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How Much Money To Remove A Tattoo

How Much Do Tattoos Cost To Remove

How much does it cost to remove a small tattoo

As with most laser skincare services, tattoo removal cost can vary wildly starting at £40 per session and going up to £400 per session. Tattoo removal tends to be cheaper in out-of-town beauty salons with less specialised beauticians using more dated technology, and more expensive at top-end, city-centre dermatologists offices with more advanced technology.

When a laser passes over your tattoo, each flash of light shatters the ink into tiny particles. Your immune system then sweeps away the debris and flushes them out of your body. However, not all lasers are created equal. How quickly it flashes and how much energy is transferred determines how effectively the tattoo is broken down and how damaged the surrounding skin is.

The more advanced the laser, the quicker, safer and more effective the tattoo removal process will be. Three types of lasers are typically used for tattoo removal: q-switch nanosecond lasers, picosecond lasers, and more recently, Lightsense lasers our unique patented technology derived from Princeton University, only available at NAAMA Studios:

Not only are older models painful and damaging to skin, but they tend to be less effective on colourful tattoo inks. Our next-generation laser technology utilises different settings depending on the colour spectrum of your tattoo, providing effective removal across all ink types. Plus, the precision power of our laser means we can target and treat even the most intricate of tattoos.

Prepare For Your Tattoo After Care In Advance

You’ll need things like Aquaphor, bandages, and even clothes that don’t rest on your tattoo. Yes, I actually bought shirts that didn’t have material where my neck/back tattoo is. At first, I was cutting tags out, but when tagless cotton tees still made the spot hurt and itch, I figured keyhole backs were a good investment. If you have tattoos on your ribs or feet it might be best to plan your sessions accordingly.

It also helps to apply a thin coating of antibiotic ointment or healing moisturizer three times a day, like from Aquaphor or Kiehl’s, for the first three days of the healing process.

Step : Plan Your Business

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

Luckily we have done a lot of this research for you.

What are the costs involved in opening a Tattoo Removal Business?

Once youve determined your states laws regarding tattoo removal practices, you can begin writing your business plan and budget. Youll need enough startup capital to cover the following expenses:

  • Office space – Look for a space with approximately 800 square feet. The location should have enough room for a reception and waiting room area, treatment room, and office. To save money, many new tattoo removal businesses rent space in an established spa or medical facility. This delivers the added bonus of providing access to an established customer base.
  • Laser equipment – Tattoo removal laser machines cost $150,000 to over $300,000. When deciding what equipment you should invest in, consider factors like what ink colors you want to remove, how much space it requires, and how long it takes to warm up. Consider your long-term goals for the business before investing in any equipment.
  • Medical supplies – This will be a minimal investment, but you will need to keep medical supplies such as antibiotic ointment and bandages on hand to ensure proper aftercare.
  • Insurance – Work with a trusted insurance professional to determine your business insurance needs.

Who is the target market?

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Tattoo Color And Size

The color of your old tattoo affects how easy it is to remove. Which colors are the easiest and hardest to eliminate?

  • Lighter colors, like light blue and green, yellow, and orange, are in some cases the toughest to remove.
  • Black, brown, dark blue, and darker green are easier to remove.
  • Turquoise is the toughest to get rid of because most clinics dont have lasers that target it effectively.

Black tattoos tend to be easier to remove than colorful ones because they absorb all wavelengths of the lasers used. Tattoos with different colors often require lasers with different wavelengths, depending on what wavelength the pigment absorbs, making their removal more complicated. Contrary to what you might expect, darker colors tend to disappear faster than lighter hues. These factors will help guide your tattoo removal cost.

For many clinics, blues, greens, and purples are difficult to remove. However, Removery has the color tattoo removal technology to effectively remove all colors of tattoo ink. Recent evolutions in laser tattoo removal equipment allow us to handle any type of tattoo from any client who comes into our clinic. Our laser technology treatments can remove all shades of blue, green, and purple, including turquoise, teal, lime green, and more.

Tattoo size also influences tattoo removal pricing, as larger tattoos take more time

Can It Be That A Removal Is More Expensive Than The Pigmentation Itself

7 Factors that Determine the Cost of Your Tattoo Removal ...

Even such cases are not rare. Unfortunately, we regularly see results from totally unprofessional tattooing / permanent make-up / microblading treatments. The main problem of such work is the too deep implantation of pigments, often accompanied by scarring / fibrosis. Such skin conditions make the removal of pigments more difficult.

More sessions are required, the condition of the skin needs to be taken into account, the regeneration of the skin takes longer and requires more care and additional skin regeneration treatments. Accordingly, the cost of such tattoo removal is higher, the duration longer than with the removal of professional pigmentation.

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Factors That Affect Tattoo Prices

Although you may have seen some hourly rates or standard prices practiced at a lot of tattoo parlors, remember that not all tattoo designs are the same. How much youll pay is determined by lots of factors, some more influential than others. Heres how shops estimate what a tattoo is going to cost for each individual.

