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Dating A Guy With Tattoos

Tattooing: A Short History

Individuality is attractive | My experiences dating as a guy with long hair | Nose Ring | Tattoos

Tattooing is by no means a new fad. In fact, historians have traced the origins of this fascinating art way back to around 12,000 years ago during the Neolithic ages, finding evidence on mummified preserved skin.

However, despite their ancient origins, tattoos were considered taboo by many people in society, assumed to be donned by criminals and social deviants alike. Thankfully, times have moved on since then, and even now the social stigmas continue to be lifted. Nowadays, people from all walks of life proudly brandish their tattoos on a daily basis, with a staggering 35% of the US population adorning at least one tattoo.

So what is the reason behind the sudden rise in the popularity of inked body art? Well, nobody really knows for sure, but we can safely assume that celebrities, sports stars, and the mainstream media have something to do with it. Or maybe its more to do with the fact that laser removal services are more available which make tattoos less permanent than what they once were who knows?

+ Nicknames To Call Your Sweetheart

Even if you truly think of this person solely as a human billboard, or you simply dont want your love to be covered in ink, you need to take the time to talk about it with them clearly and calmly, and expect that you may need to find a human billboard of the same sex.

I know that most tattoo artists are men in fact, there is a great shortage in female artists that are truly worth their salt. However, for the men who date female artists, dont constantly be accusing them of flirting, or cheating with their male co-workers.

I want to address this clearly because I have seen it happen over and over. Men seem to be worse at accepting the terms of dating a tattoo artist than any female I have seen.

Somewhere along the line, men got it into their heads that a woman cannot be hit on without having her big man around to protect her. Men assume that if a man is good-looking and starts coming on to a woman, that the little woman is just not going to be able to resist temptation. Since a tattoo shop consists of mostly men, a sole female in the mix becomes the center of attention, which tends to drive any sort of relationship into the ground.

So to the men who want to date a female artist: Grow a pair, please. Realize that yes, she is going to be hit on just as much as, and sometimes more than, her male counterparts. It does not mean that she is going to be falling for the rugged artist in the next booth, or for one of her clients.

Jesse Baker of Middletown, Ohio.

People With Tattoos Know How To Deal With Pain

Okay, so getting stabbed repeatedly by needles isn’t exactly the relationship kind of pain, but getting a tattoo takes courage nonetheless. And when it comes to dating, courage can be difference between walking up to a person to start a conversation and sitting alone at the bar. If a person can stand up to the pain of getting inked, that’s still more pain than what other people can take. People with tattoos know what they are getting into, and a relationship is less likely to scare them away.

Whatever your opinion is when it comes to body modification, whether you’re into them or not, people with tattoos are always interesting to be with. Don’t be too quick to turn a person down just because you saw his or her tattoos. Strike up a conversation, and you might be surprised to see just how much the two of you might have in common. So live in the moment. Take chances. Who knows? Asking about that rose tattoo could just be the start of something wonderful.

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Women Prefer To Date Men With Tattoos Dating App Research Reveals

Would you date a man with ink?

  • 11:34, 26 SEP 2017

Most of us tend to date a certain type of person, whether that preference is based on looks or profession.

Two-thirds of women prefer to date men with tattoos, according to research carried out by the dating app Type.

The app found that more women, 64 per cent, would date a man with a tattoo, while only 39 per cent of men would date a woman with ink.

Type owner Steve Bryson told The Metro that he is one of those men.

“Ive always fancied girls with tattoos ever since I dated a girl at college that had a massive tattoo across her back, Mr Bryson said.

“I think it says something about their personality that theyre fun, friendly and up for a good time.

“Ive only got one small tattoo myself, but I like girls that have lots of tattoos. It makes them unique no two tattoos are exactly the same.”

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This penchant for tattoos could mean people are attracted to certain personality traits.

A 2012 study in Psychological Reports: Mental & Physical Health researched the differences in personality traits between tattooed and non-tattooed people.

The study found that those with ink scored higher on extroversion, experience seeking, need for uniqueness, and held more positive attitudes toward tattoos.

Online Dating As A Heavily Tattooed Woman

Date of engagement tattoos. Wedding date would be on the ...

Digital type, owns a hairdressers but doesn’t do hair. That’s just how I roll.

I’m no stranger to the world of online dating, I was rather ahead of the trend, going on my first online date a whopping 18 years ago. I’ve used the Internet to meet new people pretty consistently since then, so I’m perhaps more of an expert than most.

Online dating makes your awareness of your own preferences crystal clear when you’re scanning face after face you notice you tend to get drawn to ones that share similar features. It also makes you question who is attracted to you, and why.

