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5 Popular Tattoo Numbing Products

Like everything has its variation, tattoo numbing creams wont fall short while offering you different kinds and types.

Make sure youre doing all of your homework before buying the product. Its crucial to know the functionalities of your cream.

For example, if you want to control your pain in an impressive amount, you might want to go for a tattoo numbing cream that has got a satisfying percentage of Lidocaine in it.

There are also creams that have got vasoconstrictor. It suppresses the pain by reducing the blood flow on the area youre getting the tattoo on. On the other hand, there are the nerve-blocker creams that halt your nerve so that it can stay away from registering the pain.

So, when youre going to differentiate between all of these types, you need to think about your own priority. Its important because not every tattoo numbing cream will blend in with all tattoo types.

Maybe youre getting a big tattoo, maybe youre getting a permanent one. So, you got to choose the cream based on what type of tattoo youre going for.

What Should You Do Before Getting A Tattoo

Once youve found a tattoo artist, agreed on a design thats perfect for you and booked an appointment, there are still a few things you should do leading up your tattoo appointment to make sure that your tattooing experience goes as smoothly as possible.

The night before you get your tattoo, its a good idea to stay sober, or at least, dont drink heavily. The aftereffects of a night of heavy drinking can thin your blood, making the tattooing process much more painful. You should also try to get a full 8 hours of sleep the night before getting a tattoo.

Being refreshed and well-rested will reduce your anxiety levels and make it easier to sit still in the tattooing chair on the day of your appointment. The day that you get your tattoo, its a good idea to stay hydrated, and maybe even bring a water bottle to the tattooing studio. You might also want to bring a snack if you know that you tend to get low blood sugar.

Also, make sure that youve brought enough money to pay for the cost of your tattoo and tip your tattoo artist, as well as a printed-out reference photo to help your tattoo artist create a design that perfectly suits your needs. Make sure that the area youre getting tattooed is clean and shaven. If youre planning on taking a painkiller or applying a numbing cream, make sure you do that before you get to the tattooing studio.

How To Apply Tattoo Numbing Cream

Some people are confused regarding the procedure of applying numbing cream. They have several questions in mind regarding it.

So here are the steps that you have to follow while applying.

Selection of product: It is very important that you decide a very suitable and best product. You may check out a review of that product or you can google it.

Wash before applying: It is necessary to wash that area before applying so that dirt and dust can easily be removed.

Put waterproof gloves: You must use waterproof gloves while tattooing. That way, you will prevent it from outside water and moisturizer.

Apply cream softly:After this instruction its time to apply cream on that particular area and if you arent aware about quantity then you must read guidelines of that particular product .All creams prefer quantity as per their ingredient so make sure you consider that while applying.

Cover area in plastic wrap/paper: Now you can cover plastic paper with medical tape to increase the process of reaction.

Remove paper:Apply it for 45 minutes until you feel that numbing cream is starting to work.

Get a tattoo on your skin: Now its time to make an attractive tattoo on your skin.

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Why Dont Tattoo Artists Ever Use Numbing Creams

There are a few reasons as to why tattoo artists never normally apply numbing products to their customers:

1) Many tattoo artists, especially older, more traditional ones see pain while getting a tattoo as an important part of the whole experience. They believe that experiencing pain and discomfort during the tattooing process will make the tattoo feel more meaningful once completed.

2) Because tattoo numbing creams dont work for everybody, some tattoo artists feel that for many customers the application of the product might possibly be a pointless exercise, and applying the product could potentially, pointlessly cause some side-effects to the customer, such as tingly skin, redness and swelling, all while the pain wasnt really reduced much anyway.

3) Tattoo numbing creams cost money, which many tattoo artists may not wish to pay on top of all of their other equipment costs.

Can I Use Numbing Cream After Getting A Tattoo

Remove tattoo yourself.How good does laser tattoo removal ...

A. YES! This applies mainly to the areas of your skin that are sensitive to the equipment that is used for tattooing. The elbow region is by far the most outstanding of these. By applying this cream, you get to enjoy the benefit of not having to return and etch the tattoo frequently or after a short while.

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Hush Anesthetic Spray 4oz The Best Tattoo Numbing Spray

The Hush spray for numbing is our most-loved one. HUSH has been a part of the tattoo industry since 2008. The American founded company offers various anesthetics.HUSH has taken all the excellent properties of a numbing gel and made it into a spray. HUSH makes use of an organic blend of botanicals such as aloe. These ingredients reduce the risk of swelling and speed up recovery time.

It absorbs quicker than the Numbing sprays. Its even better than its Hush Gel.

What are the awesome features


If youre not looking to use a chemical-based skin numbing spray, consider Hush tattoo spray to numb your skin. The product is based on herbal agents and includes chamomile aloe and menthol to ease irritation to the skin. The numbing spray for tattoos contains no parabens as well as epinephrine. It contains 4% lidocaine. This product is FDA approved and does not use animals in its testing.


