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What Is The Best Healing Ointment For Tattoos

Previse Sos Skincare Healing Salve

How to APPLY Healing Ointment & Moisturizer on a NEW tattoo | THE BEST NEW METHOD I ALWAYS USE

A higher-end buy, but one that is definitely worth spending some extra cash on, Previses salve is ideal if you prefer thicker formulas. The product is strictly essential oil-free and uses marine and botanical ingredients instead, meaning less chance of irritation. It is vegan, plant-based and natural, as well as being super handy for on-the-go moisture. And while it may seem expensive, a little will go a really long way, meaning you can continue to use this after any future tattoos as well as for now.

£51 | Wolf & Badger

Tips To Help Your Skin Heal

When it comes to basic tattoo care, youll want to follow the routine we recommended above. Keep in mind that your skin is still healing up to four weeks after getting your ink .

To help the healing process along, here are a few more things you can do:

  • Avoid direct sunlight if at all possible.
  • Dont scratch.
  • Dont rub or pick at the flaking skin.
  • Dont go swimming, and stick to short showers until your tattoo has fully healed, as water can also affect a tattoo.
  • Dont shave. When you can slide your fingers over your tattoo without feeling any bumps, you should be good to go.
  • Wear loose clothing.
  • Take good care of yourself. Remember that your body is healing!

Why Is Cream So Important For New Tattoos

Every tattoo is a wound. As wounds heal, a crust forms before normal, supple skin forms again on the site. These crusts can crack if they get too dry. In the case of a normal wound, this is painful and offers space for bacteria and infections. In the case of a tattoo, there is another decisive factor: if the crust breaks, the pattern breaks. The tattoo loses colour and/or shape. In the worst case scenario, a nasty scar will form, which will also destroy it.

This is why using a good tattoo cream is important. By using a cream, you provide the skin with moisture and ensure your new body art isnt ruined by scars. Plus, most tattoo creams help you to heal faster and the faster your tattoo heals, the faster you can swim and exercise as usual. Last but not least, a tattoo thats had plenty of cream feels a thousand times better – the skin feels less tight, and itches less.

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Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Ointment

If youre in search of the best tattoo aftercare ointment, I highly recommend you check out Hustle Butter Deluxe. This hydrating, do-it-all tattoo ointment is designed for every stage of the tattoo process. That means it can be applied before, during, and after getting tattooed to make skin more soft and supple, and even help speed up the healing process. Formulated using only safe, all-natural ingredients, Hustle Butter Deluxe is simply one of the absolute best tattoo aftercare ointments available on the market. Highly recommended.

What I like about Hustle Butter Deluxe:

All-natural ingredients

When it comes to products that I put on my skin I prefer to avoid synthetic chemicals and ingredients whenever possible. Especially if the product is going on my brand new tattoo. One of the great things about Hustle Butter Deluxe is that it contains only safe, all-natural ingredients that are designed to nourish, moisturize, hydrate, soothe, and heal. Whats inside:

Smooth and easy to apply

A healing tattoo can be painful to touch, the last thing you want to do is apply an ointment thats sticky or difficult to spread. One of the great things about Hustle Butter is that it has a very smooth, non-sticky texture and consistency. It spreads very easily and evenly, and greatly reduces the uncomfortable feeling of applying ointment to a fresh tattoo.

Reduces healing time

A little goes a long way

Smells good

What I dont like:

How Much Cream Is Too Much Cream

8 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Recommended by Experts ...

Dont overdo it with tattoo cream. Apply it to your new tattoo between three and six times a day for the first few days sometimes weeks, depending on the healing process.

Be economical with how much cream you apply a little goes a long way. Make sure you can always see your tattoo through the cream if its completely covered, then thats too much!

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Tattoo Aftercare : Everything You Need To Know

The AskMen editorial team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service.

Product photos from retailer sites.

Getting a tattoo isnt exactly like spoiling yourself with a mampering treatment. The pain of a needle penetrating deep into your skin can never be likened to that of whats experienced when given a clean shave by your barber or facial at a luxury spa. But youve endured the pain routinely, so youre practically comfortable with the inking process at this point.

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Yet youre still wondering why the branding on your biceps is starting to fade out. Or why its emitting heat. Or why its oozing. In other words, you caught a serious ill last time by not taking the proper measures to ensure the safety of both your cool new artwork and your skin’s health. The one item that was missing from your tattoo aftercare arsenal: a tattoo cream or lotion.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Healing Cream & Lotion For Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo cream & lotion will help you heal your tattoo.

Its always a good idea to invest in high-quality tattoo lotions to quickly recover & make it shiny. The skin is in an exposed state after getting inked, you should moisture it.

But when you are going to purchase tattoo cream & lotion, you will be loaded with tons of options from different brands, those thousands of brands will make it challenging for you to select the best one.

You also have to take care of a few things while purchasing.

