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How To Get Rid Of Tattoo Pimples

New Tattoos And Pimples What Should I Know


A new tattoo will always be more vulnerable to a spot breakout. Remember that a new piece of body art is an open wound, and therefore any bacteria that gets into it could cause irritation or breakouts.

We all know that you shouldnt pop pimples, and if you pop a pimple on a new tattoo, you could find that you cause a lot more harm than you usually would. Scratching, picking, and popping pimples on a tattoo will expose you to extra bacteria, and even if you dont develop an infection, it could displace the ink, causing faded and patchy spots in the design and possibly even scarring.

Your Ointment Or Lotion

This is the number one cause for pimples on tattoos and often happens to people who are trying to use ointment on their new tattoo. If you are unfamiliar with properly washing your tattoo and just how much moisturizer to put on top, you may be blocking oxygen from reaching your wound and the excess lotion may be becoming blocked in the epidermis.

Its important that when you apply any moisturizer or ointment that you are sure to wash off the remnants of whatever you used prior. Putting ointment on top of ointment is a recipe for disaster. In addition, moisturizer should be applied in thin layers and any excess should be wiped off.

Unless you are really experiencing high levels of pain and irritation, ointment can be avoided during the first few days of healing. It is often the blockage of the wound that causes a reaction with pimples. Some bodies cannot handle ointment brought into the aftercare regimen on day one, so perhaps this is the reason for your breakout, as well.

Verdict And Final Update

After all my experimentation, it was the laser that got the tattoo off as much as it has. Nothing else really worked. I am very amazed at the progress! Honestly, I canât say anything bad about the results Iâve had so far with the laser.

Note: If youâd like to read up on my initial thoughts before undergoing this procedure, check out my article on Attempting to Remove a Tattoo at Home.

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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work

Laser removal specifically targets and destroys the pigment in your tattoos ink. Once the laser breaks up the pigment, its cleared out by your immune system. Each laser removal session destroys more and more of the pigment to reduce the visibility of your tattoo.

Most people need multiple laser removal treatments usually at least 7 to 10 sessions to get the best results. Treatment will be spaced out with 6 to 8 weeks between each session. It can take months to years to complete laser removal based on factors such as your tattoo size and skin type.

Tattoo removal can be painful. How painful and whether or not its more painful than getting the tattoo will vary from person to person. Most providers will numb your skin with anesthesia, given by injection or as a topical applied directly to your skin. As the laser targets the tattoo ink pigment, the area may frost or turn white. Each treatment session can last up to an hour, depending on your tattoo.

What About Older Tattoos

Get Rid Of Tattoo Bumps

The advice for spots and pimples on older tattoos is much the same as above, except that your tattooed skin will generally be less sensitive and delicate as time goes on, meaning that it should be a bit more durable against various skin conditions such as acne and common infection.

However, its still best to refrain from popping any pimples in the area just to be safe, and in order to completely minimize the risk of potentially causing an infection around the tattoo.

Its still also advisable to stay away from harsh chemicals, even when your tattoo is well-aged. This is because these products can still cause irritation to the area , and can actually cause the tattoo to fade over time if applied regularly.

If your acne over the tattoo is moderate and stubborn instead of using a cream, explain the situation to your Board Certified Dermatologist as they will be able to provide advice for your acne without harming the appearance of your tattoo.

Important Tattoo Aftercare Steps You Must Ensure You Take

Some of our other awesomely-helpful guides:

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How To Get Rid Of The Bump On Tattoo

Getting rid of bumps on tattoo involve treating or avoiding the underlying cause of the bumps. At home, the following can be used to get rid of bumps:

  • An oral antihistamine can be used in cases where the underlying cause of the bumps is an allergic reaction. If the bumps fail to go away, have a dermatologist look at them as soon as possible.
  • Calamine lotion or gel is used to relieve pain, itching, and irritation or discomfort that might accompany the bumps. You can also use Calamine Soap
  • Anti-itching drugs
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene, this will involve not scratching the tattoo, avoid harsh or reacting skincare product, and keep the tattoo clean and moisturized.
  • You can also use natural remedies like Aloe Vera and tea tree oil to reduce itching and treat an infected tattoo. Aloe Vera gel hydrates and works as an antibiotic to prevent and fight bacterial infection around a new tattoo.


Pimples Like Bumps On Tattoo: What To Do

Pimples on Tattoo and What To Do About It?

Meta description

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself, but what about pimples on tattoos? What should you do about it?

Pimples on Tattoo and What To Do About It?

Have you ever thought of how to get rid of tattoo pimples? Let us take you a few years back before we answer that question. Do you remember the time when you were in high school? The big dance is tomorrow youre filled with excitement. You get a final glance at your prom dress or tuxedo, then try to get some rest and wake up in the morning.

The next day, you look in the mirror, filled with dread. A giant pimple formed seemingly overnight at the top of your forehead.

Weve all been there.