The efficacy of Hush spray to numb the tattoo can last for up to 4 hours, and assists reduce skin irritation in the procedure. Hush aids in speeding the healing process by up to 2 days. All you need to do is cover the area you have sprayed with saran wrap for a while to feel the full effect.

Smooth Tattooing

Why We Love It

Easy Process
No Skin Irritation

What Ingredients Numb Pain During A Tattoo Session

The most important ingredient in tattoo numbing products is lidocaine, which can block nerves from sending signals to the brain. Lidocaine works only on the area its applied to, which makes it ideal for tattoos. Many people prefer a numbing cream or gel without epinephrine. This ingredient can make your heart race, along with several other negative side effects. HUSH products are always made without epinephrine.

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What Is A Tattoo Numbing Cream

Its no secret that getting a tattoo can be painful. Although some people enjoy that , not everyone has a high pain tolerance. No shame in that. In fact, flinching or sudden movement while getting a tattoo is one of the main causes of tattoo blowouts.

Luckily, modern science is sufficiently advanced to block most of that pain out. Just like dentists can give their patients anesthesia, tattoo artists can apply numbing creams to the skin theyre about to tattoo. This reduces and sometimes completely removes the sensation of pain.

In fact, lots of the strongest numbing creams available are also suitable for other numbing purposes, like waxing or even everyday neck pain.

There are also lots of creams that provide aftercare for tattoos by soothing the skin and reducing irritation. While these solutions dont provide enough pain relief to block out the feeling of a needle continuously pricking your skin, they do an excellent job of making an inflamed area of your body feel normal.

Although we focus on creams, there are products that do the same job in the form of gels, balms, and sprays.

Are Tattoo Numbing Creams Safe To Use


Overall, these tattoo numbing creams are safe to use, and lidocaine is a renowned substance for topical anesthesia usage. However, certain precautions always come with any similar product, and these are the several crucial factors to focus on before usage:

  • Pregnancy
  • Any allergies to chemical compounds
  • Medical history
  • Blood disorders
  • Hives

and similar

If this happens, immediately rinse and wash the skin, and if serious, call a medical expert to seek help.

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Dermachange Organic Shingles Relief Cream

Derma change is another top-performing numbing treatment in our bucket list. The cream is not effective for the tattoo but you can also use it in day to day harms like burning, wounds or itching.

The best thing about the cream is that it has zero side effects and helps to relieve itching on your tattoo surface. Other than this, the cream is made up with 100% natural ingredients that will help to heal your tattooing surface without any bacterial infection.

The cream contains Manuka honey that will cool down the tattooed surface and show its full effect. So if you are looking for a cream that will maintain the ph balance and also protect your skin then Derma change is the great option to consider.

  • Not recommended for high sensitive skin

Ubernumb Skin Numbing Spray For Tattoos

Uber Numb doesnt need any introduction as it is a big name in the world of tattoos. Hence, you can count on this Uber Numb numbing spray for the maximum painkilling and numbing effect. Moreover, it has a maximum quantity of 5% lidocaine that the FDA approved.

Its rapid numbing effect can surprise you. This topical anesthetic spray for tattooing absorbs fast into the skin when applied. However, the numbing effect reaches its full potency within 20-30 minutes and lasts up to 2 hours.

Uber Numb numbing spray is water-based. It is not greasy or sticky. Therefore, you can forget about the stains on the clothes as we did. In short, this numbing spray wont leave oil junk.

Besides, if you are unhappy with Uber Numb numbing spray, no question will be asked, and your purchase price will refund. In other words, Uber Numb offers you a 100% guarantee deal. If you are looking for a change, try any numbing gel from our top 5 best tattoo numbing gels.

  • The numbing effect lasts longer on sensitive skin.

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Equally One Could Ask Is Lidocaine Unhealthy For Tattoos

No, should you use lidocaine for tattoos it is not going to mess up the tattoo. A variety of tattoo artists refuse to apply it to their shoppers solely as a result of truth they imagine that the ache ought to include the territory of tattoos, and thats merely not honest. The excellent news is you dont want their permission!

How To Apply Numbing Cream For Tattoos:

5 years of Tattoo Removal. Did it work? What I realized in ...

There are many numbing gels or creams out in the market. Many have been widely used by tattoo artists and tattoo shops that have also been endorsed by laser clinic and other aesthetic medicine services owners. The purpose of numbing cream is to numb the area prior to a painful skin procedure. There are tattoo artists who discourage their customers using anesthetic cream or gel because of the belief that numbing cream affects the tattoo quality and the healing time. The good news is that there are numbing creams that are water-based, so the cream will not affect the quality of the tattoo and even the healing process. It is important to consider the effect and safety of the cream. You need to make sure that what you are using is something that would definitely work and will be able to help with the procedure you are going to have. Some artists have learned to effectively apply numbing cream for tattoos, especially to those sensitive areas such as the back of the knee, collar bone, face, ribs, private area, armpit, knuckles, toes, and with some people, the ankle. These areas have been avoided by tattoo artists as the most painful areas. Be sure to look for a numbing cream or numbing gel which is water based to be certain that it does not affect the tattoo quality and healing time. There are tattoo artists who discourage their customers apply numbing cream for tattoos in fear of a potential chemical interaction between ingredients in the cream and the ink.

