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Do Tattoo Shops Take Walk Ins

Let Your Artist Do Their Job

Walk In Tattoo Shops VS Appointment Only: Picking the right one

Tattoo artists are experienced, and each has their own unique style and preferences. Dont ask your artist to copy someone elses work, especially if it is an original piece and not some generic design.

Tattoo artists want to create original pieces that youll be happy with. It isnt cool to ask them to recreate someone elses work. You can use another design for inspiration, though! Talk with your artist about your design before they begin.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

You know those horror stories about passing out drunk and waking up with some fresh ink? Yeah, its not quite like that.

Getting inked requires the skill of a professional artist, who you work with to develop something youll be truly happy with forever and it also requires you to be sober.

For anyone whos actually interested in getting tatted, whether its your first tattoo or one of many, weve rounded up some of Austins best tattoo shops. These parlors were chosen for their staff, environment and artwork: the hat trick of tattoo shop must-haves.

Contributed by Emily Gibson

No Good Tattoo

1023 Springdale Rd Building 1 Suite E

No Good Tattoo is a safe space that is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for their patrons while also delivering quality work. The residents at No Good are all women and nonbinary people who give both hand-poked and machine tattoos. With high-quality artists giving rad tattoos in a beautiful shop, it doesnt get much better than No Good.


Moms Tattoo

1703 S Lamar Blvd

Promising to deliver out of this world tattoos at a down to earth price, Moms is a South Austin staple that has been inking bodies since 2000. Whether youve got your tat planned out with a story behind it or want to make an impulse decision, the artists at Moms pledge to create something youll love.


310 W 17th St

1703 E Cesar Chavez St


514 E 6th St

Yes You Can Get The Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Lastly, whatever tattoo you decide to go with is ultimately your decision and yours alone. If youve been dreaming of getting a dreamcatcher tattoo, your tattoo artist should be willing, no, happy to make your dream come true regardless of whether its something they would personally choose or not.

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Dont Bring An Entourage Mkay

If you are traveling with a pack of humans and you all want tattoos, try to give the shop some warning. If it is a spur of the moment idea, then just make sure you all dont crowd the parlor. Most shops are pretty small, with all the spare room for artists to work. Hanging out is okay, just be smart and kind about it go for a walk around the neighborhood, wait outside if possible. If the parlor has a shop manager, ask if its okay to leave your number with them and come back in pairs later. Basically, think about the space around you: would you want a pack of people gathered tightly around you while you worked your job?

Dont Haggle About The Price

Tattoo Shops Near Me That Does Walk Ins

Okay, dont ever do this. But certainly dont do this over some flash. Your artist will know exactly what to charge for that tattoo flash theyve done it before, over and over. Go with the price given to you! Sometimes youll be charged the usual hourly rate for flash, sometimes youll be charged a flat rate. Its up to your artist and to the shop, so return to #1 plan ahead. Wed also like to mention that through our Booking Feature, youre able to agree on a price and pay upfront. As usual, we make things super simple and easy for all!

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How Much Are Your Walk

Our shop minimum is $150 + tax. As your tattoo gets larger and more detailed the price will change. The price your artist gives you prior to the start of your piece is the final price and will not change regardless of how long the tattoo takes to complete. This means if your artist takes longer than expected you do not pay more.

Which Tattoo Should I Get For A Walk

Generally speaking, tattoo artists only do small to medium-sized tattoos for walk-in sessions. The design they do is also simple. That is because larger and more complicated tattoos require more than one session to complete that would cost much more and require more time on your hand as well. So, when you come to a tattoo studio, try to have a design in mind and discuss it with the tattoo artist.

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Is It Rude To Be On Your Phone During A Tattoo

Generally, it is best to avoid handheld games, phone calls and text messaging, as these can disrupt the artist’s concentration. If you gesture without realizing it, it becomes harder for the artist to accurately create your tattoo. In most cases, you’ll be able to take breaks throughout the session.

Q: Im Going To The Beach Next Week Can I Get Tattooed Today

Private Custom Tattoo Studio vs Walk in Shop

No! Tattoos need to be fully healed before you go swimming and expose them to the sun. We recommend at least 3-4 weeks of healing before you take your tattoo on its first beach trip. 4 weeks is always best! Even then we recommend using the highest SPF available to protect the tattoo from sun fading.

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Good Clients Leave Tips

A tattoo artist provides a service like any other. And if you want to be a good client and establish a good working relationship with your tattoo artist that theyll have a record of, its important to leave a tip.

Leaving a tip is a way of showing your appreciation, saying thank you, and demonstrating to the artist that youre the kind of client who gets it.

Schedule In Picking Up Supplies

Youll need some specific things for aftercare that you may not already have, so make sure to schedule in picking up supplies. You can always do this after you get your tattoo, but its totally up to you! Having some non-fragrance, hypoallergenic soap on hand, preferably in a squirt bottle since bars of soap can carry bacteria, will be great for keeping your new baby clean. No need for towels though! Youre better off air drying your piece rather than rubbing it dry. It is, after all, basically an open wound. Easy does it!

