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Introducing Industry Tattoo Supply

Tattoo wikipedia. A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.The art of making tattoos is tattooing.. Tattoos fall into three broad categories purely decorative symbolic pictorial symbolic pictorial (a. Also try.

Tommys Supplies A Collectors Dream

Tommys Supplies is known worldwide for its STARBRITE inks. The bright line has over 170 colors and can be found in most tattoo parlors. These inks are vivid and create eyecatching works of art. All STARBRITE inks are bottled, packaged, sterilized and sent due to FDA regulations.

In the past 20 years, Tommys Supplies has made a name for itself in the tattoo world thanks to its STARBRITE line. Even though this is their biggest product, they create quality equipment and other supplies also.

They have manufactured and designed tattoo machines that are used by some of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. They create machines with bullet shells for an eyecatching piece. Even limited edition machines are created for the artist that has a collecting side.

Tommys Supplies is constantly researching to keep up with present and future regulations. This is to ensure you get the best products that are safe for you and those you tattoo. Tommys Supplies is also associated with the APT program . Being a member of this list means that their first priority is the health and safety of tattooing. They also prioritize the principles and practices in this line of work.

Is The Tattoo Industry Growing

According to the latest tattoo industry news and market analysis, the tattoo industry is still going strong in the US, with no signs of slowing down. Body ink has become much more mainstream thanks to celebrity trends and the overall higher visibility of tattoos in society. Tattoos and body piercing businesses have relatively low start-up costs, so tattoo business industry experts believe that tattooing is here to stay for the time being.

In addition, millennials are the age group that is most likely to have tattoos, so as they are entering the workforce, attitudes are shifting to become even more favorable toward tattoos in general. Heres a snapshot of tattoo industry trends that should give you some more insight.

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Stafford St City Of Industry Ca 91744

OPEN NOW – Closes at 5:00pm

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Sketchy… I bought some Cosco green soap and Alconox detergent, shown as packaged in their respective brand-name containers on the website. Lo and behold, in the mail I receive 2 plastic bottles most artists used for storing ink, one filled with greensoap and the other with some alconox . They had some cheap computer printed labels on them, “green soap” and “alconox”. In other words, these guys are filling empty plastic bottles with green soap and alconox and selling them to people as if they’re legit products. GHETTO STYLE.Some of their products may be authentic but when you see them doing what I just described, why chance it?I also know for a fact that their power supplies and machines are mostly cheap Chinese knock offs you can get on ebay for a fraction of the price.


I purchased from Worldwide Tattoo for the first time today, and I must say that I was pretty impressed. The walk-in lobby is pretty big and they have a lot of their popular items on display. The rep in the front was very helpful being that this was my first time there. They carry lots of great inks like Intenze, Starbrite and Mom’s. The needles I purchased were very reasonable and the quality looks great. I was informed that they just started carrying a higher quality needle. I will definitely have to try these next time. Thanks Worldwide!

Ultimate Tattoo Supply The Family Owned Business

Tattoo company Bishop Tattoo Supply

Ultimate Tattoo Supply has been around for the past 50 years. They are a family-owned distribution business that strives to bring the best products and experience to you. Ultimate Tattoo Supply started because they thought they could be the best tattoo supplier. Perfecting what others have done and having great customer service, they have proven to be one of the best.

They carry over 30,000 items ranging from ink, needles, machines, and much more. All their items are name brand and sure to leave you and your client satisfied. Google searching, Tattoo equipment near me, may provide some local shops, but they wont compare to the quality of Ultimate Tattoo Supply.

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Regulatory Issues And Tattoo Studios

Tattoo studios used to have a more negative reputation. Just a couple of decades ago, it wasnt unusual to find the one tattoo parlor in a town located down by the railroad tracks, next to a dive bar. Today, with the increased popularity of custom tattoos, youre more likely to find a tattoo studio on Main Street next to your favorite coffee shop, as city officials have become more amenable to the business. That being said, local regulations surrounding the industry can vary widely from one city to the next.

Startup Cost For A Tattoo Business

Opening a tattoo and body piercing shop has a nationwide average of around $27,000. This can vary depending on state and local licensing, regulatory fees, facility rental and other factors. Once a tattoo artist has an established clientele and builds a good reputation, they can earn upwards of $50,000 per year. With the recent surge in tattoo industry growth, its not unusual for a larger tattoo studio to generate more than half a million dollars in revenue per year, if they have several artists renting space. Profit margins for tattoo studios are around 55 percent, which is extremely good.

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World Wide Tattoo Supply

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COVID-19 updates

“For safety we are allowing Pick Up from 11am top 4pm , but our showroom will be closed until the state says it safe to reopen.How to place your order online?Step 1: Create an account online.Step 2: Add everything that you would like to purchase int”

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15410 Stafford St City of Industry, CA 91744

Frequently Asked Questions about World Wide Tattoo Supply

What forms of payment are accepted?

World Wide Tattoo Supply accepts credit cards.

How is World Wide Tattoo Supply rated?

World Wide Tattoo Supply has 4 stars.

What days are World Wide Tattoo Supply open?