As a tattooed woman, I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of the types of messages that get sent to us online. “Love your ink”, and “Your tatts are so sexy”, are the tone of messages that have always made me feel like a man’s fetish, rather than a potential love match. That somehow my tattoos alone make me attractive.

On Tinder, I regularly see comments in profiles along the lines of “Tattoos are a bonus,” like they’re a cherry on the cake of me. What is it exactly that makes some people find tattoos hot or sexy? I disagree that it’s the same as preferring dark hair and a certain height. I think the fact that we elect to have tattoos mean they stand for something more.

I asked Lauren whether she felt tattooed women were fetishised by men:

Does she date non-tattooed men?

If you’re interested in the messages Lauren gets sent, she set up a Tumblr called theyreallysaidthis.com to document them all.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • OlderAndWiser | 8.9K opinions shared on Dating topic.Influencer4 h If a girl had one or two tattoos that were small and usually hidden, I would date her. If she has numerous tattoos, that’s a no-go. React
  • ChrisMaster69 | 2.1K opinions shared on Dating topic.Master4 h Some will some wont, it depends on how much they hate them versus how much they like the girl.I’ve seen guys turn down drop dead gorgeous girls due to the odd small tattoo and other guys bury their words and date someone.Obviously the latter is more humorous, as you have them slagging off Tattoos n Piercings, then some hot girl appears with no visible tattoos, they are pretty much in there and someone informs him she has a tattoo.Some will go with any girl purely for sex but not date, some will happily get in a relationship and down play their previous stance. React

A Forthcoming Study Reveals Our Altered Perceptions Of Tattooed Men

Posted December 8, 2016

Tattooing has enjoyed a long history, and in many cultures, it has served as a way for people to attract potential mates. But in contemporary society, what does this form of invasive ornamentation really communicate to others about the person displaying it?

This question was the focus of a new study by Polish researchers Andrzej Galbarczyk and Anna Ziomkiewicz. Previous work proposed that such decorations are, technically speaking, honest signals of genetic quality among men. In other words, they advertise good genes and good health. Of particular importance is that they may indicate a stronger resistance to pathogens, which would have been a great survival benefit in our evolutionary past. In preindustrial times, tattooing was a life-threatening endeavor you had to be tough to survive it. Even today, the process is painful and could give rise to various health problems, most often an infection. Thus, we may still assume that tattoos at least advertise a man’s high tolerance for pain, as well as good health, good genes, and a strong immune system. Moreover, it has been suggested that tattoos may influence how men are perceived by others with respect to personalitythat is, they are seen as “bad boys.”

As expected, men and women in the study responded differently to the photographs of tattooed men:


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Laser Tattoo Removal Is Super Expensive

If youve found a guy whos willing to shell out all of that cash to have his tattoos zap-erased by a laser, chances are hes super rich. Hes got to be rich, otherwise, how would he be able to afford all of those laser tattoo removal sessions? Plus, not only do you have a guy whos rich, but youve got a rich guy whos not afraid to spend his disposable income on all sorts of frivolous purchases, like tattoos, and laser tattoo removal.

If you play your cards right, theres no telling what you might be able to get him to spend his money on. Cars, luxury watches, jet skis Im just spitballing here. But Im telling you, if hes going to drop a couple thousand dollars having his tattoos taken care of, its a pretty safe bet that he can be easily convinced into buying you a jet ski.

What Is It About Men With Tattoos That Makes Us Weak In The Knees

Tattoo Enthusiast Reacts To: Dating A Woman With Tattoos | Red Flags

Is it as simple as we think tattoos looks cool? Or maybe we subconsciously assume theyre more likely to be a top in a world overpopulated by bottoms? In this piece of hard-hitting journalism, I delve into the reason why we are attracted to tattooed men as well as why we should really consider dating tatted hunks.

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Researchers From Poland Have Tested Whether Ink Signals A Strong Immune System

There was a time when tattoos were considered taboo, but that time is long past. In the UK, an estimated 20 million people sport at least one tattoo, almost one of every three inhabitants of my mother country perhaps not surprising given that the name Britain comes from the ancient Celtic for the tattooed folk.”

In America, its not much different. A decade ago, a Pew report found that 40 percent of millennials in he U.S. had a tattoo, and I suspect that number may have crept higher since then.

My own sister is a tattoo artist, inked up from head to toe , but Ive never gone under the needle myself and find it difficult to understand why anyone would. To my eyes, about 95 percent of tattoos look rubbish, plus theyre permanent unless you want to put yourself through multiple sessions of laser treatment, which are more expensive and painful than getting a tattoo in the first place.

