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How Long Does It Take To Laser Off A Tattoo

Can I Remove Part Of My Tattoo

Laser Tattoo Removal – The Ugly Truth

Its common to want to remove certain features from a larger tattoo. For instance, you might like your tattoos overall appearance, but wish to remove a specific element from your design. Alternatively, you might want to remove the name of a person who is featured in your tattoo.

Depending on your tattoos design, we may be able to use laser energy to remove certain portions of your tattoo. During our initial meeting, we will examine your tattoo and talk about the elements that you would like to erase. We will let you know if it is possible to selectively target these features with laser treatments.

Can Anyone Get Their Tattoos Removed

Luckily, these special lasers can remove tattoos. This is also true for those who have tried to remove the tattoo through other methods and have scarring in the area.An ideal scenario is a fair-skinned person with a dark-colored tattoo. Itll take longer to remove tattoos on people with darker complexions as their skin will need greater protection from the lasers light.

Laser Tattoo Removal Could Be The Right Choice For You

If you are as committed to getting rid of that old tattoo as you once were to getting it, then using laser treatment to remove your tattoo might be the best option for you. Proven to be safe and effective over years of use, laser treatments harness the power of concentrated light to shatter apart those unwanted ink particles, breaking them down into small enough sizes that the body can then flush them away naturally.

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How The Laser Affects The Surrounding Tissue

Laser technicians are highly skilled at using the appropriate wavelengths to target only the tattoo ink. When treated by a skilled technician at a reputable facility, you wont have to worry about damage to the surrounding tissue. In the process used, called selective photothermolysis, the lasers energy is attracted only to the ink particles rather than the surrounding tissue.

Your Tattoo Can Be Fully Removed In Just 16 Minutes

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Ok, so it will be spread over one year with a two minute treatment every 8 weeks, but in total the treatment will take approx. 16 minutes. A fair bit faster than actually getting your tattoo! This is based on a tattoo approximately 7cm square.

Even if you have a much larger tattoo, such as a full sleeve, we can split your arm into four sections and treat every two weeks, therefore keeping to the same timescale of one year.

We treat the same tattooed area every eight weeks even though we can treat after six weeks safely. This is because we need to give your body a chance to digest and dispose of the ink. If we interrupt that process then we arent letting your body do its job.

The PicoSure Laser that we use at Zapp Laser Studio is the fastest, safest and most effective laser in the world for tattoo removal. It is up to 3 times faster than a standard Q-Switched laser at removing your tattoo, can treat all colours and on average will take just 8 treatments. It fires at ten shots per second which means that treatments are much quicker than other lasers which mostly fire at just one shot per second!

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What Will My Recovery Period Be Like

This is a very safe, gentle treatment, and you will have a short recovery period. In fact, your skin is likely to recover from your treatment in a couple of days. You dont need to take time off from your job. Instead, you can quickly return to your exercise routine, hobbies, and other activities.

However, you should follow some easy aftercare rules while your skin is healing. In particular, you should avoid excessive sun exposure during this time. We may also ask you to apply a healing ointment to your treatment area for a few days.

If You Choose This Procedure It Will Always Be A Long Process As It Is Based On How The Tattoo Is Embedded On Your Skin

How long does it take to remove a tattoo with laser. How much does tattoo removal cost? This process, on the other hand, creates the gas vapor and steam, resulting in epidermal and dermal vacuoles or whitening. For a medium tattoo of 10 square centimeters, expect the session to last 10 to 15 minutes.

How long does laser tattoo removal take? The pain and discomfort of laser tattoo removal is worth it and should subside in about a week or two. How does the laser work, and how long does it take?

How long does it take for a. This might be something youve already thought about, but the size of the tattoo does play a role in how long it may take to remove it. Usually, laser tattoo removal takes about five to ten sessions with, at least, 6 weeks break between each session.

Even with the most advanced of technology, laser tattoo removal still takes time. The price will vary from tattoo to tattoo. For a small tattoo, which is about 5 square centimeters, the removal will probably take about five minutes.

A smaller tattoo, especially one that meets other requirements, will be removed in fewer sessions. The type of ink used. To avoid the risk of scarring or poor results, our clients should wait for a minimum of six weeks before scheduling.

These sessions are usually scheduled six to eight weeks apart. How many tattoo removal sessions does it take? But the skin wont be fully healed for several weeks after the treatment.