Consider A Doctor Or A Tattoo Removal Specialist

I’d previously had one tattoo zapped at a spa , where an aesthetician used an outdated heat laser that ended up burning and scarring my skin. This time around, I got my treatments done by John F. Adams, M.D., at the New York Dermatology Group, where everything is done under medical supervision. I suggest you find your own removal expert by asking friends, influencers, or even by stopping people that you see with removal in processwhich, yes, I have done.

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What Kind Of Skin You Have

In general, tattoos are easier to remove from lighter skin. If you are fair with a dark or black tattoo, you can probably count on spending less money on the removal. Skin coloration alone doesnt determine how cost-effective or easy the overall treatment will be, though. There are other factors, like scarring, that come into play. Talk to one of our professionals for a full assessment.

Know That The Process Could Leave Scarring

Laser Tattoo Removal COST ð°| HOW MUCH

If, like me, you want your ink completely removed, you should know that the skin that is left might not be flawless. While the risks are nowhere near as big when you are treated by a removal specialist or medical professional, your skin pigment can be lightened. Which, again, is all the more reason to refer back to the first point on this listgo to a qualified doctor or specialist.

Lauren Chan is a fashion expert and designer in New York City. Follow her.

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Eyeliner Tattoo Cost & Cosmetic Tattoos

To get celebrity-quality cosmetic tattoos such as eyeliner and other facial enhancements costs around $1,500 to $3,000. The specialists who do this work are highly trained, and they use equipment unique to their practice. Do not ever go to a traditional tattoo parlor and expect to get top-quality cosmetic facial tattoos because they don’t have the training or setup for it.

Are Tattoo Removals Safe

Yes, if you find the right doctor. Using a certified laser professional lowers the possibility for side effects.

There is an art to tattoo removal, and we see, unfortunately, a lot of patients with bad outcomes who go to non-medical facilities or even hair salons, said Cohen. People really want to look for the right equipment or right office.

But of course, with all procedures there is still the possibility for side effects including:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentationwhich is more common for those with darker skin tones
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Lack of complete pigment removal

Aftercare is super important in helping to protect you from these. You can expect minor swelling, redness, and tenderness after the tattoo removal process. Although each doctor will provide you with their own specific instructions for at-home care, most professionals will suggest these tips: Avoid picking any scabs or blisters that form during the healing process to avoid scarring, avoid tight clothing or exposure to direct sunlight, and keep the area clean and covered with an antibiotic healing ointment and bandage. Many of the aftercare instructions will be similar to those taken when you initially got the tattoo done.

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How Tattoo Removal Cost Is Calculated

The cost of tattoo removal varies based on size, color, tattoo age, and other factors. Tattoo removal cost is calculated by size and desired tattoo removal result. What that means is that the number of sessions, which is dependent on protocol and technology used, accounts for tattoo age, color, depth, and density. Your tattoo removal price will most strongly depend on the number of sessions required. Typically, tattoo removal takes Eight to ten sessions, and the total tattoo removal cost will depend on the total number of sessions required.

Regardless of the details of your situation, Removery is well equipped to handle any type of tattoo removal. Now, lets take a closer look at each of the main factors that determine the cost of tattoo removal to give you a better sense of what your tattoo removal journey might look like. Keep in mind that the specific price will vary by region depending on factors like the cost of living in your area.

The Skill & Experience Of The Artist

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost Sydney

This is the leading factor in determining the price a tattoo artist charges. A professional tattooist will charge more for his / her service. They usually charge by the hour but will charge per piece if the tattoo is small and can be finished in one sitting.

If the artist has tattooed for ages but has little skill, or they have a lot of skill but have little or no experience, they wont be able to charge top dollar. A tattoo artisan must have both of these attributes to ask for higher rates.

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A Floral Crescent Moon

I got this tattoo to cover up another tattoo. The original was an itty bitty crescent moonbut it was so small, the corners ended up completely blowing out and it looked like more of a jagged toenail clipping than a moon. I decided to get it covered because I figured, if I was going to have something on my body forever, I wanted to make sure I loved it .

Ive always liked what the moon symbolizes. It provides us with a reflection of the sun while the sun is on the other side of the Earth. Its a reminder that even when it gets really dark and things are bad, there is still light coming, even if we cant see it. So I got it reworked into a cluster of black and gray flowers that was loosely designed to look like a crescent moon as well. To be honest, I was never 100% sold on it, which should have been a warning sign.

I started regretting my tattoo before the artist was even done with it. When the outline was done, I asked to take a quick bathroom break. I peeked at it in the mirror and thought, Man, removing this is gonna suck. I dont even know what exactly is/was wrong with it. The artist did a great job, its a really pretty design, and its exactly what I asked for. I guess its just a bad case of cold feet.

Why Should You Opt For Laser Tattoo Removal

We know that the laser tattoo removal price can end up being relatively high, but heres why its worth it.

Thanks to advances in laser and light-based technology, the techniques used in laser tattoo removal today are:

  • much safer
  • more effective
  • and have fewer complications if any.

