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Best Thermal Copier For Tattoos

Easy Commands And Practical Settings

How to use thermal copier for tattoo

A simple machine with basic start and end of the commands is doing the work, but it would be even more practical to choose between options. This is important for various types of copying, or visual depth, signaling error in the printing process, and similar. These commands are shown with several buttons and lights as well.

Pro Black Tattoo Transfer Copier Printer Machine Thermal Stencil Paper Maker

  • ApplicationThis copier is created specifically for the tattoo artist. Unlike other copier machines, you wont have to bother with messy light bulbs or belts that often need to be replaced.
  • Unique Design Unique design of the transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, which can keep the paper in order to better copy. There are 5 buttons/ keys for different functions, you can choose the copy methods, resolutions, deepness etc, which is very convenient and functional.
  • Multi-AdvantageMade of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long term use. Lightweight, simple, reliable copier that will make your life easier. Works for the normal paper design, providing fast transfer speed, little noisy sound. More important, it wont be over heat easily.
  • Two Light Indicators:Power light shows when the machine starts working, error light shows something wrong happened on the machine, such as the TPH is overheating.
  • Our Sincere Service3 to 5 days US shipping. If you have any problem after receiving the item, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a satisfying reply as soon as possible.

Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Printer Thermal Machine

Life Basis gives their tattoo stencil printer extra accessories at an affordable price. This tattoo printer weighs 1.17kg which makes it super lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it wherever you want. This stencil printer has 200×200 DPI for good quality. Also, it supports A4 and A5 papers.

To use this tattoo transfer printer, you dont have to be a technical expert. In simple words, anyone can use this tattoo stencil with a few simple buttons. You can transfer the tattoo design, make a mirror copy, and deepen the design in two different ways.

Moreover, one light blinks on working, and the other blinks as a fault sign. Remember, every best tattoo stencil machine needs to rest about 2, 3 minutes after 1-2 transfers to avoid heat. Further, it receives a copy command via ethernet or wifi.

Most importantly, this stencil printer has no bulbs, cylinders, or heating elements to avoid heavy consumption of electricity. Last but not least, you get ten thermal paper sheets and 600 digital prints as a bonus on purchase. Plus, you can demand replacement within one year if the stencil printer doesnt work.

On the other hand, many professional tattoo artists use the Life Basis tattoo printer machine. Therefore, it is the best tattoo stencil printer in the world.

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General Advice On Choosing The Best Tattoo Stencil Machine

This one is fairly simple to keep in mind. You want to get the most within the budget you have. This means the most pros, least cons, for a fair and affordable price. First, determine the budget you have. Then, determine how much above that budget you are willing to go. When you have the maximum sum available, simply choose the machine with the least flaws and most perks. And, when choosing keep in mind to pick the one that is the fastest that doesnt require pausing between prints.

How Does A Tattoo Artist Make Good Use Of The Best Tattoo Stencil Machine : Buy Temporary Tattoos Transfer Machine ...

It is natural to be confused regarding the usage of the tattoo transfer stencil machine. However, it isnt as complicated as we make it to be. Firstly, the thermal copier printer, or as we call it is good enough for printing stencils, either as a handcrafted design or a standard digital layout. The concerned tattoo stencil printers then shape up the design in such a way that it adheres to the skin of the client and allows you to retrace the same to finish off the tattoo. Therefore, the best tattoo stencil machine is one that can manage multiple lines and even address complex designs with ease.

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Pirate Face Tattoo Thermal Copier Machine Tattoo Stencils

Pirate Face Tattoo has been making great tattoo stencilss for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and high-end materials. The tattoo stencils is 11 x 85 x 3 the size is reliable and affordable and a must have for any tattoo shop. Uses a4 and a5 thermal paper . Additionally, the Pirate Face Tattoo thermal copier machine tattoo stencils fits neatly on any desk, counter, or work area.

  • No bulbs, belts, cylinders, or heating elements
  • Stop tracing your outlines by hand
  • Accepts any electricity 110v or 220v

Brother Pocketjet Pj762 Direct Thermal Printer

As you shop for thermal tattoo printers, youll see that there are many available. The Brother printers stand out for a couple of reasons. I selected one of their models to review here.

For one, the Brother thermal printers are more compact. You can power them off household electricity or the car cigarette lighter, but youll need to separately purchase the proper cords.

Second, they come from a reputable brand. Its possible to get service if you need repairs or parts.

There are other features you may appreciate. For example, this printer allows you to send jobs over Bluetooth or USB.

In the first case, youll need the proper app from Brother. In the second, youll need a USB cable, which is sold separately.

Lastly, the print resolution is 200 dpi, which is good for a thermal printer.

