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Best Cocoa Butter For Tattoos

Inked Oil Tattoo Brightener

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If youre looking for a very safe and convenient way of keeping your tattoos bright and vibrant, you might want to check out this all-natural tattoo oil from Inked Oil. Formulated with all-natural essential oils, Inked Oil is designed to keep new tattoos bright and enhance the color of older tattoos. It also provides some natural SPF protection from the damaging and fading effects of the sun. Its definitely worth a try if you want to keep your tattoos looking their best, and also like the idea of using a product that contains only natural ingredients.

What I like about Inked Oil:

All-natural oils with SPF protection

Protecting your tattoos from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep it bright and vibrant. Another one of the things I like about Inked Oil is that it provides natural SPF protection built right in to help prevent tattoo fading. Heres a closer look at the essential oils found in Ink Oil:

Convenient spray bottle

Nobody wants their tattoos to look dull and faded. But at the same time many people with tattoos wont make the effort to apply a product that will keep their ink protected. Laziness maybe? Either way, one of the things that I like about Inked Oil is how quick and easy it is to apply. Just 1 or 2 quick squirts from the convenient spray bottle is enough to make tattoos appear brighter and more vibrant.

Is Cocoa Butter Good To Use On Older Tattoos

Definitely! Cocoa butter is loaded with vitamin E, which is integral for slowing down the skins aging process, and therefore its a great idea to use a natural butter on your tattoo as often as possible.

You must remember that a tattoo will only ever look as good as the skin it was created on, meaning that the better you look after the area by ensuring its always well moisturized and well-nourished, the longer it will continue to look bright and vibrant.

If one of your older tattoos has begun to look a little dull and lifeless, then this is the perfect time to begin adding a little bit of cocoa butter to the area once or twice a day.

As the oils begin to soak into the skin, they will begin to visually boost the contrast and depth levels within the tattoo, making the ink look fresher and visibly newer-looking almost instantly. If you tend to have acne breakouts in the area of your tattoo, you may want to avoid cocoa butter.

Benefits Of Using Cocoa Butter On Healed Tattoos

Cocoa butter offers myriads of wonderful benefits here are some of the benefits of using cocoa butter on a healed tattoo.

Take a look..

1. Cocoa butter moisturizes the healed tattoo

Tattoo aftercare is a MUST. And keeping your newly healed tattoo moisturized is imperative. Also, it is important that you use tattoo-friendly or natural, or organic products on your tattoo. Cocoa butter is one of the natural moisturizers that seals in moisture on the skin very effectively.

Also, its excellent for keeping dry skin hydrated. Know the better moisturized your skin the bright and vibrant your tattoo will be!

2. Cocoa butter minimizes tattoo itching

As said earlier, tattoo itching and irritation are normal, especially when your tattoo goes through a healing procedure. However, tattoo itching varies from person to person. Some people have mild itching, while others get extremely heavy itching.

Cocoa butter helps minimize tattoo itching. This is because of the moisturizing properties. Many people have found it beneficial for their itchy healing tattoo.

3. Cocoa butter promotes tattoo healing

The anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa butter promote tattoo healing. The use of cocoa butter on tattooed skin reduces swelling and inflammation, thereby helping the skin recover quickly.

4. Cocoa butter reduces the formation of thick scabs

5. Cocoa butter makes tattooed skin suppler

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What Is Cocoa Butter

We all know that cocoa is used to make chocolate, right? But, one of the major aspects of cocoa being used to make chocolate is the side-production of cocoa butter. In fact, cocoa butter is a fatty, butter-like substance obtained from cocoa beans while theyre being harvested for making chocolate.

While the beans are being prepared for the chocolate making, theyre roasted, stripped, and pressed. This process separates the fat, which is cocoa butter, from the actual cocoa parts which are made into powder.

How To Prevent Tattoo Fading

Top 7 Best Cocoa Butter Lotion (2019 Reviews)

The truth is, dull and faded tattoos are fuggin ugly. Thats why some of the most popular tattoo products on the market are ones that help make tattoos brighter.

But waiting for a tattoo to dull and fade before you actually do something about it doesnt make much sense, does it? Thats why its important to protect your ink and help maintain its color before it even gets the chance to fade.

Two of the most important products that every tattoo collector should be using are: sunscreen and a moisturizing tattoo brightener.

If you dont already know the sun is a tattoos worst enemy. And unless your ink has some serious backup when it goes outside the sun is going to kick its ass from morning until night.

The problem is that the sun produces ultraviolet rays that can seriously dull and fade tattoos over time. The most important thing you can do to protect your ink is to apply a high quality SPF sunscreen whenever you go outside. This will help prevent fading, and even stop faded tattoos from getting any worse.

Another awesome product that every tattoo collector should make part of their daily routine is a tattoo brightening lotion or oil that is designed to keep new tattoos bright and make old tattoos brighter.