The feeling is the same with pimples on tattoos. You wait patiently for your tattoo to heal, and it looks great. Then, one day, you wake up to find a big pimple on top of it!

So why do pimples appear on tattoos? What can you do about it? What are the risks associated with it?

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We Jojoba Find This Incredible Skin

Avoid irritating products: Treat your tattooed skin delicately. It is extra sensitive to irritation now, so select skincare products without any severe chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fragrances. Gentle, natural skincare is definitely the way to go!

Protect new tattoos from infection: Infection is no fun and can permanently ruin your tattoos appearance. Be careful to always wash your hands before touching the skin around a fresh tattoo, and regularly cleanse with mild soap.

Changes In Blood Chemistry

The Best Way To ELIMINATE Blind Pimples!

Some changes in your body can influence your outside appearance too. For example, increased adrenaline, a sudden change in body temperature, or a rise in blood pressure all of these factors can affect your tattooed skin.

Some changes to your body can also affect your external appearance. For example, an increased adrenaline level, a sudden change in body temperature, or an increase in blood pressure all these factors can affect your tattooed skin.

If you notice that your tattoo is uncomfortable and itchy, think about what activities you have been doing lately, and maybe you will find a connection to your pimple breakouts. If you interrupt these activities for a while, the tattooed skin will usually feel better by itself.

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Can You Tattoo Over Acne And Acne Scars

People can place a tattoo over acne scars. Although the tattoo may make the scars less noticeable, it will not change the skins texture.

Scar tissue forms when the immune system attempts to heal skin damage. Acne scars can appear raised or depressed depending on the amount of collagen present in the skin.

Generally, people should avoid tattooing over fresh scar tissue because it is extremely sensitive. People who want to tattoo over acne scars or other types of scar tissue should consult an experienced tattoo artist.

People should also avoid getting a tattoo when they have an active breakout. The tattooing process can spread bacteria to other parts of the skin or worsen existing pimples. A person can safely get a tattoo when their breakout resolves.

What Causes Pimples On Older Tattoos

Blemishes dont only affect new tattoos. Even if your art has been aging gracefully, it can fall prey to various rashes and breakouts.

The most common causes include:

A predisposition for acne: If you are already prone to acne in the area of your tattoo, Im sorry to say that the tattoo wont magically halt your flare-ups. Acne is typically caused by excess skin oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, which all team up to clog and inflame your pores. Tattooed skin is not exempt. If you struggle with body acne, blemishes and cysts may still appear to disrupt your sweet back piece. And of course, acne can be a huge annoyance if youve daringly gone for a face tattoo.

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Signs And Symptoms Of An Infected Tattoo

After getting a tattoo, it is normal to have swelling and redness around the tattoo for about 48 hours. The swelling, redness, inflammation, and pain is often expected to get better with time, not worse. This will, however, depend on the size and location of the tattoo.

A tattoo can get infected with bacteria or fungi. When infected, a tattoo will show the following symptoms:

  • Increasing or spreading redness around tattoo
  • Itchy bumps around the tattoo
  • Increased swelling weeks after getting the tattoo
  • Scabs and bumps around the tattoo
  • Some people may have a brown or greenish discharge from the tattoo
  • Oozing or Foul-smelling discharge from the tattoo
  • Swelling lymph node in areas around the tattoo

At home, you can minimize the risk of getting your tattoo infected by doing the following

  • For new tattoo, make sure to protect it from touching any substances that might make it contaminated
  • Avoid touching or scratching the tattoo, if you have to, then make sure to wash your hands before cleaning the tattoo
  • Hours after getting the tattoo, get rid of the bandage, and wash the skin around the tattoo with unscented antibacterial soap. You can use lukewarm water to clean the tattoo.
  • You need to clean the tattoo regularly, dry the skin, and apply moderate ointment.
  • After 4 days of doing that, you can now switch to non-scented hand lotion to keep the skin moisturized.
  • How Pimples Can Affect Old Tattoos

    Pin on Acne

    Although older tattoos are no longer considered open wounds, tattooed skin is still extremely delicate.

    Its best to not pick or pop any pimples that have developed. Even if the pimple has formed far above the ink deposits, picking can still lead to visible scarring. Infection is also still possible.

    • Dont pick, pop, or scratch the affected area.
    • Make sure you use products free of fragrance and other additives.
    • Gently rub the product into your skin in small, circular motions. Scrubbing may damage the skin.

    It doesnt matter how old or how fresh your tattoo is: You should avoid picking, popping, and scratching at all costs.

    You should continue to follow any aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. This likely includes daily cleansing and moisturizing.

    Cleansing helps remove the dirt and oil that can clog pores and lead to pimples. It can also strip natural moisture from your skin, so its important to follow up with a fragrance-free moisturizer. This will help keep your skin balanced and hydrated.

    If you dont moisturize, your skin may overcompensate by creating more oil. This can clog your pores and perpetuate your cycle of breakouts.