It would be best if you went with fragrance-free tattoo cream & lotion, made from high-quality ingredients. Absent colourants & highly breathable properties in it prevent an infection.

For your convenience, our team of professional tattoo artists shortlisted top 10 best tattoo healing cream & lotion. We featured only professionals recommended cream & lotion from trusted brands in our list.

  • Final Words
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    Which Tattoo Cream Is The Right One

    With so many tattoo care products on the market, choose one that suits your skin and feels best to you. Everyones skin is different, so what works for one person, wont work for another. Here are a few things to consider before buying:

    Soaks into the skin quickly

    Not too greasy

    Supports wound healing

    In the past, tattoos were often simply smeared with petroleum jelly to keep the wound nice and smooth. Many tattoo artists advise against this today because petroleum jelly is greasy and doesnt support healing classic healing ointments or special creams for tattoos are better.

    The best thing is to get advice from your tattoo artist – they know your skin and your tattoo – and just give it a try. If you have allergies, you should of course consider this when choosing a tattoo.

    Gently Wash The Tattoo

    Best Ointment for NEW Tattoos | Tattoo Skin Silk vs. A D

    After a few hours, you can remove the covering.

    First wash your hands with water and soap. Then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.

    Apply a small amount of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer to the tattoo. You can keep the covering off at this point to let your skin breathe.


    How quickly you heal depends on the size of your tattoo and how intricate it is. Bigger tattoos will stay red and swollen longer because they cause more trauma to your skin.

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    What To Look For In A Tattoo Aftercare Product

    We say “reasonable” because in all actuality a lot of over-the-counter lotions tend to work well. It’s highly recommended that you seek out ones formulated for sensitive skin and that use natural ingredients. Avoid all the harmful stuff such as artificial coloring, fragrances, and parabens.

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    Youre likely to stumble upon butters composed from organic additives, along with specialized creams containing special blends of nutrients designed specifically for tattoo healing. Talk about mad options to work with right there. But how do you separate the best from the worst? Why should you? Leave that to us. These are the best tattoo creams and lotions youll want to maintain your new ink.

    Benefits Of Tattoo Creams And Lotions

    • Improves appearance: It can preserve colors and designs to maintain the “brand-new” look, while masking any peeling skin.
    • Nourishes skin: Many are specially formulated with nutrients and vitamins to enhance and expedite the healing process.
    • Prevents infections: Moisturizing the tattooed area stops scabs from forming and seals lacerations to keep bacteria from spreading.
    • Relieves irritation: New ink can make skin more sensitive, therefore a salve helps reduce itchiness, rashes, and other skin-irritant conditions.

    Quite the easy sell, huh? Nothing a certified dermatologist or your tattooist wouldnt share, but key information that proves why applying lotion to your newly crafted body marks is the sensible thing to do. Also knowing that no ordinary body lotion or cream will suffice is reasonable thinking.

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    Woodys Beard & Tattoo Oil

    While salves, balms, and creams can feel lovely, they may not be your preference. Enter: Woodys Beard & Tattoo Oil, which boasts a lovely lightweight formula, and has nourishing ingredients such as Moringa and Macadamia Oils on its ingredients list. This one is another thats brilliant for fading tattoos, and dont be fooled by the name both men and women can of course apply this.

    Once My Tattoo Has Healed Is There Anything I Need To Do

    Tattoo Aftercare: How to Take Care of a New Tattoo  2019

    Once the healing process has taken place your design will still be very fresh and will, therefore, require protection against the sunlight. Always Cover your tattoo in a high SPF sunscreen when exposure to sunlight is likely to occur. Gentle high SPF sunscreen options include SunSense Sensitive or SunSense Daily Face.


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    La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Spf50

    Another high street brand that is known for its kind-to-skin formulations, La Roche Posay can be trusted when it comes to taking care of a new tat. One of the biggest draws of this balm , is the fact is has an SPF 50. Just like beauty insiders recommend wearing SPF on your face every day , its vital you treat your tattoo and the skin around it with the same treatment.

    £8 | Escentual

    Is Aquaphor Good For Tattoos: Ultimate Guide

    In the sea of tattoo aftercare recommendations, one cannot help but wonder which product is actually good for my tattoo?

    Among some of the most recommended tattoo aftercare products is Aquaphor. Everyone basically already has this product somewhere in their household, you know, just in case one might need it. This product is versatile and seems to work for so many things from cuts to healing wounds, and providing relief for irritations Aquaphor does it all.

    But, is Aquaphor a good tattoo aftercare product? Sure, thousands of people swear by it, but is there any proof that Aquaphor actually helps heal the tattoo?

    In the following paragraphs, well do some research on this product and see how, and whether, it helps heal tattoos. Well also observe the ingredient list more closely and talk about the major pros and cons in regards to one using Aquaphor on a tattoo.