Pin On Tattoo Removal

Pin On Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

We would love to introduce the particular types of laser treatments for the tattoo removal procedure using a high-intensity light beam. It will assist you in revealing clear skin where your multiple ink particle once were.

This light beam breaks up the pigment color into smaller pieces, and you may need to apply the laser treatment session to remove the tattoo partially or entirely.

Indeed, the laser tattoo removal work is like a charm and based on multiple sessions. You are required to reach out to a well-trained and skilled person who can assess your treated area.

A professional tattoo artist also can provide you with valued suggestions on the laser session process for complete removal based on your skin type.

The age, size, and colors of your amateur tattoos will determine how much treatment or laser wavelength you are needed to remove the tattoo.

The q switched laser is extremely confined for Indian skin to treat excessive pigmentation on your skin. Laser energy is also used for laser hair removal treatment which is very trendy and has become very popular in recent days.

Direct sun exposure is harmful to the tattoo removal method, and its better to avoid swimming instantly to heal the treatment site fully.

Trust Your Removery Specialist To Ensure A Safe Healing Process

How to Remove a Tattoo without Laser at Home

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, so you wont need to worry about anything but following their simple instructions. Book a consultation with Removery today to start your removal journey!

Cooper Ferreira has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and prior to becoming an accomplished laser technician, he worked as an ICU pediatric nurse. Because so many people have tattoo regret, he is passionate about normalizing the tattoo removal process. He now works as a regional manager for Removery.

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How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal is based on the type of laser being used, the level of expertise of the operator, the size and complexity of a tattoo, and the geographic location of the laser removal center. The cost can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per sessionmuch, much more than it cost to get it in the first place.

Are There Any Promising New Methods On The Horizon

In 2020, the FDA approved a new device that uses rapid pulses of acoustic shock waves to remove tattoos. It will be used as an accessory to laser surgery.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

The old saying think before you ink remains good advice for anyone considering getting a tattoo because body art is more permanent than perhaps you might realize at first. But modern laser surgery methods, when overseen by qualified medical professionals, are safer and better than previous alternatives.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 09/25/2020.


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Schedule A Free Consultation With Medermis Laser Clinic

For over 12 years, MEDermis Laser Clinic has successfully removed tattoos from residents living in San Antonio and Austin, TX. We have the most experienced removal specialists with proven results weve successfully removed nearly 300,000 tattoos safely and without damaging the skin.

At MEDermis Laser Clinic, we offer free consultations to discuss your removal options and answer any questions you may have. And were so confident in our abilities that if we dont remove your tattoo in our estimated number of sessions, we guarantee to continue treating your tattoo at no additional cost for a year. Schedule a free consultation today by speaking with one of our specialists at , or by filling out our online consultation form.

The Technology Of Laser Tattoo Removal

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Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting is a premier choice for laser tattoo removal in the tri-county area as we are the only dermatology group to utilize the cutting edge Discovery Pico laser. This laser combines Q-Switched and Pico, two effective laser tattoo removal technologies, that can target tattoos of any color and at any skin depth. Combining these laser actions into one treatment allows for faster and more effective removal of tattoos.

The Discovery Pico laser is the most powerful device on the market and uses three wavelengths that penetrate the skin to shatter inks and pigmentations while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. Through shorter pulse durations and a high peak power, it is also able to effectively reach even the deepest skin pigment.

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What Can I Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal

After a session of laser tattoo removal, healing is the next step. Your skin has to go through several stages of recovery before it can handle another treatment. Once the treatments are all complete, the skin will need a rest for a while. For those seeking to place a new tattoo in the removal area, thats important to keep in mind.

The first stage of healing following a laser treatment is called frosting because it turns the treated area white. It lasts only a few minutes and is nothing to worry about unless it does not subside.

The next thing you can expect is some discomfort, pain, and possible blistering around the treated area. All of this is pretty common, but if its causing you a lot of trouble, you can apply a cold compress to the area to help soothe the pain. It will feel a bit like a sunburn, so anti-cortisol ointments may also help ease the discomfort.

Blistering is common after the removal process. If your skin starts to blister, dont worry. Its just your body trying to heal itself, and the blisters will go away on their own in time.

Its important not to pick at the treated area, though, as it could result in scarring or possible infections. If you see discharge coming from the spot after two weeks, or the typical symptoms arent subsiding, call a doctor. These are signs of a possible infection, which requires immediate attention.

