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Famous Tattoo Artists In Texas

Best Fineline Tattoo Artists

Incredible Tattoo Artist in Austin Texas

Delicate and elegant, fineline tattoos have crisp lines and are hard to execute. The thinly outline designed often feature botanicals, animals and astrology. A good fineline tattoo artist will make the lines look so thin and delicate it will look like it was drawn on paper.

Fineline tattooing use district straight or curves thin line. This style has no graduations in shade or color, instead outline and form are achieved using single lines. Solid pigment and dots are also used to help create 2D or 3D designs.

Although fineline tattoos look simple and can be done relatively quickly, they are incredibly difficult to execute. This tattoo design doesnt leave a lot of room for mistakes, meaning they can easily go wrong. When done badly, they can bleed or spread overtime. When done by someone who isnt a specialist, they can soon look illegible. In this article, we countdown the best fineline tattoo artists from around the word.

More About Hannah Pixie Snow

Hannah is an internationally known English tattoo artist that was born on January 19, 1993. Hannah Snowdown is a mainstream tattoo craftsman, social media influencer, and business person.

Formerly a tattoo studio owner in Sheffield, England, she now is an Instagram celebrity, an online retail business owner, and, of course, a tattoo master.

Besides, she is the founder of Samadhi Community Nepal where she aims to build a living and working space from natural materials. Hannah gets funded through Patreon and you can follow her more private moments in Nepal for as low as $1 per month.

Tamara Santibanez Scott Campbell

For Tamara Santibanezs clients, it is not really about pretty flowers and dandy tattoo designs but is more prone to have insects and reptiles creeping over their skin, or chains and ropes coiled throughout it. Santibanez gets much of her influence from the BDSM association. I wanted to make tattoos that people involved in the subculture, myself included, could wear and feel accurately and tastefully represented, she said.

Born and grown for most of her life in Georgia, Santibanez exposes her Mexican culture with tattoos of several Chicano art motifs. She also assembles Lowrider and Teen Angels journals, as well as fetish lists, for motivation.

Campbell is another artist who is known for his thin and monochromatic intricate designs. He has before inked Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom who are in awe of his designs. He likes to draw the dark and defiant side of his as he loves to draw monsters, and skulls to grim reapers for his clients.

My personal relationship with skulls goes back to when I was first carving them into my desk in middle school or scribbling them on the back of my textbooks, Campbell said. I grew up in a kind of conservative religious environment, and skulls became the symbol of me pushing back against my surroundings and establishing myself as an individual . It started as a childhood rebellion and has been a reminder to stick to my guns.

  • Shop Name: Saved Tattoo
  • Timings: Mon-Sun 12 pm 8 pm

Location on Google Maps:

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Who Is Luke Wessman

Luke Wessman is a world-renowned tattoo craftsman, fashioner, and influencer. In the previous years, Luke was a guest judge on Spike TVs Ink Master and planned the #GoVote lobby for Jay-Zs OnThe RunTour.

He has inked many VIPs, including Dave Navarro, CM Punk, Matt Holliday, and Silkk Tha Shocker, among others.

Platinum Ink Tattoo And Body Piercing

Artist Blake Thomas is now at The Crow

1515 S IH 35 Frontage Rd. #100Austin, TX 78741 462-9880Since 2002, Platinum Ink has been providing Austin with the highest quality tattoo and piercing services complete with reasonable pricing and top-notch artists. With over half a million tattoo and piercing procedures under our belt, we have the experience to make your artistic vision come true. Whether its the first time or the tenth, we understand the body art decisions you choose to require a combination of superb artistry, professionalism, and a safe sterile environment. Our skilled tattoo and piercing artists believe that high-quality work speaks for itself. We are confident that its because you love your body art that our reputation for quality piercing and tattoo artistry is known throughout Austin and beyond.

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The Best Tattoo Studios And Artists In Dallas

Here is the completed list of the best Dallas tattoo shops based on artists, our local laser specialist recommendations, awards, and reviews. In this guide, we will provide you with the tattoo shops address, phone number, website, Instagram handles, and background. Check out the list of Dallas tattoo shops below:

How Can I Make My Tattoo Hurt Less

Getting a tattoo is painful. Everyone has different pain thresholds and sensitivity. The pain of your new tattoo will also depend on the size, the design and the location its placed in. There is no way to make your tattoo not hurt at all, but there are ways to helping minimize the pain.

Get a good nights sleep will make the tattoo process easier to manage. Try to conserve energy by avoiding the gym on the day of your tattoo appointment. You should also eat a good meal before the tattoo and drink plenty of water.

Avoid alcohol the day before your tattoo appointment. Alcohol dehydrates you and drinking a lot can make your blood thinner, both of these things will make the tattoo process harder which could make the tattoo take longer than usual and hurt more.

Did you know:

If the pain is too much, let your artist know. A good artist will let you take breaks.