World Wide Tattoo Supply is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Eternal Tattoo Supply A Company That Cares About What They Sell

Christy Lillian Opal | Revolutionary Women in the Tattoo Industry

Eternal Tattoo Supply is different from other tattoo suppliers because they care about the brands they carry. One glance at their site will show that they dont carry as many products as the next supplier.

Eternal Tattoo Supply only carries items and equipment they trust. This means they love the quality and durability of the products they sell. All their products are of high quality and trusted by the company. They are great for beginning tattoo artist and experienced ones too.

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Where Do You Buy Your Tattoo Supplies Check Out Our Favorites

All the latest from DaySmart to you

22 November 2019 Written by Daysmart Body Art

Being a tattoo artist is awesome until you run out of supplies. Just like every job supplies dwindle, but ordering equipment and supplies from online retailers will help to keep your stock up. By staying on top of your supplies, you will never run out or have to borrow something from your shop mate. Below you will find our top five tattoo supply stores.

Worldwide Tattoo Supply Offering Quality Equipment To Every Corner Of The World

Worldwide Tattoo Supply strives to deliver high-quality products, amazing customer service, and continuous product design and innovation. Even though they do not offer free shipping, they make up for it by offering great deals on high-quality items. There are many sales and steals through this supplier that will keep you coming back.

Worldwide Tattoo Supply opened up shop in 1993 and has been offering clients with the same quality items for over 20 years. They have distribution centers all over the world for fast shipping and excellent customer service. Most of Worldwide Tattoo Supplys equipment is manufactured by them. Their specialty items being needles and disposable tubes. They also offer a large range of shop equipment, piercing supplies, and medical supplies.

Their sterilization procedure abides by FDA regulations. This means you will get the best and cleanest quality items for your tattoo shop. If youre wondering, Where is a tattoo supply store near me, youre in luck. Worldwide Tatto Supply does have a physical shop. You can order online or pick up your order at their physical store in City of Industry, California. This makes it convenient to get your items on the same day!

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Element Tattoo Supply One Of The Best Tattoo Supply Stores

Element Tattoo Supply is one of the industrys top tattoo supply store due to their awesome products. They have their own line of supplies and equipment that is known by artists worldwide.

Element Tattoo Supply offers professional tattoo equipment based on the artists style. From coils, pens, rotary tattoo machines, and more, any artist will find equipment suited for their line of work.

This company is made up of a group of tattooers offering the best equipment to others in their field. Even though they manufacture their own brand of supplies and equipment, they also carry popular name brands.

They strive for a safe community and take no shortcuts with the items they sell. This means you wont get a shoddy product because they stand behind everything they sell. Everything in their store is a quality item and even their customer service is next to none.

Every product is placed through a strict quality control process before becoming available to customers. They test for safety and reliability to bring the best products to you and your clients.

Tattoo Artist Discusses His Journey In The Industry Opening Shop In Northeast


By Elizabeth Orosco | Posted May 8th, 2019 |

Northeast Tattoo and Supply. Nick Young recently opened his tattoo shop at 3619 St. John Avenue, and will be at the 5th Annual Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention May 10-12. Elizabeth Orosco

Elizabeth OroscoNortheast News

Nick Young got his first tattoo at 13 years old: a small cross on his hand that has since been covered up. Now, Young is covered in ink, including a knife on his left temple, a large X on the front of his neck with the letters KTCS, and a Kansas City Chiefs logo on the right side of his neck.

Young said he has no idea how many he actually has.

Over two decades after that first tattoo, Young owns and operates Northeast Tattoo and Supply in the Historic Northeast as a one-man show. He books clients, does all the tattoo work, sets up, tears down, and sells various tattoo supply items to other licensed artists.

He opened the shop late last year and did his first tattoo a few days before Christmas.

Inside his shop on St. John Avenue, tattoo sketches and customer photos line the walls. Industry supplies, medical equipment, ink, practice skin, and body jewelry sit in a glass case countertop.

A single black tattoo chair sits on the far side of the shop, with a sign above it that reads Just Five More Minutes.

Young grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, doodling and drawing in school and, as he puts it, getting yelled at for not paying attention.

Tattoos, he said, have a permanent impact.

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Welcome To Diversified Product Supplier Tattoo Equipment And Supplies

Diversified Product Supplier carries the best tattoo, piercing and medical equipment, products and accessories available online. Created by artists for artists and shop owners, we provide a full line of tattoo supplies, machines, disposables, needles, pigments and inks, sterilization, cleaning products, and many other shop accessories. With a company mission to offer consistent tattoo and piercing products of the highest quality at reasonable prices, DPS Tattoo Supplies has been servicing the tattoo industry for over 15 years.

As your one-stop shop for tattoo and piercing supplies, DPS Tattoo Supplies understands your business needs and strives to provide each customer with the best service and products available in the industry. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always available to assist customers with product questions, comments and orders and can be contacted by phone, email or online chat! In a rush and know what you want? Our user-friendly website layout and search engine feature make it easy to purchase our products quickly and easily from anywhere in the world!

For professionals in the tattoo and piercing industry, please contact us today to set up your account and begin ordering all of your needed tattoo and piercing equipment and supplies! DPS is located in Tampa, Florida and we can be reach at -292-3217 or use our online email contact form to get in touch. We look forward to working with you!

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