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Cover Up Tattoo Artist Austin

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Full front torso cover-up tattoo by Toxyc @ Autopsy Tattoo Studio Austin

Good information. No hassles. Just decades of collective experience. Schedule your first no-commitment tattoo removal consultation and let the specialists at Removery’s tattoo removal studio in Austin provide you with the highest quality service and care at every stage of your tattoo removal or fading journey.

What Tattoos Are Often Covered Up

Most cover ups conceal an unwanted tattoo. Poorly done tattoos, old and faded tattoos, or tattoos that no longer hold significance for the person wearing them are often what bring people in for a cover up consultation.

Most of the tattoos that I cover up seem to be pieces that were spur of the moment, says Belley.

Some common tattoo cover ups include:

  • Name tattoos
  • Foreign words or symbols
  • Old flash

Melissa Wylde, a tattoo artist who works at Garths Tattoos in Kent over in the U.K., says that the size of the original tattoo is also sometimes a factor in someone choosing to get a cover up. Some people have very small tattoos that they had as their first one and decide they want something bigger and better, she says.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

You know those horror stories about passing out drunk and waking up with some fresh ink? Yeah, its not quite like that.

Getting inked requires the skill of a professional artist, who you work with to develop something youll be truly happy with forever and it also requires you to be sober.

For anyone whos actually interested in getting tatted, whether its your first tattoo or one of many, weve rounded up some of Austins best tattoo shops. These parlors were chosen for their staff, environment and artwork: the hat trick of tattoo shop must-haves.

Contributed by Emily Gibson

No Good Tattoo

1023 Springdale Rd Building 1 Suite E

No Good Tattoo is a safe space that is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for their patrons while also delivering quality work. The residents at No Good are all women and nonbinary people who give both hand-poked and machine tattoos. With high-quality artists giving rad tattoos in a beautiful shop, it doesnt get much better than No Good.


Moms Tattoo

1703 S Lamar Blvd

Promising to deliver out of this world tattoos at a down to earth price, Moms is a South Austin staple that has been inking bodies since 2000. Whether youve got your tat planned out with a story behind it or want to make an impulse decision, the artists at Moms pledge to create something youll love.


310 W 17th St

1703 E Cesar Chavez St


514 E 6th St

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The Best Cover Up Tattoo Artists In San Antonio

You get a tattoo and whether the decision is emotional or completely rational, at the time it seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, many tattoos end up being a mistake. Is there anything you can do about them? Can you change the permanent mark you have on your skin?

San Antonio cover-up tattoos provide the perfect opportunity for rectifying a seemingly incorrigible situation.

What Is A Cover

21 Best Tattoo Shops in Austin(2021 Updated)

As the name indicates, this is a creative approach that transforms the tattoo you hate into something much more attractive. Visiting the best tattoo place in San Antonio is one of the prerequisites for getting a high quality cover-up tattoo and being perfectly satisfied with the outcome.

FirmeCopias is recognized as one of the top tattoo parlors in San Antonio, Texas. Our artists have the experience and the creative vision to make cover-up tattoos happen.

Covering up tattoos you no longer want is a lot cheaper and much less invasive than getting tattoo removal. In addition, you can have a symbolical image or a visual of personal importance drawn over the old tattoo. This way, youll still have something beautiful and attractive on your skin.

The process is relatively simple, as long as its being carried out by an experienced professional. The old tattoo is covered up with a new one. In some instances, the original can be converted through the addition of more lines and colors. Most often, however, a bad tattoo will need to be covered up completely.

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What To Expect When Going For A Tattoo Cover

As already mentioned, the cover-up process starts with a thorough consultation. Each cover-up case comes with its challenges. Well have to take the specifics of the old tattoo in consideration, giving you a solution that will look good and come close to what you have in mind.

An experienced artist will pick darker ink colors that can conceal the original image underneath.

The cover-up process itself is similar to getting a tattoo something that youre already familiar with. An artist will outline the new visual on the spot that needs to be changed. Once this preliminary phase is done, the real work begins.

Getting an old tattoo covered up with a new one may necessitate a couple of sessions. The number will depend entirely on the size and the complexity of the new visual. Usually, a new tattoo is a few times larger than the original one. This way, the image can be made more intricate, directing attention to the new details.

Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal

12233 Ranch Rd. 620 N #111aAustin, TX 78750 331-5476Pigment Tattoo and Laser Removal is a full-service studio. Since 2009, Pigment has been known around the world for new and innovative styles of tattooing, with a focus on the absolutely highest quality work possible. As good of an idea as it was to get that tattoo, you may also have some reasons to get it removed. Old flame has gone cold, a mistake from that out of control spring break, or just moving on to a different stage in your life, we can help.

