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Laser Tattoo Removal After 1 Session

Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work

Tattoo Removal Update| Cost, PAIN, Full Details|Laser Tattoo Removal| Before & After| Sessions 1-4

When done with a laser, as opposed to a DIY recipe, yes, tattoo removal actually is possible. Laser tattoo removal is by far the most effective way to remove tattoos, Dr. Akhavan says. Lasers work by heating the tattoo ink particles under the surface of the skin, splitting them into smaller ink particles that can then be cleared from the skin by our immune systems.

That said, your skin tone and the colors used in your tattoo play a huge role in tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is available for all skin tones, but it is most effective on skin that has less pigment, Dr. Akhavan says. No matter the skin type, laser tattoo removal can leave a trace of scarring and hypopigmentation at the site of the removed tattoo. This is typically very subtle and becomes less apparent with time. Dr. Akhavan adds that black ink on less pigmented skin is the most ideal scenario for tattoo removal. Colors that are lighter, like yellow, light blue, light green, and orange, are the toughest ink colors to remove.

Before Removal Vs 6 Months After 1 Session Of Q

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This tattoo is on the back of my calf. I hadnt planned to wait six months between sessions but, ya know, covid happened. It definitely continued to fade over the six months though and its made me want to wait longer than 8 weeks for the rest of my sessions .

Really happy with the fading after just one session! I had my second session a week ago and will post results from that before I go for my third session. I can already see A LOT of fading from the second session though! Some of the lines you can see above are completely gone now . I feel really good about full removal on this tattoo. While I originally thought it would take 10-12 sessions, now Im thinking it may be as little as 5-6.

Prepare For Your Tattoo After Care In Advance

Youll need things like Aquaphor, bandages, and even clothes that dont rest on your tattoo. Yes, I actually bought shirts that didnt have material where my neck/back tattoo is. At first, I was cutting tags out, but when tagless cotton tees still made the spot hurt and itch, I figured keyhole backs were a good investment. If you have tattoos on your ribs or feet it might be best to plan your sessions accordingly.

It also helps to apply a thin coating of antibiotic ointment or healing moisturizer three times a day, like from Aquaphor or Kiehls, for the first three days of the healing process.

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Dont Pick At Scabs Or Pop Blisters

Scabs and blisters are just what to expect after laser tattoo removal. It means that your skin is healing.

Avoid popping the blisters or picking at the scabs. It can cause a bad infection and put a halt on healing. On top of avoiding scratching, you also shouldnt shave the area if there are blisters.

The sharp razor may open the wound without you realizing it. Let the blisters drain on their own time.

What To Do Before Your First Tattoo Removal Session

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

You should first research the most experienced and professional tattoo removal studio in your area. Its recommended to set up a consultation with a removal studio to get an understanding of tattoo removal expectations. At a consultation, you will learn more about the tattoo removal process, expectations on the cost and timeline of removal, and how the laser actually removes the tattoo. Were often asked, is tattoo removal painful? and were proud to say that modern-day equipment has made the tattoo removal progress faster and tolerable.

On average, a single removal session takes less than 5 minutes which is a shorter time to experience discomfort than receiving the tattoo. On average, a tattoo can be completely removed in 10-12 sessions. However, it will depend on the individual tattoo. Factors such as ink density, placement, ink color, and the age of the tattoo will determine how many sessions a person needs for complete removal.

Before your long-awaited tattoo removal first session, its recommended to treat the session like getting a tattoo. Its important to drink plenty of water, get a good nights rest, eat a full meal, clean the tattoo, and wear loose-fitting clothes to not irritate the treated area.

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Think Again Laser Clinic Case Studies

Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS of results achieved in our Sydney and Miranda based clinic, It is results like these that have seen Think Again become Sydneys most trusted Tattoo Removal specialists. You WILL NOT find a clinic with a better reputation, or portfolio of removals than our clinic. Guaranteed.

How Many Sessions Will It Take To Remove My Tattoo

Everyones tattoo and physiology is unique. We have had tattoos removed in as little as 2 sessions and some difficult tattoos as high as 12 or more. If you want more information scroll down or contact us for a free consultation.

This is a great video of a customer that came to us almost two years ago. This is a very deep cover up with a lot of ink which is why it took this long to get this far. However, this is what you can do with time and patience.

Below is what can be accomplished with less ink. This removal took only two sessions.

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Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Too much alcohol will dehydrate your body and compromise your immune system.

What? But I enjoy a beer or two a day!