Tattoo brighteners work by delivering moisture and hydration deep into the skin, allowing tattoos to appear more visible and vibrant.

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What Lotion Is Best For Tattoos

If you want your new ink to heal nicely, you have to be diligent and take good care of it. A beloved lotion is Aquaphor Healing Ointment, or good old-fashioned Vaseline.

After a new tattoo, your tattoo artist should put a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage on top of the ink. After 24 hours, you can remove the bandage and wash with antimicrobial soap, water, and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

Throughout the day, apply a layer of fragrance-free antibacterial ointment it’s best if you stick to applying it twice a day.

The best lotion to put on a new tattoo is a thick and creamy lotion that’s fragrance-free. Don’t use sunblock when it’s healing, and try and stay out of the sun so it heals faster.

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What Happens If You Put Too Much Lotion On A Tattoo

Too much lotion on a tattoo, either applied in too thick of a coat or too thick of a lotion in general, is not healthy for your tattoo. Both of these ways of using too much lotion will clog your pores, suffocate your tattoo and allow it to become a breeding ground for infection. Infected tattoos usually dont heal well.

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Also Know What Is The Best Thing To Put On A New Tattoo

Be sure your artist covers your new tattoo in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage. Remove the bandage after 24 hours. Gently wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water and be sure to pat dry. Apply a layer of antibacterial/Vaseline ointment twice a day, but dont put on another bandage.

Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil


Dont let your tattoos fade into obscurity. Instead bring some life back into your ink with Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil. This all-natural oil is intended to help renew tattoos by moisturizing deep into the skin helping tattoos appear more rich and vibrant. Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil is hand made in Barcelona, Spain and is full of premium essential oils that nourish and hydrate the skin and even help protect tattoos from fading. Heres whats inside: argan oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and bergamot orange oil. When it comes to performance and quality, Urban Nomads is simply one of the best tattoo brightening oils on the market. Highly recommended.

What I like about Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil:

Moisturizing ingredients

Tattoo brighteners work by delivering moisture deep into the skin, and by eliminating dead skin cells that can cause tattoos to appear dull and faded. Thats why Urban Nomads is formulated with ingredients that are able to penetrate deep delivering moisture and hydration right where its needed most. Heres a closer look at some of its key ingredients:

Awesome scent

Aside from this oils awesome tattoo brightening performance, my favorite thing about it has to be the awesome orange bergamot scent. It smells very fresh, clean, and citrusy. Its definitely a unique fragrance when it comes to tattoo-care related products.

A little goes a long way

Its not greasy or oily

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Is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Good For Sensitive Skin

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is not good for those whose skin is sensitive to cocoa butter or any other ingredient present in the products. They might break out if they use Palmers cocoa butter products.

For people with sensitive skin in general, you should first do a patch test and see for yourself if your skin is allergic to cocoa butter. If your skin doesnt become red and break out, you can safely use Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula containing skincare products.

Original Tattoo Goo Aftercare Tattoo Lotion Healing Slave

When it comes to Tattoo Goo, chances are youve probably already heard of it. Its a popular choice for both tattoo artists and their clients and for a good reason. The ingredients are quite limited, making it more natural than most choices. For instance, it features olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and wheat germ at some of the top ingredients.

Theres also lavender and sunflower oil plus rosemary extract too. All said and done, its petroleum, lanolin and mineral oil free. When applied, just dig into that gooey green goodness and lightly coat your skin. It does take more time than lotion to apply since its technically a balm, however overall its quite soothing.

Not to mention, it doesnt find its way on your clothes either. However, understand the scent is a bit herbal for some this is pleasant while others dont enjoy it. Its really a personal preference. You might also notice your tattoo colors looking brighter or more natural upon applying it too. This is normal, its due in part to the reflective ingredients in the formula. Though, it doesnt mean they are actually going to remain that way after you stop applying it of course.

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What Are The Best Tattoo Lotions & Creams Available In 2020

The benefits of this burgeoning world of new tattoo care are many – among them, avoiding irritation and infection. More importantly, these tattoo aftercare products help with healing and preserve the design and colors of your awesome new tat. Whether your ink is fresh, or somewhat “mature” like mine, many of these products claim to refresh and renew your tattoos, to keep them looking their best.

Since people with tattoos love to expose a bit more skin than the average un-inked person, you’ll also need to think about protecting your tats from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and believe it or not, there are even tattoo specific sunscreens.

As you’re healing, avoid spending a lot of time in the water, especially pools and hot tubs that are often laden with unseen bacteria. Your risk of infection is much greater during this important time. Also, find some comfy and loose-fitting clothes that won’t rub or chafe your new tat. That will keep you from agitating already tender skin and making it itchy or causing a rash. And sweating, even if you’re a gym rat, may cause additional issues during the healing phase.