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Tattoo Laser Removal And Cover Ups

As previously mentioned, deciding to undergo tattoo laser removal opens up a lot of options.

I recommend laser when a piece is very dark or very large, says Belley. Once the tattoo is lightened a bit, it opens up so many more possibilities for the client and artist to create a successful cover-up design.

Although laser tattoo removal may be unnecessary for smaller pieces or tattoos that have faded substantially on their own, it is often beneficial for people who have tattoo sleeves or big pieces that they no longer like the look of.

Laser removal can be helpful if someone really wants to start over, says Graves. If you have the time, patience, and money you can spend sessions lightening up that old work enough to begin a whole new design.

Tattoo removal is not a quick process. After a laser removal session, it can take up to eight weeks for skin to regenerate before going in for another removal appointment. Depending on how many sessions are necessary to lighten your tattoo, it may be several months before youre ready to start the covering process.

Laser removal is also not cheap. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a tattoo removal session is $463. In most cases, says Belley, lightening a tattoo enough to make it work for a cover up doesnt require too many laser sessions.

How Much Are Cover Up Tattoos

Tattoo artist helps cover up racist tattoos

The cost of a cover-up varies depending on the artist you choose and the size and difficulty of the proposed artwork.

Some artists may charge an hourly rate which can range anywhere from $50 per hour to upwards of $300 per hour or more depending on skill level and experience. Other artists may charge a day rate of approximately $500 to $2,500 per day on average.

Even if the tattoo youd like to cover up is small and may take under an hour, most shops have a minimum rate for all tattoos and you will be required to pay the shop minimum.

Keep in mind that some artists may charge extra for additional design work or extra consultations relating to cover ups. As with any other tattoo appointment, your tattoo artist or the tattoo shop will likely require a deposit to lock in the dates for your cover-up tattoo appointment.

Pay extra close attention to your artists booking policies and ask if they have any requirements necessary to book a cover-up tattoo. Some artists need to see photos of the tattoo you wish to cover or meet with you in person to talk through the options prior to booking an appointment.

Some tattoo artists choose not to do cover-up tattoos or may decline your appointment request because they do not feel comfortable covering the tattoo or they do not want to tattoo your desired style and subject matter.

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Things To Do In Austin

The art scene is out of this world as Austin is known for its creative side. This for good reason as Austin is the home of the Blanton museum which is the nations biggest University owned collect on exhibit. It is also home to the Harry Ransom Center which is the home of the Gutenberg Bible and the First Photograph. In addition, plenty of artists live in Austin. If you are a fan of the art scene, you can check out the work from sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, designers, painters, musicians and photographers in Austin at any time of the week, all year round.

There is art everywhere and you can even check out the street fairs and festivals that are put on all year round. One of the well known galleries here in Austin is the Contemporary at the Jones Center, which is the place were artists, old or new, can have their work featured all year long. There are museums that are focused on the heritage of other cultures like the Carver Museum and the Mexic-Arte Museum. You can catch the ballet at the Long Center, which shows the choreographers and dancers. At the Bullock Museum, you can find a great deal of artifacts and images from the history of Texas. There are also some great festivals in the area including the Fusebox Festival and the Catheral of Junk amongst other eccentric activities.

What Is The Etiquette Of Being Tattooed

You should dress for the day. Wear comfortable clothing that can be easily moved or removed, depending on the part of the body you are getting inked. Think about how comfortable you are showing your body when getting tattooed. Avoid tight clothing that will rub against your fresh tattoo and stop the healing process. Also, remember ink stains, so wear darker clothing that you dont mind getting stained.

Please be on time to your tattoo appointment. Artists are very busy and have a schedule. Many of the Austin artists and studios mentioned in our article have late/cancellation policies. Because your artist will work close to you, they would appreciate your taking a shower, brushing your teeth and wearing clean clothing.

Try to keep still during your tattoo. We understand that its natural to move a bit, but the more you do, the longer it will take to complete the piece. Your tattoo will also look better if you keep still. Also, never dont touch your tattoo or any of the items in the artists work area.

Avoid bringing too many people. Some studios let you bring a friend who is over 18, some prefer you to come alone. If you do bring a friend, they should not get in the way and become a distraction for your artist. If your friend doesnt like or agree with your tattoo idea, its best to avoid inviting them. Also, a tattoo artist never appreciates a know-it-all, who thinks they could do their job better.