But perhaps the pain is part of the point

A signal of strength?

Evolutionary biologists have theorized that tattoos are a way of signaling how tough we are. In preindustrial societies, tattooing is more painful and more dangerous than in modern societies. Piercing the skin exposes the recipient of a tattoo to infection, and only those with the strongest immune systems can come through the process with their health intact.

The Results

For an audio version of this story, see the 14 February 2017 episode of The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast.


Theyre Honest About Their Past

Men with tattoos are honest to the core and the fact that they were ready to put some vulnerable tattoos on their bodies speaks a lot for their boldness and honesty.

Instead of trying to forget it like most people, they look beyond to see it as something valuable thats taught them numerous valuable lessons.

Theyre not afraid of who they were, who they are, and who theyre becoming.

They celebrate each phase of their life and they consider it as something worthy of noticing, remembering, and praising.

They cant stand lies, deceit, or any kind of negative emotions.

The only thing they believe in is pure truth.

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He’s No Stranger To Controversy

A man with tattoos is not the type to fall through the cracks or go unnoticed. He’s aware of the generation before him who think his tattoos are ridiculous and he’s aware they think he’s some degenerate. He embraces their judgment and doesn’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks.

He knows how to handle himself.

Theyre Warm And Fuzzy Inside

date tattoo

They might look all bad ass on the outside, but tattooed guys are just as sensitive if not more so. They’ll sing you death metal songs, make you soup when you’re sick, and massage your tootsies when your feet are sore. For example Nikki Sixx wrote “Without You” about Tommy Lee and Heather Locklearâs love and Dave Grohl wrote “Everlong” about falling in love. How sweet is that? These are sensitive tatted-up guys!

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Hes Not Afraid Of What Others Think

When a guy has a tattoo, especially in a visible place, hes opening himself up to the opinions of others. People inevitably give their thoughts on it, and some have the audacity to say some pretty awful things. People with tattoos do not care what you think. If they did, they wouldn’t be getting tattoos. They do things for themselves.

Image via Instagram @adampu

People With Tattoos Are Passionate

When you feel so strongly about something that nothing other people can say could ever make you think differently, that’s called passion. People with tattoos often feel strongly about certain ideas that talking about them isn’t enough they need to have those ideas embedded into their skin as an expression of their ideas, beliefs, and experiences. A tattoo is an expression that will almost certainly never come off.

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Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Who Had All Of His Tattoos Laser Removed

Tattoos are awesome. Until theyre not so awesome anymore, that is. They dont go from being awesome to not awesome right away, though. That happens in a series of stages. For a while right after you get a tattoo, its just super cool to look at yourself in the mirror. Not too much longer after that, your mind gets used to seeing tattoos and, much like a mole, or really big scar, you kind of forget that they exist. Years will pass and the fact that you have a bunch of tattoos wont even register on your conscious thoughts. But then just as abruptly, theyll pop up again. Now they dont look so awesome anymore. In fact, you dont really remember why you ever decided to get tattoos in the first place.

Luckily, laser tattoo removal is a thing. Tons of guys get their tattoos removed every year. Ladies, if you ever come across one of these guys, lock them down, because these are the kind of guys you want to be dating. Heres why:

Reasons To Date A Person With Tattoos

Why Do Women Get Tattoos? (Risks of Dating a Woman with a Tattoo)

Over the last few decades, people with tattoos seem to have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Some people see a heavily tattooed guy and immediately think that he had gone to prison for some bad choices that he made in his life. They see a girl covered in tattoos walking towards them and they stop and stare like she was some kind of cult activist. In a world where ideas like inequality and discrimination are strongly and constantly being fought against, somehow people with tattoos still seem to get the raw end of the deal.

Fortunately, today’s society is slowly starting to open up and become more accepting of the truth that not all people with tattoos are bad. Movies, television, and social media have all played a role in changing the way the world looks at people who have decided to express their individuality through body modification. More people are starting to see that having tattoos is actually an attractive quality, and rightly so. Here are a few reasons why you should consider dating a person with tattoos.

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Reasons To Date Tattooed Men And Why They Are Irresistible

Make no mistake about it, the only thing sexier than a man with a beard is a guy with a body full of tattoos. Guys with tattoos offer up a little peek behind the curtain if you understand how to read between the lines. Many ladies have their own images in their minds about their ideal man, and those traits often can be confirmed when they stumble upon a guy who is covered in ink.

Here are 7 reasons to date tattooed men and why they are irresistible, and how there is more that what meets the eyes with a guy covered in body art.

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