelets and plasma is 17 years old.


You can donate blood if you have completed the prescribed dose of antibiotics and no longer have any symptoms of what caused them to be prescribed.

Blood Pressure

Before donation, every potential donor has his or her blood pressure taken to ensure readings are safely within guidelines to donate. Extreme levels are 90/50 and 180/100. Below the first or above the second will defer the potential donor. And you always get a free check to know for sure!


  • If you currently have any form of cancer, you may not donate.
  • If you have non-melanoma skin cancer , you may donate as soon as you are healed from the complete removal of the area involved.
  • For melanoma skin cancer, you must wait 1 year from the date of treatment completion.
  • If you have ever had leukemia or lymphoma you may not donate .
  • All other types of cancer are acceptable IF your doctor has declared you cancer-free and your treatment is complete. Note: Females with breast cancer who are taking hormone-blocking medications are eligible, and donors who are cancer-free but have radioactive implants are also eligible.


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Plasma Donations And Tattooos

Tattoos wont prevent you from giving plasma. According to the Red Cross, if your tattoo parlor is a state-regulated entity using sterile needles and ink that is not reused, you can give blood. The Red Cross says the same stipulations go for both blood and plasma.

If youre in one of the states that do not regulate tattoo parlors then wait three months before you donate blood or plasma.

The states that dont regulate tattoo parlors are:

  • District of Columbia

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Is Donating Plasma Painful

Whether the process is painful for you depends on your pain threshold. For some people, donating feels no worse than a pinprick, while others may feel more pain. If the nurse misses the vein or you experience plasma donation side effects, its possible youll experience more pain, but overall, most people report nothing more than mild discomfort.

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Which Plasma Centers Pay The Most

The highestpaying blood plasma donation centers with locations across the U.S. are BioLife Plasma Services, BPL Plasma, CSL Plasma, Grifols/Biomat USA, Interstate Blood Bank, and KEDPLASMA. While pay structures at each center vary, donors can earn up to $400 a month or more.

The following medications will prevent you from donating blood:

  • Accutane.
  • Antibiotics *Donors who are taking antibiotics are eligible to donate 24 hours after their last dose.
  • Anti-Platelet Medications.

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New Tattoo Fresh Ink No Longer A Barrier To Donating Blood Plasma

Why Cant You Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo

For nearly two decades, Bassendean garbage truck driver Drew Humphrey has made a fortnightly trip to donate blood and plasma at Perths Red Cross Lifeblood service.

A committed donor since the age of 17, he has only missed his regular date after getting a new tattoo or travelling overseas, activities which both required people to wait several months before donating.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood nurse Nigel Self and donor Drew Humphrey. Credit:Marta Pascual Juanola

But under changes to Lifebloods rules announced this week, inked Australians will no longer have to wait to donate plasma, a move expected to boost stocks by 50,000 donations every year.

The announcement comes after a study of 25,000 tattooed donors by Lifeblood in partnership with the University of New South Wales Kirby Institute found it was safe for people tattooed in licensed Australian parlours to donate.

Plasma is the yellow liquid in the blood tasked with transporting cells, hormones, and vitamins around the body. It is used to treat trauma and bleeding in hospitals and to make medicine for patients suffering from cancer, hemophilia, kidney conditions, and burns.

All donated plasma in Australia is tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C, but it takes time for a recent infection to become detectable. The findings of the study will open the doors to 17,000 new donors.

Lifeblood Donor Services director Cath Stone said she hoped the move would encourage more Australians to give plasma donation a go.

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Diseases Due To Transmissible Viruses

Individuals who have fallen ill due to the viral infection listed below are not eligible or must pass certain requirements to be eligible:

  • Ebola Virus infection
  • Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C or unexplained jaundice
  • Hepatitis Exposure, like exposure to someone who has hepatitis B or hepatitis C
  • HIV/AIDS If you had a positive test or if you are at risk for AIDS infection in the past 3 months. It includes if you used needles for unprescribed drugs or shared needles with someone else, among other things.
  • Measles Exposure Maybe you were not vaccinated against measles or were recently vaccinated within the last 4 weeks. You cannot donate.
  • Zika Virus You are eligible if your symptoms have been gone for at least 120 days.

+ Can I Donate For Myself

Yes, this is called an autologous blood donation, which is the process of donating blood for oneself. For an autologous blood donation, donors are able to donate their own blood for an upcoming occasion where they will need blood transfusions, such as a scheduled surgery. Your blood is collected in the days and weeks prior to surgery, stored and returned to you during or following surgery to replace the blood lost. Donors may ask their physicians to make the necessary arrangements for an autologous blood donation, and then the donor will schedule an appointment with Blood Assurance.

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