1-2 drinks a day shouldnt have any negative effects on your results. This factor applies to clients who drink moderately high, to heavy amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin Right After Your Laser Treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal – Sessions 1-3 Update
  • Please be sure to use an over the counter antibiotic ointment like Neosporin. It is important that you apply the ointment to your skin three times daily and keep your tattoo covered with a bandage for at least 3 days. By doing this, you are protecting your damaged and weak skin from infection. After those three days have passed, you MUSTremove the bandage and expose your skin to the air. The air will help heal and dry out the area exposed to the laser and prepare you for the next treatment. If scabbing happens, you can expect the scabbing to last for 1 to 2 weeks. We know the scabbing is not pretty and you may want to hide the area and keep it bandaged, but it is best to keep the area exposed after the first 3 days of treatment..
  • Do not be alarmed by blisters. Blisters can appear 8 hours after your laser tattoo removal treatment. If blisters are part of your healing process they are normally held between 4-6 days..
  • Do NOT pick the scabs, blisters, or crusts that form after your laser tattoo removal treatment. Picking at the skin directly relates to any scarring that may occur. Allow your skin to naturally heal itself and for the scabs and crusts to fall off when they are ready. Peeling off scabs that are not ready to be removed can result in infection, scarring, or even pigment discoloration of your skin..
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    Must Not Do These Things After Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session

    When undergoing laser tattoo removal, there are a number of factors that can influence the tattoo removal process, such as the size, color, and location of your tattoo. These factors may be out of your control, but there are aftercare tips to make the process easier on yourself. On the flipside, there are also some lifestyle choices that can complicate the tattoo removal journey.

    Introduce The Discussion Of This Topic Even If The Patient Doesn’t

    Many patients have the misconception that the laser “burns” the tattoo ink out of the skin. By discussing how tattoo removal works, you can help patients appreciate the role that the laser has in eliminating their unwanted tattoo.

    We suggest having a simplified answer such as this:

    “Each pulse of the laser sends light energy into your skin. We use different wavelengths of laser light to treat different colors of ink in your tattoo. As the light energy is directed into your skin, it is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles trapped in the dermis of your skin. When the ink particles absorb this energy, they instantly shatter into tiny fragments. Once the laser has broken the ink into smaller pieces, your body’s immune system works to remove the ink over the following weeks, flushing it away from the tattooed area. We see the result of this as the tattoo lightening in appearance. Each additional laser treatment breaks down more and more ink until the tattoo can no longer be seen.”

    This description achieves a few things:

  • It gives a basic understanding of the tattoo removal process
  • It describes the roles that both the laser and the immune system have in achieving results
  • It discusses how you customize the treatment based on their unique tattoo
  • It explains why it takes time for the ink removal to occur
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    Your Whole Tattoo Can Be Erased In As Little As 4

    The newer PicoSure/PicoWay tattoo removal lasers use photo-mechanical principles as opposed to photo-thermal alone, combined with ultra-short pulses, called pico-seconds to shatter the ink into minute particles which your body then eliminates itself. This powerful process means the whole tattoo can be erased in as little as 4-10 treatments. Requiring less heat and less energy means that the surrounding tissue is left unharmed and the space between treatment can be much shorter too. it is also effective on all colours, including those greens and blues!

    * results may vary from person to person

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    Can I Shower After Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

    Check out these results after just 1 Tattoo Removal session by Lynde ...

    Sure, you could shower 2 to 3 hours after the laser tattoo treatment. however, you should be careful about high-pressure water to hit the treatment area.

    Before you completely recover from blistering and scabbing, you cannot use hot tubs, swimming pools and any form of soaking. The healing time for blistering and scabbing is usually around 2 weeks. Follow the rules will decrease the risk of infections.

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    Drink Plenty Of Water

    Your immune system needs proper hydration in order to work efficiently, but water can help to speed up the tattoo removal process in a wide variety of ways. It increases your kidney function, allowing them to flush out toxins such as broken-down ink more quickly. It also helps in the production of lymph, which is what carries your white blood cells through the body, allowing them to break down foreign bodies and remove toxins from your blood. In addition, water helps to keep your skin in good condition. Skin, like all the other organs in the body, needs proper hydration in order to keep it functioning at its best. The better condition your skin is in, the more efficiently it will respond to the laser treatment.

    Initial Options To Handle Tattoo Removal

    If you have a tattoo you dont like you can do one of three things to handle it:

    A: Wear clothes over itB: Tattoo removalC: Get a new tattoo to go over it

    A surprising number of people choose C. But, if you simply have outgrown the idea of having a tattoo, the right answer is B: tattoo removal.

    When it comes to Reflections Center and tattoo removal in New Jersey, we ask patients to come in for a free consultation so we can see their tattoo and plot out a course of tattoo removal treatments. The good news is we have experienced physicians using powerful lasers, with several laser wavelengths that can be used to address different types and colors of tattoo ink.