We realise that there are a couple of different tattoo removal options on the market, like tattoo removal cream. But using a tattoo removal cream is mainly ineffective from a scientific perspective because it cant penetrate the skins deeper layers.

And most of the time, if you can get your hands on an at-home treatment kit, the chemicals are so strong that you could end up permanently damaging your skin.

So youll need to think twice before going for the quick and easy fix.

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How And When To Build A Team

Youll need to fill at least two positions before you open your doors to the public. An office manager will handle the day-to-day operations, while the tattoo removal technician will handle client appointments. In some states, youll also need a medical director to oversee the clinics operations.

Your laser technician should have the proper credentials and be fully trained in how to operate all the office equipment. Most manufacturers provide training specific to their tools.

Next Steps

Does The Nhs Pay For Tattoo Removal

How To Remove Tattoos At Home – Do It Yourself and Save A LOAD Of Money!

The tattoo would have to cause severe emotional distress for the NHS to cover the cost of the treatments. Youd need to provide evidence that the tattoo is directly impacting your quality of life and be willing to undergo a psychological assessment. The NHS rarely covers the cost of tattoo removal, but if approved, youll be placed on a waiting list .

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Alternative Tattoo Removal Treatments

In addition to laser tattoo removal, there are several other treatment options, including:

  • Intense Pulsed Light: IPL emits pulses of light onto the skin, removing the tattoo much like a laser treatment. This method is said to be more effective and less painful than laser tattoo removal treatment however, it is also more expensive, with an average cost of $10 per pulse.
  • Surgical Excision: During this procedure, the tattoo is cut off and the skin is sewn back together. This procedure will leave a scar behind.
  • Dermabrasion: In this treatment, the skin is sanded away, leaving a scar or pale area.
  • Take-home treatments: These include cream and lotions designed to make a tattoo less visible. Take-home treatments do not completely eliminate a tattoo, but can help to fade it.

Usually, these traditional methods are used when laser tattoo removal treatment is not an option.

Tattoos And The Skins Layers

  • the epidermis: the top layer of your skin and the part of the skin that is visible
  • the dermis: lies beneath the epidermis and is much thicker and
  • the hypodermis: the deeper subcutaneous fat layer.

When you get a tattoo, the ink doesnt just deposit on the epidermis layer, but it also penetrates the dermis layer.

Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the pigment colours in the skins dermis.

The light beams that are given off by the laser are absorbed by tattoo pigments, which then break into tiny little pieces. The body then absorbs and eliminates these pigment pieces through its immune system.

The Q-switch is the most common type of laser used in tattoo removal. Several types of Q-switch lasers exist, and each one targets a different colour spectrum at different wavelengths.

Because Q-switch lasers are precise and intense, tattoo pigments fragment instantly, resulting in minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

But, its worth noting that It is not possible to remove a tattoo using laser technology in one sitting. Youll need at least four to six sessions to get the best results.

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Follow Your Medical Practitioners Advice

To see the best results with tattoo removal, follow your medical practitioners advice, whether you opt for a dermatologist or a nurse at a medical spa. After each session, make sure you follow their aftercare advice.

For example, youll want to avoid sun exposure to the removal area. UV rays can cause scarring as well as slow down the tattoo removal process.

If you absolutely must go outside and cant avoid sun exposure, use a product called Desitin. It contains zinc and will block the suns UV rays. Slather it across the affected area to literally block these UV rays.

Your practitioner may also tell you to choose sunblocks instead of sunscreens. Sunscreens dont provide the same protection as sunblocks, and they contain chemical irritants that could negatively impact healing.

You should also avoid alcohol and anything else that could negatively affect your immune system. Instead, eat healthy foods and get lots of rest to help your body heal and promote removal of tattoo ink using your bodys natural defenses.

Finally, many removal practitioners recommended using Aquaphor ointment or alcohol-free aloe vera gel massaged into the removal site to ease discomfort and promote healing.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Laser Treatment For Tattoo Removal Cost : star tattoos ...

Are you regretting your ink? Or maybe you want to change the design for something better? If so youll probably be asking how much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The quick answer is it costs a lot more than having the tattoo done in the first place! Thats because the process takes many many sessions spaced over months and possibly even years.


The first thing to say is that the price depends on the size of the tattoo as this determines the length of time it will take to laser it. Here are some examples for a Q switched laser treatment.

  • A very small tattoo of 1-2 inches like a golf ball or smaller, may cost £30-50 per session.
  • A tattoo of 3 inches like the size of a tennis ball, may cost you from £40-£80 per session, depending on your area.
  • A medium tattoo like two tennis balls will be around £70-100.
  • Half a sleeve will be more like £140-£200.

If your tattoo is a professional tattoo then it will take multiple sessions. Expect at least 5 sessions but it could take 10 or even more. Ill explain what determines the number of sessions later.

In this example lets say it costs £50 per session and you end up having 7 sessions. £50 x 7 = £350.

Youll want to leave around 6 weeks in-between each session.


There are many factors which can affect how many laser treatments youll end up needing. Let me give you a brief description of how it works so you can understand why.

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