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Your Wedding Is One Day Your Pictures Are Forever

From Austin area ballroom weddings and Fredericksburg region nuptials to San Antonio City Hall ceremonies and Wimberly winery engagement sessions, the wedding stylists of Deco Blue Salon are here to get you wedding-ready. Let us make your special day, a wonderful, stressless day to remember. With a variety of specialty services including, hair styling, airbrush makeup, and nail polish applications, we are available for brides, grooms, and your entire wedding party.

Hair, airbrush makeup, and nail polish services that make everyone feel like themselves only better:


Mothers of the Bride & /or Groom

Groomsmen Hair Styling & /or Beard Cleanup

Our team is available for in-salon and on-location wedding services for:

Best Austin Tattoo Shops

I need help on a cover up tattoo in Austin Texas. Anybody know a great ...

These 10 tattoo shops in Austin feature excellent artists working over various styles. All these listed we have found have a studio that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable. Most of the tattoo studios will work with you and the design that you would like as a forever showcase piece. Choosing a tattoo is a lifelong commitment choosing the tattoo artist that meshes well with you and can understand your vision is essential. These listed tattoo parlors have an artist that we thought worked well with the general public. Most of the artist has years of experience and have their work on display. Seeing a tattoo artists work is essential it showcases their style and ability.

Weve rounded up some of the best tattoo shops in Austin, whether its your first tattoo or another addition to your body. These tattoo parlors have fantastic tattoo artists and a relaxing atmosphere.

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How To Choose A Cover

When choosing a tattoo to cover an unwanted tattoo, its important to decide on the style and subject matter of your new tattoo. Whether youre interested in realism, blackwork, color illustrative, neo traditional, etc, find an artist who specializes in that style and is comfortable doing cover ups.

Cover-up tattoos generally need to be larger than the size of your original tattoo. My rule of thumb is that they need to be 2-3 times the size of the original tattoo we are covering, says Amanda Graves, who works at Spill the Ink Tattoo in Edgewood, Maryland. A lot of the technique is tricking the eye away from what we are making go away.

Wylde warns those interested in getting a cover up to be open minded to the size recommendation from your artist. Always think bigger than what is currently there, she says.

When choosing a cover-up tattoo, be honest with your artist about what you want, but also be open to compromise. Dont try to micromanage the design process.

Its important for the client to be honest with what they are looking for to the artist, so that the client doesnt end up with something they dont love a second or third time, says Belley. At the same time, its incredibly important to allow the artist the freedom that they need to create a piece that performs well as a cover up.

Artist Offers Free Cover

AUSTIN Just one day after the violence in Virginia, KXAN spent some time Sunday with Austin tattoo artist Elias Mora, who offers free cover-up tattoos for anyone with a racist, gang-related or offensive tattoo.

Mora works at Blindside Tattoo Studio on South First Street. He said he is grateful he was offered a second chance, and it helped him recover from mistakes he made in the past. To pay it forward, he gives away the free cover-ups to offer others their own second chance.

Watch the video above to see the story told by KXAN Photojournalist Richie Bowes.

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Why Were The Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist In San Antonio For The Job

Our team is recognized for the creativity and attention to detail. These are two of the essentials for getting a high quality cover-up job and being completely satisfied with the results. We know how to create new visuals that will transform the old ones and still give you a complex, intricate tattoo to look at.

In addition, as experienced San Antonio tattoo artists, well give you accurate and unbiased information. Well take a look at your tattoo and let you know what cover-up options you have available.

Its also possible for a badly executed tattoo to be transformed into a superior version of the original. Just let us know what youre looking for and how youd like to make the change happen. Well do our best to accommodate your preferences in our work.

Depending on the size and the color of the tattoo, you may be limited when it comes to doing a cover-up job. Well let you know if this is the case, giving you enough time to decide how youd like to proceed.

Because of these limitations, a cover-up tattoo isnt always going to be the one that you imagine. Were confident, however, that well get to create something that youll display proudly and enjoy for years to come. Just about everything can be fixed, as long as you visit the right San Antonio tattoo parlor. We believe that FirmeCopias is one such place.

Chris Gunn Texas Award Winning Tattoo Artist

Watercolor lion tattoo cover up – Austin Texas

Chris Gunn has been tattooing for 15+ years in Austin, Texas. His shop is known for its clean, friendly & attitude-free atmosphere and is located on one of the most popular corners in Austin.

Chris specializes in bold, bright, custom tattooing and will draw you a custom piece utilizing your ideas, photos, etc. while taking esthetics and placement into consideration.

Chris appointment schedule is very busy. Please stop by for a consultation and to make an appt. Tues-Sat. Appointments can not be made by email for new clients.

to check out Southside Tattoo.

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