    You shouldnt use acne-fighting products on your tattoo without clearing their use with your tattoo artist. Although salicylic acid and other ingredients could heal your pimple, they may damage your tattoo in the process. Depending on the product used, you may be left with spotty colors or unexpected fading.

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    How To Get Rid Of Tattoo Rash

    Depending on the severity and underlying cause of the tattoo rash, you can choose from the following treatment options:

    • Applying cold compression to the irritated area may help reduce the redness and swelling if your breakouts are not so severe.
    • Applying an unscented moisturizing cream or lotion after consulting your tattoo artist can help relieve extreme itching in case of allergic reactions.
    • If moisturisers do not help with the rashes, you can opt for an over-the-counter steroid cream for topical application, to help soothe the inflammation.
    • You can try non- prescription antihistamine drugs, which will help reduce flare-ups.
    • If your doctor confirms an infection in the tattoo region, you will need to take necessary antibiotics or antiviral drugs for the time period advised by your doctor.
    • If you have extreme discomfort or signs of systemic infections such as difficulty in breathing, dizziness or stomach pain, you should immediately see a doctor.

    Excess Use Of Ointments

    No doubt that our skin required proper care that can be provided by applying different skin-care products. However, excess use of ointments on tattoos provides a suitable environment for the bacteria to grow on the epidermis. This leads to inflammation and pimples around the tattoo and on the tattoo also.

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    Does Acne Damage The Tattoo

    In most cases, acne blemishes will not damage a tattoo. However, picking or popping a pimple will increase the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to nearby skin, which can lead to more pimples on an old tattoo or a skin infection in a new tattoo.

    Picking or popping pimples on a new tattoo can also lead to color loss or patches of faded ink. Old tattoos are less vulnerable to ink loss. However, picking a pimple may create scars that affect the overall appearance of a fully healed tattoo.

    It Doesnt Fit Your Personality

    How To Get Rid Of Piercing Bumps | #bridgepiercing #hypertrophicscars

    Many people get tattoos when they are young. Personalities can change over time, and you may no longer identify with symbols and ideas you once did. Fortunately, you can remove old tattoos easily with modern laser tattoo removal systems, so you no longer have to live with body art that doesnt speak to who you are.

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    Reschedule For After An Active Breakout

    You should not tattoo on top of an acne breakout. Not only does it compromise the surface of your skin and prevent an artist from working on an ideal canvas, the process can spread bacteria to other parts of the skin and/or worsen existing breakouts. For this reason even small and less obvious breakouts call for rescheduling.

    In addition, your pores are more vulnerable during an active breakout. Should the tattoo needle penetrate a pimple the pore may fill up with ink and the ink may settle within, resulting in a blemished appearance. Again, if you are experiencing an acne breakout simply reschedule your appointment.

    Predisposed To Skin Conditions

    Tattooing can initiate or cause flare-ups of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, lichen planus or sarcoidosis. You might already be genetically predisposed to these disorders.The puncturing of skin during tattooing and introduction of the ink can act as a stimulus. This is known as the Koebner phenomenon. Some people develop skin conditions within days of getting inked, while for others it shows up after several years.

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    Can Tattoos Cause Acne

    Tattooing creates numerous puncture wounds in the skin, creating one large wound. The tattooing process may trigger pimples or rashes in people who have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

    Getting a tattoo in an unsanitary environment can lead to bacterial or viral skin infections. Some symptoms of a skin infection include:

    • a red, tender rash

    A minor allergic reaction can lead to bumps or rashes on the skin, as well as:

    • dry, itchy, or flaky skin
    • swelling or fluid accumulation near the tattoo ink

    A severe allergic reaction can lead to:

    • a painful burning sensation on or near the tattoo
    • pus accumulation under the skin

    Carefully Cleanse The Area

    Pin on Unblemish

    Cleaning and moisturizing the tattoo are key factors to fight against pimples. The pimples may appear due to clogged pores on the tattoo. Carefully clean the area with antibacterial soap to remove any oil and dust particles from the pores. After that, moisturize the area with fragrance-free moisturizer to keep the infectious area hydrated.

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    What Are Heat Pimples

    Acne Mechanica is a form of acne which is more common in athletes, students and soldiers. It occurs due to excess heat, pressure, rubbing of skin and frictional force. It exaggerates when the skin is exposed to excess heat, or is under pressure and wrapped under tight clothes/headbands.

    A sudden pimple breakout may happen when your internal body temperature rises above average temperature . These heat pimples mostly occur on the back, chest, face , buttocks, back of neck and shoulders. Heat pimples mostly occur in batches where they are small and red.

    Do Not Pick Scabs Or Pop Blisters

    Blistering and scabbing are natural side effects of the healing process. Its tempting to pop and pick at your skin. Avoid this at all cost.

    Opening the wound not only increases the risk of infection but also prolongs the healing process.

    And as long as you have scabs or blisters on your skin, avoid shaving that area. Using a razor can cause you to open the wound accidentally.

    For the best results, allow scabs to fall off and blisters to drain on their own.

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