As for lotions or salves, everyone has their own personal secret weapon to fight against the dry itchiness of a new tattoo and to help promote successful healing. Ive been using Dexeryl for years. Jes loves unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil. Joe prefers Saniderm. Some people swear by A& D. There are a few shops out there that may send you home with a card or a little care package that includes products they stand behind. With your first tattoo, its usually best to stick with what your artist suggests, and as you continue to get more tattoos youll find your own personal favorite.

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Pros & Cons Of Appointment And Walk In Tattoo Sessions

Whether youre thinking about getting your very first tattoo or adding something new to your ink collection, its an exciting decision. Getting a tattoo is thrilling, and a way to make a statement on your body about something you love or something important to you, or even just add a cool new tattoo design.

Your body is a canvas and there are endless possibilities for art and design. When youre ready for your next tattoo, its time to pick a shop and head on in. There are a few ways to go about getting your next tattoo. Well give you the scoop on the benefits of making an appointment or walking in.

Do You Give Price Quotes Through Email Or Over The Phone

Tattoo Shops Near Me Open Late Walk Ins

No, we can not give a valid price quote through email or over the phone. We may give a general price range but that is only a loose estimate. The amount of time it takes to do a tattoo is the biggest factor in pricing a tattoo. We cannot determine the price of your tattoo without discussing size, detail and the location of your tattoo with you in person.

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Make Mom Proud: Be On Your Best Behaviour

We totally understand that ogling tattoos in the making, and tattoo artists while theyre working, is better than going to the zoo…but youre not at a zoo. Talking to, staring at, or standing directly in a tattoo artists space can be really distracting, and you always want to make sure your tattooists concentration is at 100% so they can create the best tattoo possible! And, like we mentioned above, tattoo shops tend to be on the small side. This isnt your living room, so take your feet off the table, and make sure to show your respect to the space. We promise itll be noticed and totally appreciated!

Just as its worth noting that the shop isnt your living room…its also not a bar. The tattoo studio is a place of creative work. Most shops will not tattoo someone who is drunk, or otherwise impaired, as this can mean bad choices and regrettable tattoos…Again, think about it like this, if your friends visited you at work, and were acting foolish, you wouldnt totally dig that, right? Same goes for a tattoo shop. Keep it cool.

What Else Do You Need To Know Once You Booked Your First Appointment

Since this may be your first tattoo you may wondering what else you need to know once youve booked your tattoo appointment. There are a lot of unspoken rules you may have heard about, but dont let that intimidate you! We have a great guide that gives you the Top 10 Tips for Tattoo Etiquette which helps. The best thing to keep in mind when youre finally in the studio is to be respectful, kind, and patient. The rest will take care of itself.

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Advantages Of Setting A Tattoo Appointment

There are some advantages to scheduling an appointment for your next tattoo. For starters, by making an appointment you can guarantee that youll have a time slot. By walking in you take the risk that there may not be an artist that can do your tattoo that day.

They could already be booked and ask you to come back the next day or go ahead and book an appointment with an artist.

Also, if you walk in you may not be able to choose your artist. Every artist that works are the shop will not be there every day, so if there is a specific artist youre hoping for to do your tattoo, making an appointment is the best way to guarantee youll get that artist.

Tattoo artists each have a unique style and their preferences when it comes to which types of tattoos they enjoy doing. You can stop in a tattoo shop any time to look through examples of each artists style and talk to someone in the shop to see who they recommend based on the design youre looking for.

Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

Walk In Tattoo Shop Beauty – talk
Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon 6 PM Closed on Sundays and Mondays

The Blue Blood Custom Tattoos team takes the time to learn about their clients ideas and vision for a new tattoo. The diverse roster of highly skilled artists then take the ideas and translate them into body art that will make anyone proud to show off.

It seems no design is impossible to execute at Blue Blood. A cursory glance at the shops portfolio shows every possible style and execution: New School, geometric, Neo-Traditional, illustrative, and nature motifs are done in grey-scale, full colour, and black and white.

Blue Blood is currently doing consultations via email and through the submission form on the website. Understandably, foot traffic has been reduced to accommodate only clients with appointments to comply with pandemic restrictions.

Please note that non-refundable deposits start at $100 once an appointment is made. This is to cover the time, effort, and maintenance of Blue Blood Custom Tattoos artists and the shop itself.


Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 11PMSunday: 9AM to 6PM

Futureskin Tattoo Studio endeavours to bring clients visions to life through their tattoo services.

Its worth noting that Futureskin Tattoo Studio offers more that sessions for permanent tattoos. The parlour also offers henna tattoos for those who cant commit quite yet, as well as microblading for those interested in long-lasting makeup.