    So, without further ado, lets get started!

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    Best Tattoo Aftercare Creams Oils And Balms

    Just inked? Here’s what you do next..

    o youve just got a new tattoo but what next? With so much varied advice available, its often hard to know what to put on your newly-inked skin and which steps to take.

    If youre new to tattooing, chances are youre unfamiliar with how best to care for your artistic addition. Its tempting to get caught up in the noise of different sources on the internet and from hearsay, and to even overload your ink with products. However, its best to stick to a less is more approach, says Rose Harley, tattooist at Vagabond Tattoo Studio in Hackney.

    Immediately after having your tattoo done, Rose advises to keep it wrapped in cling film until the next morning, that way the tattoo is protected from dirt and it doesnt stick to your sheets in the night. This will also stop it from drying out.

    In the morning, take the cling film off and wash the tattoo with warm soapy water in the shower. Pat it dry with a clean towel then start applying a cream.

    In terms of which creams to go for, Rose says that starting with Bepanthen for around four days is best. Then, you can switch to an oil or butter formula after that. But how often should you moisturise the area? Cream the tattoo a couple of times a day for two weeks whenever it feels dry, notes the tattooist.

    What Should You Look For In A Tattoo Moisturizer

    Can You Put Vaseline , Vitamin A& D ointment on New Tattoo? Ep-82 | Ft.Suresh Machu

    Look for fragrance- and allergen-free moisturizers, Dr. Love says. He recommends avoiding any topical antibiotics because they can trigger an allergic reaction on freshly tattooed skin.

    Its also important to take extra precautions when your tattoo will be exposed to the sun. Repeated and excessive sun exposure will cause the loss of tattoo pigment and result in fading, Dr. Love says. Using sunscreen with a SPF of 30 to 50 and applying every two hours during sun exposure will help prevent fading. He recommends the Mad Rabbit Defend Tattoo Sunscreen, which has SPF 30 and antioxidants to provide additional protection against free radicals. For our editors favorite formulas to apply on tattoos, keep reading.

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    How To Sleep With A New Tattoo

    In the first 24 hours, most tattoo artists recommend you keep the bandaging on without touching it. This will protect your tattoo from brushing against your sheets or potentially staining areas on your bed.

    The next couple of nights after receiving your tattoo, you should bandage it gently. Too tight will restrict blood flow to the area, so make sure that whatever bandage you have over the tattoo allows it to breathe.

    Try to choose sleeping positions that dont put direct pressure on your tattoo. For instance, if you have a hip tattoo on your right side, try to sleep on your left side to avoid aggravating the tattooed skin.

    You should rotate your bed sheets as often as possible over the course of the healing process. This will reduce the chances of a buildup of dust, dirt, or residue that can come in contact with and infect your tattoo.

    Natural Alternatives To Lotion

    The best alternative to a store-bought tattoo lotion is coconut oil. It is moisturizing and has antimicrobial properties, meaning it fights off bacteria and infection. Coconut oil has also been known to help wounds heal faster, which in the case of a new tattoo couldnt be more perfect.

    You could also use natural oils like vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil. These products moisturize the skin while still letting it breathe.

    Always remember to check with your tattoo artist or doctor before putting a natural lotion alternative on your skin.

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    In This Regard Can You Put Healing Ointment On A Tattoo

    For the first day or two, use an ointment like A+D Original Ointment or Aquaphor Healing Ointment or the product recommended by your tattoo artist to help the tattoo heal. Its best to avoid products that are 100 percent petroleum-based, like Vaseline.


    Before You Come In For Your First Appointment

    Apply Tattoo Stencil With Vaseline


    Get a good nights rest the night before your appointment, try not to drink or have a big night out. Eat a good breakfast and have a coffee or tea before you come in, three hours is a long time to sit still.

    Please be a few minutes early if you can so I know you are there and I can prepare accordingly, but please do not show up too early.

    Pre-tattoo preparation

    In order to prepare for your skin for the new tattoo being applied there are a few simple steps to undertake.

    1) For the week prior to your first tattoo appointment, please apply, morning and evening a liberal amount of Vaseline dry skin moisturizer to the entire area that is going to be tattooed in order for your skin to be supple and moist which makes the skin ready to absorb the pigment easily and makes it nicer for us to work and less painful for you!

    2) The night before your tattoo appointment, please exfoliate the entire area to be tattooed and then shave the area with a little bit extra outside the tattoo zone. Then apply one last application of cream.

    3) On the day of your tattoo please do not apply moisturizing cream. Have a meal, a coffee if you like but only 1 as coffee is a diuretic and can cause bleeding if too many are consumed prior to getting tattooed, come to the shop well rested and relaxed.

    If you wish to bring a friend or partner to your session that is ok and they are welcome to hang out in the lounge area and peruse the books, alas the actual tattoo area is only for client and artist.

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