Let’s get started with some tattoo aftercare instructions from an expert:

Tattoo Care Ointment And Aftercare Lotion

Cocoa Butter On Tattoo Straight Away

The dermatologically tested aftercare tattoo lotion is loaded with natural ingredients and carries a light fragrance of aloe vera. Its potent composition made of calendula and jojoba oil are highly beneficial to the skin.

This is the best aftercare for tattoo as it also provides itch relief and keeps them vibrant for many years. Also, it preserves the intensity of the tattoo by deep moisturizing it and by promoting the healing of the skin.

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After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer And Aftercare Lotion

The cruelty-free moisturizer is enriched with grape seed oil and moisturizes your tattoo effectively. It helps in achieving a natural glow and healthier-looking tattoos on consistent use.

As it is not sticky and absorbs well into the skin, your clothes stay clean. Both old tattoos and new tattoos benefit from using this moisturizer. Many famous tattoo artists from all over the world recommend this premium brand moisturizer for their clients.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream Spf 15

This lightweight day cream lightly hydrates, balances moisture and smoothes skin texture.

Together with SPF 15 to protect from the suns damaging rays, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Care Moisturizing Day Creams wholesome formula is acceptable for all skin types and will not clog pores.

This creamy Cocoa Butter blends will leave your skin healthy, supple and glowing daily.

Absorbs quickly, leaving skin smooth and prepared to get the application of cosmetics.

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What You Can Use To Let A Tattoo Heal Properly

Its important to get new ink from a licensed tattoo artist. Not only do they have the knowledge and experience to give you a piece of art that you can be proud of, but theyre also knowledgeable about the right aftercare techniques to prevent complications after your session.

The precise aftercare techniques will slightly differ based on the healing process stage youre in.

A fresh tattoo is bandaged for one to two hours. Your tattoo artist may put a small amount of aftercare ointment on, but youll need to take off your bandage to let the wound breathe. At this point, youll need to carefully wash the tattoo wound with antibacterial soap. Pat gently to dry.

Most tattoo artists recommend an ointment called A+D. It contains a combination of petrolatum and lanolin, which may protect your skin during the first several hours after getting your tattoo.

After the first couple of days, you can switch to a lighter, fragrance-free moisturizer, such as Lubriderm or Eucerin. This will also help alleviate itching that often occurs during the healing process.

Other tattoo aftercare tips include keeping your wound out of the sun or submerged in water. Also, avoid picking at an itchy tattoo this can lead to infections and scars.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion


Gold Bonds Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion comes packed with Vitamin A, C and E to help heal dry skin without the grease. Just twist the top, give it a pump and apply once for 24 hours of clinically tested moisturize.

One of the pluses about this lotion is the fact that it has aloe inside for a cool, soothing relief and comfort that comes natural. When it comes to the vitamins, A helps to improve the elasticity of your skin, while vitamin C promotes healthy development and collagen formation. Finally, vitamin E lends a helping hand by protecting the function of your skin and reducing lipid loss.

All said and done, the trio of vitamins and the addition of aloe work wonders for any new tattoo. Even though its a bit thicker, it still doesnt leave behind any sticky residue which is great for keeping your skin off your clothes.

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Queen Helene Hand + Body Lotion Cocoa Butter

Queen Helene has become a pioneer in quality beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930.

These products have been inspired by natures best ingredients, since theyre safer and more successful, compared to harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives.

We utilize natural components such as cocoa butter which are rich with vitamins and organic emollient properties to moisturize, soften and rejuvenate skin and hair.

We utilize pomegranate oil for its antioxidant defense against the skin-aging impacts of the surroundings and essential oils to help relax tired muscles and relieve strain.

Kiwi Glow Tattoo Brightener

Consider brightening your tattoos the all-natural way with Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil. Kiwi Glow specializes in a premium line of skincare oils that are all formulated using sesame oil as the key ingredient. Sesame oil is not only great at nourishing and hydrating the skin, but it also gives tattoos a noticeable boost of color and vibrancy. Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil also contains a bunch of all-natural and organic ingredients that smooth and soften the skin, protect, and even promote healing when used on a new tattoo. Its definitely one of my personal favorite products for boosting color and vibrancy in new or old tattoos.

What I like about Kiwi Glow Tattoo Brightener:

All-natural and organic

One of great things about Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil is that its formulated using only safe, all-natural and organic ingredients. Heres whats inside:

Its not greasy or oily

Makes tattoos pop

Whether your tattoos are colorful or black and gray, I highly recommend you give Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil a try. It not only provides nourishment, hydration, and protection for new tattoos, but it also makes a noticeable difference in the color and appearance of older tattoos. It helps darks appear darker, and colors appear more bright and vibrant. While Im not going to call Kiwi Glow a miracle worker, I will say that its certainly one of the best performing tattoo brighteners on the market.

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