Customer Reviews

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Tattoo Shops In Vegas

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a tattoo in Vegas. Nothing huge, I estimate about 1.5/2 hours work. I am just wondering if tattoo shops take walk in appointments, seeing as it’s only a small amount of work? In my town in the UK, you have to book weeks in advance, so I don’t want to turn up at a tattoo shop in Vegas only to be turned away because I haven’t booked anything in!

I’d prefer just to walk in if I could as that way I’m not committed to a specific time/day.

And before anyone says – yes I know getting a tattoo in Vegas while on holiday isn’t ideal for everyone. However, I already have plenty of tattoos, and know a great deal about how to care for them in different climates. And i’m not much of a ‘lounge by the pool’ guy so not being able to use a pool isn’t a big deal for me.

Any help will be appreciated. Any shop recommendations too would be great! Thanks

As with many things like this. I think if you’ve found a shop or an artist you’d like to do your work, I’d send an email off to them to see if they’re able to do it. Better safe than sorry, right? Most of the shops here where I live also require bookings at minimum of a few weeks in advanced, even for short work. My personal artist books about 3 months in advanced, so yeah while some may take walk ins I’d say it would be better to contact some of the shops directly to make sure. You don’t want to be disappointed when you get to

Hi all,

Hopefully it won’t eat into my holiday budget too much!

Edited: 7 years agoLas Vegas

Best Tattoo Parlours In Ottawa

Shawn Carrier from The Ink Spot in Ottawa

Freeworld Tattoo

Find it: 139 Preston St., freeworldtattoo.comThe rundown: Home to the citys most raddest tattoos, this creative tattoo parlour in Little Italy prides itself on original designs in a range of different styles, from watercolour to realism, as well as custom designs.Cost: $90 minimum, $120 to $150 per hourWalk-ins: Yes

The Ink Spot

Find it: 429 Bank St., theinkspot.caThe rundown: This downtown tattoo and piercing studio is home to a talented team of award-winning artists and piercers with unlimited creative potential. If youd rather create something from scratch, the artists can put you in the drivers seat of your own dream tat.Cost: $80 minimumWalk-ins: Yes, but only on occasion so make sure to book in advance to guarantee a spot

New Moon Tattoo

Find it: 2979 Carling Ave., 2127 St.Joseph Blvd., newmoontattoo.comThe rundown: This tattoo veteran has been creating custom works of art for ink enthusiasts in the nations capital since 1982. With a cant-beat old-school style, this shop is proof that you shouldnt mess with tradition.Cost: $75 minimum, $125 to $150 per hourWalk-ins: No

Living Colour Tattoo

Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

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Q: My Appointment Is Coming Up Soon What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Appointment What Do I Need To Bring With Me

If you plan to be out in the sun a few days before your tattoo appointment, wear sunscreen or protect your soon-to-be-tattooed skin. We CANNOT tattoo sunburned skin. The night before your appointment, take it easy and get a good nights rest. You need to eat a good meal about 30 minutes to 1 hour before your tattoo appointment and DO NOT drink alcohol! Bring with you, your state issued photo ID, such as a drivers license, ID card or passport. Your college ID card WILL NOT be accepted. You will be required to wear a face mask while in the shop and during the tattoo procedure. We are restricting our capacity for Covid-19 concerns so are are no longer permitted to bring someone with you. If your tattoo is on a private area of the body, you will be allowed to bring one friend with you.

You Need To Know What You Want

Tattoo Shops Near Me That Do Walk Ins

Your tattoo artist isnt going to make the decision for you. They can make suggestions, sure, but youre going to need to have an idea in mind of what youd like to get when you go into the shop.

And if you dont know? You can always pick a classic design off the wall or look through the artists line drawings if they have them.

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Faqs About Top Tattoo Shops In Ottawa

What are the advantages of getting a bigger tattoo versus a smaller one?

For starters, the bigger the tattoo is, the more details will be obvious. An intricate design will lose its overall appeal if its translated into a small tattoo.Skin also breathes and expands, so think about the possibility of lines and tight details bleeding into each other over time. If a tattoo is tiny, certain details can get blurred and unrecognizable as the years pass.

How will I know which tattoo artist is the right one for me?

Thats what portfolios are for! Its rare for a tattoo shop not to feature the best works of their artists, so look as much as you want and see which ones appeal to you.You can also have a particular theme, motif, or style in mind. This makes it easier to narrow down your choices, design-wise, and start your research on which tattoo artists have consistently good feedback.

Should I avoid swimming to keep my tattoo looking fresh and new?

Of course, you cant completely avoid getting wet, unless you really dont like taking baths. But new tattoos are basically colourful open wounds and exposing them to chlorinated or salt water will be torture for you.Wait until the tattoo scabs over and heals completely, which could take up to four weeks. Taking a shower should be okay as long as the water isnt too hot or cold.

Why is my tattoo artist asking for a deposit?

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