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Everything About Dillon Forte

Dillon Forte is an American tattoo craftsman and business visionary, based in Oakland and Venice, Los Angeles. As he admits in an interview for Inkedmag, Dillon got his first tattoo when he was 16 and he knew right away that this was going to be his career path.

After many years, he became one of the most recognized tattoo artists in the world and has now two tattoo parlors in Venice, California.

According to a 2021 report by Idol Networth, Dillon Fortes net worth is estimated to be as much as $9 million.

Things To Do In Austin

Exposing Terrible Tattoo Artists – Texas – ep.#6

The art scene is out of this world as Austin is known for its creative side. This for good reason as Austin is the home of the Blanton museum which is the nations biggest University owned collect on exhibit. It is also home to the Harry Ransom Center which is the home of the Gutenberg Bible and the First Photograph. In addition, plenty of artists live in Austin. If you are a fan of the art scene, you can check out the work from sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, designers, painters, musicians and photographers in Austin at any time of the week, all year round.

There is art everywhere and you can even check out the street fairs and festivals that are put on all year round. One of the well known galleries here in Austin is the Contemporary at the Jones Center, which is the place were artists, old or new, can have their work featured all year long. There are museums that are focused on the heritage of other cultures like the Carver Museum and the Mexic-Arte Museum. You can catch the ballet at the Long Center, which shows the choreographers and dancers. At the Bullock Museum, you can find a great deal of artifacts and images from the history of Texas. There are also some great festivals in the area including the Fusebox Festival and the Catheral of Junk amongst other eccentric activities.

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Who Is Ryan Ashley Dicristina

Ryan Ashley is an American tattoo artist that was born in 1986 in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

She previously worked at her private tattoo shop and peculiarities boutique in Kingston, Pennsylvania called The Strange and Unusual. Unfortunately, this shop had to close down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though, Ryan Ashley and her husband, Arlo, opened a new tattoo parlor with 10 different artists called Elysium Studios.

American Traditional Tattoos: A Brief History

Dating back to ancient times, American traditional tattoos have gathered lots of connotations and themes along the way.

In the early 1900s, the style began to take prominence in America where the likes of circus performers, sailors, and pirates sported them.

Tattoo design specifically American traditional became much more popularized during WW2.

America, along with the rest of the world, has never looked back since.

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You Pick It We Stick It:

You Pick It We Stick It was opened in 2003 & is well-known for Houstons most stunning tattoo work. The studio stands for creating bespoke, only-of-its-kind tattoos for the clients. Aside from that, they are also specialized in piercing services. Furthermore, the studio tends to be a clean, friendly, comforting, and fantastic ambiance. Besides making available fantastic tattoo designs for the clients, they also offer a lifetime guarantee on ink on the condition that you appropriately care about the skin.

Services: Art Work, Color, Script, Cover-Ups, Retainers, Horror, Bling, Traditional, Girl, Feather, Tiger, Realistic, Half & Full Sleeve, Ledger Joker, Lettering, Polynesian, and Memorial Tattoos.

Contact: 8235 Almeda-Genoa Road, Phone: 987-0006

Chris Gunn Texas Award Winning Tattoo Artist

21 Best Tattoo Shops in Austin(2021 Updated)

Chris Gunn has been tattooing for 15+ years in Austin, Texas. His shop is known for its clean, friendly & attitude-free atmosphere and is located on one of the most popular corners in Austin.

Chris specializes in bold, bright, custom tattooing and will draw you a custom piece utilizing your ideas, photos, etc. while taking esthetics and placement into consideration.

Chris appointment schedule is very busy. Please stop by for a consultation and to make an appt. Tues-Sat. Appointments can not be made by email for new clients.

to check out Southside Tattoo.

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Where To Find Her:

As you probably expect from such an ink master, Kelli Kikcio can be found on where she shares her best drawings and latest creations. In addition, she has an official website where youll be able to see some of her tattoos, some more information about her, and, to book a session with her.

Other than that, she also shares @welcomehome.studios profile with other talented tattoo artists.

Best Austin Tattoo Shops

These 10 tattoo shops in Austin feature excellent artists working over various styles. All these listed we have found have a studio that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable. Most of the tattoo studios will work with you and the design that you would like as a forever showcase piece. Choosing a tattoo is a lifelong commitment choosing the tattoo artist that meshes well with you and can understand your vision is essential. These listed tattoo parlors have an artist that we thought worked well with the general public. Most of the artist has years of experience and have their work on display. Seeing a tattoo artists work is essential it showcases their style and ability.

Weve rounded up some of the best tattoo shops in Austin, whether its your first tattoo or another addition to your body. These tattoo parlors have fantastic tattoo artists and a relaxing atmosphere.

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The Best Tattoo Shops In Austin

You know those horror stories about passing out drunk and waking up with some fresh ink? Yeah, its not quite like that.

Getting inked requires the skill of a professional artist, who you work with to develop something youll be truly happy with forever and it also requires you to be sober.

For anyone whos actually interested in getting tatted, whether its your first tattoo or one of many, weve rounded up some of Austins best tattoo shops. These parlors were chosen for their staff, environment and artwork: the hat trick of tattoo shop must-haves.