What Can I Expect During The Laser Tattoo Removal

Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, the number of treatments will vary. Your tattoo may be removed in three to eight visits, and sometimes more. Schedule a consultation, during which a trained professional will evaluate your situation and inform you about the process.

Treatment with lasers varies from patient to patient depending on their age and the size and type of their tattoo. It also matters whether the tattoo was applied by an amateur or professional. The color of your skin, as well as the depth of the tattoo pigment in the body, will also affect the removal technique.

In general, this is what will happen during an office visit for tattoo removal using the newest generation of lasers:

  • Youll wear protective eye shields.
  • Your skins reaction to the laser is tested to determine the most effective energy for treatment.
  • The treatment itself consists of placing a handpiece against the surface of the skin and activating the laser light repeatedly over the surface of the tattoo.

Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses, and larger ones require more. In either case, the tattoo requires several treatments and multiple visits. After each treatment, the tattoo should become lighter.

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How A Tattoo Removal Works

Before we can go into the different factors that play into how long a tattoo removal takes, lets quickly discuss what tattoo removal actually is.

When you get a tattoo, the ink penetrates the design deep into your skin. And in the ink is a bit of metal, which makes the tattoo permanent. The tattoo removal laser sends a very hot and quick shot into the tattoo itself to break it up. The laser is so fast, that half of the ink particle is still cool, which is how it comes apart.

Once the particles are broken apart, white blood cells can then whisk them off to the liver to be absorbed.

This process is often relatively painful, and cannot completely remove a tattoo in one sitting. Each sitting can take just a few minutes.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful

How long does laser tattoo removal take?

People who have tattoos removed have reported varying levels of discomfort. Some said that it feels the same as getting a tattoo, while others liken it to the feeling of a rubber band being snapped against your skin.

You may prefer to use some form of anesthesia, such as a topical cream or local injection, depending on the location of the tattoo and your ability to endure pain.

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Stop Living With Regret

You dont have to live with the embarrassment and regret of unwanted ink anymore. You dont have to pick your outfit for the day based on whether it will conceal the embarrassing tattoo. You dont have to feel the need to wear a cover-up every time you go to the pool. Life is full of choices we regret.

However, your regrets dont have to be permanently visible. If you regret a tattoo, a series of laser treatments can remove that regret completely. Contact us today at Metro Dermatology in Elmhurst, NY to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step in removing the ink you now regret.

Why Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take So Long

Laser tattoo removal can still be a lengthy process depending on the characteristics of your tattoo, as certain colors and locations make removal more difficult. At your free tattoo removal consultation, well discuss how many sessions youll need for successful tattoo removal based on these factors:

  • Age: Older tattoos are easier to remove because the ink has faded over time, but newer tattoos have a thicker concentration of ink, which increases the number of sessions needed to completely remove the ink.
  • Coloring: Certain colors are easier to remove than others. Blacks and dark blues are pretty simple for your technician to remove, while light yellows and greens are more difficult. But with todays laser technology, we can remove any color it might just take additional sessions.
  • Location: The bodys natural processes remove tattoo ink after the laser has broken the particles into smaller pieces. Areas like the feet and hands have low circulation and will take longer to whisk away the ink.

In addition to these factors, you may have to schedule additional sessions if you have a large tattoo, are a smoker, have layered your tattoo or have a darker skin tone.

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How Does It Work

Removing tattoos with lasers generally involves an energy-based skin resurfacing laser that penetrates the sub-dermal layers of skin to disrupt and destroy the artificial pigment within the skin. Removal is performed with specialized lasers that encourage a quicker turnover of cells to restore skin to an un-modified appearance over time.

There are several types of lasers that are used for the removal of tattoos. At our clinic, we use Enlighten III by Cutera. Enlighten III by Cutera works by using pico-second technology, one of the most comfortable forms of light and energy pulses to remove unwanted pigment from the skin.

The Length Of The Sessions

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A single session of laser removal can be as short as a few minutes for a small tattoo and as long as an hour or more for a large, complex design. Many tattoos contain multiple colors, which require different wavelengths from the laser treatment, which adds time. In most cases, multiple sessions are needed to eliminate the tattoo.

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Erase Your Ink With Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting rid of your unwanted tattoos has never been faster or easier. Depending on how you respond to the treatment, our lasers can deliver visible results within a few months. After one or two years, most people are clear of their unwanted ink for good. Thats all the time it takes to achieve a lifetime of freedom from your old tattoo.

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