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How Are You Going To Make Tattoos Damage Much Less

Are there methods to reduce the ache?

  • Select a licensed tattoo artist. Skilled artists normally take much less time to complete tattoos.
  • Get sufficient sleep.
  • Keep away from ache relievers.
  • Dont get a tattoo whenever youre sick.
  • Keep hydrated.
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    Utilizing anesthesia can be unlawful as its to practised strictly below medical supervisor. Everybody is aware of that ache comes with getting inked and its a part of all the expertise. Each time your mind shuts off to sleep, the tattoo ache will come again to hang-out you with full power because it did whenever you began.

    Are There Any Numbing Creams That Tattoo Artists Wont Like Me Using

    Tattoo artists dont really like anything that contains lots of glycerin. Glycerin-based products can make your skin very slippery, and this can make it extremely difficult and problematic for your artist as they try to tattoo you.

    Many numbing creams and gels however do contain a small amount of glycerin, so if you do end up buying a glycerin-based product, just be sure to remove any excess cream from the surface of your skin once the numbing effect has begun, before tattooing commences.

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    Ice Packs For Tattoo Removal Numbing

    Ice packs are a surprisingly good option for clinics that do a low-to-moderate volume of tattoo removal treatments daily.

    Easy and cost-efficient, ice packs simply work for numbing the skin. Within five or ten minutes of compression, your patients skin will be adequately numbed to significantly improve the tattoo removal treatment experience.

    The only downsides to providing numbing with ice packs are that there is a lower perceived value relative to other treatment methods and it can be a hassle to keep ice packs cold if there is a larger volume of patients. Also, ice packs cannot numb the skin during the treatment only before and after.

    Overall, ice packs are an inexpensive and convenient option for clinics especially those just starting out in the field.


    • Tedious for High Volume Clinics
    • Cannot Numb During Procedure
    • Lower Perceived Value

    Is An Om Tattoo Offensive

    Tattoo Pain Explained!

    Also in the Hindu faith it is often considered problematic and disrespectful to place sacred symbols on parts of the body such as the feet or near private parts. It helps to be fully aware of the power and cultural relevance of this symbol, and embedded in the culture to be able to tattoo such patterns.

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    Hush Tattoo Numbing Cream

    HUSH Gel is the original, non-oily numbing agent for tattooing. This top-rated pain-relieving gel has been made specifically with the tattoo artist and their client. Apply the tattoo numbing cream before the start of your tattooing session.

    They have used a unique combination of botanical elements, including aloe, which reduces skin pain and redness. HUSH Gel also advances the healing process and is safe to use even on sensitive skin.

    This numbing cream is 100% green, as it is Epinephrine, Paraben, and Cruelty Free a pure vegan cream for numbing.

    HUSH tattoo numbing cream is best effective for tattooing, Tattoo removal, Piercing, Waxing, Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Makeup, and many more.

    You can apply HUSH on your sensitive parts of body or private parts. Makers of this tattoo numbing cream suggests that it is the only numbing cream, which can be applied before or during your tattoo session.


    Hush Anesthetic Tattoo Numbing Gel

    Are you extremely sensitive to the slightest pains? Well, this could be the numbing cream to set your eyes on. Why? It is by far the most powerful cream we have around. That makes it well suited for the most sensitive skin.

    For all practical purposes, it is intended for use right before the commencement of the tattoo session. It is suited for this role owing to its possession of a unique blend of aloe and a host of botanicals.

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    Numbing Creams: What You Need To Know

    We all know that big or small, not one person is impervious to the pain of a tattoo. The skin, being the largest organ in the body, ends up as the most sensitive. Theres a reason for it. The skin is the first receiver of any signals of external danger. When it receives and processes pain, through the courtesy of its nerve receptors, it alarms the brain of any danger.

    This is the reason why certain skin types dont sit well with numbing creams. Some numbing creams, in turn, are impotent on certain skins. Theres only one thing this truth tells. It says that despite popular belief, not all numbing creams are expected to work as they are.

    In fact, certain numbing creams can ruin any operations done on your skin. Some cause the skin to reject tattoo inks, makeup applications, and even other anaesthetic formulas. Even if these consequences are not mortally threatening, they certainly cause problems. Therefore, users must be aware of these facts before even deciding to buy a numbing cream.

    Numbing creams are also known as topical anaesthetics. Meaning, they only work for a temporary period of time. The duration of the effect might vary, but theyre all decided by one common characteristic. All numbing effects are temporary.

    Numbing works differently per agents involved theyre grouped as vasoconstrictors, nerve blockers and nerve deadeners. Being aware of these agents help you easily pinpoint which ones are safe and which ones are right for your pain.

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