Contributed by Emily Gibson

No Good Tattoo

1023 Springdale Rd Building 1 Suite E

No Good Tattoo is a safe space that is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for their patrons while also delivering quality work. The residents at No Good are all women and nonbinary people who give both hand-poked and machine tattoos. With high-quality artists giving rad tattoos in a beautiful shop, it doesnt get much better than No Good.


Moms Tattoo

1703 S Lamar Blvd

Promising to deliver out of this world tattoos at a down to earth price, Moms is a South Austin staple that has been inking bodies since 2000. Whether youve got your tat planned out with a story behind it or want to make an impulse decision, the artists at Moms pledge to create something youll love.


310 W 17th St

1703 E Cesar Chavez St


514 E 6th St

Inkfamous Tattoo & Barber Company Your One Stop Shop For Tattoos Body Piercings Men’s Haircuts And Shaves All Under One Roof This Will Not Be Your Ordinary Tattoo Studio Or Just Another Barber Shop We Will Be Creating A Unique Experience For Gentlemen And Individuals Everywhere

Josh Blumberg tattoo artist at The Chosen One Ink Tattoo in Arlington,Texas! 2022


Inkfamous LLC was established 2018 and has 3 locations. Inkfamous Tattoo & Barber Company, Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studio and Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing III

Please check our business hours below for each location.

Remember to follow INKFAMOUSTX on Instagram! We update daily.


Inkfamous Tattoo & Barber Company is located in Hammerly Plaza at the intersection of Hammerly Blvd. and Gessner Rd., right in the heart of Spring Branch, Houston area. We are just minutes away from Memorial City Mall, with access from Beltway 8 & I-10.

Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studio is a private 2nd floor studio located on Westheimer Rd, with easy access from Beltway 8 and within 10 minutes of The Galleria.

Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing is located on Grant Rd in Cypress, Texas, with easy access from 249.

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Who Is Tea Leigh

Tea Leigh is a young tattoo artist that started to tattoo in 2014 as a way to get more control over her body. After starting tattooing her friends, she got a revelation and she didnt stop since then.

According to herself, she redefined who tattoos are for, especially people with disabilities, persons of color, and queer folks.

Through her work, Tea has seen a significant move in her connections with her customers. She is so perpetually appreciative to have the option to tattoo her customers in a delicate and assertive manner.

Finally, Tea is the co-founder of Welcome Home Studio with Kelli Kikcio in Brooklyn.

What Are Hand Poke Tattoos

Handpoked tattoos are created without a machine. The needle and ink are pushed manually into the skills creating multiple dots that form the image. The process is slower than the machine method but can create precise pieces. Generally, as hand poke tattoos are less abrasive, they hurt less in comparison. They also heal quicker as they tend to cause less trauma to the skin.

Did you know:

The hand poke tattoo movement is attributed to the skate and punk subculture of 1970s. They originally used sewing needles and India Ink.

Sharing is caring!

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Glenn Cuzen United Kingdom

Glenn Cuzen, based in the UK, is a multi-award winning tattoo artist. He has been tattooing for more than a decade now and is the proud owner of Top Gun Tattoo. He is famously known for Geometric dot work. And he is a great fan of Brutal black work, Japanese, Black and grey, Polynesian and Polka trash style tattooing!

The Best Tattoo Artists And Shops In East Texas

Tattoo Shops Killeen Tx

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been thinking about your next tattoo the second you finished your last one. Friends have said it’s kind of like an addiction, but I only have two – partially because I’m loyal to my artist who lives in California, but also because finding the right artist is just as important as getting the right tattoo that will live forever on your body.

A Facebook user from Longview posed this question on the page Longview Virtual Yard Sale and boy did she get a bunch of answers to choose from. I combed through the comments and recommendations to find the most popular businesses to get your ink on.

Are some of your favorite tattoo shops and artists on this list? If not, let us know who else belongs here.

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The Aesthetics Of Traditional Tattoos

American traditional tattoo art is a universal concept today which is only reinforced with the variety of tattoo artists who specialize in its striking style.

Its main elements include thick black outlines, a limited color palette consisting mostly of red, green, and yellow.

These colors are used in block, making the tattoo 2D contrasting with the modern style of dimensional shading.

The tattoo approach is very confident and overt, producing instantly recognizable images.

Some describe American traditional as an excessive and exaggerated version of reality.

American traditional tattoo artists teeter between the concept of reality and surreality, experimenting with these definitions in their art.

Consequently, many American traditional tattoos are seen as highly inventive and original despite being some of the oldest designs.

American traditional tattoos are not aimed to be realistic.

They are, in their own right, pieces of art and drawing.

As an established aesthetic, American traditional tattoos have some specific objects which tend to be depicted in their work.

Common objects and imagery include hearts, birds, traditional flower tattoos, daggers, pin-up girls, skull tattoos, and globes.

There is nothing quite as varied and colorful as the American traditional tattoo.

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