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Thermal Tattoo Copier Low Heat Professional Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine Stable Performance For Tattoo Shop

  • Clear Pattern: The transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, which can keep the paper neat and easy to copy. With 50 sheets of four layer A4 transfer paper, the transfer pattern is clear.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation: The bottom is designed with heat dissipation holes, which quickly dissipates heat. There is no need to replace parts and ink, which is more convenient than other traditional tattoo machines.
  • Easy to Operate: With simple steps, you can quickly and effectively copy the design to the transfer paper, and then copy the pattern on the transfer paper to the skin.
  • Lightweight: ABS shell, environmentally friendly, safe, durable, long term use, lightweight and portable body, small size, easy to use, help tattoo artists to make exquisite patterns.
  • Stable Performance: Tattoo stencil machine has fast transfer speed, low noise, stable performance, clear transfer pattern, not easy to wipe off, convenient for tattoo artists.

Tattoo Inkjet Stencil Ink Revolutionary Ecotank Printer Ink


Heres the stencil ink for the printer above. Drain the print reservoir and fill it with this ink instead.

Its compatible with any Epson EcoTank printer. Still, its more economical to choose the monochrome model as youre only replacing one ink color.

So, how does this stencil ink work?

Its formulated to resist fading for days, even if it gets wet. Therefore, you could use it as a temporary tattoo. Just allow it to dry for about 15 minutes before you start tattooing.

On the other hand, you can erase it with alcohol like that in hand sanitizer.

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How To Repair It In Case Of A Defect

It is crucial to always keep the warranty of the box the machine came in. you can always address the manufacturer in case a defect occurs within the warranty time. All you can do is carefully check for any dirt or debris where the paper goes, if this is not a paper jam, of course. If this is the case, just rest the printer and let it cool off for the printing.

Printing Quality And Print Resolution

The first and foremost thing that you need to look at in a tattoo stencil machine is the quality of the printing. Because tattoo stencil printers are expensive ones and undoubtedly you will not love to pay your valuable money behind a device that cant give a good quality output.

The quality of the machine depends on the type of transfer you are doing, such as styling, shading, outline, etc. Look for a model that can follow your styling and print out the whole design without missing any parts of the tattoo.

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What Is A Tattoo Stencil Machine

The primary responsibility of stencil printers is to create a stencil on a persons skin. If you surf the market, you will find many tattoo transfer stencil machines. A tattoo transfer stencil machine or thermofax machine is used to create a portable pattern on stencil printer paper.

This machine uses the heating mechanism that provides heat on the layer of paper and transforms it into tattoo ink. If you create some tattoo designs using a tattoo transfer stencil machine, you can use that design on many clients skins.

Lolicute Stencil Transfer Machine

Small Portable Thermal Tattoo Copier Machine
  • Made of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long term use.
  • There are 5 buttons/ keys for different functions, you can choose the copy methods, resolutions, deepness etc, which is very convenient and functional.
  • Two light indicators, power light shows when the machine starts working, error light shows something wrong happened on the machine, such as the TPH is overheating.
  • Unique design of the transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, which can keep the paper in order fop better copy.
  • Works for the normal paper design, providing fast transfer speed, little noisy sound.

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Reprofx Spirit Green Sheet Thermal Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper

While a red stencil shows up well on light and medium skin, heres the best tattoo stencil paper for dark skin tones. Its green for high visibility.

Youll need to use it with green transfer cream or a transparent stencil gel. .

Although its thermal paper compatible with thermal printers like the Brother model above, you can also draw on it by hand.

The paper is manufactured in the USA from vegan components.

What Are The Best Thermal Printers For Tattoos To Grab

Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer is a thermal printer that can be used efficiently for creating ready-to-transfer tattoo stencils in a quick, effortless manner.

The main advantage of using such a device instead of a traditional printer is that Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine doesnt use ink or toner to print the designs.

Being a tattoo artist or tattoo parlor owner has never been as easy as it is today, given that technology advanced to a point where transferring stencils can be done by using specialized, thermal printing devices.

Whether youre considering to buy TOEC MINI 1, Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine or BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine, transferring a tattoo stencil on your canvas will be a walk in the park.

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Life Basis Tattoo Printer Machine The Best And Effective Tattoo Printer Machine

Occasionally thought for tattoo favorites. Allow you to effectively copy the plans on stencil paper in just a few simple steps and within 1 minute. Improve work efficiency unbelievably. This printer weighs only 1.17 kg and is far from difficult to move and capacity. The Life Base Tattoo Stencil Copier contains no bulbs, cylinders, or heating elements.

Nancyyu Tattoo Printer Machine The Best Affordable Tattoo Printer Machine

Thermal Copier for Tattoo Stencils

There are 5 buttons for different capacities, you can choose the copy techniques, targets, depth, etc.which is beneficial and useful. Works for normal paper configuration and provides fast movement speed and minimal loud sound. It is becoming more important and will not overheat effectively.

Two light pointers, warning light indicates when the machine starts to work, fault light indicates something wrong on the machine, z. For example, the TPH is overheated.