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    Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips

    Having laser tattoo removal done by a professional is just one step in your tattoo removal journey. To ensure safe and effective treatment, take steps to keep your skin healthy post laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal aftercare is essential for achieving the best results.

    Its crucial to take a holistic approach to health when it comes to tattoo removal care. Well share some expert recommendations on keeping your body and skin healthy as you undergo tattoo removal. By following these guidelines on aftercare for tattoo removal, you may see results faster as well.

    At Removery, we want to make sure that you get the best results from your laser removal treatment. Following your session, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

    Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

    Laser Tattoo Removal | Session 1| DOES IT HURT???

    After treatment, your treated area may seem like a superficial burn wound. Many patients experience immediate whitening of the area, plus bruising, swelling, blistering, and scabbing. Here are some basic guidelines to handling these side effects and achieving excellent laser tattoo removal results:

  • For the first 3 days after treatment, keep the treated area bandaged with sterile gauze and protected with a thin layer of antibiotic or healing ointment. After 3 days, keep the treated area clean and dry during the healing process. If necessary, clean the area gently with mild soap and water and pat dry.
  • Blistering is common after laser treatment and is a part of the natural healing process. Do not be alarmed by blisters, but do protect the area and apply an ointment for at least 24 hours after the blisters have popped.
  • You may apply cool compresses as necessary for 24 hours after treatment to help reduce discomfort and inflammation. You may take regular Tylenol, but avoid aspirin .
  • Do not pick any scabs that form. This step is very important to prevent scarring. Avoid any activity in the treated area that may cause scabs to remove.
  • Feel free to shower 2 hours after treatment, but avoid high water pressure hitting the treated area. Also, do not soak the treated area until all scabs and blisters have completely healed that means no baths, hot tubs, or swimming to prevent the chance of infection.
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    You Can Alter A Tattoo More Easily

    If you just want to change a tattoo instead of removing it, laser treatments can help with that, too. By eliminating the areas that you want to get rid of, you can clear space for your tattoo artist to make updates. In one famous example of tattoo alteration, Angelina Jolie removed the name of her ex from her arm and replaced it with the coordinates of her kids birth locations.

    Scarring From Tattoo Removal Is Highly Unusual

    Reassure your patients that you use proper protocols and a professional-grade system that is safe for their skin. Ultimately, as a practitioner, you’ll still want the patient to sign a consent form addressing the risks of the procedure and promote a strong emphasis on personal aftercare outside your practice.

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    Laser Tattoo Removal 4 Sessions And Beyond

    For some tattoo removal clients, four sessions is all it takes to achieve a wholly faded piece. After a months-long journey, you could see your final results a few weeks after session four.

    As weve said, the number of removal treatments depends totally on your tattoo and removal goals. Youll see more progress with each session and get closer to your full removal objectives.

    How To Speed Up The Tattoo Removal Healing Process

    Before &  After: Tattoo Removal After One Session

    Youre probably eager to see your skin healing as quickly as possible, and we completely understand your desire to speed up the process. Boosting your bodys overall health will help the area treated with laser removal to heal more quickly.

    For the best results, follow all of these tattoo removal aftercare tips consistently throughout the entire removal process, which takes place over multiple sessions spaced at least six weeks apart. Its critical to keep your body and skin in optimal health throughout that timestarting from the very first session. These steps will help you to kickstart the laser tattoo removal healing process immediately after leaving the clinic.

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    Some Kinds Of Tattoos Are More Difficult To Remove Than Others

    Difficulty has more to do with density than darkness. Ink layers are broken up by the laser and removed from the top down. The thicker and more dense the tattoo, the longer it will take. Thick tattoos and black lines are incredibly stubborn in showing immediate results, often appearing fuzzy before they show fading.

    Take The Right Pain Medication

    Before the session, you can take paracetamol, if you are sensitive to pain. Do not take ibuprofen or aspirin as these medications increase the likelihood of the development of bruises.

    During the procedure, the laser treatment expert can offer to apply a cold compress or chilled air. Some clinics also use numbing creams.

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    How Often Do These Reactions Happen

    Although blisters happen on occasion and swelling is completely normal, significant adverse reactions are extremely rare. Youre very unlikely to have a response that requires any follow-up attention. Allergic reactions can happen every great once in a while, but theyre rare and not severe. Cooper has never seen a client have to seek out medical care.

    Though side effects of removal are not generally serious, tell your technician about any reactions you experience. Removerys technicians strive to stay in close communication with clients throughout the laser tattoo removal healing process.

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