In this way, the tattoo artist can create a copy of a structure that can then be moved onto the tattooists skin to ensure that the tattoo artist gets exactly what the user needs

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Oki 62418701 Microline 420 Dot Matrix Printer

If youve paid attention at the checkout at an auto parts store, youve probably seen a dot matrix printer. They are excellent for printing documents with multiple parts. They pound out the essential text with a distinct buzzy, whiny sound.

It just so happens they are fantastic for printing tattoo stencils, too.

This one can handle up to 240 x 216 dpi resolution. It creates physical impressions on transfer paper with a combination of stored-energy pins and magnets.

Its called impact printing, and its the same thing as using a pen to draw your stencil on carbon paper. Theres no heat needed.

The printer is powerful enough to penetrate a 6-part form with legible text on the last page. Try that with a pen! Your hand is going to be awfully tired.

This 9-pen model also reaches up to 570 CPS in draft mode. Of course, you wont be using that if you want a high-quality stencil. Lets just say that its pretty fast.

In conclusion, its made to outlast the typical printer. Its rated lifetime is 20,000 hours, and it comes with a 3-year standard warranty.

Sunnyscopa Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper For Laser Printer

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned temporary tattoos as a way to trial a permanent tattoo.

Heres tattoo paper that goes in a laser printer only. Its perfect for waterproof tattoos that last up to a week.

Technically, you could try using one as a stencil. But there are only a few sheets, making it a rather pricey alternative to typical thermal paper.

How does it work?

Youll print the image, then place the adhesive sheet on top of it. Dip it in water and press it to the skin.

If you arent happy with the results, you can erase it with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Sometimes, fake tattoos like these look shiny. You can counteract that problem and mattify them with sunscreen.

One word of advice: take a pass on temporary inkjet tattoos. They will dissolve after a few hours, or if they get wet.

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Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier Printer Thermal Printer For Temporary And Permanent Tattoos Free 10pcs Tattoo

  • Ideal for the tattoo artist: Allow you copy the designs onto stencil paper quickly and efficiently just in a few easy steps. Copy your design to skin perfectly without error.
  • Fast and Lightweight: This printer weighs only 1.17kg and can be quickly moved and easy to storage, give you more convenience. Copier also set up for use with A4 and A5 paper sizes.
  • More economical: No replacement parts and no ink needed, Life Basis tattoo stencil copier has no Bulbs, Cylinders, or Heating Elements, more economical than other traditional tattoo machines.
  • Multiple settings: Mirror copy and normal copy with overheating warning, you can choose between Mirror, Photo, and two Deepness settings to fit your stencil copying needs.
  • Warranty: 1 year product replacement support and come with 10pcs thermal transfer paper and 300 transfer patterns with email. Please wipe the gears regularly. If necessary, you are welcomed to contact us for video instruction.

What Are Tattoo Transfer Papers And Why Do You Need Them

body tattoo

Tattoo transfer paper is very common in the tattoo world. Tattoo artists use them almost all the time to transfer the artwork onto their clients skin. Before getting a tattoo, the client tells the artist what kind of tattoo he/she wants. The tattoo artist then sketches the design on the transfer paper. Once the client is happy with the design, the artist then transfers the stencil on to the skin.

If your clients provide their drawing or design, you can also trace them on the transfer paper by hand or use a tattoo thermal copier to create tattoo stencils. Thermal transfer papers are activated by heat, which allows them to function with a particular copier called thermal copier. Almost every tattoo parlor across the globe uses a thermal copier to make tattoo stencils. They make life a lot easier for tattoo artists.

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Thermal Printer For Tattoo Stencils

The first Thermal Printer that has been designed especially for the Tattoo Industry.

This Thermal Printer is both reliable and easy to use. No difficult programs or apps needed, all settings can be adjusted straight from the printer. It has 4 buttons for changing printing settings, 1 button to stop the print and 1 to start printing. 6 buttons is all that is needed to produce a clean stencil print every time.

Please note: For the best stencil transfer it is best to let the machine cool down for a few minutes after 1-2 prints. To protect the machine we do not advice using it continiously. We also advise to wipe ink of the roller and other contact points regularly to avoid printing random black lines. This can be done using alcohol preps / wipes or by applying alcohol to a microfiber cloth.

Frequently asked Questions & Answers:

Q: The printer is printing random black lines.A: When this happens you should clean the roller, if that does not work restore the printer to it’s default settings

This can be done by doing the following:

  • Press the “stop” button and hold it for 3 seconds until you hear a beep
  • Press the “mirror” button
  • Press the “copy” button
  • Q: The paper is getting stuck in the printer.A: If the machine is overheating it will cause the paper to jam. Please allow for the machine to cool down before using it again. We recommend letting the machine cool down for a few minutes after 1-2 prints.

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